Scam letter(s) from Valeria Bogatyreva to Hans (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Hans!!!! This is Valeriya How are you today? I am glad that we met on this site and from this moment we can write letters to each other. This Internet dating is a new technology which helps both lonely hearts to meet.I think we should use this wonderful opportunity to see if we are compatible:) You may ask me,why I decided to search for a man on dating site????I have heard about some good stories from my friend who are happily married for now with men from another country.I decided why cant I try to find my true man,My prince:)I am matured enough and don't pay much attention to age difference or appearance.I appreciate inside features in a person.I don't pay attention to carrier success or social level.I want to know soul,heart,views about life and character. Probably I was not lucky to meet my true and everlasting love here in my city but I hope happiness will find me here:)we have the same reasons to be here I wasn't lucky enough to find my one true love here in my region and I decided to try on Internet. Maybe it's you... Who knows? :) As for me,I am not looking for perfect man.I just want my man to be my best friend,best lover and best husband,to share my secrets,dreams and fantasies:)I will tell you more about myself,hobbies,your lifestyle and my next mail,I am waiting for your answer, Valeriya
Letter 2
My dear Hans! I am happy to hear from you )))) You are welcome that I decided to share my mail with you.I did it because I am interested in knowing you,it is the most wonderful moment.It is great to hear from you ))))
It is good you decided to start a new life.I am sure you will meet a lady you will love,I am sure you will ))))) I would like to get to know you.It will be really nice and great to know you in person,I would like to know what features are the most important for you in people? I wish to ask your friends what kind of person you are))))) I will be very glad to know the truth if you are really this kind of person. I want to introduce myself as a kind,charming,loving and caring lady with a good sense of humor!I like to express myself to a new people. I have so much inside!!!I am active person who like to enjoy for each little thing is happening in my life...I was born on 25 December,1988.I am Capricorn!If you know something about zodiac sign...You should know I am sincere,passionate,charming, caring and loving person who is always like to express myself.I am interested in numerology,psychology, different kinds of sport such as: tennis,bowling,biking,surfing, camping...I like to try extreme kinds of sport!Parachuting is my dream....One day I want to try it...Not alone...with you may be!!!I dream to try it with my loving man. Also I like nature...It is better then go to pubs or clubs.I like to pick up mushrooms in the forest,picking fruits and just be on a fresh air!What can be wonderful...Walking in the park near lake holding hands together!I live in a small city Lutogino,it situated in Lugansk region. It is eastern part of Ukraine!My city is very beautiful and nice...It has one lake where we spend time in summer time!I like BBQ near the lake.Sun is shining...a lot of flowers everywhere! It is so lovely..... Also I want to tell you that I use Internet cafe communicating with you!Of course you will be very surprised why in 21 st century I don't have laptop,smart phone or tablet...Of course I had it before but since War started I had to sell all modern devices because I had big troubles with money...I had to find money for food.Life was really bad...Now it calm but in my soul i still have this image.of course I will always try to use write you if you will become my sincere friend because I respect and give all my free time to people I care. I think I will finish my letter to you, I am waiting for your reply impatiently, Your new friend, Valeriya
Letter 3
Hello,Hans !!!! Oh so sorry about your experience.You know how many people wrote to me who were dishonest,just play with me.But I don't have negative thoughts about them because I think it is not right to be such person.I truly believe you and me can communicate in a respectful way,i want that!I am not one of those people you mentioned,I don't have time for that.I truly believe we can communicate and know each other,it will be good to know you! i am waiting for your reply, Valeriya
Letter 4

My dear Hans ! I am happy to hear from you and got some nice pictures.I understand your feelings about scam but if you are still here I think you still hope to meet real and sincere person.I don't think it is right to talk about this negative thing,what is my business with it? It is sad that you faced with it.I am glad you like my pictures,I will send you some more pictures.You can come and stay for 12 days,you are welcome.Where do you want to come? I am waiting for your reply, Valeriya
Letter 5
Ok,Hans !!! We can change our meeting no problem,I think we could meet first week of May,that would be really nice but first of all I need to get permission entry to Ukraine,It costs 160 USD and order ticket for taxi which is 350 USD.I want to be ready so in time everything will be ready it is what I am looking for dear. So,what do you think about it? Valeriya
Letter 6
Oh Hans,I can send you some pictures of course,why not?I hope all will be good and great so soon ))))) I will send you my details too for our meeting.Cant wait to see you!!! Here are the details: • Name : Valeriya Bogatyreva • Address : 26a/35 Krupskoy STREET • City : Lutugino • Country : UKRAINE • Zip Code : 92000 I wish you a nice day. Kisses, Valeriya
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