Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Korolewa to Daryl (USA)

Letter 1

Hello closer Daryl. I'm very glad to see your new letter. It makes very good mood for me. You can represent my ordinary day when I have some work. I very much get tired after that, but I am always happy I overlook about my problems and weariness when I again speak with you. Really I start to understand, that it is very interesting to me to speak with you and I am glad, that we could find acquaintance in this big world. I hope you divide my pleasure. I send you some photos my city in my last letter I'm hope that you like it. You see the church ? I would like to asked you trust in God? I'm trust in God. I think that God looking on the us and think how people can love each other and I think that God always help they. If they really love each other. Because the God it for me really big love for all things in all over the world. Can you divide it with me? I never had a lot of real happiness in my life. I have early found independence and I early had a appearing problems. Nevertheless I am proud, that I could put the purpose in my life and now I can bring kindness for people. It really is very pleasant, when I can see some people which quickly correct their health and thank me for it! Probably I could be proud, but I too modest for this purpose. It is very pleasant for me to tell to you about my life. It does me more open to you. And I start to be pleased similarly to the young girl who meets the new person in her life. I always does desire to find out about you more and more also! Speak me about your ideas. It is always very interesting to me. Write me soon Daryl. And wills God will be with you. Irina.
Letter 2

Hello dear Daryl. I met you in Internet and you really do brighten my life. I am so happy that you came into my life, and I can only pray God that he connected us. I didn't believe in destiny too much, but seems that I have to start believe! I want to tell you about my dayly life here, seems it will be usuall days. I wake up at about 6:00 am at morning, taking bath, and prepare to breakfast. Then I waking up my father and feeding her with something good food, but light. We always have breakfast together, and talking about nothing. After breakfast I go in my work, it's about 7:30am. I like to start work early, and lately finishing my work (about 5-6pm sometimes). At the dinner, I usually trying to prepare something very taste and special, which consist from three parts. Not sure how to describe that dishes, but believe me it have good taste. I think that you would like it too. As finishing my work day, I am going through all the things which should be done, and observe how much work done already. After that I go in the Internet cafe what to get a mail from you. Then I am sitting at home and writing report about current day. After I writing reply for you, though I writing and translating it during day, each free minute. At evening I have supper, and At late evening, I just sitting and dreaming with you. Oh, I am dreaming about time then we all will be together, I am dreaming how we could sitting at the beach and looking to the sunrise, or sunset, or sitting at the winter near fireplace. Thinking about each other and understand each other without words. We are just all parts of one big family, and we are together. We are talking how it's wonderful to be together forever. We trying to remember that there are was the time when we live not together, and these memories just in deep fog. It's seems for us that we always was together. You want to divide it with me? What are your usual day Daryl? I'll wait your answer soon with great impatience. Irina.
Letter 3

Good day my dear...!!! How are you doing? I need in your help, I need in 140 Dollars for travel to Moscow, also for international passport 150 Dollars, 100 dollars for the visa and 150 dollars to live in hotel The Moscow city. If you will help me, I shall buy the ticket to Moscow on After tomorrow by the plane and to arrive to Moscow. It - ours Destiny and happiness!!!! I feel, that I can spend other part of my life with You. I have gone to bank today and have learned, as you can make a remittance. In bank spoke me, that you can use system of Money Gram of a remittance or the Western Union to make a remittance. As soon as you will help me, I shall begin my trip to Moscow. To do a remittance, you should know my name, my surname and my address. My name - Irina, my surname - Kislicina, my address - Arkhangelsk city, Lomonosova prospekt 64-36. Also I need on your name, your surname, the address and Number the Control Transfers Money is - 10 figures (MTCN number) . I thank the god for you, and I hope, that the God will help us. Also our meeting depends not only on the god but also and from you because if you will not start to help me, we can't meet you never. The god has helped us to get acquainted, but now all depends on you and from me. I shall do limiting more probably to meet you, to cover you and to feel your breath. I want to be yours second half, your second heart, breath, oxygen without which the life will seem boring and without intellectual. My heart you speak me that with my love and happiness. You my destiny for ever. I with impatience shall wait for your letter to begin my trip. Please write to me the letter as soon as possible because I can't wait more. I want to kiss you.
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