Letter(s) from Svetlana Korolewa to Don (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my love Don. Excuse me that I could not write earlier. With me there was a misfortune I has got in accident. I have lain in hospital almost two weeks. To me performed operation. Now I feel very well and I can write to you. I am very glad to this. As now at us there comes spring it is time to love and hopes. I hope that you understand me. Just now I cannot write to you much and frequently because I have spent all savings for operation. I now shall start to work again and can in a month to me will pay then I can write to you more often. And now at me did not remain money even on products. I spoke the girlfriend that she has written to you, but when the girlfriend went to the Internet of cafe it has been closed. As soon as I have come to the senses I at once was asked that me have released that I could write, tell to you that I am alive and with me everything is all right, that I also strongly love you and very much on you I miss. So you do not suffice me. I very much our meeting in fact spring it was time to love. I do not know can for this time you have found another, but I ask you answer me the letter and tell how are you and so I want to hear you and to see, embrace and kiss you at all do not represent. Now I finish the letter, I hope that you understand me and write to me soon. I love you your Elena.

Letter 2

Hello closer Don. I'm very glad to see your new letter. It makes very good mood for me. You can represent my ordinary day when I have some work. I very much get tired after that, but I am always happy I overlook about my problems and weariness when I again speak with you. Really I start to understand, that it is very interesting to me to speak with you and I am glad, that we could find acquaintance in this big world. I hope you divide my pleasure. I send you some photos my city in my last letter I'm hope that you like it. You see the church ? I would like to asked you trust in God? I'm trust in God. I think that God looking on the us and think how people can love each other and I think that God always help they. If they really love each other. Because the God it for me really big love for all things in all over the world. Can you divide it with me? I never had a lot of real happiness in my life. I have early found independence and I early had a appearing problems. Nevertheless I am proud, that I could put the purpose in my life and now I can bring kindness for people. It really is very pleasant, when I can see some people which quickly correct their health and thank me for it! Probably I could be proud, but I too modest for this purpose. It is very pleasant for me to tell to you about my life. It does me more open to you. And I start to be pleased similarly to the young girl who meets the new person in her life. I always does desire to find out about you more and more also! Speak me about your ideas. It is always very interesting to me. Write me soon Don. And wills God will be with you.


Letter 3

Hello my love Don. I do not know as to begin the letter, I did not write to you some days because I had a misfortune very big in my life. It is very difficult for me to speak about it. I as have found in myself forces to write to you because to me so it is bad, but at the same time I love you and I should let you know. Well I have a little calmed down and I can tell to you that happened 2 days ago. I was on work, came back home late, I look in ours the party fire machines go. In the beginning I have not paid to it attention but when has approached closer and have seen that from my windows there is fire I has fainted. I in feeling was resulted only by doctors. Later to me have told that on fire I has burned down the daddy. To me have told that the daddy as always has come home very strongly drunk and has decided to smoke on a bed, that's all the daddy has died also an apartment has burned down. All I cannot farther while to write to me very difficultly all this to transfer to me so there are no you. In the street though also spring but it is all the same cold. I now at all do not know that to me to make where to go further. While I live on work to me there have allocated a room, but have told that it only for three days. I work now every day because it is necessary to bury the daddy. I was helped by friends but it so will not suffice even on funeral a little. And me it is necessary still where that to live and on what that to eat. Now such times have come for me that to me very hardly without a support. You unique who now at me has remained in this life. I can hope only for you. You my unique hope and a support. To me any more to whom to address, relatives at me are not present, and friends than could already have helped. Certainly very much it is not convenient for me to ask you from what by the way you will help me if you even did not see me and do not know. But I very much love you and I can not without you. Prompt that to me now to make how to arrange the life, how to repair an apartment and to bury the father??? Give me answers to these questions and I shall be very grateful to you, because more I have nobody to ask you have remained in my life one. I now the orphan. I was more to write to me cannot is necessary to work. I shall write to you soon as soon as I shall be released. I shall wait for your letter to me they deliver pleasure. I very much love you and I miss. Your Elena..

Letter 4

Hello Don.

Where you? Why you do not write me?