Scam letter(s) from Hannah to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I am constantly evolving in different directions, to inspire others to dream of new developments. In the future, conduct trainings on self-development. But the main thing is of course to find a loved one with whom you can find spiritual harmony. I am here for true love!
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Name: Rachel Frewin
Age: 29
Name: Anna Timoschenko
Age: 29
Name: Olga Melehova
Age: 28
Name: Elena Kovrygina
Age: 28
Name: Daria Usolceva
Age: 29
Name: Joy Coker
Age: 32
Name: Genda Homilda
Age: 27
Name: Ekaterina Kudinova
Age: 26
Name: Oksana Volkova
Age: 26
Name: Anna Brudar
Age: 25
Name: Kimberly Cox
Age: 33
Name: Lola Nicole Williams
Age: 26
Name: Lubov Purtova
Age: 26
Name: Marina Vysotina
Age: 28
Name: Ludmila Kalistratova
Age: 23