Scam letter(s) from Elena Metelkina to Ochi (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Ochi. Thanks for your reply. How are you? I hope all is well. I'm fine and happy to receive a message from you.
My name is Elena. When's your birthday? My zodiac sign Taurus. I was born on May 10, 1987 I have a good sense of humor. I think that I am an optimist.
I like to think positively.
I'll tell you that I live in Rostov city in the central part of Russia. The nearby big city of Yaroslavl.
I bring in my Message 2 of my personal photos. I hope that you are a decent man, and my photos will only see you. My height is 168 centimeters. My weight is 53 kg.
I've never been married. I have no children. I live alone in my own apartment. I'm not a big apartment, but I like it.
Ochi, maybe you want to know more information about me? Please do not hesitate to ask me. I will answer your questions. I want to continue our communication in English.
I'm waiting for your photos to the next message. Hope to hear from you soon... Elena.
Letter 2
Hi Ochi. Again, thank you for your response, which was received with great pleasure. Today I'm in a good mood. Now we have spring in Russia. At this time of year, the weather is changeable, in one day it can fall snow, rain and shine the sun. Ochi, what's your hobby? I prefer to eat at home, because I like good healthy food, but I am quite happy to eat at a restaurant or cafe. Sometimes providing food is good, and I would like to have a nice romantic dinner sometimes, as I believe it's good for the relationship, and it helps to break the monotony of everyday normality. Now I send my photos, which were made in a cafe. My colleague made a photo. My town is small.
My colleagues and my friends are the same people. We often spend time together, go to the cinema, attend sports events.
I think that you will be interested to know about my work. I work in the company for the manufacture and sale of cabinet furniture. It's a small company. My job is not to make cabinet furniture.
My position is HR manager (HR manager). I interview at the time of hiring and work in the company. I also deal directly with sales of our cabinet furniture. I like my job.
I think that besides money, work should bring moral satisfaction. I have a higher education at the Faculty of Economics and Personnel Management.
I was lucky, my job corresponds to my education. I work every day, except Sunday. I work 9 hours a day, from 9:00 to 19:00 hours, one hour lunch time. But sometimes I have to stay at work until the evening. It depends on the workload.
I'm a good, friendly and kind girl. I appreciate my professional qualities. Sociability, responsibility and diligence are the foundation of my character. If I tackle anything, I always try to bring it to its logical conclusion. This is my nature, and my upbringing.
I hope that you read my message. Ochi, I want to start a relationship with a clean slate. We are adults. Our life has given us different experiences. We will definitely share this.
I want our relations to be based on sincerity and trust from the very beginning. One of the traits of my character is straightforwardness. I can not say it's good or bad. I'm a real woman.
I have no purpose to seem like an angel to you. Time will help to understand who we will be for each other in the future. Just have to wait and see.
Thank you for not forgetting to give me the photo. You look very attractive. It was nice to see your photos. I hope in the future you will send me your photos in every letter.
Because the photos will help me to know you and your way of life!
What is your name, your friends? My friends call me Lenochka or Lena!
I'll wait patiently for your answer. Elena.
Letter 3
Hello Ochi. Hope you are fine. I like your sincerity and how they are positioned. So I will try to do the same. Good humor and intelligence attract me. I confess I was a little worried when writing a message. I hope you are in good health. You do not know how happy I was to receive your lovely message. I am fine and I hope things are good with you too.
I can not know your mood now. This is the only negative communication in the email. I believe that you have been waiting for my message and it is interesting for you to continue our acquaintance. Millions of people in the World use email every day. This is very convenient if we take into account the time difference between our cities. By the way, the time of my city Rostov, coincides with the time in the city of Moscow.
I send you a photo, which I am with my colleague. This photo was taken quite recently. We were skating. Do you like sport? Winter sports? I like to skate and ski.
At any time of the year, I attend a gym. I like to swim. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I do not smoke or drink alcohol. Playing sports and the regime of the day, help me maintain my vitality.
I always wanted to visit other countries. But I could not, because there was no time for it. I never left Russia. I traveled only within Russia. I consider that your country is very beautiful and it has many different sights. From my earliest childhood, I was interested in history. I carried the love of history through many years. I have a hobby to read historical books, I'm curious about the authors' view of the past. I wonder how everything was before, and why everything has become like now. I like cooking. Reading books and cooking are my hobbies.
I'm an adherent of a healthy diet. Moderate amount of carbohydrates, and a maximum of protein foods. I try not to eat a lot of fatty foods. Ochi, I may seem strange to you in this aspect.
But believe me, nothing in a person's life is as valuable as his health. Health is given to us once and for life !!! Proper distribution of our vital resources will help us to preserve ourselves for many years.
Ochi, I want to know your life and your character better. I suggest in each new message, tell about one of the qualities of our character. You can?
In the last message, I wrote to you about my straightforwardness. Another quality of my character is planning. This is not always possible. Sometimes I have to adjust to the rhythm of life, changing my plans. However, I strive to plan my day, my work, my rest. What character traits do you have?
I want to tell you how I found your address. The city in which I live is not big and I was advised to use the dating agency. In a dating agency, I passed the parameters of the man whom I'm looking for. And they gave me your email.
May be, I can be the woman you are looking for, so. Have a good day and a nice evening. Elena.
Letter 4

Hi, Ochi. How long do you usually read my letters? I'm at work now. I have free time, and I read your message. I was interested in reading your message, I feel
Curiosity to learn something new about you. Before we met, it was difficult to imagine how people communicate on the Internet. We speak different languages in everyday life.
We have different mentality. However, we can share everything that happens in our lives. You can always talk about your problems and joys.
I will never be indifferent to you. I will be happy to give you advice and support.
Ochi, I want to ask you a question. What prompted you to write to me? Interest? Curiosity? I decided to get to know you, because I'm looking for a person with whom I want
To create a family in the future. I am an adult and sociable woman. My choice was completely random. Now I understand that my choice was right.
Of course, in my opinion, I want our relationship to grow more than just friendship. Perhaps, we will have a serious relationship for life? I really want this.
I want you to tell me about your childhood. Did you dream of a child? I would like to know about this. What are your fears?
Now I live alone in my apartment. My apartment is small, but it is convenient for me, most importantly, warmth and comfort. I like houseplants.
They, as a rule, bring comfort at home. I'll send you my picture. I love to ride a bike. Picture taken in the summer, I hope you like it.
I asked you about fear ... I'm afraid of darkness and enclosed spaces. I take a taxi when I get home at night. I do not use the elevator when I'm alone.
My childhood dream is an endless supply of chocolate.
That's it, my dear Ochi, my coffee break is over, and I need to get back to work, I always think about you. Elena.
Letter 5
Hello Ochi. The most beautiful part of my day - it's reading your message. In my words there is no flattery. Communication with you is changing my life.
I think about you when waiting for your message. When I read your post, I want to close my eyes and imagine that we are face to face. Have you noticed changes in your life?
The fact that you are connected with our communication in daily life?
I hope that does not bother you, I ask you many questions. My questions are very simple, but allow better know his life. Thank you for answering my questions.
For me valuable to know your opinion.
Ochi, I'm serious about communicating with you. I have a few personal questions. What do you like in a woman? What do not you like in a woman?
What should be the woman of your dreams? Clever? Beautiful? I think that between a man and a woman should be mutual understanding and respect. It should also be confidence and oomph!
Men and women should be first and foremost friends. Sometimes there is a feeling of love, like lightning. Age brings a different understanding of life.
As a young man can provide an outlet for emotions and heart. With age, you start to think in the first place. Who can often be seen now, as young people do not leave your mobile phone or tablet.
There are many ways to communicate. I think that because of this lost romance, suspense, the ability to think and analyze. You can not knowingly send instant messages.
I like that we communicate by e-mail.
I'm not in a hurry to get married. I want to meet a man with whom I will have understanding. My man should be able to make decisions and take responsibility for their words.
Every word, one must confirm the action. I have important qualities such as hard work, determination, responsibility, honesty, wisdom, and commitment.
Joy and sorrow must be separated by a pair of lovers of people.
I and my colleague visited the cafe. Ochi, you remember, I wrote to you about this? She told me the good news. A colleague of mine got married last summer in August.
She said that she learned that she was pregnant. I am very happy for my colleague and her husband. Now I am sending you a photo that was taken at the wedding of my colleagues.
I remember that day - on 21 August. It was a beautiful sunny day. At the wedding, there were about 100 guests. I do not particularly like such events.
Basically invited guests have a family or a couple. I was alone and felt so uncomfortable. I hope you understand what I mean.
Today I want to visit, the communication agency of communication, to call you. I hope I get, contact you and hear your voice!
I look forward to your new message. I will think about you. Have a nice evening.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Ochi. Thoughts about you taking me from reality. It seems to me that the butterflies fly at the bottom of my stomach when I imagine our meeting.
How do you imagine our first date? I miss the romance. I dream about how we walk together under the moon. This will be the perfect first date for you and me.
I think that for a first date is not suitable cafe or restaurant. We need to feel at ease and get used to each other's company. Nothing should not burden us. I'm sincere with you in my messages.
You do not know anything new about me when we meet.
Ochi, yesterday I was with my mom. We walked to the mall, buy comfortable shoes for the mother. Then we sat in a cafe and drinking tea. I told my mother about this communication in an email. It's hard to contain my joy of our communion inside me. I always sincere with my mom. Since childhood, we trust each other any secrets.
Needless to say that my mother was asking a lot of questions about you? I told my mother your name and a brief about your life. I described you as a very kind and good man, intelligent with great intelligence. My mom said she sees the sparkle of my eyes and my happiness. However, my mother said that I should be careful.
My parents had never traveled to other countries. For moms hard to imagine that I will be traveling to another country for a meeting with a man.
Especially now the world is very difficult situation because there are many terrorist attacks. Ochi, my parents, like all parents in the world - I wish you happiness for their children.
I appreciate the concern of my parents, and always take care of them. In today's world, a lot of lies and deceit. I assured my mother that it was not our case.
Today my mother returned to the city of Yaroslavl. I think my dad already knows about our relationship with you. I want to have the blessing of my parents for our relationship with you.
Now I want to write my home and work addresses. I do not want to lose our fellowship. Please write the address of your house.
My home address: Russia, 152150, Rostov, Yaroslavl Region, street Nekrasov, house 66, flat 5.
My work address is: Russia, 152155, Rostov, Yaroslavl Region, street February Passage, 42a. This is the address of my office.
I trust you. When I was talking about you, my mother, my impression that I've known you a lifetime! I am not afraid of the distance between us.
I'm seriously thinking of traveling to your country in my upcoming vacation. I post photos that were made in a tributary that flows into, Lake Nero.
I hope you support my thoughts and ideas. I like understanding that there are between us. I miss you. Write a message quickly. Kisses. Elena.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Ochi. I am pleased to feel your concern. Thank you for the kind words that I read in your messages. I have a lot of work in the last days. My vacation will begin soon.
Now I'm trying to finish all the working things. I did not notice how the day went today. Feeling that the whole world is frozen, and you are doing your job. I think that sometimes it is useful
to work, disconnecting from the outside world. It keeps in a tone, gives additional motivation and strength.
Ochi, I want to believe in a fairy tale. I'm waiting for your messages, how little children are waiting for the gift. Regardless of age, all people believe in magic.
For me, our meeting seems like magic. I want to believe that we will meet in reality.
We have known each other for a long time, each other, with ease we speak on different topics. You occupy an important place in my life. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate at a distance, because we do not have the opportunity to see each other. Our meeting will help us strengthen our friendship and become closer to each other. You know, at this moment, I write these words and I have excitement. I for a moment presented our meeting, and I do not want to lose my feelings. I guess I write a lot about our meeting.
I hope that you are interested in reading my message... I share my thoughts with you, because I want to know your opinion.
I've never been in your country. Ochi we should discuss in detail our forthcoming meeting. I'm not a frivolous woman. I think a lot about our meeting and write to you about this.
I really, really want to see your country and your way of life. I have to see it with my eyes, and I think that we'll have a happy time together.
Please do not forget to answer my questions. You are the only man I could trust for a long time.
I do not know if you have news from Russia. Yesterday afternoon was a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg. 14 people were killed, and about 50 others were injured.
Explosion in the subway occurred on the stretch between the stations "Technological Institute" and "Sennaya Ploshchad". It is very scary and sad that in our time there is a very high probability of a terrorist attack. At such moments think that it's very good that I live in a small town, and the probability of a terrorist attack is very small.
I give you a new photo. I tried to ride a snowboard! I am not good at :(. I asked for your home address. You did not write. Write please, home address.
I'm waiting for your message. Kisses. Elena.
Letter 8
Hello dear Ochi. Today, I have some good news about my vacation. I can not wait to tell you. In the morning I spoke with my director. The director said that as soon as I finish the current case and offered all the reports, I can take my vacation. On labor law, everyone in Russia is entitled to 30 days vacation. I can take a vacation, or 2 times 2 weeks, or once every 30 days. Break between the holidays should be at least 6 months. You can also take extra vacation days, if you work on Saturday and Sunday.
This year, I will have 42 days of vacation. I wonder how labor law regulates the holidays in your country?
News about my holidays give me the additional capacity to finish the job faster. Although often during the day, I get distracted from work and think of you. My thoughts are you.
Ochi, I look forward to my vacation, so we can make an appointment.
I plan to talk to my parents to find out their opinion about my trip to your country. The opinion of my parents is always important for any decisions.
Although the most important thing for me is that our mutual desire to meet. I want to start making plans for the upcoming holidays. I want to ask your opinion on this issue.
We can make plans for our vacation together? You will have days off, so that we can meet in your country? What is the name of an international airport close to your home?
Ochi, especially now I feel it is important to your care and support. Together, we must participate in order to arrange our meeting. First of all, I ask you to frequently checked your mailbox.
I may have any questions. I hope that you will help me in everything. My opinion is, in the modern world the little things that can be categorized as "impossible."
All people are the architects of their personal lives. I think that we have the strength of mind to make our meeting a reality.
I'm sorry, I'm very fascinated by dreams of our meeting. Sometimes it seems to me that these thoughts are my own. I want to blink an eye, and be there for you.
Tonight, I plan to go to the city of Yaroslavl to my mom and dad. I will think about you. I miss you.
I send you photos that were taken in my apartment.
I'm waiting for your message. Kissing. Elena.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Ochi. When I can not check my mailbox, I catch myself thinking that I miss you. I want to feel your arms. I like to represent our meeting.
It is impossible to guess what our behavior will be like. The main thing that we must do is create an atmosphere of tranquility. We must remain ourselves.
I understand that you have daily business and worries. I promise that I will treat this with understanding.
Ochi, I understand the risks of liability that are placed on me. I spoke with my parents. Between children and parents there is an invisible connection.
I think that my parents also feel that I am very happy with you. My mom and dad approved our communication and gave a blessing for our meeting. I am very glad that everything is going well.
How are you doing today? What is the weather like? Please, write what clothes, should I bring with me to your country? In my city the weather gets colder every day.
Today, the air temperature is minus 8 degrees C. I want to carefully plan my wardrobe to feel comfortable. I will tell you how my journey is preparing.
I have to find out if there is direct air communication between our countries. I've never been in your country. You are the only man I know in your country. You must meet me at the airport.
The time we spend together will help us to know each other. Of course, I hope to continue our warm relations.
I almost forgot to ask a very important question. Ochi, can I use your computer to write a message to my mom? I hope that there will be no problem.
Well, I'll be starting to take some steps to our meeting. I will do everything deliberately and correctly so that we will sooner meet. I will have to decide on my own.
But I want you to write to me every day and also inspire me!
I did not tell you my full name? Sorry, I remember yesterday that I wanted to write you my full name, I probably thought about it, but forgot to write.
Yesterday I visited a communication agency to call you. When I called you, you picked up the phone but I did not hear anything. Why did not you say anything?
In the next few days I will find out what documents I will need to visit your country. I will inform you of all the news. I will think about you.
Yesterday I made a short video. I hope you like it.
I'm waiting for your message. Kisses. Elena.
Letter 10
Hello my sweet Ochi. I just drank tea and read your message. I like to reread the messages you wrote before. Thank you for your care. You awaken in my heart feelings that I have long forgotten. I think a lot about my parents and the blessing they gave for our meeting. This means that my family trusts you.
Today I learned some information about traveling to your country. Travel agencies in my city are small and travel in Russia. I called the travel agency in the city of Yaroslavl.
Now I will write the information that I was able to find out. First of all, I will say the name of the agency - tripyaro.
I decided that I would use the services of a travel agency to arrange documents for travel to your country. The closest consulate of your country is in Moscow.
Ochi, it is not necessary to attend the consulate. This will bring additional costs for traveling to Moscow and living in the city of Moscow.
I will have to visit a travel agency in the city of Yaroslavl, and I will live with my parents. Good idea, right?
I have to prepare a package of documents: a certificate from work, a tax return, a certificate of marital status, an international passport, a photo. I will receive all of these references quickly.
In the next few days I will try to get all the documents. I was also told that I will have to provide 2 air tickets (tickets for arrival in your country and for returning to Russia).
This is the standard procedure. Registration of documents for travel, through a travel agency takes 5-10 days. Ochi, I learned about the cost of processing documents.
At the beginning of the processing of documents, I need to pay a consulate fee and a state fee. In general, I will spend about 650 dollars USD. This amount, includes, all bureaucratic costs associated with the execution of documents, as well as medical insurance. I asked about the price of air tickets, but the travel agency employee could not tell me their cost.
The fact is that different airlines establish their tariffication for the flight. I can choose the best air tickets when I personally visit a travel agency.
I'm ready to start preparing documents for the trip. Ochi, I want to enlist your support. It is important for me to know the seriousness of your intentions.
I think that the words written in the e-mail, I can not convey the intonation, the trembling of the voice and the look. So I do not write big words here. We are adults with you.
I want to look into your eyes, feel your hands and tell you the most important words. It depends only on us now. I want to spend magical vacation days with you.
And to plan our future joint future. Do you want it? I want to know that you will not leave me alone in any situation.
We must discuss the financial issue of our meeting. I want everything to be as transparent and confidential as possible. You already know the nature of my character - planning.
I have the money to make out the documents for traveling to your country. I have no information about the cost of air tickets. I think that the sharing of expenses for traveling
between us is just and rational. I sincerely think that you share my opinion. Can I count on your help? If I do not have enough of my own savings, will you help me in buying air tickets?
You are always in my thoughts. I dream that soon we will be able to refuse to communicate in email, and we will communicate, looking into each other's eyes. I'm sorry if I ask you for a lot.
It is important for me to know about our mutual decision. I think that you understand my fear of traveling to another country. This is absolutely normal. I sincerely write to you about this.
I'm sending you my video that I made specifically for you. Sorry, I was very worried. I hope you got my air kiss.
Yesterday I visited a communication agency to call you. When I called you, you did not answer the phone. Why did not you pick up the phone? Do you not want to talk to me?
I'm waiting for your message. I do not want to waste my vacation days in vain. I dream of our meeting.
Kisses. Elena.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Ochi. The best part of my day, when I check my mailbox and read your message. Now my vacation, and today, I slept longer than usual. I woke up at 9:00 in the morning.
I took a shower. I thought about you when I had breakfast. Today I had breakfast salad from vegetables and yogurt.
Today I prepared all the information and documents that will be required when visiting the travel agency. This pleasant chores for me. I like to think about our meeting. Do you have a camera?
I wish we had many joint photo.
Tomorrow I'll come into town Yaroslavl and start the paperwork for the trip. I'm really looking forward to our meeting. I can live with my parents at the time of registration documents.
Every day I go to the internet cafe to check my mailbox. Ochi, please, do not plan anything for the first day of our meeting. I want to be only with you.
I think that I will be tired after a long flight. Also, we will need to send my mom and dad. I feel the strength to cope with all the difficulties.
We can do for us, for our goal to meet and have the hottest kiss.
I did not write you my Surname? Sorry, I thought I wrote you my Surname in a letter where I wrote my home address. Probably I thought about it, forgot to write. My full name is Elena Metelkina.
Really. Now I watched the video that I gave you. There's no sound on it. When I was making this video, I was sure it worked. It's very sad that I made a video without sound.
In the video, I talked about the plans for the trip and the gift that I prepared for you. You'll find out about it when we meet. To make a video, I took a video camera from a colleague at work.
At the moment I can not make you another video.
I'm going to gather for tomorrow's road. Also, now I'll go to the station to buy a bus ticket. Tomorrow, as soon as I arrive in Yaroslavl, I'll write you a message.
Kissing. Elena.
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