Scam letter(s) from Edina Serwaa to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I am cheerful girl that believes in miracles. I like sweets and walking under the stars. I appreciate family and home coziness. I Have a mild character and great strength of will, ready to conquer the highest peaks. So, I am waiting for new emotions.A man who will be near me, will never be bored or upset. In men I appreciate honesty, kindness, and sincerity. I appreciate honest feelings and emotions and this is extremely important for me to have happiness in family, we both can create it. email me
Letter 2
Thank you my dear for your massage OK and sorry for the late reply OK now here are little of me and some photos OK .I am Edina ,30years of age loving in Ghana ,never married no kids seriously looking for honest good man to meet and spend my life with him and make him happened all the time so please tell me little about you with some photos kiss u
Letter 3
Good morning my dear friend his is your day this morning hope all is good with you woow I love your photos OK and am very much interested in you OK anvi want us to have a serious relationship OK hope am not too young for you I don't care about your age OK I need honest man in my life my dear OK so please tell me more about you I will love to meet you OK tell me more OK kiss
Letter 4

Thank u so much my dear ,I am very happy to hear from you OK and what I will be so much happy if you will allow me to be your last girl friend in your life OK my dear am lonely not in to any relationship my dear so am single and am not growing and younger so if you are serious we can talk more n more then we plan meetings OK am serious OK I will send u photos in my next reply OK I really need you so much OK I can see you are good and honest man I can see from your photos and your words OK I really want to be next to you and spend me life with you OK kiss you and hope to hear from you
Letter 5
Good night sweetheart,hope all is good with u honey noe I can say that ,am save with you and hope can really count and also rely on you my dear .sweetheart I really want us to meet very soon bevause time is too short and no body knows tomorrow OK so I want us to let us arrange meetings very soon so that we can live and stay together and spend our life together and I can't wait for that moment I really love u so much please help me to come and stay with you OK I don't want to stay alone again andbi realise that lonelinesse can kill so please let us arrange very soon our meetings OK tell me that you love so much and you want me by your Side honey so that I will go and see my travelling agent and ask about my documents needed to travel to you OK my dear am serious and don't let us waste time I love u and good on night .
Yours new wife
Letter 6
I want you to know that since the day we met I've fallen deeply in love with you. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart that you came into my life, and how you make every day so special. You are my life, my heart, my soul.
You are my best friend, my one true love, my one and only. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today.
Loving you is the only thing that makes life worth living. Day by day, my love for you becomes overwhelming, and I can't handle it when I don't see or even talk to you every day.
A day without you in my life is like a day without sunshine, a day without food, or a day without air. I need you when I'm cold to keep me warm; I need you in the rain to keep me dry; I need you in my life to keep me happy. You make me feel wonderful. You give me strength when I just can't carry on and I truly treasure that. Every moment spent together is another one of my dreams coming true.
Letter 7
Fuck me hard and fuck me now i want your cock rammed in my pussy. I want to feel your jucies in me. I want you to take me to places we've never been before. I want you to start out by caressing my breasts playing with my nipples then move down to finger my pussy. I want you to eat me i want to feel your tounge inside me i want you make me cum. I want your cock in me slowly push the tip in and thrust start slow then go faster and harder and deeper. I want you to cum with me i want you to come in me i want you to FUCK ME HARD.I want you inside me. I long to have you hold me caress me make me moan. I long for your touch. Your touch alone makes me wild with pleasure. You begin by kissing me our tongues meet i moan. Your hands caress my swollen nipples. Your tongue finds a nipple and i moan in pleasure while your finger finds my vagina you insert your finger i moan in pleasure. You slowly make your way down to my cunt and you start your assault with your tongue i scream in ecstasy. I say i want you in me now. You move up and your dick enters my pussy. You start slowly thrusting i scream faster faster. You start moving faster and faster until i'm cumming and cumming. You go in and out in and out faster faster i cum and i cum. You look at me and smile that smile that tells me your ready i feel your hot cum enter my pussy i moan in pleasure. You collapse on top of me and i whisper in your ear i want more i can already feel you getting hard again. We continue this all night long.
Letter 8
I want to live with you OK please trust me and believed me I will make you happy always and you will never be bore when we are together OK darling I love you so much ,here is my cell phone number you can call me or send me SMS baby but try and give me your cell phone number too OK my love kiss +233508691850
am waiting for your call soon as you read this ok
Letter 9
Yes my dear that is all you will need to send me by money gram and after send me money gram receipt or the code to collect the money here at money gram office OK Darling I love you so much OK and am counting on you john
Letter 10
Thank you my love for your quick reply OK this is my details to send the money by money gram OK EDINA SERWAA
Letter 11
You straddle my shoulders, aligning your balls to my mouth. I'm dizzy with your smell and automatically start painting your balls with my tongue making them dripping wet. I look up to see you've got a firm grip on your cock and you're stroking, pulling your balls up, and grinding down as I suck one and then the other, then both. My mouth is full and I swirl my tongue and gently suck, my eyes locking with yours.
You push up to release your balls from my mouth and I whimper and fight to keep them, but you win and they release with a pop. You run your now wet sack all over my mouth, cheeks and nose, then move down a little so you're straddling my chest and roughly grab and pinch my hard nipples, positioning my tits and nuzzling your hard black cock between them.
Looking down into my blue eyes, you make a carnal sound before you prepare my chest by spitting on it so you can easily slide your cock between my tits.
My pussy is so hot and wet. Reaching down I rub my clit, just like the way you taught me to, the way that makes my pussy soaking wet, you love to watch and listen to how wet I get. I am perfectly sensitive and needy.
I tuck my neck down and open my mouth waiting, I need to taste you. You stroke up and thrust between my tits right into my hot, wet, waiting mouth. I align the rhythm of my moans so that your cock slides through my tits and hits the back of my throat. You moan against my humming vibrations.
I can't stand how hot you look, the noises were making, the pressure on my tits. You're fucking my throat, and it's amazing. You're moaning and thrusting and telling me "You're gonna get all this cum, where do you want it Nia? Fucking, tell me where you want it?" you demand.
I can't think. I can't talk. I am so turned on. I'm concentrating on too many things at once. I look into your eyes with need and I know instantly that you're going to cum.
I clamp down on your cock as it hits my throat again deep. You're fucking my mouth fast and hard as your cum gushes into my waiting mouth. I swallow fast and cum hard as my fingers speed across my clit in a frenzy.
You withdraw stroking my hair, that sexy smirk I'll never tire of, decorates your face. You leant in kissing me, you know how crazy it makes me when you taste yourself in a kiss. I moan against your mouth. Our bodies glisten with a sheen of perspiration.
You leave my mouth to suck my nipples hard, biting and nipping them, kissing my neck. I feel cherished and used and needy again.
"You need to cum again? Maybe I'll make you my precious little slut?" you tease.
You know my body so well and slide a finger inside me, feeling how much my pussy needs your cock buried deep, how it clenches against your finger, pretending it's your cock and attempting to milk you dry with my tightness.
You tell me to hold my pussy lips open so you can watch my hard little clit dance while you try to add another finger into my tight sensitive puss.
I moan and squirm around your long fingers begging for more, but you torture me staying perfectly still, except for scissoring your two fingers trying to make room for one more.
Your fingers are burning hot inside me and dripping wet, you slowly withdraw all three fingers and then with a corkscrew motion you quickly shove them deep inside. When you're buried as far as you can go you wiggle your middle finger against my G-spot for a count of three and then slowly slide out of me.
I am loosing my mind, you're keeping me on the cusp of a huge orgasm and its fucking torture.
"You're not allowed to cum yet Nia" you tell me "I won't let you cum until it's my dick buried even further inside of you. I want to feel you cum all over my big cock" all the while pushing me closer and closer by slapping my poor sensitive clit with your cock.
I'm begging you so pretty, to "please…please let me cum on your cock. "Please shove it deep inside me so I can cum all over you" I beg. I need you so bad tears are streaming down my face from trying so hard to hold back.
You love watching me suffer in pleasure, begging for release. You wish you could keep it up, but you can't wait to bury yourself inside me.
You suddenly slide your fingers out and slide your cock in as fast and hard as you can, pushing as deep as you can go, making me scream.
You can't believe how fucking tight and hot my pussy feels, your toes curl as it takes everything inside you to glide your big fat cock out of me slowly, until just the head, is nuzzled inside. You feel my pussy gripping you trying desperately not to let you leave me.
"that's right baby, you wanna cum all over the tip of this big cock?" you ask me "you going to thank me for this cock with your cum?" you taunt.
When you reach up and pull and pinch on my hard nipples my hand automatically goes to my clit and I rub so hard. When you feel the beginning of my orgasm you slide in and fuck me hard and fast against the convulsions of my orgasm and my pussy squirts all over you. My cheeks burn with heady addictive release and borderline shame, that only comes from letting you own my pleasure so completely.
You repeat this three times?-?loving how I can't stop cumming how each orgasm builds, ebbs, brakes and builds again.
But you demand more. You pull out suddenly until it's just the tip again.
"you want more of this dick baby" you groan "then you know what I need from you. Tell me what I want to hear." You demand.
I don't miss a beat because I need you so badly.
"Fuck my ass I whimper, please fuck my ass hard". You don't hesitate and slide your dripping wet cock right into my ass. I'd let you do anything to my body in this state, I'm overwhelmed by how dirty, hot and sexy you always make me feel.
It's so tight you don't make it more than 4 strokes until you're filling my ass with your hot cum. It feels amazing, a soothing balm that pushes me over then instantly calms me as I gently float back down to earth.
You collapse on top of me, still buried deep enjoying the aftershocks of my weak, limp body.
You know exactly how to fuck me mindless.
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