Scam letter(s) from Dorothy Stewart to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
What should I say here? about my work, or about my life? or maybe it's for talking about past blunders and glories in the kissing department?
I am positive girl with sincere and open heart, with serious intentions and desire to meet my future husband and make him the happiest man on planet
Our life is nothing without love and pure feelings... and I trust it, as love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Do you agree?
I hope to meet here passionate serious man with who we can build happy family, enjoy life together and never say no to any experience what waits us)Are you here for me?
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Name: Lea
Age: 25
Name: Maria Williams
Age: 30
Name: Emilly Robins
Age: 31
Name: Natalia Morgun
Age: 26
Name: Anna Buzichevici
Age: 48
Name: Irina
Age: 26
Name: Nora Carrir
Age: 26
Name: Roseline Robert
Age: 31
Name: Ludmila Fattahouwa
Age: 29
Name: Oksana
Age: 22
Name: Margaret Burcham
Age: 52
Name: Julia Likarovskaya
Age: 29
Name: Brenda
Age: 31
Name: Svetlana
Age: 36
Name: Louise Bolton
Age: 33