Scam letter(s) from Zhanna Melnichenko to Peter (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Peter! I write to you for the first time but sure not the last one! My name is Zhanna and I decided to change my life to the best and get acquainted with serious man for creating happy family) If you don't mind listen some interesting facts about me=) I was born in the south of Ukraine and live not far from the sea. I'm pretty woman who likes to live full life and joy everything surrounds me, maybe it sounds childish but who of us is not a little child in the soul, don't you think so Peter? Sport takes part of my life as it's my dogma that in spite of anything I must look well, also I go to the belly dance and not bad in it) So you should know that you must be strength man to keep me in your strong arms, the main traits I expect from you is confidence, kindness and certainly to be smart) I would share with such a man all feelings that are inside me passion, real love, tenderness and attentiveness! I think that real feelings inside the person much more important that only beautiful silly picture! And I want to be treated seriously as an personality in my turn promise to respecy you support you and be faithful!) Honesty and sincere is what on the real relationship is built... But please, don't think that I'm so serious at all, I like joking, fun, and my sense of humor would envy many comics, do you like make fun Peter? I hope you are not snoring and liked my short story about me, and already write to me cause interested in our contact and will tell me all you want and share your interests, hobbies, views on life and whatever you want...Photos are encouraged=) Waiting for reply with impatience. Sincerely Zhanna
Letter 2
Hello my dear Peter! I'm glad to hear you again and couldn't wait to receive letter from you! Thank you for compliments and your warm words that made me shy)Thank you for the photo you send,looks great,did you win that competition?Want to say from the beginning that I'm sincere woman and looking for serious intentions with the same man who has common goals to reach with me! And all this must be based on honesty and truth!I think it's time for us to get closer and share some information. I'm 29 years old burn on 11th of November in Telmanovo on the South of my native country, the place I love because of the close location to the sea and love all that is connected with it, another my attachment is sport I go to the fitness always to be in a good shape and dancing which is my hobby for life) Peter, tell me please about the place you live, what hobbies do you have and how do you like to spend free time?
I'm living alone in the rented flat, and moved from my family, but miss them and feel that is difficult to live without support of lovely people! I am the example for my younger sister, she is on the photo with me, I helped to look after her since childhood so we are very close, and I'll try to do everything in my power to help her and my family feel good) As you understand family is the most important in my life I appreciate all values that are burn in it...Peter, but i miss my one and only to finally give all that love care, passion and affection to my husband!Every morning I'm ready to sing him serenades about our love(like on the photo))) I think about future life and ready to have own family with caring, loving, kind, strong man who will have the same goals to reach) This is the reason I decided to find you here, foreign men are responsible, self-confident and very interesting partners in all life aspects! What is absolutely opposite to the most men live in my place, that's why I'm still alone and don't want waste time with them, sure you understand me and might heard about our local men. I came to the translation company where I use service of interpreter and it helps me to communicate with you, as my English is like of a girl from kinder-garden))) But Peter, I believe that's easy overcome together such small difficulties and have happy common future) I will wait for your reply with impatience and all information about you and your life that you would like to share with me) P.S.I'm very sorry to hear that about your daughter,really it's awful!Please accept my sincere condolences... Hug you, your's Zhanna
Letter 3
Hello mr Peter We are sorry for disturbing you, we want to inform that your lady Zhanna was waiting to hear from you today at our office. Because of some reasons it didn't happen and ms Zhanna is willing to come to our office tomorrow, please tell us what should we pass her. On weekends you told us to wait for details on this Monday. We are still waiting for them and ready for cooperation. Thank you for using our service. Best Regards, Victoria Grachova
"Polus inter."
Letter 4

Hello my sweetheart Peter
Very glad to receive your letter!!!Was missing you so much...When I received money at once fulfilled the account and came to the interpreter to write back to you and say big thank you for supporting our communication)But didn't receive any letter from you and then came to the office once more to resend it, we had rocket assaults here recently and it could be the reason of bad internet connection. Now the technique support of the office fixed it and I hope that all our letters will reach us)So long time passed since I ready your nice sweet letters...How are you sweet Peter, what new is happening there? Sorry for asking, but as real woman that is interested in my beloved man have to ask how is your divorce passing...Sure that smart, wise and confident man as you are do it painless! Also Peter I agree with you that we can economize on photos now, though I already miss some new!But to prepare the documents there is need of funds, time and our energy so let's do everything step by step economize where it is possible and make everything for sure!Didn't hear about the type K1 visa found out types B1/B2 also will learn about it more from my side and ready to make all efforts to meet us when it is possible for both)And what is going to be on the 5th of November? Write back to me my dearest Peter when you learn more about our meeting and tell me please when it's more comfortable and better to reply you. I feel that a big adventure is right around the corner...And waiting for it a.s.a.p.)Miss you very much Peter and want to know better real you. Waiting for your opinion on this. Kissing tender, hugs, Always your Zhanna
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