Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I'm glad we meet and I want to know you.Maybe even spend time together? I hope that you want it too. And I hope you're waited for me to answer you. And how my picture? Do you like? I hope I look good for U and you're really intersted at me.
What is your real name? How your firends and family call you? And how should I named you? What I'm interested in you? Why did you choose me?
I have many things to tell. But I do not know where to start. What you want to know? Ask and I'll answer your questons.
Answer me. I'll wait for you soon.
Letter 2
Did U get my emails and pics? You like it? I hope soo.
Answer me soon.
Letter 3
Here are new picsfor you. I hope that you are interested in our meeting.
Write me.
Letter 4

Don't have time now. I'm sorry John. At work, something hapened. And the urgent need to go there.I'll write as soon as is possible. Please don't be offended.
I'll try to write U soon.
Letter 5
Sorry, yesterday I wrote so little. John I could not answer anymore.
Colleague came to me yesterday and said that at school fire alarm. I at once run in there. John but all is well. It turns out it was just a failure in the fire system. It's just crazy. I am glad evreything has calmed down now, and I can safely write to you.
John here are some new pictres for you. What do you think? You like it? I hope you like the way I look. It is important to me.
Why did I choose you? Because I liked you. And I want to know you more. Because I think that you are the man I was looking for.
Age for me does not make sense. These are just numbers for me John.
The most important thing for me is what kind of person is inside and not outwardly. I hope you understand me.
John I really love the photo you sent me. And I hope that I will receive them every day. Because I really love it.
I'm happy to receive your compliments. Thank you for this John. It's given me a good mood for the whole day.
I told you I was a teacher? John I have two classes from 9 to 11 years. I graduated from Teachers College. I received the diploma and the state to give room. I thought I will give a normal apartment.
John but I live in a small village. And I have allocated only a room.
My village is in Nizhny Novgorod region, named Ramenka. I am 28 and have no family. Not even brothers and sisters. I do not know them.
John but I have a friends and aunt.My aunt lives in Croatia now. She met a man on the Intrnet and moved to him. They married and happy. So I decided to try to get acquainted on the Internet.
I have not used the Internet before. Sometimes came in the Internet cafe to write my aunt. But, now I'll comehere every day, and wait for your letters. With English, I have no problems. And I think that with you I'll know it even better. Do you understand me well John?
And you tell me about you? Describe yourself. Tell us what you love and that love is not. What is importnt to you? Your dreams and plans?
John I want to know you better. I'm glad that we meet. And I'm sure it's not by accident. Do you think so, too John?
I have to go now. Now, go to bed early. Tomorrow back to work. And then I come, and will be waiting for your email. I hope you will answer.
I am waiting for your answer, and maybe pictures.
Letter 6
I have not reeived your email. I am tired about it. Why do not you answer me? John you do not want that would we commuicate? I hope that you want to know me.
I'll wait for your email soon.
Letter 7
Usually after work I go home. John but now I'm in the Internet cafe.
Because now I have you. I like this change. John I have long wanted to change anyhting in my life. And you helped me with this.
And why did you answer so little? John you do not have the time? Or maybe you just are not interested in our acquaintance? Tell me at once. Why waste time? I undrestand you and not be offended. John but I hope it is not. And tomorrow you will answer more.
Here are some new pictures for you.I like to send you my pictures. And I hope that you like to receive them.
I'm glad that you liked my photos. I will try to do every day new photos for you to John. I hope that you like it.
John I really love the photo you sent me. And I hope that I will receive them every day. Because I love it.
How do you spend your free time? What do you do for fun John? And with whom? What do you like? May have a hobby? John, or wanted to try somethng new? What are you doing after work? Meet with friends?
Or stay at home?
John I am almost always home. But, meeting with friends on weekends.
John we do a lot of funny things. Sometimes we go to movies and dances. It is a pity that need to go to a nearby town. And like to spend time in the park and just walkng in the countryside. In winter, go skiing and go to the rink. In the summer we like camping. John have a small lake nearby. It is beautiful and good beach. Sometimes watching TV and listning to the radio after work. I like the program of travelers on Discovery. It's very interesting.
John I have always wanted to be in the mountains. Probably, it is difficult to describe the feeling when you see the world in front of him. And you were in the mountains John? I never. I have never travled to other countries. But, I was at sea. One time. They gave me a voucher from the school. I was in Sochi. It is a city resort on the Black Sea. I will not forget it.
And you want to be somewhere togther? Where John? And what would we do? Tell me.
I'm grateful that you came into my life. You are like a breath of freedom.
Do not forget about me and answer soon.
Letter 8
I'm glad you told me. I guess I would be a bit upset, if you did not answer today. But I'm glad that I can read your email.
Why did not you told about yur friends and family? John is important to me with whom you communicate and make friends. I hope you find time to tell me about them. Ok? Or you do not want to say it?
I do not understand anything. I'm very sorry that I did not receive your letters John. It's really very strange. I want to receive everything you write to me. It is very important for us.
I love to talk with you. You know, I think we have a little talk?
John you not you think? I tried to find other ways to communicate.
But, I do not find it. Maybe you have ideas on how to comunicate more quickly? I do not know how to do it diferently. In addition to emails.
John I would like to talk to you over the phone. But we do not have cellular communication in the village. The school has a phone.
Stationary. But the director does not allow to use it. She said the phone for emergency communications. The Internet Cafe is also denied to me. John I have requested the Administrator to call from their phone. And even offered money. Hesaid that an Internet cafe, and do not call office. Maybe you know other ways of communicating? Through the Internet? John if you explain, then I'll try to do this? What do you think John? I'm not good at it. Becuse I have no experience with computers and the Internet. But, I will do as you say. John maybe, shall communicate to others, the easy way? I want to talk with you more. And not just talk... I want to hold your hand and talk. Do you think it will be like this? John though, too early to think about it.
It is necesary to know us better. John I hope you know how to talk to us more. If you know, be sure to tell me more about it. Ok John?
I have to go now.
John I hope that tomorrw we will learn other ways of communicating.
I'll think of you......
Your curious Svetlana
Letter 9
Your letter made my day better. John thank you, you answer me. I'm always waiting for your emails.
John I have tried what you say. But, I did not succeed. I tried this several times. John but was unable to do so. I even ask the chief of Internet cafe to do it.He said that it will not work. Due to technical specifications. Because of poor commnication with the server and their equipment. John I do not understand this.
I'm very sorry that I did not send all your letters. It's really very strange John. I want to receive everything you write to me. It's important for me.
And how are things at your work John? What are you doing there?
Everything is good there? And how long have you been working? John
You have a good collague? You often talk? And what is your team? Big?
Or small? How many people? Who you working? Women? Man? Probably, you have fans there? Tell me the truth? John you have a good relatonship with them? Maybe meet after work? You have a corporate party? Or not?
John I love my job. We have a good team.Director - an elderly woman.
She likes to joke. We often drink tea with all the teachers and a lot of talking. All told diferent stories, we argue, to remember something and think about the future. But today, I blabbed about you.
John they said they undrestood why I changed. I asked a lot. I told him everything. They are happy for us, and asked to tell you Hi.
But that changed after I appeared in your life? John you feel the same way or not? John tell me? I'm curious. What do you think?
And when you answerme? Soon? I hope so.
I look forward to and even a little miss you.
Your, thinking of you Svetlana
Letter 10
How are you? John I have not received your letter. I thought why do not you write me. Maybe you do not have time? And you could not answer me?
John I hope that tomorow you will have the time. And you can write to me.
I will wait your letter tomorrow.
Letter 11
I am happy to see your email. John I like to receive and read it.
Your letters are an important part of my day. And they make my day better.
I'm sorry you did not tell me about past relationships. For me it is important to undrstand why it did not work. But, I understand you and I hope that you do not have secrts. John we do not have the right to make mistakes. We will have a wonderful and happy relationship.
I also can not understand why I do not receive your letters. This is really very important for me John. I hope that this will not happen again and I will receive everything that you write to me.
Yesterday, I spent a long time in bed and could not sleep. Becuse you were in my head and I dreamed bout you. And you John? Also wanted me to sleep? By the way, I was able to come to you in a dream? Tell me the truth! And how was it? What are we doing? Tell me John.
You know, I can do many things. I love to cook, sew a little, dance, and even a massage. John certainly not a profesional massage. But, it reduces fatigue, and you're feeling the freshness and strength. If you want, I'll do it to you? John and you? Do me a masage? One time?
You're doing massage girls? I am sure that you are gentle, warm and strong hands. John I would like to feel it! Very! John I think alot of you. And you know, I like to think of you. We can talk about everyhting with no problems. On any subject. To say what I would not say to another person. We trust each other. John and I think it's right. Because, in the decepton and secrecy is not good. Agree? John trust - is the key to a good relationship. I do not know what I feel lately. You change me. And I love it. I love to read your letter and sincere answers. And every day, I want to know you more. And you?
John I want it too? Or are you tired of my questions? Do you like to be sincere with me? I hope so. Need to finish writing and go home.
I'll post it and wait a little bit. John sudenly, you answer me now?
And then we can comunicate by sending messages to each other at once.
John I think this will work?
I wait for you sooooon!
Your waiting and dreaming of you, Svetlana
Letter 12
Today I came to internet cafe earlier. John I sat and waited for your letter. I thought that you write, and I will answer you imediately.
And then you, also answer immediately. John let's try again? Maybe now we'll get success? And we can find out how long emails goes.
You do not like massages John? You do not want me to do this to you?
Or, you can not think of that? Tell me the truth? I would like to feel your gentle and strong hands in one day.
Why did you write me so little? You are not interested in our communication John? Or have another reason? I'd like to know that. I hope that tomorrow you will explain everything to me.
I think a lot about you. Do not even about you and about us. And I like it John. With each letter, you change my life. John you make me happy. Despite the fact that while you're away. But, it is only now.
Every day the distance beteen us becomes smaller. I feel it. John you become very close to me. This is a new feeling. John I do not feel this before. I think I'm in love. Yes, that's weird. But, I love that feeling. And I know that after our meeting, you woke in me this. John to me at work came a family couple. Imagine, they were of different ages! But they were so happy. They held each other's hand and not let go even for a minute. John I want as well. I want to hold yourhand.
To feel your kisses, caresses and cuddle. To see and hear you for real. Or even just a walk or go to the movies. John I can not be alone. I want to do everything together. John I miss you. Do you mind that? What do you want to do together? Do you think I'll change your life if I'll come to you? For the better? Everyone says that I have changed. My friends, coleagues and neighbors. Almost everyone I know!
How can they see it? John they say that everything is visible into the eyes. They see the shine and luster. I've become more kind, happy, talkative, and always smiling. And you? John you feel it? I want to know it. If you feel the same. What is this? Love? I think I love you.
But, I think it should be checked. But how? How to check our feelings?
How to check the love? John tell me if you know.
John it's a pity that now I can not kiss you before sleep. However, this will changed. In life evertyhing changing. And for now, I am sending you my kiss.
Answer soon John.
I'm waiting... I miss without your emails, and waiting.....
Your in love and tender Svetlana
Letter 13

I waited, when you write to me. John and I even missed you. I thought alot about you. And you? I was in yur head? And what were you thinking?
I'm glad that you like my photos. I love getting your compliments John. I will try to do as much as possible for you.
I understand what you want to do together. We will do this all but only if I come to you John. I hope you understand me and we will continue our communication.
I like to cook. I could cook for you John. I'm sure you'd like Russian food. Would you like me to cook for you?
I was pleased to receive your photos. I'm very interested in getting this from you John. I love to see your new photos.
Why did not you told about your day? John you do not want to talk about it? Or you do not want, that we would spend days togehter? Tell me John.
Here's a new photo for you. John I did it recently. You like it?
Let's talk about happiness? John what is this? Happiness? I think this is alot to say.Do you agree? For every man have his own personal happiness. Someone is happy to risk. For example, jumping with a parachute. A quiet life for others. John someone happy when a lot of traveling, or eating a favorte food. All my happiness. And it can not be sold, not bought, you can not win the lottery. Happiness can be grown in myself. John I believe that any man can be happy. I do not have a lot to be happy. Perhaps it is trite, but I dream of a real, strong, mutual love. Well, what else would you John? Nothing. Only a beloved man will be able to do so. John everything you need to do to just be together.Waking up in the morning, kissing, whispering in his ear all sorts of nonsense, take care of each other. Keep the arm.
Nothing to refuse, spoil, and execute any desire.Is it not happiness John? Or maybe you are my happiness? What do you think? John I hope so. But something makes you happy? John or someone? What for you hapiness? Tell me your thoughts on this.
Do you think we'll be happy together?
John It's too late and I need to go. I already miss you.
Answer me soon.
Your waiting for an answer, Svetlana
Letter 14
Today I have a good mood. I came to the internet cafe and thought that you write. And you donot write me. Why do notyou answer me? Say?
John do you take upset at me? I hope that does not take upset at me.
And I really wnt to see your letter tomorow. I will wait with impatience your letter.
I miss...
Letter 15
I am glad to see your email. John nice to knowthat you don't forget about me. Yesterday, I could not sleep for a long time. I thought about you and how can I make you happy. Probably need more time, to find out.
And you did not think about happiness? John I would like to know it.
For me, it is important to know what makes you happy. And if I can make you happy. I hope you cantell.
I can not understand why I do not receive your letters. I hope this will not happen again and I will receive everything you write to me John. It is very important for me.
Are you ready to talk about past relationships John? I am, yes.
Because I have nothing to hide from you, and it should not be a mystery. John I agree? It all started in college.I fell in love and hoping for a mutual feeling. We spent time together. Yes, we even had a good while. But after the first sex has changed. He began to be rude and hurt me. Once he hit meall over. John I have tried to meet with other men. One just wanted sex and fun. The other was married. And that's not what I need. John I dreamed about my favorte man. About the man whom I can make happy. And who will make me happy. Maybe it's you? Maybe we did not meet by chance? It turns out that I was waiting for you? And you're the man? And now, God has joined us to John? What do you think? Maybe we are meant to be togehter?
John tell me why a man like you, have not found a woman? Tell us about your women? How do they change your life? And what prevented you? Why does it ended John? I know this is important. Sudenly we're together? Better find out now and do not make mistakes. Do you think as John?
Internet cafe is closed and you need to go. Now go to bed and try to come to you in a dream. Tell me if you suceed?
I'll miss you.
I look forward to your email soon John.
Your Svetlana
Letter 16
I miss without your letters. I thought that you will answer me. But you did not do it. John why do not you answer me? You do not have the time? Maybe you feel bad? I hope that you ok.
John I really want to see your letter. And I hope that tomrrow, you'll find the time. And necessarily answer me.
I'll look forward to your reply.
Letter 17
I am waiting... waiting... waiting... But did not see your letter.
And I am a little sad without you. John I hope you do not have any problems. I hope all is well.
I'll look forward to your letter tomorrow. I beg you to find time for me.
I miss you...
Letter 18
How are you? John I have not received your letter. I thought why do not you write me. Maybe you do not have time? And you could not answer me?
John I hope that tomorow you will have the time. And you can write to me.
I will wait your letter tomorrow.
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