Romance scam letter(s) from Sandra Taylor to John (USA)
Letter 1
Honey can buy a phone attached to it , so that i can give to the chief here, je has been so good to me But honey, will you get me the cell phone for the Chief . I want him know i'm appreciative ...So if you can get me one , or send me some money to get a good one here for him. he will really like it .. Okay , honey just get it for me, okay. But if you insist . it okay. How the African have been to me is so nice that is why Honey, i told you about the gold given to me by the People here, right , That is why i want to give a token to the King , and the gold packages i will have to ship them to you before i fly out to the the State Honey , now that you said you don't have money, how can I fly to the U.S now my ticket is not ready yet. The fee I have is not up to. And you said you don't have money , how come home when I'm ready to come ??
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