Scam letter(s) from Vladislava Vokhmiakova to Peter (Austria)

Letter 1
Good night. How are you doing? I found information about you on a date web site and it is made me happy! I would be very pleased to share with you information about me. I have a beautiful name Vladislava, Me 29y.o. I was born in Belarus and now I live here. I love my house so much, but not all that good, there are some problems. Although country where i live big enough, but there are no decent men for serious-relationship! I am a single nice girl hoping to meet pleasant man from United States for long-term serious relationship, who can really love and appreciate own woman! I do not wish be so lonely and spend my life useless. I am a modern girl and I believe it is nice, we on the internet can get to know other people at the moment, while remaining at the home. I am happy with the modern technology. If You want to know me better, Tell me please about your life. What do you do in your life? What do you like? What are your hobbies? I want to know more about you! And something yet. Please send your photos to my email address. Maybe we will both have an interesting introduction! I will wait for your quick response every hour. Please do not let me be single. With regards and kiss, Vladislava. Let me know please as soon as possible!
Letter 2
Hello Peter, thank you for your message.
I am pleased that you are interested in my message and decided to answer me. to be honest a lot of experience in communication I have, so I will try to speak freely what I think and what you dream about. I really hope that our interests are the same.
I am simple woman and I have simple principles of life and dreams.
first of all I hope and dream that I can meet a good, honest, sympathetic man, also as I am interested in this relationship.
in relationship for me important mutual sympathy, mutual respect, trust, loyalty, and of course honesty.
I'm already divorced more than 5 years, but during that time I realized I was very lonely that I do not have a life partner, someone I could trust who I could complain to, someone with whom I could share joy and sorrow, men whom I would blindly believe. like any woman I want warmth, love and attention, I want a full family. that's why I decided to start a new life and try to establish their own personal life I really want and hope that I have written to you because I want to believe that you are also a single man that your heart is free what you how I look at life a new emotion, love, harmony and happiness in family life. I understand that you are very interested to know who I am?
I live in Belarus, city Brest.
I work in the advertising firm, which is engaged in advertising in our city, advertising on radio, signs, posters, advertising on transport. my role is that I'm sitting in the office, doing work with clients, preparation of contract, economic reporting and documentation.
I am 29 year with no harmful and bad habits.
I prefer active way of life, a passion for the sport. Cycling, swimming, running.
my interests include art, gardening, love to read, literature.
I do not like cold weather, rude and impolite people. don't like laziness and idleness.
my passion is cooking. I love to cook .
I dream to travel around the world with his family, but most importantly, to find love, create a full, happy family.
I am quite pretty yourself, your life and others, but for full happiness I miss love, a beloved person to me. I want to create happy family.
I used to trust people, but relationships in the Internet are still with apprehension.
if you are seriously interested in meeting and communication between us, then I will tell you more information about me, but I too would like to know more information about you, your life.
really looking forward to your response, be sure to send your photo, I would like to see as many pieces of your life.
waiting for your reply with great impatience.
Letter 3
Hello Peter thanks for the new message.
I do not hide you to me very much and I would love to see more of your new photos.
all I want is to know you better. if you're not talking about yourself, I cannot understand what you?
I'm not in a hurry and want step by step to understand you, to learn your character, learn your lifestyle, because if you wait and hope that between us will develop a serious relationship, then we must know everything about each other, know the past, know the present and understand what kind of future we dream.
my intentions are absolutely serious, my dream is the same as yours.
I dream to meet a decent man with whom I can create family, to receive from a joint life only pleasure and positive emotions.
I told you that I don't have much experience in getting acquainted in the Internet, so I will try to write and speak what I think.
hard to put into words and tell your character, but I hope that you will be able to learn a lot about me from my letter.
I represent a man honest, sincere, responsible, intelligent, confident and most importantly loyal. I can't forgive infidelity or betrayal.
I'm a free woman, my heart is free, I'm ready for a new and serious relationship which I hope will give me a lot of new positive emotions.
of course I was in a serious relationship, but I experienced a lot of pain and frustration in this relationship. I am older, wiser, but it made me very strong, independent woman.
I want to meet a man who will appreciate every minute of our relationship with him, our love will be mutual, respect and protect each other..
I'm not losing hope that my life will change that I will meet a decent man, Mature and most importantly honest.
perhaps you are the very man I'm waiting and looking for all your life?
I would like to know you better, know your life. sure there are a lot of interesting from your life. about myself I will try to tell as much as possible, you are also to understand me, my goals, my character, my life.
if you have any questions you can ask, I will try to openly answer all your questions.
I feel very lonely, but try not to show these feelings to others, I try to be strong, independent in all things.
I understand that in two posts it is impossible to describe my whole life, but I will try.
relationship is a Union between two people who understand each other, appreciate and trust, in which there are common interests and dreams, it is very important match for each other.
perhaps our communication will grow into a full-fledged relationship, but before that happens, I wish you not only knew everything about me, but I knew all about you too. it all depends on us, on how to develop our communication depends very much. between us there should be mystery, secrets, need to be able to trust each other.
I wrote that my dream and main goal is the creation of a family, serious relationship. I'm not looking for temporary relationships, so if you don't believe in these relationships, we better not even to continue.
personally, I have many questions for you and I expect that you will answer me sincerely.
what kind of women do you like? women who are Housewives or strong independent women, who are committed to creating career?
what is the most important thing in a relationship?
what in your opinion should be your wife?
tell me more about your job than you are doing what you are doing?
what do you like? what don't you like? how you spend your free time?
I would like to better know your character. I know it's hard to talk about yourself, but if to describe myself in a few words, what would you say about yourself?
can I trust you?
you could offend a woman?
I work every day. Saturday and Sunday I have a day off..
I don't really like all these social networks, it takes a lot of time, but I decided to go to the Internet, only because I still believe that they can meet their own true love.
I wrote a little about their dreams and desires. tell us about your?
every woman wants to feel somebody's care and attention of a man who loves you, understands, values, respects. .
I'm a simple girl from an ordinary family, my parents are not rich and I'm not perfect, I have cons, there are pros, but I want to meet a man who will accept the real me.
I like art, culture, literature, geography, horticulture.
I love to read, it helps to relax mentally and physically.
I like modern literature.
I'm an excellent cook, cook.
I'm not aggressive and I have a calm nature, all things tend to look loyal. always try to be with people honest, and that honest with me. I like to help people.
in my spare time I like to listen to classical contemporary music, like to read.
I like sport (swimming, fitness ).
I live separately. I am sociable and hardworking woman, which is probably why I have a lot of friends and good relationships with work colleagues.
I have very good parents whom I love and appreciate.
I'll be honest, I am full of desire to start a quiet, peaceful, family life. I am quite happy and satisfied with their lives. all I dream of is to meet a loving husband who will be next.
don't know so you want to know about me, but I'll be glad to answer any of your questions, this is only a small part of my life that I could describe with words.
Letter 4

Hello Peter thanks for your new answer.
very pleased that our communication is becoming a regular. understand your real intention is very important to me and I want to learn more you learn all the details of your personal life.
I do not hide what you really like me, you're attractive and interesting, charming man.
I do not want to rush and talk about love, because it would be strange and ****** that the promise to you now. the main thing to understand how much we are compatible, how close are our goals.
I would like to have a real picture of you, your life, to have a certain image of how you are, what your character.
I do not want to have a virtual relationship, would like to have you developed full relations, trust and understanding for each other.
I'm not looking for just friendship, I'm looking very serious relationship with a man who does, too.
I like you. I'm not ashamed to admit it.
I would like you to answer me honestly what you think about me? these few days, I wrote to you in detail about yourself, how you formed an opinion? you think that I could have become your wife? I to your ideal woman is close?
I have written to you because I really do think that maybe you're the man who can change my life, will be able to give me a feeling of which I dream.
I have an overwhelming desire to know everything about your life, including even the smallest details of your childhood. it is very important to understand that you like what you like.
I do not like a noisy environment, I do not like to walk on the disco. for I prefer tranquility, privacy with loved ones. as I now live in the city, in the summer I enjoy spending at weekend with close family or go on nature, the lake or the river to do a barbecue.
tell me about, the town in which you live? It would be interesting if you tell us a little about your city, of which there is life.
every country has its own culture, values or customs. Tell me a little about it.
I will not say that I have traveled many places, tell us about where you traveled?
I respect men who know how to care for women who do it sincerely, from the heart, who know how and want to show their emotions, which are able to make pleasant their beloved. I do not remember if I wrote to you, but I do not like boors, I do not like the hypocrites, people who consider themselves to be arrogant, that exalt themselves over others. I am quite a simple girl, I have a simple goal in life, to achieve harmony and happiness in family life.
in your partner I'm looking for understanding, respect, sincerity, creating a union in which we both believe.
I'll be glad to know your opinion. looking forward to your reply.
yours Vladislava
Letter 5
Hello Peter
I was waiting for your reply, I am glad that during this short period of time formed a bond between us. I can not check and respond to e-mail on a daily basis, as I have a job, have a responsibility, but when there is a free moment, I'm happy to try to answer you ..
I think between us have something in common, which makes our communication interest.
I like sociable man, with a sense of humor. for women has always been important to attention and care of the men, it seems to me you have.
I am very interested to talk to you, I see the prospect of these relations.
relationship is a union of two people, men and women, these relations have been successful, you need a good understanding of each other. know what we like and what does not.
I can tell you about myself about his character, but it is difficult for me given, because it is difficult to describe myself. I have quite a calm and open. I am open to dialogue. I'm not violent, not aggressive, most likely I even very good. what then I am strict, but what is on the contrary very good.
I'm a fun energetic woman, I like outdoor activities, like studying for yourself something new.
in the work as in life I am responsible. I try not to postpone the case, the work and try to do everything at the time. in my life I am very hardworking, because from childhood I had to help my parents already. if you remember, I wrote that grew up in the countryside, so the city life for me was speaking acquaintance, until I came to the city is studying to get higher education. are not a big city, many know each other in person.
my spare time I try to spend with his own family, when possible, I always try to visit the parents, try to keep in touch with them.
as any woman I do not have enough male attention, care. this is what is necessary for female happiness. neither wealth nor splendor makes us happy, and the people that surround us, which is why I am writing this letter to you now, because you see, I hope my dream can come true.
Write again soon Vladislava
Letter 6
Hello dear Peter,
I'm glad our communication going properly that there is mutual understanding, mutual interests, desires and goals.
relationship is not just a physical ****** relationship, but it is very important to have moral and spiritual understanding of each other.
I'm a simple girl and I have a very simple principles of life, for me family is important, so family relationships are harmony, respect, love.
relationships should be built so as to get pleasure from it, pleasure. sometimes the simple things bring much more joy than any expensive gifts.
in my heart I am very romantic, I like to do surprises, I like to spend time in nature, road trip, vacation, travel, joint plans.
I just want to have a man whom I can trust in everything. I want to build relationships so that these relationships are not strained each other, and just gave us joy. I'm from a simple family, so life's challenges very familiar to me. I was born and raised in a rural area, so to work in my life I had since childhood.
I liked it and it made me much stronger, more prepared for adult life. my parents are completely ordinary people. now they are retired and therefore all their free time doing household chores. they live you could say in the suburbs. I was lucky that all my family live nearby, so on holiday we often meet.
at this point . Unfortunately I should go now! The daddy today to place mine in hospital in the morning! And I should learn that happened with it!
I the daddy had in the past of a problem with a kidney!
I probably will finish my letter, but I hope that soon I will wait for your reply. have a good day.
Vladislava in Belarus
Letter 7
How are you Peter?
Today I thought of you very much, because now I am here in Brest. As though I wanted to be born not in Belarus, and in your country. We have got acquainted here on the Internet some time back and I have got used to you, I like to write to you of the letter. I very much would want to write to you much more often, but I have no personal computer and I should use Internet - cafe or work, but in it there is nothing inconvenient. I present myself, that if we with you were born in one street and between us there would be no such huge distance, all would be possible in another way. And very much it is pleasant to me, that we have got acquainted with you here. You and your letters help me to forget that insult with the previous guy. Up to a meeting with you I was very lonely also to me there is nobody was to speak, but now there are you and I know, that you will read my letters and to think of me, it heats my soul. With you I again feel desired. I did not know as you will react to my last letter. .. I think *** is necessary concerning the man and the woman, but it not and does not need to be spoken the most important much about it, you agree with me? *** is necessary not only, to take pleasure, but also is necessary for continuation of a sort. Yes, I would be happy to have the own child or two children sometime. You want children? You want to have children from the Belarusia woman? We are on distance of 1000 miles, but I feel your heat and interest to me, I do not doubt of it. Today I very much hoped again to receive your letter and your warm words. Certainly through e-mail for me it is difficult to find out what character from you and your habits a little. I think of you very much frequently when I lie down to sleep I think of you when I on work I too think of you. I am afraid once I shall not receive your letter and you never will write to me. I very much am afraid of it because we never met... Please write letters to me always because if I shall not receive it I I shall worry very much, I hope you understand me. Today I have found out, that we can communicate with you in a mode of real time. I do not know, probably you can use Google Hangouts and if you will inform me yours ID that we we can incorporate to you and chatter during some time. So we can discuss interesting us a question and it is very fast. Only between us the big distance and to us is necessary to choose time when we can chatter with you... What do you think of it? Yes, I want to wish you of good luck on your work and to have always good mood. When I see your new letter my mood rises not looking that in the street now and a little coldly I am happy reading your letter. On it I today stop and with impatience I wait your answer to me...
Have a nice day my dear Peter
Ps.Unfortunately I should go now! Because it is necessary to observe of mine the daddy today in hospital and to help it to do the analysis! Doctors have told that it is a complex analysis and necessary to hand over each 2 hours the analysis! And it will be long evening and night today! Yours Vladislava
Letter 8
Hello, my dear Peter Thanks for your very warm and pleasant letter for me! So... I think of us and about our future much. I constantly think, that will be farther. How our relations will proceed. My feelings every day become it is love...? I when before myself so did not feel. In the beginning I did not understand, that to me occurs. I thought, that it simply interest... There can be still something... But now I confidently can tell, that my feelings is not simple so. I feel, that I every day more and more and need in you more... At me in a head constantly ideas about how we shall meet you... Likely it will be very happy moment in our life? How you think? I dream, how we with you shall be spends a lot of time together. It will be very fine... My mum as is very glad for us with you. She speaks about you, that you very remarkable person. I too so think. I have asked mum once again, that if we with you shall sometime meet in the future as she on it will react... And she has answered, that she will not have that against it. She only will be happy, if it to happen. Tell please, that the true love is for you..? For me it is very difficult for describing... This such condition oppress, which is very difficult for transferring in words. It is possible to feel and express only it to the favourite person when he is near to you in a reality... I am very happy, that I have met you... Well... I think, that while I shall finish this letter.... I shall wait very much for your answer. Yours Vladislava
Letter 9
Hi darling Peter!!!
I am happy to hear from you.
I have bad news. Yesterday on my work I chief has told to me, I should leave my work, he has dismissed me owing to instability and reduction of the working personnel. I will not have not enough work with nlients, but probably it is destiny so has disposed with me?
From this trouble I am am helped only by ideas about you, all is probably and should happen, now at me will be much more time for our dialogue with you and we can speak with you in messenger, I shall not hurry up to go for work or home, mine the free time begins more.
After your last letter I feel perfectly and I think that there has come time for our meeting, I have grown fond of you and your letters, now only I have not enough of it, I want a meeting with you. I feel your strong man's hands and your attention to me. When I wrote to you for the first time the letter I knew, that I am not mistaken in you. You fine the man, at you warm soul and hot heart.
To me paid on work the severance pay at a rate of 2000 dollars! And as I to have savings! And I have decided to receive holiday I to not take holiday 4 years and I think that spring and coincidence of circumstances the best decision You can tell, that it is too fast and it is not possible to fall in love with the person, after several letters, and never having seen a lot him!!! You will is accomplished are right!!! You should understand, I love you such to which I now present you, such which you have described yourselves in letters!!! And consequently I want an our meeting. You should understand, that it is virtual love!!! And I want to check up feelings and it can show all our first meeting!!! I want us to be together so much, that trying to do something for us to see each other at last.
Today I have found out about documents which are necessary for arrival in your country and I think, that I can make it for our meeting, it will be necessary for me to pay a few money for the visa and after that I can arrive to you. Whether but I have solved it independently and I am sure really you want our meeting? Or it only my dream to which cannot come true? Please write to me your ideas about our meeting?
Certainly it only my plans and to us will be necessary to check up our "chemistry" each other, and then to plan on the future... Please inform me in your following letter the name and a code of the airport and city where it will be most convenient for you to plan our meeting and I shall try to find out most in detail how and when we can meet...
Write to me I shall wait your answer darling Peter
For ever yours Vladislava
Letter 10
Hi darling Peter!!!
How are you? I'm fine! I am very happy to see and read your letter again. I am full of etermination to meet you. Today I have done the big way and have have found out about that as I can arrive to your country.
Today I have come to travel agency and all have written down, that is necessary for arrival in your country. First for me it is necessary to receive the international passport for travel which by the way I already started do and within 5 working days my international passport will be ready.
In me it will be necessary to go to Minsk to receive the visa of the tourist and I am ready it do immediately. Now at me it is a lot of time also I want to begin do my documents as soon as possible. I do not want to wait a lot of time. As registration of the visa is carried out within two weeks and during this time we can talk about much. for now nevertheless to us I is necessary to correspond on e-mail. hope you not against it. Oh I am full of determination and I am afraid, that I again shall overlook something important to ask you or to write to you. It is necessary for me the international passport for travel which is already done and it will be soon ready. Most important it will be necessary to receive the visa of the tourist for which to me a lot of patience and time is necessary. For reception of the visa I shall go to Minsk and I think, that I shall go this week. I shall not force to wait for you for a long time. Please darling wait our meeting. In Minsk it will be necessary for me to write the application on reception of the visa and to fill in many papers. As I should pass interview and examined by a medical doctor and given a series of medical vaccines.
Oh as I am happy, that very soon we shall together darling. I very much I hope, that you on all an extent of my trip to Minsk will write to me letters. I want to warn you, that I can not write some days to you of the letter therefore I shall go to Minsk and I do not know, when I can write to you the letter. It will be necessary for me to find Internet - cafe in Minsk to write to you the letter. I shall necessarily inform you on my plans. I once again want, that you have specified the information on the airport where you can meet me. Today I have counted up all my saved up savings for some years and I hope, that to me will be enough to legalize all papers for my travel. I the independent girl and I do not want to ask your money. Money always spoil human attitudes and because of money there are wars. I do not want any misunderstanding and I shall not ask your money. And if to me there will be not enough money I shall ask the help my aunt and I think she will help me. By the way my aunt lives outside Russia. Once in a youth she has met the man of the foreigner and they have got married.
Please write to me, I shall wait your letter... If my plans will come true, already tomorrow I shall go to Minsk and the letter I shall already write to you from Minsk...
Darling wish me of good luck, success will be necessary for me on trip to Minsk...
For ever yours Vladislava
Letter 11
Hi darling Peter! How are you? I hope at you fine mood...
Today I already write to you from Minsk and it is fine. I never was in Minsk and for me the big pleasure, that now I am in Minsk and I do documents for our meeting. You cannot imagine as far as the city of Minsk is huge. Sometimes I even stray also the only thing that rescues me it is the underground. In the underground there is a board with a direction of stations and it helps me to orient in this huge city. This city is very big.Now I want to tell to you that I have found out in detail about our meeting in embassy. As we meet with you for the first time and it is very long-awaited meeting to me have told there is no necessity to hurry up and it is necessary to plan our meeting. Yes, certainly I have already submitted the application on registration of the visa and now it is necessary to wait within two weeks and my visa will be ready. My passport will be already ready in some days so our meeting every day moves ahead and to wait already completely not for a long time...
I want, that you have sent me your latest photo that it helped me to move ahead to our meeting. I shall print your photo and I shall always hold a picture near to myself in my wallet.
For me it is necessary now from you some exact data and the information from you which will help me to receive documents. For example, I shall write to you my information and I ask, that you have written to me just as I have made it, that I did not have any questions and anxieties.
My information: the post address and a full name:
The country: Belarus And your information: The country:
City: Brest City:
Street: ! Pobeda street 5 Kv. 76 Street:
Zip code: 224002 Zip code:
First name Vladislava
Last name Vokhmiakova Full name:
Place of work at present: In searches of new work Place of work at present:
Phone: no phone Phone:
My love this information is very important for me...
On it I today shall stop and with impatience I shall wait your following letter...
And I shall continue to master Minsk. I want to visit the Minsk Kremlin
For ever yours Vladislava
Letter 12
Hi my love Peter!!!
I again also am again happy to receive your letter. I'm sorry, that I cannot answer you at once. I know, that you worry for me and wait my letter every day. And I want you to please, I'm fine. Process of registration of the visa is in full swing. I only think days up to our meeting. Time goes imperceptibly because at me has much put.
Tomorrow I shall pass medical inspection. By the way this obligatory condition of stay in your country. I even did not know about it, that is very strict with reception of medical insurance. It will be necessary for me to receive some vaccine and full inspection of an organism from ears and finishing my foots... Tomorrow it is necessary me difficult and long day...
Yes, by the way you imagine I has lodged not in hotel, and at the elderly woman from whom I went in a train in one car. She very sociable and pleasant woman who has suggested me to live at her for the period of reception of my documents. You at all do not imagine as far as dearly here in Minsk to live in hotel and if I have lodged in hotel I only would spend all my money for hotel and at me did not remain money. But the destiny and my angel - keeper always helps me and cares of me. darling you will care too of me when I shall arrive to you?
And now, while I receive documents of travel, and these are the whole three weeks to us necessary to continue to find out each other, I think you agree with me...
Now I want to ask you about the most important is a date our meeting. Your advice in it is necessary for me. I cannot plan all independently. I need to know approximate date of our meeting. I plan my flight in two weeks, considering from today. And I wanted to know, do you can meet me at this time? I understand, that you can be busy at this time, therefore it is necessary to plan date of our meeting. I shall hope, that you will write to me about it in the following letter.
On it I today shall stop and with impatience I shall wait your following letter...
For ever yours Vladislava.
Letter 13
Hi my love Peter!!!
I regret, if I have kept you waiting my letter. I understand, you wait my letter every day, but at me it is impossible to write to you at once. I all this time care of my trip to you. This first my trip and me it is necessary to plan and to not forget all up to the smallest trifles about something...
I very much miss on you. Every day without you passes for me very tiresomely. I am so tired to be here without you. Besides I do not want, ever to lose you. The life without you will not have any sense for me. I very much love you.
Last time I wrote to you, that it will be necessary for me to pass medical inspection and I have been very much surprised. Has spent money to reception of these documents really much. Very expensive vaccination and service...
My documents will be ready during several and it is necessary to wait very little up to our meeting. Today I went to the airport here in Moscow. The airport refers to Domodedovo. and today all the day long I spend there. I tried to find out about all cost of the ticket up to your country. And now I am in small difficulty. Cost the ticket is made approximately 1730 Euro. unfortunately by me have no all sum because I did not expect, that medical inspection and insurance are so expensive. Now I do not know that to me to do. I have counted up my finance and I have only 830 Euro for the ticket. But me not enough this sum of money. To pay completely the ticket to me does not suffice 900 Euro. me it is very a shame to speak about it, but your help in our meeting is now necessary for me. I wanted to pay all cost of trip to you independently, but I did not expect for expensive medical inspection and now I am in an inconvenient situation. My documents very soon I shall are ready, but the problem in reception of the ticket now has appeared. And it is a shame to me to ask your help, but I do not have other exit. I hope you can help to pay to me the ticket of the plane. I have already reserved the ticket and back way is not present. I very much hope for our fast meeting. My love it is necessary for me 900 Euro to pay completely the ticket aboard the plane. I very much hope and hope for your help. Please write to me and help to me to solve this arisen problem. I now am in a panic, at me hands fall, I very much worry about happened and I wait for your answer....
I love you and very much I wait your letter...
For ever yours Vladislava.
Letter 14
Good day Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am writing to you with a good news for us! I understand that Everything happened very suddenly! I've tried to do the maximum for us! Did you know, That today my flight was supposed to happen, but I could not fly on you! Although very similar As you like it! , to be alone, only in the To be near my aunt! And I wanted to be very much with you that day! I just had A dream about them! But now I want to give you new news for you! Today I would return one Change make my ticket and that is a good news! I have to make a ticket with an open date.
This means that once I find the money for customs clearance, I set the date on my own Flight announcement! Do you understand that? I wrote to you that I took the money in the bank loan in the amount of 800, But now I had to take again because I don`t know how much I have to wait here! now is the Most important news for us! This is my request to you! I only ask of you to help me, and make my inquiry!
After all, it helps us to meet! Now I would like to tell you all my request. My aunt has a former husband.
But they no longer live together. But they have a good relationship. He agreed to help us with the money.
It works on a drilling rig in the sea and can not send me any money through Moneygram. There is no life.
A bank account in which I do not have. And the aunt is also not a bank account. But he asked me if I trust you?
He offered to send money to your account. To get you to the bank. But you get them and sent me through Moneygram.
What is your solution? Can you do it? If you can help me, I ask you to contact me about your Kontodaten Inform what would have been able to make money from it. He asked for your full name, As in bank account and IBAN. This is all that is necessary for you! I hope you do not get the idea of ??my Place your arrival! Do not leave me because now there is a good chance to be together! Write me data, I will see the mail from you now only on tomorrow.I love you, though still touches you not, but, and did not feel the taste of your lips, But I love you from this one!
Vladislava in Belarus
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Name: Cynthia Rose
Age: 28
Name: Victoria Johnson
Age: 29
Name: Victoria Harlow
Age: 33
Name: Larisa
Age: 33
Name: Peggy John
Age: 40
Name: Tatyana
Age: 40
Name: Joyce Bolt
Age: 29
Name: Tatyana
Age: 32
Name: Vanessa Drake
Age: 33
Name: Shandy Smith
Age: 28
Name: Rosaline Tamon
Age: 31
Name: Irina Symakova
Age: 29
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 34
Name: Tessy Hall
Age: 31
Name: Selena Becklyn
Age: 33
Name: Olga
Age: 25
Name: Olga
Age: 38
Name: Cynthia Jofferson
Age: 38
Name: Laura Hall
Age: 33
Name: Olesya
Age: 36