Scam letter(s) from Natalia Pylaeva to Daniel (USA)

Letter 1
My dearest love Daniel. Sweetheart, first of all I ask you, that you do not go to the airport today evening. Sweetheart, I am still in Moscow and I don't know where to start to explain all to you. Daniel, I do not know, how to you to tell it, because I am very afraid of your anger.
I very much hope that you receive my letter before you go to airport. My love, I will tell to you everything what happened, I am very stressed and so tired now, perhaps it will be difficult to find words. Sweetheart, I went to my flight this morning. I have passed passport control and after that I passed the Customs control, where everything was good. I showed them that I have needed amount and they passed me.
I thought that after Customs, I can go directly to my plane. But I had to go through baggage checking also. My lovely, when they looked through my things, the officer asked me to stop and wait few minutes. Then two officers of police came to me and asked to follow them in a special room for deeper checking of my baggage. Daniel, I did not understand why they asked me to make it but they were police officers and I had to follow them.
As soon as we have came into a special room, one of the officers searched my bag and found church icon " Mother of God " and asked to explain how become that icon in my bag. My love, my grandma gave this icon to me when I visited her last time. This icon is our family value and consequently she has decided to give it to me and you, so this icon was our family value, your and mine, it would secure our love, our family!
I have explained to officers all this but after that they placed me in the special chamber and they said that this icon is antiques, historical value and it is not a subject to export from territory of Russia. Sweetheart, at first I did not understand what happened and I asked them to let me go to my flight! But they said it is a very serious crime and they can not let me go. I once again explained them all situation, but they said to me that I should wait for the inspector who work with such crimes. Daniel, I also asked them to me an opportunity to write one letter to you or make one call, so you know about situation. Because I did not realize how long I will be staying there! But they did not listen to me. I cried also very much because I was so disappointed! My love, in couple hours they met inspector and during several hours I was in special ward. I explained this situation many times, and each time I asked, they have give me an opportunity to write to you one letter. But the inspector has said it is impossible during the interrogation. I was accused in illegal export of antiques, but many times I explained to them all situation. I said them that they can leave this icon, but if only they allow me to arrive to you by next flight! I asked him, what I can make. He said, that in according with law, I should pay the penalty and they will not get me arrested. They will make investigation and then court will resolve this situation. And I should pay penalty to be able to travel abroad, this penalty will be a kind of pledge. It means that when court will not find any crime in my actions then this pledge will be returned to me.
Daniel, amount of penalty was 1680 dollars. Daniel, I has paid it from amount that you sent me. And also everything that I had with me, for expenses and food.
I paid all what I had, now I have money only to pay internet-cafe few times. I had to pay this penalty, because I had no other exit! If I have not paid this penalty, then they would not let me to travel outside of Russia and I could not arrive to you. My love, please, excuse me and understand, that I had no other exit!!
I very much cried, before I begun to write this letter to you, because I do not know how to tell you about it. One hour ago, I was released from the ward and I with tears on eyes at once I went to internet-cafe to write to you. Daniel, I am so upset! I had huge stress, that I never had in my life! I do not worry for myself, I worry for you, my dear. My love, I still can exchange my ticket for Friday morning, because it was not my fault that I missed this flight and police will confirm it.
It means that I can get next flight for free. But you understand, that is necessary to me again to have 1560 dollars again to pass the Customs. Lovely, I have no money now at all! My dear love, please, only understand me and do not leave me in this situation! I very much ask you about it! I very much want to be together with you.
I did not expect this, I am in lost right now... It is my fault, I have tears in my eyes right now, because I very much worry and nervous. My love please understand me.
Lovely, please, send to me this amount as soon as possible, I will change my ticket for Friday and I will arrive to you! Daniel, it will not be any obstacles, on my way to you, believe me. My baggage is checked many times, I do not bring any forbidden with me anymore. I will forgot this horror in your strong arms only.
I very much want to be with you, Daniel. I need you so strongly! I feel very tired, broken right now. I need to sleep.
With Love,
only your baby Nataliya.
Letter 2
Hello, my dearest Daniel. I am so happy to read your letter today! Only your words can bring smile to my face and make me feel so perfect! You know yesterday evening I spoke with my parents and they are very happy that I met a man whom I respect and have serious intentions. They know that I am preparing documents to travel to you, Daniel. I said them about this as soon as you and me agreed on this. You know, my mom said that she never saw me so happy before. She said "seriously happy", which means a lot more than just sympathy or feeling in love, Daniel! It means intentions and hopes for future, it means my desire to be your life, Sweetheart! My mom says that she will be very glad to get acquainted with you! My dad told me that man should always be a head of the family.
My love, earlier I had not realized it and thought that woman should be a leader as well but when I met you, I realized that with you I want to be gentle and loving cat, to whisper tender "mrrr" to your ear and you know, Daniel, since I have met you and for the first time I realized that woman's happiness is in this case - when she is near with her man, when she makes him happy! For the first time in my life I can feel it and I can not hide it from you, my dear Daniel. I want you to know about it and remember it always! I really miss you here and I very much want to be together with you! And I know it will be very soon! I really want to hug you and cuddle up to you my body. I want to be frank with you, my lovely Daniel, I often imagine our meeting, the day when we see each other for the first time. Evening, which we will spend together and the night when we will stay together... I'll try to do such that it remains a memorable experience for you and I hope very much that you want to do it also, Sweetheart! Yesterday evening I was taking a bath, I was thinking about you and imagined that we take a bath together with lots of soap suds and I make a relaxing massage to you... My Daniel, last time I very often think about it and I just can not avoid it! Because you are strong man and I feel myself your woman! I do not know what you tell me in the answer to this letter. But you are the One with whom I'm not ashamed to share such thoughts. Because these thoughts are about you! Because you are man with whom I want to spend my life. I imagined a very detailed about this yesterday but my modesty prevents me from writing about it. I'll wait for the day when we are together and I will share with you all my dreams. I know that you will treat me with full of respect attitude and this is why I am writing it to you now, my Daniel. I just want you to know that you are man with whom my dreams comes true, who give me such huge respect, care and love. Believe me, Daniel, I feel very happy now!
These are not empty words, my soul there! My Sweetheart, yes we discussed with travel agent about date of my arriving and she already made pre-booking of my flight on April, 5 and returning date on April, 25. But you understand that all exact details she can give me only after I complete the payment! Daniel, today during my lunch break I went on meeting with her and she said that I can give you her work e-mail address and you can write with questions to her personally. It is Name of travel bureau is Natalie Tours. Yes, I already addressed to them in the past summer when I prepared documents for travelling to Turkey. Daniel, they have made all work very accurate and I did not have any troubles! I do not know how many years they do this work but I remember their office in our town for very long time already. Sweetheart, I just want to say that she always keep me informed about all details. And we have official agreement and it is written there what work they do and what I pay for. Daniel, you also asked for my complete name. My name is Nataliya Pylaeva. My love, I want to thank you for explaining about picture, thanks for your patience. Yes, I remember your picture with my name in your first letters and I will take the same. Today evening I will meet my friend who usually take pictures of me and I will ask her to make it. I hope that your mood is wonderful when you read my letter and also I very much hope that you do not think nasty about me after reading of this. I wait for day when we meet, when we feel each other. It will be so important for me to feel your shoulder next to mine.
To know that I make you happy. I'll be very missing till I hear from you tomorrow and I'll be thinking only about you.
With Love,
your gentle cat Nataliya
Letter 3
I'm Yuliya personal travel consultant Natalie Tours company.
I've been told about your contact by my client Nataliya.
She asked me about possibility to complete her payment by yourself.
I must inform it won't be possible.
The reason is Gov. app. number 221a by 20 June 2015 which doesn't allow any public company or organization in Russia to accept bank or any other kind of payment from foreign individuals.
Moreover in according of agreement A-77201RU concluded with Nataliya we will accept full cost only from her as client of our company.
She already payed 1.130 US Dollars of total cost 1.550 US Dollars on March 5.
Now she need to complete the payment with amount of 420 US Dollars.
For any question please contact this e-mail address.
Natalie Tours.
Letter 4

My Daniel, I never wanted "better" life. I want such life, where I will work together with you for our future and our family!
Sweetheart, I would not sit right here and in such time if I wanted something "better". I don't complain because I know that you also very tired. And I know that you love me! I brought so many problems to you during last couple days, Daniel. That it is me who should think that you search for "better" woman for yourself! I very much want to be such woman for you, Sweetheart! And I know that I will be, just let me be near with you! And you will never say such words anymore. Daniel, I want to say to you again that when this investigation about icon will be finished, they will return this amount to me. Because the fact that I didn't make any crime with antiques will be confirmed.
This is question of time. I understand this situation put you in a very difficult statement there right now.
But please my love, don't push me away from you! Let me to be with you and we will support each other! Let me to meet your friends and your aunt and explain everything to them! I really need to do that, because if I will return home now, it will mean that I leave you alone! I don't want to leave you, Daniel. I will not force you to do that, my love. But if you have such possibility now, we can be together! Because this is what we really need now! Not sleep, not food, or rest. The most strongest I need now is to be with you! If you want, I really leave my baggage here in Moscow. I will take with me only my documents!
Letter 5
My Daniel, please do not say such words anymore! If you love me, Sweetheart, please never say such words. I already heard this mood in your letter this afternoon and I understand that you feel very tired and very sad! That is why I tell you that I think about you and I worry for you, my Daniel! When you tell me such words, that I deserve someone better... it just hurts me a lot, my love! Daniel, I will tell you about it now and I hope you will remember. I love you not for the money or that you can give me "something" or can give me more! I love you because for the first time in my life made me feeling a woman.
Forgive me if it sounds little strange now, but this is true! Because for the first time I feel confidence in future, I feel care and attention of man, I feel your love, Daniel! I am not looking for anything more. Because I know that together with you I will make all my dreams true! I mean dreams as my intentions, my hopes! I hope you will not consider me too forward, but I already feel myself a wife, a part of family! Our family, Daniel! Why do you think that I should stop writing to you, my love? I am here and I am all yours! Only yours, my Daniel Testerman! On the past week my friend said to me that Nataliya sounds very good! And I smiled and agreed with her! I think that true love and happiness comes only once in our life, Sweetheart! And I feel that now this is happening in my life! And I will regret all my life in future! I don't want to have any regrets! I don't force you to do anything, Daniel. I love you with all my heart! I will go tomorrow to **** shop and will sell my gold rings and gold ear rings. I will have time to do it until my flight. It will give me at least some amount, even if it will be couple of hundred dollars, I will go to my flight with this, Sweetheart! I just want to be with you and for always to remove such thoughts from your mind! I will leave my bag in safe rooms when I will go on my flight tomorrow.
I love you, Daniel! I don't need "better" or "best". I need you! Exactly you, only you, just you! May be I can try and find work here in the school or hospital, to clean rooms. For night and days. May be it will take several weeks but I will collect this money and I will be with you, Sweetheart! Because you are my life! I don't desire anything else! Because I want to begin this life together with you and to achieve everything together with you! Hand to hand and heart to heart!
Letter 6
My Daniel, You know this is my first travel to your country. And when I learned all information before I understood that from Russia to travel to USA is the most strict rules and laws. But I have all documents in order, my love! All my documents are well and it was checked by officer in Visa center and then by people of all controls in airport when I came to my flight at Wednesday! Daniel, believe me, that I really stayed for longer time after my visa interview. And I asked officer how I can travel to you without having this huge amount. And he explained to me in these words! He said that first visiting to USA is very important because from this depends all my future visits. He said if I travel as guest, I should address to my friend or relative who is citizen of USA and make invitation, share all information and details, making copies of documents and a lot other information. He said that having just invitation is not enough, they need to check everything carefully! And also he said if I travel as tourist visitor then I should prove to them that I have ability to ensure my staying. He said that when such rules were not adopted yet, some people traveled there and then stayed illegal! Because they couldn't ensure their staying, provide food and most of times they were accused in many crimes and government had to spend a lot of money to return them back. Daniel, I said to him that I know you and that you will take all care about me. That you will give me food and your home. He said it is good, in this case I should wait when my tourist visa expire (30 days) and I get applied for new guest visa. My love, I tell you such as he explained to me! Believe me, I asked all possible questions because I also was very confused at Monday!
Letter 7
My dearest love Daniel, I received your letters and I also very strongly miss our conversations. Sweetheart, I apologize that I couldn't stay at the internet-cafe longer during afternoon. But I had to hurry because I didn't want to be late to receive new flight and ticket for tomorrow. My Daniel, my life is not good here now because I am not with you! Because I still not feeling your warmth and not being in your strong arms! It will never be good if I will not experience touch of your fingers on my body! I don't know how to tell you about this, I am so looking forward that you see it and feel it by yourself! Sweetheart, when you look at the mirror you see there a man whom I so much want to see, to feel his touches and listen to his words! In the mirror you see a man who completely changed my world! Who show me what is love, trust and giving all himself to other person! You teach me new world, Sweetheart! How can you think that I want to think about finding "someone" here??? My love Daniel, please never think such way! You show me love, all this wonderful feeling that I always get from you! I am only your baby, Daniel and it always will be so! You are not only a good person but you are unique! You made me feeling myself your woman! I have never felt this way before, Daniel! And when you look in the mirror you see there a man whom I love with all my heart! My dear, now I am writing to you from internet-cafe in the airport. Here I also could use public phone. Daniel, I will be waiting for your letter when you return from work. I also will write to you. Here is my new flight details: departure: 11:45 a.m. at April 7th. Arriving to Charleston airport at 11:21 p.m. at April, 7th. Flight Atlanta - Charleston, 2504.
I will be checking my e-mail approximately once in a hour waiting for your letter. I love you with all my heart, Daniel!
With Love,
only your baby Nataliya.
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