Scam letter(s) from Yana Demidiuk to Peter (Austria)

Letter 1
Salut. Nice to meet you. You looking so beautiful. I'm looking for my soulmate with serious intentions for serious relationship, i don't need flirt. My goal to meet a serious man for a joint purpose in life. My parents gave me a name Iana, I'm 32 years old. I have no children and not married. What age are you? If you're much younger than me, you can respond to this message. I see you live in United States of America? I am from RU, i hope to get to know each other will not be a big problem. In my letter i'm sending you my image, send me your images, that will allow me to know you better. If our goals do not match, please ignore this message. I really hope that our goals are the same and you are looking for a girl, and we will continue our pleasant communication. honestly.
Letter 2
Thanks for your answer. It is Iana. I send you the photos again.
And I want to ask you to be decent with me. Is not important at all what distance between us.
It is a pity that I long answered you, but only today I have seen your letter in the folder spam.
We can communicate with the help of letters and recognize each other. You agree with me?
I will be always glad to see your photos. Viewing of your photos will help me to know better you and your life.
I am a sociable girl, but I got used to communicate in reality. I like to see a human face at a conversation and to see emotions.
I hope that now on your face a smile, and you have a good mood.
I want to tell about myself now: I am 32 years old, I was born on August 3, 1984.
I hope that the difference at our age cannot become a problem for our communication. Friendship can unite any age.
I have the higher education, and now I work. My work brings in me the good income.
My parents are living, but I live alone. Already I am an adult and independent girl. I respect and I love parents.
I was never married. And now I am one. Now I have a feeling of loneliness. Many my friends already have a family.
I also dream of a family. I hope that you read my letter. I do not want to seem the bore.
It is interesting to you to read my letter?
Write to me. Iana
Letter 3
I can name you Peter? My friends name me Iana.
I very much would wish to learn about you little bit more close.
Peter, tell a little about itself, whether there are at you children?
Whether you work? Whether there is at you a hobby.
Peter, I think that interesting from where at me yours email the address?
To me have sent references to searches of love I has come and has seen there a profile, any more I do not remember a site on which it was. Well I hope that you too in search of love and the girl.
It is very interesting to me to know what interests at you. You search dialogue? The girl or the wife?
I search for Love! I want to meet the beloved! I want to meet second half! I will not frighten you of these words, it is interesting to me to learn about you that for the man.
I have a confidence that you too are interested by me to learn about me.
In Russia I have not met the man who becomes my husband, in Russia the man are very rough.
If to you is interesting ***** photos or virtual ***. I do not love similar games.
If to you is interesting only it you can stop to me to write.
Peter, please forgive me, but I only want that we understood each other.
I do not search for game or something similar. I think, our life is too short for games.
Life is given only once and I want to have kind, good and happy life.
Today I will give to you a little the personal information on me.
I was born on August 3, 1984 in the city of Tula. I have grown and on the former I live here.
It near to Moscow of 180 kilometres. I am assured, you know Moscow is a capital of Russia.
I do not smoke. I think, the woman should not smoke, because the woman should give birth to children.
Certainly, sometimes I drink wine or ****. But it is not frequent, I do not abuse alcohol.
I like to listen to music and to look films. Very much it is pleasant to me jazz, pop sometimes I listen simply to radio.
Peter what music is pleasant to you? Films I give preference a comedy, a drama, an adventure.
I am literally one of these days watched a film 2+1. I very much liked this film.
I advise you it to look if you did not look it. I hope, my letters help you to learn me.
I also will send you my pictures, I think, pictures it is very important.
I will wait for your early reply Iana
Letter 4

Peter, you very interestingly write, to read you it is a pleasure.
Peter how are you doing? what are you doing for living?
I have not told in detail about the work. I work as one of the accountants in a construction firm.
I like my job very much. I like to count. I calculate the prices for apartments for our clients.
I help count the salary for our workers. I'm doing some reports. To be honest, it's very interesting.
But sometimes I get tired. There is a lot of work. I have a very good and friendly team.
I have friends at work. We help each other at work.To me has madly carried with collective, here and will joke and will support, as they say "a wide Russian soul". Certainly at us in Russia salaries not such high, but suffice me.
Month my salary of 24000 thousand roubles, in Russia is enough to pay accounts, is put on and to buy meal for a month without problems.
Peter, I not when was not married, mine previous relations have ended 2.5 years and during this time I one. You love children?
Here I dream about three children. Very much I wish to wake up in the mornings and to look as these angels sleep.
You know, very much it is pleasant to me, that there is such person as you with which i can will share the thoughts concerning some events in my life.
You are valid very sincerely me support also to me it pleasantly.
You speak to me about Skype. Now I understand that this program similar telephone about To service. It so? Certainly I very much would like to hear your voice.
Only the problem consists that I use the computer and the Internet on work.
If you have to me questions, you can write them to columns under letters, a, b, c.
On it will be convenient to me to answer them many.
We with you an age difference is not a problem. You understand me, and I you. And it forces us to breathe one rhythm. It is fine.
Peter, I want to show you my life and to tell who I such. I can sometimes be very curious and consequently be not surprised!
Please send to me more than the photos, it is very interesting to me to learn about yours lives it helps me to learn you better.
As in the letter I will send the photo from work.
I want to tell that that I do not have profile facebook, I have removed a profile on facebook as me asked men only ***** photos.
I will wait for yours the letter please send me the new photos. Iana
Letter 5
Hi Peter! Is glad to receive from you the letter. I wish to tell, that with me happens.
Peter that you did yesterday??? Yesterday to me sister Natalya c daughter Iuliia has come.
The child such whimsical, its only 3 years, it imperceptibly took my phone and has drowned it in a toilet.
I very malicious on it was, I certainly understand, that it still the kid, that much does not understand.
As I cannot that is angry with the child that it has drowned mine phone. But I very much was upset, after all I have bought this phone at all for a long time, is insulting. Later the niece approaches and speaks? Forgive aunt Iana?
It was so touchingly, I have looked at his eyes and at once have forgiven. Sister Natalya my best and unique sister.
We with it since the childhood became very close and we understand each other without words.
I to it have told recently about Peter. She was delighted, for me. You told about me to friends?
It is good, what I could find you Peter To me very interestingly to learn you, you have the best friends?
You can write to me about them, your environment very interests. Wished to ask for you skype, but from work from where I write the old computer and there are no what programs. I wait I will not wait when I will have own computer, I think already soon I can buy the computer to have dialogue on skype and more often to see yours the letter.
Peter, what you will do today at evening? Today after work I gather grocery, I wish to buy products for a supper.
I think that today I will prepare a hen in French with a potato in an oven. All my friends and relatives adore this dish.
And you love a hen or prefer that not be another? You like fish or meat? In general very much I love a hen, it is tasty and it is useful.
But I do not allow myself a lot of *** is, after all it is necessary to watch a figure.
In the winter I visit fitness of halls as in the winter not probably to run out on jog in the morning as in Russia weather reaches to -30.
Peter a kind of sports it is pleasant to you what? I want as to answer it a question to me skiing, as tennis and volleyball is pleasant. Often there is I watch on TV it is a sport. Today in my city of Tula 0 degrees.
How is the weather in your city? Now probably I will go to a workshop, I will try to give phone on repair, suddenly it will be possible to repair. And that without a mobile communication is very heavy today.
Peter when I will repair phone we we can speak. My a phone number + 7 920 744 98 57, well you cannot call to me as phone I give today on repair. Though all these mobile phones, the Internet, they take away from us the most valuable - real dialogue and real meetings. But can unite people being far apart, you agree with me?
I wait for yours the letter yours Iana
Letter 6
Hello dear Peter. Thanks that has answered.
To me it is very pleasant, that you do not forget about me. And I think recently of you much.
I re-read our old letter, it is interesting to me to learn about you and your life has more.
So I am afraid to lose such friend as you.
After all you understand me and my feelings. For me the first turn it is honesty.
After all without honesty and mutual trust of the relation to construct it is impossible.
You with me agree? At the time when I was studying at the university,
I also worked as an assistant accountant. I was a cashier. The senior accountant was happy for me.
And already I graduated from university, and still work in the same company.
Today I want to tell about the parents and my sisters.
Well, my family - mum call Vera, it worked at university almost 35 years to teachers, The name of my father Ivan it the military man and works till now to it it is pleasant its work.
The name of mine the senior sister Natalya it married and at it is the child the girl who has drowned not for a long time mine phone in a toilet, you remember I told to you about it.
The name younger sisters Anna, it married at them while is not present children.
In a family I remain one which have not married.
As I spoke not when was not married, I have not met the man in Russia with whom to me it was good.
I very much wish to hear your voice as soon as I will repair phone, I would like to talk to you.
All the same to communicate on the Internet it is possible for years, But will replace nothing real dialogue. I well talk in English and with it at me problems are not present, We will easily find common language. I very often represent what a voice at you, gentle or firm)
All time I represent as you in the mornings you awake me with gentle phone call and you speak to me "good morning", I probably began think of you very often. I with impatience wait each your letter and several times I re-read the old.
Which I send a photo to me my sister helps to do. My sister used to work in one photo studio.
Therefore, her pictures are very good. You very interestingly write and tell.
To me has carried, that from hundreds thousand, I have found you.
After all you not the usual. it is time to me to go to work.
I very much wait for your letter. With love. Iana
Letter 7
Thanks that has answered me Peter.
I very much was delighted when have found out, that you have answered me. I very much would like to read about you more, write please the big letters. Today I at last that have received the answer about phone, to me have told, that repair is not possible, but I can sell it on a detail. I and have made. Has sold a mobile phone for the small sum later to buy the new.
The master very long asked, that the such happens with phone, but it was a shame to me to tell, that it has dropped it in a toilet;)
Today excellent day and very warm weather. I hope at you too warmly and the sun.
Today have happened in the street the girlfriend of mine the childhood Aleksandra its man Nikolay, wonderful pair.
After a meeting, on a shower was it is melancholy. After all I do not have man, and I as any woman want romanticism, warmth, embrace and mutual understanding. I am am heated by your letters, but sometimes I so want, that you have appeared nearby and we have simply taken a walk with you. I would show you a city, we have gone to? victory Park?
On my favourite place. It is assured, very much it would be pleasant to you.
After all a city at us beautiful, pure. And air in parks absolutely another.
Peter, I try to answer your questions if I have passed yours a question it is not necessary to think that I do not wish answer I could not to understand a question. I Hope that you do not become angry about me. Peter Yesterday I have told to you to mum.
It is very glad, that I could find understanding friend from such wonderful country.
She certainly approves our correspondences and asks you, not to offend me)
But I to it have told, what you kind, lovely and charming. It is very glad for me. My mum transferred to you "Hello"
To me it would be pleasant, to learn your opinion concerning our relations. My chief, has invited me today to tea in the office.
It was very happy with my work and how I consult with the duties.
The matter is that in the winter I did not take holiday and she has suggested to take it during the spring period.
And as will make to me a bonus and will prolong my holiday for 5 weeks. I was delighted simply with this news.
After all now I can take at any time holiday and light all free time to books or studying of new dishes.
Peter and when at you holiday and whether you plan to have a rest in the spring? Whether there is in your vacation?
I have decided to work a little more, yet I will not think up where to spend the holiday, can at last I will dare to go abroad, after all I already as had not a rest in other countries except Russia.
And I very much would like to visit to your country and to look at their culture.
Probably I would find interesting dishes and unique. I could make a supper or a Russian cuisine dinner.
I think that was pleasant to you. I have a passport which allows me to travel all over the world.
Peter when last time you had a rest? Peter you can tell to me about it on more detailed?
I here had a rest in Crimea, there a beautiful decline and pure water. I was there with sister, in 2015.
And for health well also you will have a rest perfectly, during rest of 2 weeks, I have dumped almost 4 kg.
I live separately from mum in apartment. Well she lives in the next house.
Peter I very much wait for your gentle letters, I very much value our relations.
I wait for your letter and answers to my questions. Kiss Iana
Letter 8
Good afternoon))) At last weekend have come. This working week was difficult.
Today I don't work. Therefore I write you from library.
Now I left in shop to shop products.
Still I want to buy meat for dinner. Perhaps my parents will come to me on a visit today.
Today excellent weather. And I have a good mood.
What has busy today you? And what plans at you for the weekend?
By the way, this morning I have visited the gym. I have perfectly run about.
I try to watch over the health and a figure.
Therefore I try to visit the gym, fitness or the pool.
And it is easier in the summer, it is possible to run on the street and to float in the lake.
Still I wanted to tell that I have driving license.
I am able to drive, but I have no car. I go to work on public transport.
And in the summer sometimes on foot. Do you have the car? I will wait for your letter.
Also I wish to carry out weekend well. Iana
Letter 9
Hello!! Hello Peter!! In the morning I have woken up, looked in a window, and it was remarkable.
The morning sun shone buildings and streets. All, appear, was unusual, fantastic. I thought - it so beautifully!
The good beginning of day in Tula. The weather is very warm. This is a good mood. How is the weather in your city???
I think of you and I dream to speak by at last with you to phone or on skype, and better certainly to meet personally.
I cannot transfer on how many strongly I wish to see you, to embrace you and not to release any more. You very lovely.
Something occurs to me. All I represent your image and very much I wish to hear your voice at last.
Peter, send number, a city code when the countries as soon as I will have a possibility, I necessarily you will call to you.
As I yet have not repaired phone. You remember a case with Iuliia. From work where I write, where I write there is no possibility to speak on skype or msn Messenger. Peter, To me probably has madly carried, that from hundreds thousand on the Internet, Peter, I have written to you and was not mistaken in you.
Thanks for your warm words in my address, for your compliments. All it very much is pleasant to me.
You feel too most? Today there has arrived to me younger sister Anna, she is my unique sister.
We with it drank tea and I have started talking about you. It is very glad, that I could find the person who so strongly understands me. I very open and quiet girl.
There are some people who can anger me, but such people I try to avoid. I am very easy for offending or frightening=)
Darling Peter, today I want to ask you some questions. If you do not want to answer me, I will understand you. You write letters to other girls? You, the unique man to whom I write the letters.
Already I do not have profile on the Internet because I am not interested in dialogue with other men.
Tell to me please as you consider your future? What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want?
I am assured, between us more than simply friendship, I am afraid to admit it. But I seem I test to you not friendly feelings.
This feeling is mutual? I wish to become your girlfriend? You agree? If yes, I is the happiest ******* light.
After all such man as you, with such character - dream of any girl.
But I will try not to lose you, after all the second such to me not to find.
I very much appreciate our dialogue, please write to me more about what you see the ideal wife.
I think, that the most important thing in the wife, it to be true to the husband.
I consider that fidelity - pledge of long love.
I wait your new letter. Kisses. Iana
Letter 10
Hello dear Peter.
I am very glad, that you so have quickly answered. To me it is very pleasant.
Today talked to the director concerning forthcoming holiday. She has told, that I can not worry about it and is quiet have a rest, as it has found to me replacement on work. I to you have a serious question.
As you already know, at me not simple feelings to you and at last for 1.5 years at me holiday has stood out.
I do not wish to waste this time in vain, I wish to meet you in your city.
I very much want our first meeting, to look at you in a reality, to embrace you and to be near to you.
Peter Please I do not think of that that I hurry up I wish to have a meeting with you together to spend time and talk to you in live dialogue.
You agree with me? My feelings are mutual? Peter, you wish to meet me? I simply dream of it.
Tell please more in detail about your city and about architectural constructions.
It will be very interesting to me. Whether you can show me a city when I will arrive to you?
I want, that my guidebook was Peter. There is nothing better, than to go with the person for a hand was simply happy.
But that I have arrived, it is necessary to have the visa, with the insurance and as which I have the passport.
It will occupy which what time, but with money at me problems are not present.
I understand, that we communicate a little, but I very much wish to see you in a real life.
Our first meeting to allow to learn each other on much better, even day of spent time together to
replace what the letter.
The destiny has given us this chance, we have met each other during this period when at me holiday has stood out.
We are obliged to meet =) I Hope you is glad to it. I do not have acquaintances and friends in your city.
Whether Peter you can meet me and help to pick up to me hotel?
It would be simply remarkable, as at us in Russia, payment through credit cards is very badly developed.
And I cannot through internet pay hotel or call a taxi in the airport.
Peter, or I can stop at you at home and you will meet me at the airport?
My home address: Street Ershova 29, apartment 35, the city of Tula, index 300045.
Peter, Send to me too the information. Your full name and the house address.
I am assured, we will not have a barrier in dialogue because I confidently know English.
I think, our meeting is new level of our relations and is final, they play very important role in my life.
I hope and in your life too. Peter, You which friend I wish to see my first Internet in a reality.
It is very disturbing moment for me and I will try to look on all of 100 to justify your hopes.
I do not wish to be for you a burden, on it if you do not want me to meet, I will understand.
But I very much want and I dream, at last to see you and to look in your eyes.
Unfortunately, we cannot speak on the phone with you or exchange sms. It is sad for me.
But I will search for a way to call to you. As I will learn as it it to make. Please answer me, that you think concerning this offer.
I will be very glad, if our desires coincide also we can spend these unforgettable some weeks in together.
With love Iana
Letter 11
Hello darling Peter.
Thanks, for your letter, to me it is very glad, that you understand me and my feelings.
I have written the statement on holiday in couple of days at me holiday will begin.
Now to work it is necessary to come back only in 6 weeks, this fine feeling of freedom.
Peter, you to me seem very attentive and sensitive person, on it I very much would like to see at last you in a real life.
I can not wait this moment. I think, that our meeting will be especial.
After all not every day, people from different points of globe meet.
Especially if have got acquainted on the Internet. It seems to me it is destiny.
But before taking off for your country, I should issue the visa and buy tickets.
To me has carried, that for arrival to your country, I can hand in the statement on the visa through the Internet, by means of a website. It will facilitate and will accelerate process of reception of the necessary documents.
After a filing of application, I should go to Moscow, for visa reception.
When you find the close and favourite person, money is not the main value in a life. I hope you with me it agree?
I yet do not know all cost of this trip (the visa, tickets) but I am obligatory all to you I will write in the following letter.
I think, soon I will receive the answer from consulate and to a smog to prepare for a trip.
Peter, do not think, that I hurry up. During other time it will be difficult to me to take a vacation.
Certainly I will understand, if you cannot find for me all time. I do not wish to be a burden for you in your country.
If we can spend together evenings and weekend, it will be fine. Peter, We communicate here, in e-mail.
Our meeting will give the chance to us to learn very well each other. I sincere with you.
It is assured, that when we will meet, you will not know anything new about me.
But I with pleasure would live at you. As you the man you should solve this question.
I accept any variant, the main thing that you were near to me all this time.
I could remain with you all time of my holiday, but I should settle affairs in my city, on it I give you a choice) Peter, How many you want, that I remained with you 15 days or 30 days and 6 weeks?)
I with pleasure would remain with you for anao 6 weeks))) But I wish to hear your opinion.
Time with the favourite person pass very quickly. As has bought souvenirs to you from my city.
I think you very much will be glad to such gifts, after all souvenirs very beautiful.
I am very excited by a forthcoming trip, but I very much want it.I council will remain in your apartment.
This day I will remember well, I hope also you too. With love Iana
Letter 12
Now I have returned from an office the director to me have signed vacation.
Within 44 days I can have vacation. I have taken such vacation to spend more time with you.
Peter, it is pleasant to me to know that you like thoughts on ours with you to a meeting.
I cannot believe what be already fast we with you we can together. We can refuse letters, and talk endlessly in a reality.
Last night I have sent the statement on registration of the visa and as has paid the visa.
Peter, it is pleasant to me to know that you like thoughts on ours with you to a meeting.
My questions to you:
- I am glad, that our feelings are mutual. Please write me your airport code.
- When I will arrive to you, I will live with you? Or separately from you?
I would like to wake up from your kiss in embrace on one bed.
- Peter, what weather your city? It is necessary for me to know to collect a thing under weather.
- - I can sleep with you in one bed?
I hope that when I will arrive you will give to me some days to get used to you, I want to say that I have not had *** for a long time, I hope that you will be polite with me.
I want to wake up near to you from yours kiss also yours embrace.
I have a feeling of pleasure which has appeared since first day of our acquaintance.
From my life the feeling loneliness was gone, and it is pleasant to me to know that in the World there is a person who thinks of me.
We with you a meeting is a big step to ours with you relations. I listen to the heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy. Please, tell to me your thoughts.
I will wait your letter. I do not want to lose any day from my vacation.
Every day my feelings to you become stronger. I will wait your letter. I send you the hot and passionate kisses.
I write to you the information on me: Full name Iana Demidiuk,
home address: Street Ershova 29, apartment 35, the city of Tula, index 300045.
Peter, Nobody can prevent to meet to us.
Kisses Iana Demidiuk
Letter 13
Hello darling Peter.
My trip by the bus has occupied some hours from my city to Moscow. Now I in Moscow.
I with impatience wait, when I can come to demountable apartment, and have a rest.
I have reserved apartment on the Internet. It is inexpensive apartment.
I want to tell that I have had time to make today.
With Friday, March 31, 2017, will occupy 5 working days, and I can receive the visa, Saturday short day and Sunday of embassy does not work.
Today I already have visited embassy and the airport. I have had time to execute everything that is planned for today.
In embassy to me have told that I should get 2 air tickets. Tickets need to be bought in Russia.
Air tickets are necessary for visa registration.
The matter is that employees of embassy should be precisely assured of exact dates of my departure and returning back to Russia.
While I cannot precisely tell departure date as now purchase of tickets depend on you.
Today I have visited the airports of Moscow, and have considered the prices for air tickets.
Ticket price 410 dollars usd.
Peter, already I said to you that your help will be necessary for me.
Now I do not have money to get air tickets. I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance in embassy.
Also I have paid residing at a room. I now had some hundreds dollars, but this money is necessary for me to live in Moscow while to me will give the visa.
I have learnt as probably to transfer money for tickets.
There are 3 reliable banks and an economic way of transfer of money from you to me.
To me have told that you can transfer me of money for this system. You can use from three systems which to you more conveniently.
Money Gram and in your country. Will occupy 10 minutes I can receive money in Russia.
Everything that to you should be made by it to find this system MONEYGRAM, WESTERN UNION, NONTACT.
To arrive there. To fill the form. To enter there into all my data. My full name: IANA DEMIDIUK
Taganskaya area, 86/1
Russia, Moscow index 109004 After transfer money bank, the employee of bank will give you the receipt,
in the receipt there will be all information for reception of money. You can send me the receipt.
Already my visa is in process of registration. I am glad to that I managed to begin process of registration of the visa.
I hope that very soon we with you will together. Today as I have learnt as I can call, it is system telegraph well.
I have been surprised that minute of conversation costs there 14 dollars while it is very expensive to me as soon as you will help with money for tickets I will necessarily call to you well while it is necessary to save money.
I write to you from the cafe Internet. Please, do not leave me without your letters.
I am perfect one here, and your support is necessary every day for me. I love you!
I still had some photos to send to you today. All other my photos remained at home, I think when I will arrive to you we can do a joint photo.
I wait your letter Favourite Peter, I wait our meeting. We necessarily will together.
Day of our meeting will be in the happiest afternoon for us.
The most important thing that is necessary for me now, is your support and a support.
Between us there is a feeling of love. The feeling of love will help us to be together.
Already it seems to me that my heart is for a long time near to you. We needed to connect only ours to you hearts.
I love you! I very much would like to be now near to you. I want to feel your embraces and to have a rest.
I hope that today you can send money for tickets through MoneyGram or as it will be convenient you.
Ours with you happiness in the future, and ours with you a meeting invaluable.
Peter, I love you! I with impatience wait your letter. Have fine day!
With love, for ever yours Iana Demidiuk
Letter 14
Hi my darling Peter
I am happy to receive your letter. Reading your letter I understand that you trust me
also you will help me with money for tickets. I live, and I represented every day our meeting.
When I have arrived to Moscow, I also thought that I arrive to a meeting to our happiness...
Every day I fell asleep and thought of you. I woke up and again thought of you.
I think of our meeting much recently. I look forward day when we are able to meet.
I want to look in your face, I want to see your feelings to me.
It is heavy to express all in letters of feelings which between us. At our meeting, we will look in each other face, and we will be able to speak about our feelings. You are my one and only. Today in Moscow it is cool, weather very bad.
I very much lack you, I only also represent as we have supper by candlelight together.
I think mine dreams will come true soon. Now your help on air tickets is necessary for me.
We are very close to our meeting. And we will be together!!!!
Today I have written you the small letter I hope that you don't become angry about me.
Now I will go to embassy and I will think that you have already written to me.
I will look forward to your answer. Yours forever Iana
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