Scam letter(s) from Maria Skulkina to Nery (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Nery Fajardo.
I am very glad to receive your letter. It will be possible to you much not clearly in my letter, but I think that it does not become a problem. I know the English language not bad, but all the same to write at me it turns out not so well how to talk. And consequently I sometimes use the interpreter, it is easier for me. In this letter I shall not write much about myself, I shall try briefly to explain the purpose of my acquaintance. But I think that it to not prevent to learn us better. I want to write about myself. And also I shall send you my photo. To me of 26 years. I was born on April, 27, 1978. I not have mother not of the father. I the orphan. I have grown in a shelter for such as I. Certainly I am distinguished from the people who of dews in normal family, but I as well as have all the happiness. The life in a shelter has learned me much, and now it helps me in life. I have got used to do all, and to achieve an object in view. I understand in life that I want also that I do not want. After a shelter, the state has given me an opportunity to study as that trade, on which I want. I have chosen area of public health services. I studied six years in Kazan medical academy. My years spent in academy, have forced me to look at life already on the adult. I studied well and with it I did not have problems. I have finished study with the red diploma. With such good education, I at once have found to myself work, with it I too was helped by the state. Me have directed to work in children's urban hospital in city Yaransk That now I live. It is small city in the Kirov area I work as the children's doctor. My work very requiring and serious, also I love the work with children. I do not know why I have chosen this direction in work, but me it to like. Can that has had an effect that I lived in a shelter, and I remember as with me the children's doctors addressed. The children's doctor should be always polite and understand that the child wants. These qualities are present at me. Now I want to tell where and as I live. I live in a municipal apartment. Probably you are not familiar with it, But now I shall explain all. In our apartment there are four rooms, and in each room, the different families live. I have also room and I live in it one. This state has allocated to me such room. In our apartment one on all kitchen, one on all a bathroom, and one on all a toilet. It is certainly very inconvenient to live in such conditions, but what to do?? Under the law the state owed, To give me an one-room apartment, but it happened. At us in Russia now very weak state, And I understand that the state can not give everyone to the orphan the apartment. In our apartment one grandmother, and two families still lives. One family has two remarkable children. They come to me on evenings to play, and me with them is very cheerful and it is pleasant. Other family too has son, but he already adult and with them does not live. So I live. Probably you will set a question, why I write you???? I at once want to answer this question. I already had relation with the men from our country, and not that good at me has failed. I shall explain why in my the following letter. It is a very sad history. I also already wanted to construct the relation with the man of other country through the Internet, but I have met with such problem As a deceit. I was not seriously injured in this case, but I have made the certain conclusions from this. I have met with two problems: 1) It is a problem Scammers. 2) It is a problem from a photo. And so the first problem for me at first was not clear, but then I have found out very much. I regret that there are such bad people, but it not an occasion to think of all Russian women so. There are in Russia many honour and good women who wants to find the happiness in other country. Both for them and for me now, this problem became one of the main problems of the Internet. Me this problem already has touched once. I do not know why but me such bad words were told. To what I have reacted at once. I do not know with what there was for this purpose an occasion, But I at once have stopped all relations with this man. And I at once want to ask you very important for me a question: You are ready to have the relation with the Russian woman. That is with me????? The second problem is, that very much many men asked me a photo, Including ****** character. What I answered that such photos, I shall not send. And in general many men wanted to see my photos. I can therefore that so reacted to it, I also have found out that such Scammer. For me it is very important to not be mistaken once again. I was deceived and I do not want that it has repeated. With me simply played. And I do not want to hear such words in the address. I speak it at once, because to me is sick to hear such words. When I studied this problem, I have understood that very much many men suffer from this problem. And I understand what very difficultly to find out the man at once, but there are many answers to this question. After that what I now have told you, it is very important to me to know as you concern to this problem???? This problem can become very serious in the relations and prevent still many people, To find the happiness. I have opened this problem at once, because I want to build the relations, On trust and first of all on honesty. I always speak the truth and of what I think. I want to find the happiness in other country and I think that this time at me all to turn out. I had failure last time, but I have made conclusions and is ready to begin to build the relation once again. I write you from the Internet of cafe. I do not have computer. The computers in our country can be afforded only by the people with good earnings. But I do not complain of the life, I earn that to me sufficed on life. I think that we have chance to continue our relations, and I shall be happy to receive your letter. I also would like to hear more concerning you??? As well as where you live?? When were born?? Well and it is possible to tell all what about itself??? I hope that you will answer my questions. I would be very pleased to receive your letter, and I wish to receive it soon.
The best regards to you.
Yours new familiar Maria.
Letter 2

Hi my friend Nery! I am pleased to receive the letter from you. Thank behind a photo, I am pleased to see your photo. To be honour, I have written to three men, but only you have answered my letter. And I am glad that you want to continue our dialogue. I offer at first to study each other, and to tell the truth about myself. I shall tell slightly about myself. My height 5 '6' (1,68 sm) and my weight - 130 pounds. (59kg) My hair fair-haired of colour and brown eyes. You could see it on my photo. I try to support the figure, me to like to be engaged in sports. Most of all, I I prefer easy run on mornings, but now in winter I go on stadium, to be rolled on skates. Some months back I tried to be engaged in navigation, but now has ceased. In the winter at us it is cold and it is possible to be ill after pool. On mornings I always do gymnastics. In general I for a healthy image of life. How you treat to sports??? Well I promised to tell to you about my last relations with the men. Still when I studied in academy, I have got acquainted with the young man, he too studied in this academy. All began as in a fairy tale, he almost gave each week to me flowers. Our relations Developed very promptly and me then it seemed that all I have found the happiness in life. But I deeply was mistaken. Our novel last of half-year and then he simply has thrown me. I did not see his almost whole year, and then he has come and was sorry, but I could not him forgive. The act he has explained so. He had parents from rich circles of a society. And the parents simply have forbidden to him with me to meet, as I the orphan. I do not understand such people, And me was insulting to hear such words. I have not forgiven him and we have parted by the friends. You see if he really loved me, I think that he would not act so. When I have finished academy and when I already have moved to this city, at me one more has appeared the man. He was the usual man from not of rich family and I thought that with me there will be no more similar cases. He even has acquainted me with the parents and we already even wanted to marry. And as that to notice I began imperceptibly that ever more and more he began to come to me by *****. I tried to talk to him and he spoke that will throw to drink and promised what not will more to drink *****. At first it was valid so, but the month has passed all and again he began to drink. When he came to me by *****, he all time only wanted with me ***, but I refused him. Then he began to beat me, and morning always apologized. I forgave him it and hoped that it last time, But all this repeated and repeated. Once he has beaten me very strongly, and I could not to him it forgive. Our relations were finished also my heart was again broken. He still long came to me, Spoke me that more he does not drink *****. But I did not want him to see. And then I have learned that he also consists in group Skinhead. You heard what be about it???? In Russia this community with each year to become it is ever more and more aggressively. I looked transfer on the TV set about this community. It that that similar to a fascism. And when I have learned it, even it became terrible. Now I am afraid of it the man and I do not want him to see. Such at me were the relation. And I have decided to find the happiness in other country. Me have told that the men in your country to the women concern absolutely on another. The truth and on the Internet I had failure, I spoke you about it in the last letter. But all the same I want to find the half in your country. And I am glad that we continue to communicate. I want, meet the man which is worthy my clean and sincere love. Which will never deceive me. Age I think not a problem for me. I want to find the man is more senior than me. Because I think, That the man of the senior age is more skilled in the relations with the woman. I am right??? I always trusted such easy feelings as love, friendship, fidelity, kindness. Who knows it can there will be you??? I hope that I have not tired you with my histories, my relations. I also want to know your last relations. I am very pleased that we can to continue our acquaintance further. Please write to me more about itself, it is very important for me. Well I shall finish this letter and I hope that it has found you in excellent mood.
I hope to receive the answer from you.
Yours Maria.
Letter 3

Hi my dear Nery!!!!! My best friend, is very pleasant to hear from you again, thank for returning to me. How there was your day? I hope all wonderfully? At me all Ok and at me good mood. Spring I think that always brings a lot of good mood. Especially at us in Russia after cold and snow winter. At us in Russia when there came spring, always spoke that the time of love and heat has come. As I would like that this spring, to me has come warmly and present love. Today I went here and thought, and all can already it has come, only I while it do not notice??? By and large when I read your letters my heart is beaten in the other rhythm and me from it pleasantly. To me to become more warmly and me it is really pleasant with you to continue our relations. Well I promised to give you, home address. My address such: Maria Skulkina
Nekrasov st. 17,
Yaransk, Kirov region,
612220 Russia. I think that you too will send me, your the home address. You can write to me on this home address, I too shall write to you such letter. My dear, only I should warn you that our letters can to not achieve us. It is caused by many reasons. In first this that that at us in Russia very badly works mail. I spoke you that I already communicated through the Internet with the man from your country and we also Tried to write each other such letter. But my letter has come back. I tried to send it Once again, but again not that has failed. I do not know that can the man has given me the wrong address, But it seems that it our mail is guilty. And that the man has sent me flowers, and I too that have not received. We from behind it had very bad conversation and I what for blamed that myself for it. Though I am nothing is not gui We have parted with him certainly not for this reason, but all the same I do not want that from behind such things, Ours with you the relation could deteriorate. Therefore I ask you to consider my words with understanding. Certainly I shall appreciate that that you want to send me with what be a gift, but nevertheless it is better it to not do. To me pleasantly simply to hear it and it is more to me than that it is necessary. I do not want that you sent me that be by mail. Ok??? I think that us that prevents to contact to the help the Internet, and we can continue our relations Communicating through the Internet. I do not know as you think, but I think that it is the best way, To find out each other. What you think in this occasion??? It is interesting to me to know your opinion. I also found out as I can talk to you on the phone. I already spoke you that I have no the telephone. In our house there is a telephone, but there is no long-distance connection. Because our house is a hostel, Here again it is not difficult to guess why there is no long-distance connection. At work there is a telephone, But call from work I can not, because I can have very large problems, and the problems are not necessary to me. I have only one variant. I can call you from a pay phone but it dearly for me. I see that our relations develop very well and we can find out about each other all. And I want to tell you that I the very ****** woman and me a lot of *** will be necessary. Completely not modestly (hehe) If our relations will develop also we shall meet, and we shall be together. You can deliver to me It is a lot of pleasure in bed???? I want that you knew that a lot of *** will be necessary to me. I count *** in the relations very important. As the doctor I should tell you, that the *** it also is useful for health. I want to be is devoted only to one to the man. I search for the sole man, which will be with me all life. Therefore I would like to know all about you. I do not want to be mistaken, probably you too so think, Therefore give me chance to find out you completely. Certainly it is difficult for making not having met, And I also count that the long dialogue with the help of the Internet can not tell to us all about the friend the friend. But nevertheless before arrive to you I should be is sure in that that you for that which man I search. The strong and honour relations are necessary to me, to me shall be necessary the sole man with whom I is happy. And I shall be happy to continue ours with you dialogue. At us it turns out not poorly, how it seems??? I send you a photo there where I work. I hope to you it is pleasant. Well I assume this all about what I wanted to inform directly now. I hope this letter brings a smile to your face and brings heat to your heart.
Also I very much hope to see your letter already soon. Hope you dont disappear!
Kiss Maria.
Letter 4

Dear Nery.
Excuse that so long did not write. I really do not have opportunity to write to a thicket. I long thought and has understood that my heart already is beaten in the other rhythm. And I do not want that my heart broke. I do not want it most of all. I have one question. Probably I should tell about it earlier. I think that we should decide it now. To arrive in USA many money is necessary. At me such money is not present. Therefore to not be disappointed at last moment, Also I think that we should discuss it now. And I want to ask you for the present we are not so adhered to each other. You thought of it when be??? I honourly speak that I do not have financial opportunity to arrive to you. If you will understand me that I shall be very happy to continue our relations. Only please answer to me my letter.
I shall wait for your answer.
Kiss Maria.
Letter 5

Dear my Nery!!!!
I am very glad to read your letter.I promised to find out that to me it will be necessary, for arrival in USA. And so I have found out that I can ask the visa B2. I yet do not know that it behind the visa, but I have found out that I can while receive only visa not of the emigrant. It can be told as the tourist visa. But also it to receive too it is very difficult. Very many any documents and still to prove in embassy are necessary that I do not have not what intention to disappear in your country. For this purpose it will be necessary to give with what be the document confirming intentions to return. Under such visa I can be in your country till 2 years. Then if all will be good we owe, To go in Russia and to ask the visa of the emigrant. The visa of the emigrant I can receive only after 2 years of acquaintance. For registration of the visa not of the emigrant it is required to me about 700 dollars. It including all expenses. Consular payment, payment for the visa, payment for the passport and for the help in registration of the documents and so on. To me will be reached to go in Moscow, In embassy of USA to rise in turn on interview. By the way interview plays the very large role in reception of the visa. On all these expenses 700 dollars are necessary approximately to me and can even more. I do not know how many to me will be reached to remain in Moscow. I spoke you that money at me is not present in general. So all expenses connected with money will be completely yours. And from the party I promise to make so to receive this visa. This next week I shall work then all days, And the next monday then I shall go in Moscow in embassy of USA. There I should submit the application on issue of visa, and make all documents. Most likely interview will be not at once. As to me have explained it will be, Approximately in three four weeks. And still then after interview it will be necessary to wait some time. Most important that I wanted you to inform, it is necessary already then now to begin to do the visa. Since June and up to the end of a summer the tourist season begins. Very many applications on issue of visa will move, Also there will be a large turn. So we should use this chance, if we want to see each other. All process can occupy from 2 weeks and about several months. Looking as I shall make out the documents. But I hope that I shall address behind the help to the skilled companies and me everyone will make as it is necessary. Who receives first time the visa, it is very difficultly. Therefore also will be reached to pay so much money. But I as understand money for you not most important in life, and I very am proud of this character trait in you. I do not love the people for which money more important than happiness in life. I live poorly, but I have happiness. And I am ready to share it with you. Now I understand all your relation to me. You speak to me Very pleasant words and I believe to you and is ready to arrive to you. We will have two years that without problems, To live in USA and then we shall arrive to Russia and we shall ask together visa of the emigrant. But still me explained that is possible as that still to remain in your country and to receive citizenship. But I now do not think of it, I think of that as to me to receive though this visa. Well I have explained to you all that I can do and that for this purpose it is required. You have found out the best way how to send money??? Me have advised two very reliable companies. It is Western Union and MoneyGram. But better speak Western Union. I wanted to go and will find out in branch of Western Union what to be required, For reception of money, but I had no a lot of time therefore yet has not learned. But I necessarily shall go and I shall find out. And so we have time till next Monday that you have helped me from 700 dollars and that I could them receive, Before to go in Moscow in embassy. You see I even do not have money to reach to Moscow. Dear I ask you that you have found out concerning a sending of money too. You can know as to send money, Through such companies as Western Union. I hear first time about this company and yet that I do not know. But I shall try today to go and all to find out. I hope that you have understood all what I have written???
If that that has not understood that please ask. Ok??? I wait your letter.
Love Maria.
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