Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Rudskaya to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
How are you? I write to you with my personal email, write to me at any time.
I will always be happy to answer you. I will send you a photo.
If you will not be difficult, you can send me a photo and tell us a little about yourself.
I'm from Russia, my name is Viktoriya, I hope it's not a problem for us???
I hope that you will respond to my letter. Viktoriya.
Letter 2
I am very glad to receive from you letters. I to want to hear You more and I hope that find the good friend. In brief I to you will tell a little about myself. My name is Viktoriya . A to me 29 years. I much want to find the good friend hope, the satellite during life You understand me and we can correspond with you? I should like to report small about itself, this for me for the first time I never got acquainted through Internet but I think do the exception for itself. I have finished university, I doctor (the surgeon medicine) work in clinic of 4 years. Specialise cranial-maxillofacial surgery. I much love the nature. I live in the Russian Federation (Russia) in the city of Izhevsk. If you wished to know, where I live, I to you will necessarily tell in my following letter.I live one in house in which there is 2 rooms, I have a Dog on nickname Ralph (English Cocker Spaniel), but it so on a note if it will be interesting to you. I have much friends. I much love to spend its free time with them. I very pleased that I have a good friends... I think that friends very important for each person. write me little about itself as You, conduct its free time that You love. If to you was a little, that I have told about myself in the following letter I will try to tell, it is as much as possible about myself. I will wait with hope, that you will answer me. With impatience I will wait for your letter and with your photo. All the same I want I will know with whom to carry on dialogue. On it I will finish the letter. See you later... Your friend Viktoriya !!
Letter 3
Hello,I've already sent you my letter with photos but you still didn't answer... Why?You did not like my photo? Have you received my letter?
Maybe simply you didn't have time to answer immediately or maybe my photos and everything what was written there didn't interest you at all??? Please write me at least a note of explanation, because most of all I'm afraid of indefinite situation when you don't now what to expect...Hope to hear from you soon,Viktoriya...
Letter 4

You have written the letter to me, it is very pleasant. Thanks, that you have found, that minute has answered me. Sincerely conversation I Could not hope for it.I liked your photo. Thanks that have sent the photo. Do not stop to send the photos. I wait for them, as your letters. Write to me on this email. With that I had problems. I do not know what to tell in my first letter because I never got acquainted through the Internet before. It - something new and unusual to me. But I shall try, write good letters to you. I assume, that you will be capable to understand mine Words also that I shall tell to you. I think, that will be correct if I start to speak you about mine all over again because it was I Who started to write. I am not confident, that you will love my letters, that they will be interesting to you but if it will not be so You will write to me about it. Well? Probably you will be surprised, that I do not live in your country. But I hope, that it does not shake You. Same I similarly to many other ladies in other countries in the world. I am a usual woman who has hands, legs, main a Heart which is the most important. I think, that my heart is very sensitive. I hope, that you will understand it from my letters. I shall be very happy, if the distance between us does not do afraid you, and you will answer me. Please not be too strict to My mistakes in words, the English language - not my native language. But I Assume, that I know it well. Well, my name - Viktoriya, as you To know. You can name me as you like. I shall not be disappointed. To me of 29 years. My birthday - on 28-th of May . I was Given birth in 1987. My height - 172 see. My weight - 47 kg. I live in city Izhevsk. Izhevsk known city of Russia. Izhevsk - very much beutive city. I assume, that you would like city if you saw it. I dreamed to become an actress in my childhood. Probably it - dream of many girls. But my dream did not become true. It is serious The validity of a life. I have finished medical university. My formation will consist of 3 levels: school, college, university. I Studied within 18 years. All 18 years I have studied the English language also. I have finished university in age 25. How to me gave with a medal for excellent results during my studying. Do not think, that I brag (Smile). Than I worked as the second surgeon in small clinic within 4 years. It was very much intresting and in the same Time responsable. I was happy to give health of people, to help them. Many things depend on me during actions. I think in The future I will be capable the surgeon to become independent. You think, what it - good dream? Probably that I shall work in Clinic, as the basic surgeon. Now I have the small house with a small garden. I live one for this reason I am not capable to Work in a garden it is constant. But however my garden is very beautiful and pleasant. I like to raise flowers because They the most beautiful which have been created by the nature. I live one, I have no neither children, nor the boyfriend. Sometimes I Feel like very lonely in my house. Perhaps, for this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you. To me already 29, also I take a life philosophically. I have the house, work, friends, but I cannot tell, that I am happy. I have was not present Many who I can my best half. I have written to you all over again, it means, that I can divide my ideas and feelings with you. I hope, that you will not be Laughter. And we shall write many letters to each other. I am very pleased and grateful, that you have answered my letter, because I Decided to try to getacquainted through the Internet only once. And it was a miracle for me when you have written to me the letter. If it Was not, so I shall never try to do friends through e-mail once again. I never get acquainted before in such a way. I cannot Understand completely as it works because I have no computer. I - only beginer in work of the Internet. But I hope, that I shall be Be capable to write to you constantly. I hope, that you are interested in our dialogue, as I. I would like to ask you some questions. If you do not want to answer them, you could not to make it, I shall not be offended. What do you do? What your trade? Make you Similarly to this? Who - nambers your family? I ask to tell it in more detail. With whom you live? You can tell to me About all of you, that you want. I shall be pleased to know all about your life. It - only female curiosity. The hope will not offend it You. I understand, that tastes differ, but I hope, that my image will be pleasant for you. But I should tell, That I cannot receive the big files. I shall have trouble. As I use a computer on work. I hope, that you will write to me soon. I thank you Beforehand. With the best regards. With the best regards. Viktoriya....
Letter 5
Hello Jim!!! How - you today? I hope, that all - is good. I also am happy today because I have the letter from you. I have written to me! I very happy. Now I work, and I write the letter to you. Last time I have not had time to add to you the letter. I hope this time to me will not prevent to make it. And so. I did not write to you about my family.
But I think that you should know about it, and now I am going to make it. I have been given birth also dews to Izhevsk. Now I live here. I do not make remember my father because he did not live with us. I was grown only by my mother. We were the best friends on the ground, we were very much the friend close to the friend. But my mum had a cancer of a stomach, and she has died in 2007. Year was horrable for me. I, though I was the unique person on the whole planet. It was awful and incredible. I could not understand it for long time. I was empty. It is difficult to imafine for ideas in my head and my feelings. Even now I remember my mum very much frequently. You know, that I had very happy childhood. My mum and I went in park together. We play together various games. We spoke much. Only than, several years I started to understand last, that she felt qulity because I had no father with me.
But I have received news from other people, that it was no mistake of my mother. My father (I cannot name his "daddy") never loved my mum.
Me has left her lonely when he has learned, that my mum was the pregnant woman. It was very difficult for her to bring up me, to feec me to buy me of a dress for this reason I do not carry bosh. We lived only her tiny earnings. But we never complained of our life - we have solved all problems together. But if we were happy, that we tried to tell about our success to our neighbours. My mum always spoke me, that I should marry the person which I shall love. She adviced I to besure in the person before movement to marry him. I think the same. I shall remember the moment during long time. I shall never forget mine eyes of mother when my leg has been broken also I couldn " t, go. Then we were far from our house up to, collects berries. Only my mum and I.
But she has taken me on her hands and bore mine to our house. You can imagine it? To me there were 12 years when my mum was carry of me duringan hour. I have understood, that it was difficult to her, but she did not want to leave me alone in a wood to go in the house, to ask whom - that the help. She was afraid, that something awful happen with me in a wood. I hope which you understand, that memory of my mum road for me. After death of my mum I feel very much lonly because I have no neither sisters, nor brothers. To be more exact, I have no any relatives. But I have friends. They Elena and Masha. They are remarkable girls. We can name us sisters because we are friends more than 15 years, and we help each other. I - confident absolotely, that if I ask Elena, Masha to help me they will never refuse. Our attitudes are very strong, Time has checked up them. One year ago Elena married, and her husband has taken her to his native city. We write letters each other very much frequently, but it is a pity, that we cannot see the most part the friend from the friend. But Elena has arrived to us in the spring. I taljed very much the whole week, but it was too little, we could not tell each other all events. Now Masha and I wait for Elena the following arrival. And you, make you hawer such friends?
Also In the summer for entertainment I work in my small garden. I raise flowers. But as a hobby it certainly flowers. Roses, orchids, tulips, an aster and it is a lot of others. But main the place in a garden has my favourite flowers, has raised also an orchid. The hope you can sometime see it. It is a pity, I can write more. I hope, that you will answer my letter. I also hope, that you are interested in our connection. I shall tell to you more about my life in my ambassador of letters. I think, that you are tolerant (smile). Sincerely yours Viktoriya.
Letter 6
Today I have not received from you the letter. You were reached by my letter??? Or you did not have time to write to me??? If so explain to me why you could not write it to me. I will wait for your letter.
Yours Viktoriya...
Letter 7
Hi Jim! How are you? What is the weather like today in your country? I hope all is well. Today it was small a rain. But it did not last long. Now the air is fresh outside and I'm glad that I can sit near the window and write a letter to you. Today I have had a difficult day, but now i'm free and I can spend my time writing you. Today it is cloudy outdoors that's why I am in a lyrical mood. By the way I'm sorry for my previous letter. It was sad. I did not want to make you disappointed. I hope you did not get offended to my story about the mother. Well, I'm in a good mood and I want to tell you about my hobbies. I like listening to different music. It depends on my mood and feelings. I like Russian composers such as Dunaevskiy and Chajkovsky. But I also like listening to Mozart and Bach. I think they are great composers and no body will surpass them. I like Joe Satriane as well. I suppose he is a magnificent guitar player. I hope you agree with me. I like the group “ Dire Straits ” very much. I like “ Pink Floyd ”. They are not similar to any others. There are a great number of popular musicians abroad. But I remember Russians as well. May be you heard about the Russian group "Spleen" or "Chaif." But I think the most famous Russian group abroad is “ Gorky Park ”. Probably you've heard about it. They had a great success at the beginning of 90s. By the way I like going to the cinema very much. I like Russian directors such as Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky and Mihalkov. Now days a lot of foreign films are on the screen in Russia. Foreign cinema is widely spread in Russia. I like such old American films as Gladiator, Brave Heart. Mel Gibson is a good actor. New films are also interesting to me. I have seen “ The chronicles of Suicide Squad ” and “ Star Trek Beyond” recently. I liked it. I have some favourite shows. For example - "Wildlife" from BBC. They show the most beautiful views of nature and animals. I like to watch programs about nature and animals very mach. I also prefer to watch NBA games. They are fantastic shows. But unfortunately NBA games are not very often shown on Russian TV.
Criminal programs have the biggest rating on TV, because here TV reporters tell about crimes occurring during a day or a week, they tell about leaders and authorities of criminal business in Russia, juvenile murderers and racists, addicts, maniacs, etc. You know the level of crimes is extremely high in Russia. The majority of our country like to watch these programs. But I hate to do it. I prefer to watch some musical and entertaining shows, and as a rule they are our (Russian) programs and of course they are not known to you. Now you think that I spend my time in front of the TV screen with my mouth full of popcorn and it takes me the whole day (smile.) But it's not true. Actually I watch TV very seldom, once in a blue moon. I have no time and forces to do it. My health is the most important thing for me. I do not boast. My health is really good, and I always try to be in a good form. I jag every morning, try to spend as much times as possible in the open air. I have no car and I take a bus or whatever (I mean transport) very seldom. I take cold - not shower. I have been living in the conditions of rather cold winters and damp autumn since my childhood. Such king of climate helps to toughen my health. I do not smoke and do not take alcoholic drinks. I prefer a healthy way of life and I'm proud of it. Sewing and knitting are my hobbies if it's possible to say so. I also like to spend my free time gardening and gathering much rooms and berries. I love to ski and to skate in winter.In the summer as I like to go by a bicycle.As I love is engaged in fitness. I can speak about my hobbies for a long time. But I also want to say that I do not like some things. I do not like artful and envious people. I hate when somebody lies and deceives. I do not love cruelty and roughness. I'm not interested in people, who prefer to spend their time drinking alcohol a lot. I also do not like bad untasty meal and cloudy days (smile.) Jim I shall be glad, if you tell about you many various things for me. I want to know about you more and more. Because you my FRIEND. You agree? Friends always should know well each other. Your Viktoriya...
Letter 8
Hello dear how are you?How is your health?How is your mood?You made me to feel alone and sad.But please find some minutes to write an answer to my last email.You know,i check my mailbox every day.I hope dear it doesn't mean that you forgot me or your love and thought about me fewer - dear,you are always in my heart and your image in my mind makes me feel better and smile when I feel sad - I recollect you and my mood becomes higher.That's why my dearest,please - I'm worry when I can't receive letter from you dear - NEVER,remember this - NEVER,do not leave me without any news.You'll always be in my heart soul and mind as example of my love nobleness.Please write more specifics in the next letter - I'll be waiting for it with great impatience...Your woman Viktoriya...
Letter 9
Hello dear how are you?How is your health?What do you have a new?I adore you and how do I need you!!!I was understanding it again and again - day by day - hour by hour - when I have not seen your letters these days.I've been thinking about us for all of that time a lot - anyway my careness,love,warmth and special attention to you made me to increase my feelings to you. I hope that my romantic illusions comes to pass someday.Please tell me what made you to keep silence and forget about me?I need your answer.Your love and care warms me and protects me!!!With great and everlasting gratitude,yours Viktoriya...
Letter 10
Good day Jay ! Thank you for your reply. I am so happy that you have an interest and thank you once again for taking the time to respond to my email. It is time to tell you more about myself. I am thinking what to begin with. You know, I did not realize that it would be so difficult. However, I want you know more about how I live. I really do not know how to begin, it is so hard. It seems I had so many thoughts and ideas just a minute ago, but now I am speechless)) May be because I am excited?) I need to calm down and begin… Let me start with a short story about me. I guess you want to know me more. As I told you before, my name is Irina. I am 28 and live in Syktyvkar, Russia. My height is 167 cm. My weight is 53 kg. I have never been married. I have no children. I think you ask yourself why a Russian girl writes you, don’t you? I am sure you do. Let me try to answer this question honestly and outspokenly. Please be sure that I take it serious. I will write you faithfully, without cheating. Each word in this email is like a part of me. Each word comes from my heart. In each email I will open you my soul. May be I should not do this, who knows. But I feel I should be honest to you. This way you will see my inner world, my thoughts. I hope you will also write me honestly and from your heart. Opening our souls we will understand each other better. How I look, you’ll see at pictures. You’ll see my appearance. Reading my email I want you see my inner world. This is very important to me. Ohh my God! I promised to answer the question and did forget. Can you imagine how many thoughts come to my mind? It seems a million. ))) I want to tell you about everything in one email. However, let me to answer why I did write you. I had a man, but our relationship run out badly. I gave all my feelings, my soul and heart to him and expected the same. I wanted our feelings were mutual. I wanted he cared about me. I wanted he just respected me. I really thought we would be together for the rest of our lives and I even made plans for our future. The future where we are happy just because we are together.
But he cheated on me with another woman. And that was the end. His cheating opened my eyes. Now I understand how blind I was, now I know I lived in an illusion. He used me and it hurts. I was so busy with home stuff that I noticed nothing and of course I trusted him. I did everything for him. I made a breakfast for us every morning, then hurried up to my work. My lunch break I spent at home cleaning our apartment and cooking. Then came back to work. I was so tired of it, but I wanted he felt my love and care. I’m writing you this now and remember. And this makes me cry. I don’t want to remember it. Never! I don’t want to write you about bad things that happened in my life. Now I am OK and I feel I am ready to start a new life, I am ready for new relationship. But, please, don’t hurt me. I hope you understand me.
Another reason why I wrote you is the mentality of Russian men. Most of them don’t look at the future. They live today and don’t make any plans to change their lives to the better. They don’t goals and aspirations in life. Most of men are drinking a lot. It is rather difficult to describe you all the reasons in one email. But I think you understand what I am talking about. I am looking for a man who is thinking about the future, who has goals. I am looking for an optimistic man who doesn’t stop and moves forward to his dreams. When I watch foreign films, I see you have a different way of life. You just think and live in a different way. This is also one of the reasons why I wrote you. So I love watching movies. I live alone in my own apartment. Sometimes I feel lonely and my evenings I spend watching movies. You know I love the film “The Great Gatsby” I watched it several times. And what is your favorite film? I am also curious to know how you imagine a single girl evening. Tell me. I am very curious to know. I also love reading if I have leisure time. My favorite book is “Anna Karenina” that was written by the great Russian writer Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. I also love to go out and breathe fresh air. I like to walk in the park, near the river, just through the streets of our beautiful city. If you’d like I’ll tell you more about my city in my next email and send you some pictures of it. In my free time I also go to the gym or go to a cafe with my friends. Weekends I often spend with my parents. They live out of the city. I will be more than happy to tell you more about how I spend my free time. I just respect your time. It seems my email is too long. I don’t want to waste your time.
I am looking forward to your reply. Please tell me more about you, how you live, how you spend your free time. I am very interested to know you better. Please don’t forget to answer my questions. Have a nice day! Irina.
Letter 11
Hello Jay! Thanks a lot for your reply. It is so nice that you find time to read my emails and write me back. I want to say thanks for the photo. I like your photo, I think you're an attractive man. And I'm glad we met you. By the way, your dog ****** is very cute. I like dogs. Age?? I'm looking for a man who is older than me, so I like the age difference between us. I believe that you are reliable, wise, you are able to respect and appreciate women, and that only comes with age. Men my age don't interest me. To be honest I was thinking a lot about my previous email that I wrote you. May be it was too early to open my soul. I worried what you thought about me after that email. I was afraid that you would not answer. Now I see your email and this makes me happy and makes me smile. Thank you once again for your email. Jay, today I want to tell you about my job. I want you know me better and how I live here in Syktyvkar. What to begin with? So, right now I am at work. I just have a break. Therefore, I decided to answer you. By the way, all my emails I write you from my work because only here I have an opportunity to use the Internet. In my apartment there is no Internet, because for the Internet Provider it is not beneficial to connect to the Internet only 40 percent of the tenants of the house. In order for the Internet Provider to connect my whole house, it is necessary that yet about 20 percent of the tenants of our house sign a contract. I hope this happens soon. I work as a sales consultant in a women's clothing store. I'm a teacher by education, but I had to find a job in another sphere. The paradox is that it is rather difficult to find a job by education and teachers job is low-paid. This is very sad but a true. I would love to be a teacher. I hope that one day this job will be in demand and well paid. So that my dream comes true. However, may be not in Russia. I really want to teach young people. I want to share my experience with them, instill in them the right moral values: honesty, justice, sincerity. I want to teach young people to appreciate the main qualities in life like love, care, and goodness. Unfortunately, in the modern world people forget about these simple things. Jay, let’s turn back to my job. I am a sales consultant in the clothing store. We have stores all around the country. My working day is long. I start at 9 am and finish at 9 pm. I have a 1-hour lunch break. But this is only if we have not many customers. Sometimes we have so many customers that I even don’t have an opportunity to eat on time. But I like my job, it is very interesting. I love to talk to people and to help them find clothes that suit them. Our store is far from my home. I go to work by bus.
Sometimes after work I go home on foot, you remember I’ve told you that I love to walk. At morning it takes 20 minutes to get to work. It takes me 40 minutes to walk home but I love my way home. After a busy day, the walk makes me relax. The fresh air makes my thoughts bright and clean. I also enjoy our city. It is very beautiful. With my next email I will sure send you some pictures of my city and tell you more about it. If you’d like of course. Just let me know. When I walk, I’m looking at people who hurry up and do not notice the beauty around them. They are too busy. They are in the hectic of their everyday life. As for me, there is no need to hurry home, I have time to admire, relax and enjoy my time. Nobody waits me at home. But I truly believe that everything will change soon. I believe that love and happy future finally come to me. I believe that I will find a man whom I can give my love, care and tenderness. Jay, do you find my emails interesting? I hope so. I close my eyes and imagine how you read them.
You have a kind smile, and you read my emails carefully. Sometimes reread them. Am I right? )) Let’s turn back to my daily routine. After work and on the weekend I go to the gym. I am convinced that a girl should be slim and beautiful. I love yoga. Practicing yoga gives me peace of mind and good thoughts. I will tell you just some more things about me and return to work. In my spare time I meet with friends. We can go to cafes, cinema or theater. In summer we go to the lake. In winter we skate. I try to diversify my life as much bas possible so that it will not be boring. Ohh, I forgot to mention that I love horses. If I have a chance, I go to a stable, which is not far from the city. I take care of the horses there and ride. I love this so much! I want to meet a man who I can have fun with. The man I can spend the time interesting. That would be wonderful! I forgot to write that on weekends I visit my parents. They live in a village far from the city. I will write about them in my next email. Please don’t hesitate to write me about everything happened with you. I'm curious to know everything about your life. Jay look, my email is too long again. I passionately wanted to tell you about everything so that time just got away)) But it's time to work. I will wait for your next email. Take care! Irina
Letter 12
Hello Jay! When I see your email, my day becomes happier. ))) Jay, thank you for your reply. Thank you for the time you spend reading my emails and writing back to me. I enjoy reading your emails. Please tell me what you feel while you’re reading my emails. I am very interested to know. Your emails makes me feel not so lonely, to tell the truth your emails make my day. It's always put a smile on my face.
Your emails help me to know you more and more. It is so nice that we’ve known each other. I am happy that we continue being in touch!!!
I understand that your dog has some health problems, but you help her, and that's good. You're very caring, and I like it. Jay, as I promised, today I would like to tell you about my family. So, I keep my word! First of all, I want to say that I am the only one child. I was named after my grandmother. I also have a short name Ira. So you can call me Irina or Ira as you like)). I live alone in my own apartment, because my parents live in the village that is 90 km far from the city. As I told you before, I try to visit them from time to time. Not so often as I want to. The thing is that it is too long to go by bus and then about 3 km by foot. But if I have a chance, I go to my mom and dad with pleasure. They are the most important people for me in the world. They are my native people so I use very chance to visit them. My dad’s 64. He is retired. But he worked as a mechanic in the agricultural organization of our village. He is a pensioner, but he has an active lifestyle. I think I like my parents. I also prefer the active lifestyle and I am very goal-oriented. I believe a person always should be goal-oriented and active in life. Otherwise, the laziness will prevail and then life will become boring and uninteresting. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Mostly this applies to men. Because a man should be a leader and like we say here in Russia a man should be like a stone wall, so that a woman can feel safe. A real man sets goals and always achieves them. Women will follow the man like this and will do everything to make him happy. Me also)) I want to meet a man like this and spend with him the rest of my life. I will take care of him as much as possible. I will give him my love, tenderness, affection and care. I will do my best to make my man feel happy! Jay, sorry, I again changed the topic. It's my fault.
It seems O tell you everything that comes to my mind right now. Let me get my head out of the clouds and continue telling about my family. My mom’s 62. She is retired as well. When she was young, she was working as a seamstress. She is very smart, interesting and positive woman. My parents are an example of a loving and happy family for me. They’re still loving and respecting each other. Despite their age. They have lived a long, happy but not an easy life. They had hard periods of life. But despite everything they are still together and support each other. They never betrayed each other. My dad always worked hard. I remember that he always woke up early and came back home very late. He even worked on weekends. But if he had days off, he always spend his time with us. My mom is ideal, she is my role model. She also worked hard, but always found the time to take care of me and my dad. So, now they are retired and live in their own house. They have their own farm. They spend time together. In summer, they pick up mushrooms and berries. In winter they love to ski. They are very athletic! My parents always said to me that respect is the important quality in relationships! Respect in the family is one of the main qualities that makes a life happy. Do you agree with me? I hope you do. When I am reading your emails, I get a picture of you. It seems to me that we are very similar and we look at life in the same way. I thought you and I are kindred spirits. I hope you think the same. I changed the topic again. I am smiling right now, because I am telling you about my family but the same time thinking about us. Jay, I am afraid I have to go and finish my email. I should work. Will see you in my next email))) Please feel free to write me more about you and your life. I will not be tired to repeat that I want to know you better. Always looking forward to your reply. Have a fantastic day and take care!
Letter 13
Hello Jay! Thank you for your reply. I am reading your email and smiling. You always make my day. Getting your emails is starting to become a habit. This is so nice to come to work and find your email. I am just really interested to know how you live. I like to be in touch with you! Jay, I hope you too, do you? I want to thank you for your kind words that I should be a model, but I never had such a goal. I want to be loved, but not a model. I'm not looking for wealth here. I mean, I'm glad you have money, but money is not the main thing in life. Do you think? Jay, your emails give me an opportunity to know you better. Each email makes us closer. And there is no matter the we so far away from each other. I am grateful that we met each other!
Jay, in my previous email I told you about my family, What do you think about us? I hope you read my email carefully and with the interest. Today let me tell you more about my daily routine from my childhood and till now. You know it is quite difficult to tell everything in details by emails. I can not show you my emotions.
Emails just cannot capture emotions. I would be more than happy if I see you in real and can talk you face to face. This way we can talk non-stop, in more detail I mean. We can feel each other. One meeting in real replaces dozens of emails. Jay, I really don’t know why I always change the topic)) May be coz I am dreaming… So, I promised to tell you more about my childhood. I am not sure that would be interesting for you to read about kindergarten, so let me tell you about the period when I was a pupil. I'll even send you a photo from my childhood. Yes, I'm in the photo like a boy, but it's a demi Moore hairstyle in the movie "Ghost". I made this hairstyle to look like demi Moore .)) Do you find something in common?? I was seven; went to school. By the way I was born and studied in the village that my parents live now. I left school at 17. So, these 10 years were very interesting and funny. This time will be fondly remembered.We left home early morning study all the day and came home late. After classes, we attended different kind of additional classes. I liked to play volleyball, basketball. I was also fond of drawing and singing. I participated in different school concerts and competitions. I studied well, so I often took part in different Olympiads. The olympiads took place in the city. Thanks to olympiads, I felt in love with Syktyvkar.
I will tell you more about this beautiful city later. Hope in my next email. When I was a child I dreamed to move to Syktyvkar. As you can see, my dream has come true! Jay, what do you dream about? If you want your dream comes true, you should work hard and concentrate on it.
That’s why I studied well and worked on myself. To move to Syktyvkar I had to enter the University. It was the only one chance to leave the village. I entered the Pedagogical Uni when I was 17. So, at 17 I started a new live in the city. I spent 5 years in the University. I lived in a dormitory. I studied and worked at the same time. Yep, I started to work at 17, can you imagine, Jay? The reason was simple. The life in the city is rather expensive than life in the village. Of course my parents helped me a lot, but that was not enough. I understood then what the adult life means. I enjoyed my study at Uni.
I also played volleyball. Like in school I took part in different competitions. I graduated at 22. I had to find a new job by my education and find where to live. I was lucky and was offered to work at school and rent an apartment. That time I met that man I told you before, I don’t want to remember him anymore. It was very bad experience. I worked as a teacher not very long time, because this job is very low-paid. Especially for life in the big city. So when we broke up, I decided to start with a clean slate. I started to work as a sales manager. My mom and dad helped me to buy a small apartment. We got a mortgage. Now everything is all right. ))) I met you and it changed my life. Like a happy end)) This is a short story about me. It is hard to tell about everything in one email. But I think we will have time to talk. You remember my dreams come true)) I have to return to my work. I will also go to the gym after work. So need to work hard now not to be late. When I am doing sports, I forget about everything am my mind becomes clean))) Jay, I wish you wonderful day. Wait for your email! Irina
Letter 14
Hello Jay! Thank you for your email. Thank you that you always make my day. Your emails make me happier I mean. When I see your email, I forget about bad things and smile. How is your day? What’s new? I hope you’re doing well. I want my emails make you happier as well as your make my day. Darling, you ask about my dog in the photo. yes, it was my collie breed dog. It's nice to read that ****** cuddles up to you.)) It's cute. By the way, did you buy a new refrigerator? Can I congratulate you on this?) Jay, I am so grateful that we know each other! And I am happy that we are still in touch. This is a real pleasure to talk to you. You so far away from me, thousands of kilometers I guess, but you give emotions. And these emotions make me feel like a woman. I haven’t been feeling this for a long time. I hope you understand what I am talking about. Not every man can make a woman to feel like a woman, even being near. But you do and it doesn’t even matter that you’re so far away from me. You deserve to be a happy man with a happy woman near! You deserve love, respect and care! Yesterday evening when I came home from the gym, I was cooking and thinking about you. I imagined that I was cooking not for me alone but for you as well. I hope my thoughts come true one day. At least just for one evening… The evening when I can cook for you and thank you for the emotions you give me. Dear Jay, I am dreaming a lot! May be you think that I am too innocent, do you? Perhaps you do, but dreams really come true. So, it is not too bad if I dream a little bit. I am constantly thinking about you and our communication. I imagine how it will be wonderful to talk in real. Yesterday when I was in the gym, I tried not to think, try to clear my mind. But can you imagine that during 1,5 hours I was thinking about you and that was very positive thoughts so that time passed quickly. Today when I woke up, I felt good and understood that yesterday training was successful. Have you ever felt the same after gyming? I hurried up to my work today because I was eager to find and read your email. ))) Jay, as you remember I promised to tell you about he city I live in. I hope you remember that it is Syktyvkar . Syktyvkar is the capital and administrative center of the Republic of Komi. The population of our city is about 250 000 people.
It not a big, but picturesque city. In the city there are theaters, parks, cinemas. Lots of beautiful streets and buildings. Syktyvkar can not be called a modern and high-tech city. But here is a good nature and kind people. This is important, do you agree ?? Our city is located on the shores of the river Vychegda. In summer hot days my friends and I like to spend time on the river shore. The city is not big, so there are so many places for active and positive holidays.Dear Jay, this big city I live in a small apartment….A lonely, but airy-fairy girl. I feel like I need to open up my heart. I often feel lonely and boring. Do you feel the same? It's very sad to go home and know that nobody expects you. I think you feel this too. I feel very sad spending evenings alone. I want to have a man who I can take care of. I want to be with an honest and decent man, to whom I can give my love and tenderness. I want to fall asleep and wake up in a strong embrace. I do not know why I'm writing this to you. I just need to share with you my secret thoughts. Thoughts that I can share with my mom only. But I feel you will understand me so I decided to be honest.
Why? I think you're experiencing the same thing too. I think we are simlar. I think that may be fate gave a chance to meet each other. We met each other and thousands of kilometers don’t play a role. Now I do not feel sad and lonely as before. You know, all my thoughts are now about you and our communication))! Thank you for saving me from being alone and thank you that you always make me happy! Jay, please tell me more about what you feel and what you think and dream about. I really need it. For example can you imagine we meet one day in real? I am interested in everything! Thank you for taking the time to write an answer. I'm looking forward to your next email. Now I have to work and I will think about you all the day I am sure)). Please take care and have a nice day! Irina
Letter 15
Hi Jay!!!! How are you?? I'm worried about the lack of your letter. I understand, if you are very busy, and you can not write to me now. And this is normal. But what if you do not receive my letters ?? Or are you not willing to continue our communication? This worries me very much. Please answer me soon and tell me why you do not write to me.
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