Scam letter(s) from Julia Mazur to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

I think that the internet seems a funny place to meet someone but i am sure that the real meeting is necessary to really know each other. I hope that our correspondance will lead to such an event... I very value arising of our relationship.
I'm 18 but I'm mature woman and I don't want to play games on net.
I think it is time to tell something about myself.I have much to tell you about myself but it's difficult to put this in one letter.So I'm cheerful, my life is interesting, full of fun and adventure but I miss some love, romance and tenderness from man. It is really difficult for me to write information about myself because I don't know exactly what you want to hear at first. But let's go another way. I will tell you those facts of my life that also I like:
- I am a christian
- I love rose
- I study the medicine
- I like cats and parrots
- I was born on the 13th of April
- My favourite color is blue
- My favourite music is Classic,but sometimes it depends on my feelings.
- I like to read books
- I do not smoke and drink socially
- I like dancing.
- Sometimes I like to go in for sports. I prefer tennis,
swimming and figure skating.
- I believe in the God and destiny.
- I believe in family and love, and I search for the person to the one whom I shall give all high temperature of my heart and with that whom I shall be always together...
I like to make house comfortable and keep it clean, I adore cooking and would like to spoil my future husband with my culinary masterpieces. I am very romantic person, I like romantic evenings with candles, giving massage to my beloved, being a little naughty and unpredictable. Unfortunately I was not lucky to find my beloved here in Ukraine, I don't think that the problem is in Ukrainian men I just feel that I will find my love somewhere very far from here and can start my family.
I think that the time has come for me to close down for now
I hope to hear from you soon
Letter 2

Dear BOb!
Thank you so much for your open and sincere letter. I really enjoy reading your letter and the way our distant friendship develops. You light up my days; fill my heart with joy and hope; give me strength to carry on every day, something to look forward to.
My Dear, I think that it's better at first to tell you about my family and my life with the people surrounding me. I have a very nice family.
My mum's name is Marina, and my father's Ivan. Still I have a brother and a sister. My daddy works at the ofice. My mum works at school.She is the teacher of a primary school, she teaches the little children how to live in this difficult and unknown for them world.I very much love mum and I think its girlfriend because we always are frank with her. She can give me advice, calm, support a difficult minute.Lately I've told to her about you and she was very glad for me. My mum has lighted to me all life and I am grateful to it for it. My brother, his name is Sergei, is the pupil of the eleventh form and my sister,her name is Nataly, still goes to school too.Our family is not rich but we have everything for good and happy life. We live in small flat in multistorey building. The city we live in is called Lubomol, where I spent all my chilhood. I was brought up in the loving family. Let me say several words about my hobbies, I am fond of tennis, gymnastics and swimmimg. You know that the water is an element of me. I can't be without water and it is sothething unusual for me. I feet like I'm a mermaid. I want to experience the beauty of marine sunsets and daybreaks, to explore the wonder of moon's reflection on the water and a lot of other things. I don't know more romantic and attractive place. and what is you attitude to water?.... I can cook very good,
and not only our traditional dishes, but much of foreign food. I like my home be light and clean.Because without that, there will be no any comfort.
Dear,tell me more about yourself.
Thank you for you sweet letter once more. I will wait for another warm words from you impatiently. Bye for now, my dear
Letter 3

Dear Bob!
You don't know how I am glad and versify full of activity because I find your letter brighting in my mail box, you are like a jewel in my life now that I hold it with all my sense and fight to keep it with me, thanks for your hopes to me.
I am romantic to a girl I love especially when we are compatible in character….I am submissive but I am dominant sometimes especially when I am maltreated..just a sort of balance and moderation in orientation like time,place ,person…I am passionate to my beloved partner like you(I enjoy holding hands,kissing and whatever my love likes).I am a ****** sometimes and a sensual person,but if you like to join with me maybe it was very exciting,especially in our dreams….
I liked your letter very much! It made my heart beating quicker and quicker. Your words written here in the letter made me fell the best I have ever have. I even can't express all I feel. Hope my letter will bring kind smile on your face( as your letter did it with me ) You know , I began feeling you. Yes, yes, don't laugh! It seems to me that now you are in good mood and even smiling. Where are you writing from?
From home? Or from your job? Where are you now? I wish I were by your side now. It would be so exciting! Let's decide what we would do if we were together? I think, first of all we should eat something.
Something extremely tasty. Like.. What would you prefer? No, not pizza, please! Something like.. ice-cream with strawberry I would say.
Do you know what's the best way of eating ice-cream? No? than I'll teach you. It's so exciting, believe me. But, I can't decsribe it through the computer. I'm not sure that this metal machine could work after that. It will be burnt. With shame, or with passion ( depending on the computer's morality). Of course I will teach you how to eat ice-cream! In a special way... It's especially exciting on the hot summer day, but the outside hotness isn't the necessary condition...
When everything inside is burning the thermometer is of no help... The greatest art is to lick the ice-cream before it begins melting. And the strawberry, the only strawberry will be the prize for the skilful winner. It's extremely delicious! I'll do everything for you to be mine!
You gave me a special inspiration, thank you for this! My sweet, maybe we should meet?
With my tender kiss to you
YOur Jil
Letter 4

HEllo Bob!
First of all I want to thank you for your such a beautiful and lovely letter. You even can't image how I was looking forward to receiving the letter full of passions and warmness from you. You know it is spring now but my soul is freezing without you. and I always begin to read your letters and it becomes warmer. but I think that It will be much warmer if we meet each other. I'd like you to hold me with all your passions and never give me up, because it's time to tell you that you behave become a great part of my life, you are a sense of living. My darling I can't wait our meeting any more. I like to travel very much and I never been aboard. It will be great if I can visit your country.Oh, my dear, if we can be there together I'll be the luckiest woman in the world. You know I want to meet you as soon as it possible. It's very hard to have such a large distance brtweem us. i want to be with you, to catch your strong hand, to love you. just to have lovely man near me. I am so impatient to have you in my arms.This will be the greatest happiness in my life. Day by day I desire to be with you and all of me is waiting for you.Tell me, for godness, when Will I be the happiest woman in the world? When will I be able to see you? This is like dream now, but we make it happen. I'd like to be with you forever, and never complain to be your woman. My darling,I promise You will be the luckiest and the most desirable man in the world. I hope you felt my heart beating for you. So, I wait for your replay. I want to make our own world and we call it paradise where you will be my angel. Thus,I want to be in the paradise soon.
I am sending you my deepest love and warmest kisses...
be good and be safe baby and know that you have a special place in my heart...
Your Jil
p.s. I live in Lubomol it is in west of Ukraine . My full name is Juliya Mazur
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