Scam letter(s) from Natalia Belousova to Hans (USA)

Letter 1
hi, how are you?
i am ok, i am at work now, and what about you?
i am from Krasnodon, from Ukraine
dear Hans, i am inwar zone, so unfortunately you really can't come here..maybe we can choose the place of our firts meeting together?
Letter 2
good day Hans!
Everything is not easy. It is impossible to apply for a visa without tourist tour. I could make it by my own, but not thought travel company, and for this will need go to Kiev, to Embassy, have interview. And it will give me much less chances to get positive reply. Now, for Ukrainian people, it is too difficult with getting an opportunity to get any kind of visa. To feel protect, and not spend money and time, it would be protected make it through travel company, but this way, i need buy a tourist tour.
Letter 3
if you want we can meet there ,but i have no money to pay a taxi, it cost 220$
Letter 4

my phone is simple, no smartphone, so i can't use this programms
Letter 5
here it is,it is my international passport
Letter 6
hi,how are you?i am ok, i am at work, and you?
Every day I miss your letters so much and I miss you so much.
Your letters are so beautiful and emotional, and all your photos are so wonderful, I love it, but my heart is a little bit sad, because I do not feel your body, your hands..
It so happens that love just breaks your heart and it is very difficult to find the right words to express the range of feelings and emotions, to show how it is a strong and overwhelming ... You are the mother and the most beloved man in the world.
Letter 7
yes,ofcourse i will do such photo for you
as i have told you before i can come by taxi, but i have no mone to pay a taxi, it cost 220$
Without you, I feel very sad and sad when there is no you near, life seems uninteresting and gray, boring and hopeless. I want to quickly meet you and hug you tightly, breathe in the air of happiness and do not let you go anywhere.
I miss you very much. No thought comes to my mind, no matter goes forward, no joke lifts my spirits. When you are not around, the world seems empty and cold. I look forward to our meeting and I believe every second to hug you more quickly and not to torment your soul with sadness and sadness.
Letter 8
here is my data -
surname - Belousova
name - Nataliia
country - Ukraine
city - Krasnodon
street Artema 11/161
foe me western union or money gram is ok
Letter 9
i miss you so much,how are you today?how was your weekend?
when can you send me money for our meeting?
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