Scam letter(s) from Rose Walker to John (Brazil)

Letter 1 just made me smile now what do you mean are you chatting with the right lady and i will also love to know you much more and also tell me the good and bad about you and if you dont mind i hope am not asking you for so much can you send me photos of you also.thanks so much and sorry for the later reply.
Letter 2
good to read back from you dear,well first i must say this to you age is just a know that what i want you to have at the back of you mind.
well i have always said to my self i dont mind how far or close or the age of the man God will send down to me to make me happy and love me just like the way i wish to be loved in life.
one very good thing about me is that i take every one the way they come you are the first person which i will have a chat with on the site and you will also be the last person i will chat with cause i have so many messages on the site but yet u did not reply back.
once i can have you as my life and maybe my husband to be and i see you are for real to me i dont mind i will get off the site cause i dont need when i have what makes me join the site.
so far so good that i have been chatting with you from what i can see is that you are a nice man and and you have a good level of thinking.
i must say this to you i hate been hurt by a man who says he loves me cause i believe once you can tell a man or woman the you love them it means so much so we dont need to make our self cry or feel bad.
what i need must is a man who will understand me and take to all i say and i will also do the same to him cause a good understand of a man and a woman makes the love work well and fine.
honey just like i have said and i will still have to always say it for now to you cause i believe if you are my man which was sent from God i will not have to worry talking about this.please and please do not share my photos cause we have been told not to do so,if you where in the army i will tell you why it that way..Lol.
Now i want you to tell me your plans and what you have in mind about us and what do you also feel about me and my job if you feel good having a woman who is in the army.
thats a photo of me and the first one is me and my lovely old mom
Letter 3
Am from new york,and have not been posted out yet but hoping on that soon.
let me tell you about my family we are 2 kids but my brother and dad are died my later dad died last year i miss him so much now it just me and my lovely old mom my mom does not work i have been the one taking good care of her and i always make sure i try to keep up with her needs.
i am not very good in sending mails this my first time in my life i will do this which am doing i am this type of person who dont give time to all this but i like you as a person and you sound like my type of man thats why i dont mind your age cause i believe age is just a number all we need is just have that one person who understands you and love you so much.all i need now is a man to love me i dont mind how far he is just like you are far from me i am now use to you that you keep coming into my mind always,dont know why but i said to my self this morning if you are a sent from God cause have not met some one who i dont know or send a long mail like i do.dont know what more to say but i wish you are close to me so i can tell you to your face.
Letter 4

hey dear thanks so much for the mail sent and for taking your time to send it.
well dear i dont have much to say my office in the army is sock keeping.
Letter 5
hello dear good morning how are you doing,was been going on you did not send me a mail on time i have been checking.hope you are doing fine and what have you been up to ?
Letter 6
hello dear good morning i saw your email and your lovely photos also i am so sorry that i did not reply you back i was having a very busy day and over the night i tot i was going to reply back you mail we where having a meeting with the are you and what are you up to i miss you so much and you are always on my mind dear i still wish to hear your voice dear.
Letter 7
Hi love good morning it gives me joy to wake up at this time to reply back your email..John I want to ask you your plans for us.are you coming down here in New York tell me what do you feel ?
Letter 8
Hello dear good day,am so sorry for the later reply been so busy with works.i can't be like your wife but I can be who you want me to do as your wife cause you the man and I am this type of woman who keeps to all I do with my husband and make sure I keep to his are you ?
Letter 9
hello love,how are you doing am so sorry for the later reply have been so very busy here in the camp and it been taking much of my time thats why i have not had the time to reply your email.
i wish you can try and get a viber chat so that we can always chat on there well and i can always reply you back when am also busy love.
how have you been doing and what have you been up to i miss you so much and you have always been on my mind.i feel some thing for you inside of me love wish you are here or some where in the new york to just take a pass and run down to see you.try and get a viber chat on your call phone so we can always chat and talk also cause my call number cant have calls out side the new york cause we dont use that i did not buy a calling card but if i can do that i will also love to always check up on you to know how you doing.can you come over here love ?
Letter 10
hello love good morning,was going on you have not sent me a mail hope all is well with you ?
Letter 11
hello love am so sorry but i did not get your mail and the once which i got i made sure i reply back to you.
how are you doing love and what have you been up to ?
Letter 12
hi honey you just have to make do with the type of photos of me i will send to you cause i cant go more than i am doing and all this i am doing now it cause i believe in you and you make me see you as a real man who knows the good of having a woman in his life..honey just like i said to you when i just met you on the site i made you understand my type of job and what we where also told not to do.of which now what am doing is bad by sending you my photos but have this at the back of your mind that i will still keep sending you my photos but not that type you need to make you feel like having ***.
honey it up to you to take a date on when you wish me to come and tell me on time so i can know what to do and to go about it are you and what have you been up to ?
Letter 13 not what you think your emails does not come in on time honey am so sorry about that.can you try and download a messenger chat so we can always chat on there honey it ok for me cause i can always reply back to you
Letter 14
what cant you handle if i may ask you ?
Letter 15
I want to come over to you and give you all of me
Letter 16
good morning honey
john come on i am also much in love with you dont feel i dont,i also wish to be with you i also want to have *** with you and put in much love to you for you to know how i feel about you but i am just trying to take my time i dont want to be hurt by a man at this age i am now cause it has happen in the pass to me john i love you so much all i want from you is your understand honey and we can go far than this ok.
john you know i work with the US army under the UN am a UN soldier for the john do you want me to feel in a leave form from the UN if you want me to do that today i will so i can come over to you ?
Letter 17
good i will do just as you say honey...i will take in for the form today and be for the end of the day i will lets you know what it looks like honey...did you get my photos i sent you ?
Letter 18
good to hear that,am from manhattan new how long have you joined the site and was so good about that site cause am new on the site just joined about 3 days back are the first person which i will reply to his message on here also.
Letter 19

thank you,why did you say miss no name,and why did you join the site and what do you also want from the site if i may ask you
Letter 20
oh so sorry to hear that,but have also feel the same way be for but thats life...what do you do for a living and why did you move down to brazil from London ?
Letter 21
oh so sorry i did not say what my names are,am walker rose...sorry if i asked you too much ok,just want to get to know who am chatting with cause it my first time.wellam single and i work with the US army .
Letter 22
hi honey good morning and God bless you,have try so much to get you on viber over the night and dont know why your up still keep saying number not on is my own you can try it when you free chat me up and i will reply you back once i get it.....+192549439224 have a lovely day and God bless you
Letter 23
sorry be for i for get to say it and it happens it will be so bad here...please do not call just text cause i may be so close to where i cant make use of calls cause of my bosses here.we have been told last year not to make use of phone calling all the time but note honey that does not mean we will not talk on phone i will always look for a way out on that ok.
Letter 24
hi honey how are you doing and how has your day been.have been having a very busy day and also i have filed in for the leave form and you also will have to contact the UN honey.
Letter 25
honey you will have to contact the UN making them understand that you want me to come visit you over there so i can leave the camp showing that i am going to visit you,cause if you dont contact the UN i will not leave the camp honey and i want to be with you i cant wait to see you.i will get the email id of the UN so you can send them a mail you understand me honey ?
Letter 26
honey here is the email id, you have to send the email today Monday cause they accept request Mondays and Wednesdays so please you have to plead with them honey so they can accept your request (
Letter 27
hi honey so sorry for the later reply having a very busy day but not busy to check up on you to know how you doing.honey lets just hope and pray that every thing works well so that the UN can reply back to you.
Letter 28
honey just try and make sure you are close to your email, i believe they will reply back to you cause i will also contact to know about has been your day and what have you been up to ?
Letter 29
how can you tell me to send you a pic of my ***** what for,and what are the personal details which they want from you that makes you want me to send a pic of my ***** to you please tell me i want to know ?
Letter 30
i hope this will not get me out of my job,they are so many camera here that why we have been asked not to take photos to send out.i just had to do this for you just to make you know how much i love you.i pray this i have just done does not hurt me...
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