Scam letter(s) from Angie Seun Sailes to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Well you can catch me on hangout and also text me on 2018246379.Hoping to hear from you soon..
Letter 2
well i used to live in New Jersey but now in Ghana
And to let you know that my father is from uk and my mom is from Africa. I lost this my lovely father when i was 15 years old and ever since then i have been living with my mom. Ever since am born i have never been to my mom's home town before thats Africa. My mom lost her brother here in Africa and my mom asked me to come with her since i have not been here before, this coming will help me to see her family and know them as well. You know i was happy so i came here in Africa with her so i am now in Africa a place called Ghana and living in a city called Accra. You know am happy from the very first day that i got here i now know my grandmom and grandfather as well.
Oh, I don't know much about Ghana except that it's in Africa. I have to compliment you on your photo, it's lovely, most of the women there at Mingle are showing **** looking pics but your, well, it's sheer sophistication, I like that
Letter 3
Well so far this is my first site that i have joined .I meet a man here all that he needed was *** on cam and am not here for that so this made me deleted him as well, so you are the 2nd man that am talking too..
I talked to lots, all old and some of them offered me *** as well
Letter 4

Well after my boyfriend broke my heart, a friend of my told me i can not stay all lone in all my life so she will help me to join a site and she made a promise to me that i will get a good man who will love me and care for me, someone who will make me happy because here is where she got her husband from and they are living in a happy home together, so this made me join this site
Letter 5
I am looking for a man who is honest, faithful, loyal, sincere, caring and loving man who is willing to give me his love and heart. Well I'm a loving, caring, honest woman with average smarts, although not into Games. I have morals, looking for a man who is the same... A man of his words. I can be independent, but looking to find someone I can rely on.
Letter 6
Hello dear, This is Juliana from whatsapp I am the lady Roberto gave me your whatsapp number to contact you
Letter 7
Oh my God, you did message me, I am so happy, I just sent you a message at whatsapp
Letter 8
You are offline, I 'll text you tomorrow, sleep well my new and lovely friend, kiss on the cheek
Letter 9

My name is Juliana,i am 32 years Old,I am Single (five years ago), Black, dark black hair, brown eyes, 5' 9", 141 lbs.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure. and working as a Waiter In a Local Resturant,am Living with my Mom and Dad in a Logging house,i am a American By Birth,my Father is a Ghanaian and my mother is From USA..i have been In USA all My life i am a Hard working lady and very freindly.i have no Kids and Never Married.. i Will Be Graduating Next Month and i am Studing Catering(Vocational Skills) ... i Cook Very Well Because that is My
Letter 10
I'm a romantic, easy going, affectionate person. I believe it is important to enjoy life and have fun. I appreciate a good sense of humor, but not at the expense of others. I love to laugh and try to find humor in everyday life.I try not to sweat the small stuff.My friends would tell you that I am low maintenance, not materialistic and down to earth.I'm looking for someone who is open and honest and able to express himself. Someone who's comfortable in his own skin but not arrogant. Someone who is kind, compassionate, and generous of spirit.I am not looking for the perfect man, only the man that is perfect for me. I think life is best when you have someone to share with.
My hobby is deep sea fishing, I have a lovely fishing boat, want to see some pics Juliana?
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Letter 11
Hi how are u doing there, My name is Barbara and am from USA and am here looking for someone to share my life with
Letter 12
hello am new on the internet I'm looking for a serious honest dady who can handle me in ***y .You are my love. No one can ever change that. Just thinking of you makes me feel a special something I've never felt before. You cheer me whenever I'm down and when I see your smile it makes my heart pound as fast as a cheetah. You are the one I want to be with. I won't ask for more except that I want to be with you and there's nothing more to say. If you were the one I could hold forever more I would never let you go. You drive me crazy.I will know then I have truly loved you without question, without hesitance, without wanting or needing a reason.My breath will have returned; for you have taken it away a thousand times without knowing it. My heart will have restored its regular beat, for you have never been aware how deeply it needs rhythm since it came in contact with me or hangout name is or cell 614) 526-4133
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