Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Trubacheva to Steve (England)
Letter 1
How old are you?
Where do you live now?
I'm Katerina;)
I'am very kindly mistress and for now trying to find fine Man! If You want to see me, write to me!
I can send You my photo bye
Letter 2
Hi Steve!!
How do you? ;) I'm alright. I am writing to you from your personal e-mail, answer me here, because it's no one to see our letters. Are you still here? When I saw your message, very pleased. :) Do you know why? Because there is always glad to new friends. and in fact, I sit here alone, sad, bored, thinking about something, and then suddenly see your message. I immediately broke into a smile, because you have your message pleased me. :) This is a very good start, but I want to know more about you. do not forget to write to me about their lives, so we can know more about each other.
Steve, your real name, correctly I write? I do not know even from what to begin this first letter. I want to begin our correspondence with honesty and yours faithfully. My name is Katerina. To me 32 years, Hair colour the fair-haired, at me hair natural colour, my growth 169 cm and at you?, weight 58 kg, Colour of eyes brown, and at you? , beautiful, clever, harmonious I do not smoke, I drink red wine, sparkling, favorite colour red and green...
I the optimist, also like to learn something new. I have a good formation. At leisure I like to visit pool, the fitness centre and to read good books. Steve you like to read books - tell to me, which? I am loyal and honest with a great sense of humor. I enjoy all things involving music, pop music to be more specific. Being creative and enjoying the arts is also a favorite. I am hoping to find someone special, who is down to earth and is able to find joy in the simple things in life while being exciting and edgy. The most important is an amazing sense of humor... :) I have decided to find the love in the Internet. While we will correspond, will give us chance to study each other. Certainly, I understand that the Internet - not absolutely usual way to acquaintance, but I know that everything, I dream, should love and be favorite and I believe that my dream will be carried out. I search for the reliable and fascinating person with whom we always will be interesting each other. I want to love and be favorite. If All of you still be interested in me, I look forward to hearing from you and more quantities of your photos. I will write to you later as I will have a free time.
and now I attach my photo, I hope they will come to you. ;) All my best Katerina.
Letter 3
Steve you have received my photos?
If is not present, urgently inform me, once again I will send. I have forgotten to write to you, whence I and where I live. Whence I? My city is called Ekaterinburg, Russia. It is located on east macroslope of Average Ural Mountains, on river banks an Inet. You heard something about my city?
There can be you were here? I think there will be no for us a problem a distance between our cities. Now there are many possibilities to hear and see each other on distance, but we it see. I think to you very much it was pleasant my city because it is a lot of sight.
Perhaps, there are at you friends in Russia, tell to me? I think that should not place this distance between us as at us one purpose and plans, to meet the happiness, love and to establish a family.
Steve you agree with me? I hope that there will be no for you a problem this distance between us.
I never was married and I have no children. I very much love children and I will be very glad to have the, I hope it will come true. To me very much will come easily to find common language with children, therefore I very strongly love children.
In marriage did not leave, because has not met that unique man who would make me the happy woman. You have children? If yes, how their name? It is very interesting to me. You are married?
I never and with anybody did not get acquainted, did not correspond and had no friend from other country. You the first person to whom I write the letter. I would like as to ask you a question, you with many women correspond?
Steve how many friends have on the Internet? I'm looking for someone confident, intelligent, unselfish, fun, sincere, honest, ambitious and loyal, who knows these traits are best expressed through actions; not just words claiming to be or aspiring to one day become these things.
Someone with a good heart and soul, who is a good communicator and appreciates valuable time with family and friends. I'm intelligent, ambitious, classy, confident, independent, fun, loyal and down to earth. During study at university, I visited English language courses. From all languages, I like English language more, it to me will come easily.
How you consider, whether my English language is good? I hope, you understand me that I write to you.
I'll try to tell about myself more in my next mails. I have not received from you any photos, I think you have forgotten. I very much hope to see your photos in the following letter, I will look forward! Looking forward to your reply, Katerina.
Letter 4

Hi Steve. ;)
How are you? Why you so write to me a little? Really I am not pleasant to you, or you have what that doubts concerning me? I search for the love, the man with which I could construct relations. If you want it, I am ready will continue our dialogue. Or there can be you distract on other women?
At you it is a lot of them? You copy to whom that still? Tell to me truth, I think we should begin this dialogue with sincerity. As should know, you wish to be on friendly terms with me?
Today tuesday, I think to descend in pool, and you? It is a pity, not I have explained to you as I have learnt your e-mail. :( I have received your e-mail from a dating site, to me have suggested to get acquainted with you. There can be it an error in an e-mail, but it is not so important, because I would like to get acquainted with you on closer, our destiny can has united us. You have answered me, and I have been surprised.
If you want to find the woman we can get acquainted more close and to learn about each other. Steve You against? ;) Steve I like to cook and be creative, whether it's making jewelry, painting or photography. I also love to read. I'm interested in spirituality and personal growth. I'm very inquisitive and I love learning new things. I meditate, try and be mindful, and live in the moment. The future is important to me and I'd like to share it with someone truly special.
Communication and honesty is very important to me. I also believe that having the same sense of humor, values and goals are some of the important keys to a successful relationship. I am also grateful for the basic things in life that most people take for granted. If anything I have said resonates with you, I would love to hear from you. :) What formation at me and where I work? I have left school in 17 years, I have arrived to study in The Ural state Economic University. Have graduated the economist . At university has studied 5 years and I have received an honours degree, now the Manager on sale. You have what formation, social level? I work in the furniture company office furniture Estel. I like my job. I have been working for about 5 years. my responsibility for the ability to get along with customers, the ability to quickly navigate the situation changes, to take decisions with a lack of information and limited time. The elimination of some of the documents. Not so easy, and my duty, therefore, that I take very seriously. What is your job, what can you say?.
Steve than particularly you are engaged on work?
At me as that concrete hobby is not present! I love much that: florets to grow up, photograph, good music to collect and all in such spirit... So, what do i do for fun... well, that depends on my mood, weather and lots of circumstances. During the whole year i attend the swimming pool. I adore everything what is connected with water and swimming is my favorite sport...
though to be more detailed- this is the only sport i go in for. :) You like to float in pool? I have got few girlfriends, which whom we can talk for hours gossiping about some nice trifles :) Reading - that takes separate and very important place in my life. Also I can add, that I am easy -going person and can be busy with lots of things...
I send you my photo. If you do not get my photos, I write, I will send again. I hope as to hear about you on more.
Do not forget to send the photos.

Best wishes, Katerina.
Letter 5
Steve how are you doing, state of health? I want to share with you the good mood.
Thanks for your photo, this very good beginning because on a photo it is possible to learn about much about the person. You agree?
After all you liked my photos, I think you want to speak with me. Certainly, I liked your photo, and I very much would want to learn about you. Hope we can make friends, give the friend the friend that we want. I hope for it, I think we can exchange still a photo so that I could learn about you.
You agree? Do not forget to send me the photos in the following letter. I like to walk early in the morning when passers-by very-very seldom distract attention and I can remain at this time alone with myself, with the nature, with God... It is pleasant To me, walking on park to sit down on a bench and to look at the nature.
Recently, I went to the cinema, just a few days ago. And so, I would very much like to know how you feel about the movie? How are your favorite movies, theater or museum. what do you like? What's the last time you visited, what places have seen? tell me.
You know, to me very much to be pleasant to look different genres of a film. But, I prefer to look a comedy, romantic, detectives and a fantasy, but very much it to be pleasant to look in real events. Certainly, as whenever possible as I work all day long. But, I try not to lag behind and I go to look films. To be pleasant to me our Russian films, now many films remove. It is possible to list many films, but recently I looked cinemas Passengers, Rogue One, Collateral - this film very much it was pleasant to me. I even cried during viewing. So it was touching, I liked actor Will Smith. You saw this film? As looked 28 panfilovcev, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Doctor Strange... Still the film very much was pleasant about love Me Before You. It was remarkably beautiful and romantic. It is possible to write and tell about films much, plots and about actors. But, whether I do not know to be pleasant to you these films. If you want to discuss about it we could talk in the separate letter on it. And what films most of all were pleasant to you also what you already looked? You go to cinemas? Or at you the house the big home theatre? :) I as like to read books, not only to consider a film, and as to read.
Sometimes, after work, I would like to sit in silence, sitting on a sofa and I read the book. Probably, it is May the most favourite by a hobby. Because that I like to read, as reading of the person does formed, clever and friendly. You with me agree? Here for example, the remarkable book "Chance"
Irina Lisovsky, "Your destiny" Sapphire, "Pair dance" Franciska Vudvort recently read. "The girl whom you have left" Jojo Moyes, "Last letter from your favourite" Jojo Moyes, "Singing in a blackthorn" Colleen McCullough...
Certainly as without music, I think each person listens to music, to whom the classic, to whom loud, with basses, or to whom slow. But, I always listen to music, on work with we always we include radio, sometimes plays good songs. In everyone to the country there are songs and on the languages, but I think you did not hear the Russian songs... But, I advise to you to listen somehow to the Russian songs, they are remarkable, as our singers sing very beautifully. To classics I listen very seldom, I prefer to listen the priest, club... And in general, I listen to different music, all depends on mood. :) I send you still the one photo. Most sincerely,
Letter 6
Steve you have received the letter from me today?
I try to write to you as I will have a free time that we could will get acquainted more close. I am very interested by our correspondence, wanted to learn more about you...If you wish same if you want to learn about each other more I think, you not against I write you so much letters. I have received your photos, was are very remarkable. I looked at your photos about some times and I will look, because you are pleasant to me. Thanks me were very pleasant. I would like to tell to your one story which has happened with my were the fellow worker. And why were, I tell...

Her name is Maria. 3 years ago we together visited English language courses
2 times a week, and houses it has found a website where Americans trained Russian in English language through skype in the Internet. And here she there has got acquainted with the man for 12 its years is more senior. The more they communicated, the more strongly they fell in love each other. They had a romantic history. Then he has invited to itself(himself). In 2 weeks Maria has taken vacation and has left to it. And you represent, it there remained, he has not released its! They are married 3 years! It has found the love in the Internet, that without suspecting. It is a lot of such stories. The love has no borders, I know it precisely. Steve perhaps and my destiny not in Russia :). I at heart the romanticist.
For me, as well as for all women important usual female happiness. In my understanding, the main thing for the woman is the family, the favourite husband with which it would be desirable to take place all course of life, keeping for hands. I want to love and be favourite. I dream of that I in the future always had a harmony, I dream of love! Big, light and pure! I want, that nearby there was a strong man's shoulder, having buried in which, it is possible though for a short while to feel weak and defenceless. I would be glad to learn as you concern me? A few having learnt me How you think, what I? I approach your standard of beauty? :) I do not have man, a year I am one. I had more any no relation because I could not meet such person which have made me the happy woman. Last relation at me has ended badly, I loved it on the present, wanted to build a family.
But me have betrayed, it changed with other women, after I could not forgive him and has left. Now I one, still wait for that person who does me happy.
If we have a distinction aged, it not a problem for me.
The main thing that in you, what internal qualities. For Me the most important thing as the man what he, how to talk and what mind at him behaves. The most important qualities for me in the man. If you are more senior me, it is not important.
You agree with me? Again I send you the some photos. Do not forget to send the photos, I only will be glad to see them. I wait from you for the letter Steve you soon. I kiss you! Katerina.
Letter 7
Hi Steve.
Hey, how are you? I did not see your letters. You have no interest in me? Or what?
I sent you some of my photos, I think we could communicate and find a common language. We can talk on the phone, talk online chat. BUT, you do not answer my letters. If you want to meet me?
I would very much like to find my love, my friend... I hope you will answer me now and we will continue our dialogue.Katerina.
Letter 8
Hi Steve. How you today? :) How on work? What do you do today? To me to see pleasant again your letters and to read that you write.
Excuse me please, what not at once to you I answer letters. I had to leave in weekend on business trip in other city. I did not have a possibility to you to answer, has arrived only early in the morning. Now I again here, at the city and already on work.
I try to work, that have not lost the place. My friends sometimes say that a lot of time I give for work and about the private life I do not worry.
Probably they are right... And you as think? I hope you you do not become angry and still here.
In last letter wrote one you history about the friend Maria. What do you think of it? ;) Really my destiny too to be where that is far from me? I can probably fall in love with you? Last night, my mum has asked, to whom I write the letter and why so a lot of time has started to spend time behind the computer. I could not tell still to it about you because we only only have got acquainted and still at us ahead. You agree? :) By the way my parents very good and kind, I think they to you would be pleasant.
My parents for a long time together, already as 30 years, they always together also are very happy. I love the parents and consequently I very much treat kindly them. I always try to please them as they have deserved it, they have given me everything, love, happiness and kindness. My father call Andrey, and mum of Light. And yours? You have parents? They are already old, but I very strongly love them. They helped me in all. From the father I can always find support, but at the same time it is strict. Anyhow?
After all fathers should be sometimes strict with children that children have learnt them to respect.Steve what you think about it? With parents I live in the neighborhood in one house. I live one, and parents a floor more low. My childhood was the most fantastic and brilliant! I have grown in a very beautiful place. There was a beautiful garden round. The garden blossomed each spring. I looked at those flowers and it seemed to me that I lived in a fairy tale. When I was 4 I told my mum I will fall in love only in the spring! When gardens will blossom!" And everybody laughed. I have grown up in atmosphere, which was full of love. My parents never swore, I don’t remember any scandals. My daddy was always kind and careful! He liked to please me and my mum. I adore parents, but I must have my private life now. Once all of us will grow up. And we must choose own way. I realize, that relations are very difficult. It’s not easy to be by other person’s side. But if you take care of him and respect him, everything will be okay.
Last night has told to the parents about our correspondence. I have informed that have got acquainted with you and we have started to communicate. My mum has wished me that you were that man which will make me happy. My parents are very kind to me, they love me and does everything that I was happy. I very much appreciate their love. My parents have transferred you huge greetings. Steve i’d like to thank you again for your letters. Probably I repeat. But it’s very pleasant to me to write it. Thanks! It’s very important to feel attention, important to realize that some other person is interested in you.
I hope that in the following letter write about the family, it will be very interesting to me to learn about your family. If I have not answered your questions, what you have asked, please to forgive me? Ask me once again. At me probably bad English language or can has forgotten. I will try to be corrected... Have a great day. Katerina.
Letter 9
I'd like to say that you Steve are an unordinary man and you worth all the best. :) I wrote to you about the parents, I wanted to show to you how mum and the father are important for me. I very much love them also they at me on the first place, I am very grateful to them for everything that they have brought up me.
On your photos it is possible to tell much. You seem very interesting and kind person. YOU to me very much are pleasant also to me pleasantly very much. And how I to you? Whether I am pleasant to you?
Last night was at home and thought, where you now are, in what place that you do is direct now.
Steve What conditions at you round you. Therefore I want to tell to you a little about my house and a room that me around surrounds and that is. You can present where every evening I am and that I do.
Steve I hope, to you will be interesting. Our house is on suburb but as to this area enough transport both the underground, and a tram, and fixed-route taxis goes. My room not so big, but cosy and light because it is on sunny side. In the mornings the sun at first awakes me, and already after gradually reaches a parental bedroom. Here there is a desk and a chair, some book shelves and, of course, clothes.
I try to keep order. It is possible to find in my corner anything you like:
and books with writing-books, and various toys, but the room most part occupy, as the father tells, any female features cosmetics and clothes, bottles with spirits, female magazines. Steve I want to tell to your one small story, I then was very much frightened darkness and one was afraid to sleep, I think that it will be interesting to you. :) Somehow I could not fall asleep, on kitchen something on the sly crackled, well as cups, pans, I did I do not pay a long time already to this attention.
But suddenly I so have accurately felt that in a room someone is, and even it wanted to me to speak it, I very much was frightened, I was dark saw nothing, but felt. On kitchen during this moment it became silent, as though therefrom someone has come. In a room there were any sounds.
I lay with widely open eyes. :-o
Suddenly at breast level through a bed as though, something has jumped in size with the big fluffy cat, here then to me became absolutely terrible. I lay so that could not look in any way what to be created in a room. =-o Very long lay, blindly, ostensibly I sleep, listening to sounds. Gradually all was forgot. And now has grown also I am afraid of nothing. :) Would like as to hear from you any history from the life. I hope that it is interesting to you that I write to you. If to you that that is not pleasant and it is not clear, tell necessarily, I will not take offence. I would like to hold dialogue with you and to learn about you more... Best wishes
Letter 10
Hello Steve, How are you?
Than you are engaged? You now work or spend time with the friends.
I very much would would like to hear your voice, to speak by with you to phone. You can call to me? I do not know, whether my phone accepts trunk calls, did not call abroad earlier. But it is possible to try. It is my
number: +7 (922) 116 6442.
I happen at home only after 19:00 hours, you can call at this time. In the afternoon I work, I cannot talk to you. If it is not difficult, leave the number. If you give me the number, I can call too to you. Allow to communicate by phone if it is possible.
Steve some of the characteristics I love to find in people emotional maturity and willingness to share stories, thoughts, feelings and experiences great, almost wicked, sense of humor natural intelligence, curiosity, open-mindedness and sincerity appreciation of travel, nature, new people, and new experiences a 'young at heart' quality! Things I'd like to share with someone quiet evenings at home, including maybe some tinkering around the house skiing, biking, hiking and outdoor sports hanging out outdoors in nature, at the beach, in a park the occasional glass of red wine and night of jazz or world music moments of laughing, playing and just letting go and being silly together Guys I'm physically attracted to usually work out and have some muscle tone.
If you wish still that that to learn about my city you can ask me or you can look on the Internet:
I wish you all the best! My best wishes, Katerina. P.s...I support sports, therefore sometimes in the summer to a hedgehog on a bicycle. And you? You love a bicycle? Or you prefer what sport? I send some their my photos driving on a bicycle.
Letter 11
Steve it again I, you have received the letter today from me. I have written about the remarkable city, it is pleasant to you? You could as to see my city on the Internet, I think that will be pleasant to you. I very much would like as to learn about your city. I read in different magazines and as on the Internet, your country very beautiful, is a lot of sights... It would be desirable to see this all the eyes. If has arrived to your country, Steve could tell to me about a city, show your favourite places and where you like to spend a free time? Steve i want to ask, you like to travel? I very much love, I was in very many cities in Russia (in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi, Crimee, Kiev,
Minsk) In all a city the sights. I most of all liked St.-Petersburg, it is considered in Russia the most beautiful city. People also life there much more measuredly, there is much more benevolent, more polite more easy. I was shaken by this city by the beauty, greatness, originality. There so much fascinating and interesting sights. This city has subdued the architecture, a considerable quantity of museums, parks. As I have visited once abroad, Turkey. This free permit have given out on work, for good work. I have now a passport to travel to other countries. Steve tell, to me in what countries you were, and in what cities? You spoke to the friends about me and what you think, what I approach for you? I have not received from you any photos, you seem have not sent to me? If you send the photos, to me to become very pleasantly. I want to see each time you and to represent you near to me. I hope I will see the following letter your photos. My Best Wishes, Katerina.
Letter 12
Thanks that you continue to please me with the letters, for answers to my questions.
I wrote to you about the city, you have seen in the Internet of a photo of Ekaterinburg? How your mood today? What plans at you for today? Yesterday I have left to you the phone number, you have tried to call to me? I have called Today in the telephone company, whether have learnt about that it is possible to call from other country. To me have told is not present, because my telephone line does not accept trunk calls. I have been a little afflicted in it because was going to wait from you a call. But there is I too cannot call abroad, accept calls too. For this purpose it is necessary for me to buy the international telephone card for communication, on a card I can call to you. How you think? I have received your number and now tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to you I will call, Be near to phone. I do not know time difference between us, I to you will call in the evening after 19:00 hours, it is convenient for you? We could talk through skype, but the regret my computer does not support such programs. I wrote to you about it. I hope the following time we it will be obligatory to speak through skype. Steve where you would want to speak with me, on facebook? But I will try to establish there the account, I tried once, but at me it has turned out nothing. I have woken up with good mood, full of strength, and at me good day. Has woken up with wild desire to have breakfast pancakes with jam and tea, fritters at me turn out excellent! Time I have begun about meal, I want to tell to you about the favourite dishes. I love a potato in French, a hen baked with apples, a cottage cheese baked pudding. I already wrote to you in the previous letter that I like to surprise the relatives with a culinary delicacy. But sometimes I like to have supper in cafe, to learn new dishes.
I love a water-melon, any apples sweet or sour-sweet apples, a strawberry, and others fruit. And still I adore sweets every possible. But, I always control myself because from sweet it is possible to collect excess weight.
It is interesting to me to know, what do you think of meal? Steve what your favourite dishes? In the evening I plan to go with the girlfriend to a gym. I like to go in for sports and be always in shape. Most of all I like run and aerobics. In a youth I visited a circle of the Latin American dances, we with group went in the next cities and occupied places of honour. Sometimes coming from work, home, I include music and I remember and I hop rhythmical movements by hips from waltzes and points :). You love sports? I will wait for your early reply. I'm looking forward to learning more about you, Katerina.
Letter 13
You know my Steve, i began to notice myself that your letters gradually enter my heart. your letters become a pleasant part of my life. It is pleasant to realize that you show interest to me. It increases mood! I want to share with you how yesterday has passed my day on work. At once I want to note a surprising thing: without the chief as though and affairs are not present special in spite of the fact that all easy work on the places without its any instructions. About a floor of 9th any person and all only one call, and that from it :). A little sadly that from you any photos. Can be at you there is what that problems with photo sending? At you it is a lot of photo? Whether there are at you other photos? I would would like to see. How pass my days how I spend a free time? I work from Monday till Friday if it is a lot of work I work on the days off. I rise early in the morning at
7:00 am, I wash, I make toilet, I have breakfast at 8:00 - 8:15. I drink in the mornings tea, sometimes coffee, I do a beefsteak, a sandwich. My work is not far from my house, sometimes I go on foot when I am late, meal by the bus, I do not have car. If it is fair, I even am afraid to operate the car.
My work begins from 9:00 am - till 17:00 pm. Tell to me about your day? The free time I spend houses, I read books, I go to sports hall, in aerobics, on a skating rink, in pool. And you that do at leisure? I very much like to conduct with you conversation. Very versatile and interesting person seems to me you. I feel that at us many the general interests. With impatience I will look forward to hearing from you! All my love - always Katerina.
Letter 14
Hi Steve, how are you?
At me all ok, I am now very glad to see your letters. And so my day very remarkable to be pleasant to me in how many I rise, when I go for work, I love the work, to me all arranges. I think your day too remarkable, I wish you the best.
You know, sometimes I dream of some things, about love, about the man which me will make the happiest woman. I have dream and each time think and I dream only of it. For me the dream is something unrealizable, but I can tell about the desires.
I dream of that I in the future with the husband always had a harmony, I dream of the child. I dream of love!
Big, light and pure! It dream to appear on a glade under the big beautiful oak, to lie on a green grass, inhaling aroma of wild flowers. I on the nature the romanticist, therefore at me romantic dream. For me, as well as for all women important usual female happiness.
In my understanding, the main thing for the woman is the family, the favourite husband with which it would be desirable to take place all course of life, keeping for hands. I want to love and be favourite. I want, that my relatives were live and healthy.
I want, that in the future my children have become successful in life, have met the halves and were happy. And certainly, I want, that nearby there was a strong man's shoulder, having buried in which, it is possible though for a short while to feel weak and defenceless.
Tell to me about the dream? Steve, what do you want from life? Steve, you are in my heart :-) Here still my photo, I think you it you see.
With thoughts of you, Katerina.
Letter 15
Steve, you have received my photos?
Steve it would be very interesting to you to learn that I think of you? For all these days when we corresponded, i have learnt a little about you.
It is very difficult to learn for such time interval about the person all. I read all your letters as was very glad to see that you answer all my questions.
I know that you are sincerely interested in acquaintance and dialogue with me. You do not hide from me anything, tell details about the life.
From all men whom i know only with you, i can talk on all frank themes and let you all into the secrets. Steve, you the interesting interlocutor.
I think that you clever, reliable, attentive, romantic, with excellent sense of humour and the good man...probably, you are able to find a way out of any situation and if you say that all will be good, means really so will occur, because it is possible to rely on you in all. I hope that i am not mistaken in it, i think that I have met that person with which I could be happy.I have for you good news, through pair week I leave in holiday and I can have a rest at last. I thought all time that I will do during holiday. Where I can descend, with whom and when. Know, I do not want to be at home and be in one place. I thought to leave abroad, to have a rest couple of days, can a week. Steve, there can be I could arrive your country? Tell to me a little, whether there is what that beautiful places or where I could be established, in what city.
By the way, gifts it is pleasant to you, love surprises? When at you date of birth and who on a sign to the zodiac?I was born in March 15, 1984, I am 32 years..
I have told to friend Anna about our correspondence and have opened to it a secret about I test what feelings to you. It is very glad that we have got acquainted. She to me has told that for a long time did not see me such inspired :). Here you see that you and your letters do with me! You need to work as an angel :) :) :). You search for what relations, what you wait from our correspondence? Kisses and Hugs, Katerina.
Letter 16
Hi Steve. How are you? I wish you success in everything, successful and good day! ;)
I have received your letters, very much with impatience waited for your answer. Each time I open an e-mail, expecting to see from you the answer. YOU to me became a part of my life without which now I cannot live. I do not know why, but I would like to communicate, speak more and more with you.
I very much want to hear your voice, I want to speak on the phone. In last letters, I wrote to you very important things, I think you read and understand me. What do you think of me? (in_love) As I know that in your country of the man like to pay compliments, like to speak about the wives and children., if them to ask about it.
Will tell, what wife the clear head and the beauty as it is a lot of years they live together, what remarkable children, very big romanticists, very much love children, in dialogue they are very unchained and friendly, always smile.
Steve Tell to me, whether the rights I? Whether correctly I think of men? You could be this person? When I think of you, i understand that such clever, erudite, intelligent, interesting, independent man to meet in our society it is improbable and is problematic. But as we have found each other, it would be logical and expedient to begin a joint course of life.
We with you adult, serious people, and perfectly realise that together to us it is better. Now our life has found sense. Our relations develop not as relations of simply familiar people. At them definitely there is something big. I long reflected and have come to a conclusion that we need to take the following step, I think, you understand me.
Russian men, in my opinion, basically, infantile and irresponsible, for them a family at all value.
Therefore many Russian women suffer. As far as I know, all over the world are appreciated just that they kind, hardworking, self-denying and intelligent. Russian women very kind, careful and economic.
Steve for me the main thing a family, children, honesty, good and respect. You search for such woman? Tell to me, what you know about the Russian women?
Did you speak about me with your friends and relatives? What do they think of me? I write my letters sincerely and with all my heart, only for you Steve will write to you later as there will be at me a free time. I will miss, and to think of you. I send you some photo, are made during rest. There I on a beach, think to you it will be pleasant.
Letter 17
My dear Steve
Today I to you will call. I want you to ask, that you were near to phone. I hope you will take phone and we will hear each other and we can talk. I very much wish it.
Letter 18
Hi, ;) My dear Steve how are you? my love Steve, I so have missed your remarkable letters. Last two days I did not leave in other city on business trip. My heads have sent me in other city, to get hand in, as the chain store system is in different cities and consequently I had to leave.
But, I have already returned and at once I write the letter. Last night I have arrived, at once have taken a shower and have gone to bed and here since morning I already write to you and I continue to write about us.
I very much would want to meet and I hope with you to meet. I wait for the moment, I wait for you and a meeting. You to me are very strongly expensive.
Today at me delightful mood as yesterday all night thought about our meetings. I do not know, how you concern it, whether want the same, as I. To continue our relation, it is necessary for us to meet, see each other the eyes.
I know, we write only letters as there was no possibility to meet. BUT, it is romantic, we will be a desirable meeting, surprise, happiness and pleasures. You agree? Would like me to see? Thanks for the information, now I can learn about all in tour agency after that I will necessarily inform you. I have decided to write this letter to you because any more has not found a way to express all feelings and emotions. You perfectly know, how long I waited such man as you. You my ideal and I are ready to be ready to do anything for the sake of you. I think of you and day and night. I represent our meetings. Mentally I wish you good night and sweet dreams before a dream, I represent your life under stories in letters. And still I would like you to embrace and feel your man's force, your strong hands. Walking along the street I dream that suddenly in the distance there will be you and you will go to me on a meeting. Thoughts on you lead to that I on light forget all. I cannot concentrate on what! How to rectify such situation?
Steve be always with me near! (in_love) In the evenings I imagine, as you take away me in a fine place where all exists only for us one. These hours will be the happiest for me. Just know this. Steve, you are with me every second in the hour, every hour and day and every day in the month and every month of the year you're always in my heart... I am glad to that you agree with me to meet, I hope that we can spend time together. I send you some more photo, you them see?
Letter 19

Steve, i went today to travel agency, I talked to the agent and learnt about a trip to your country.
The agent has explained all details to me, at first I will need to prepare all documents for a trip. I will need to prepare by tomorrow:
The Filled questionnaire, the Acting international passport, Originals of references on the letter-head with instructions of a post and the monthly average income. After all documents I will collect and I will submit to consulate interview, as a rule, is appointed. The visa will be given out me only after its passage.
The visa in your country also demands payment of the consular fee for consideration of documents.
On the average the visa in your country is arranged within 10 days.
Tomorrow the travelling agency will consult me concerning passenger airlines, the prices for tickets and flights, and also possibilities of fulfilment of travel by ground transport in your country... I have addressed in travel agency because employees of travelling agency is usual well know conditions of the various countries and have access to the necessary information, will probably manage even to save to me money.
Steve I write you it because I want that you knew that I actually arrive to you and that it to realities.
I think that I could cope these documents a current 4 or 5 days. Love always, Katerina.
Letter 20
Hi, my unusually favourite Steve.
I today since the morning have started to prepare documents... If i will have time to prepare today documents for the visa, In couple of days I will go to consulate. After, when i receive the visa, I can arrive to your country and meet you. Steve today i talked to the agent in travel agency, she has explained to me about cost of a trip to your country.
Cost of visa (Consular gathering + gathering of official representatives)
114 euro. Air ticket Cost depends on airline, from a route, from a booking class (the first class, a business class, economy class).
Certainly, I will fly to you economy class, it is necessary to buy 2 air tickets, in one party, and back. The total cost makes 439.89 euro.
When, i have learnt about air ticket cost, have been surprised, and very afflicted. I did not know that this trip will be such expensive to me. I have paid for the documents, for the visa. I have spent all money, thought that i can ask about the help of the parents and as the friends. But, unfortunately, they could not help, give me money that I have paid other part. But, i will continue to search for money, i hope at me there will be good news to you.
Steve my departure is appointed on 26 april - 4 may, departure from airport Koltsovo SVX Russia - Heathrow airport UK. It is normal, you can with me this day meet? You always nearby. You - in my heart, in my soul, in my dreams, in my thoughts, in my consciousness, in my life. Steve, me it is bad without you, sadly, boringly, melancholy. I want to know that to you it is good with me that we will be together always. However, you and itself perfectly know that it is necessary to tell to me that the soul, with happiness, turned to a fine bird, and flied, in me, because, that you again with me. Tell to me Steve what you dream?
I, necessarily, will try to execute all your dreams. I want to make it to prove you force of the love. It - is boundless. I will write you the letter later when i will have time.
Letter 21
Steve for me now there is no more happiness, than to love you, to be you favourite. I want to feel your support, warmth, care.
You everything that are necessary for me in life for happiness. I can trust in you completely. Now I understand that that happen, I have the most important the person who never will leave me, will always support and will give a piece of good advice... Steve I do not know more at whom to ask about the help who to me can help to pay other part the air ticket. As I now do not have your support as it would be desirable that at present was with me nearby. I very much want to meet and spend time with you with you.
Steve could help to pay to me 439.89 euro? I did not want to ask you about the help, but I have more at anybody to ask.
If you wish to learn in detail about my trip, I can tell to you all by phone as as that it was more clear. I will write you the full information on tour agency, you can buy the ticket itself. Steve, please, give we will never quarrel, betray each other.
you bothered by the fact that I do not have a lot of money? Do not take offense please! Love should not be based on $$ do you agree Steve? I know people who have very little financially but they adore each other and work together to survive-support each other-take care of each other-when he speaks about her at work-I am impressed by his devotion to her! A million kisses for you, my dear Steve. With love from Katerina.
Letter 22
My love Steve, you have received yesterday my letter? Because you have written nothing about that I have written in last letters.
I do not know, how we can meet, I very much tried, searched and could not find anywhere money to pay in addition the air ticket.
I have written to you last letters on air ticket cost so has asked for you about the help. I do not know more at whom I can ask the help...
You could help to pay in addition me the air ticket? Tell to me on faster...
Your photos extremely beautiful, they very much are pleasant to me. I was glad to receive them!
Letter 23
My dear Steve
I want to answer your questions:
The size of a breast 3. The size of a waist of 60 sm It will be pleasant to me to receive from you underwear.
The size of shorts 40
Certainly, we celebrate Easter. Yesterday we celebrated.
I can arrive on two weeks if you wish. I would not want to disturb, impose to you, for the first meeting thought to arrive only for 7 days. But, if you not against I can remain for 14 days.
I hope could answer questions, I have not enough time, I will write to you after more letters.
Letter 24
I you very well understand that you doubt me and there can be you because of it do not want to help me. Probably you is right in it, I agree that I should not to ask from you the financial help. But, I have been forced to ask for you because I cannot pay itself for the ticket. If you do not trust me and want to send me money then itself purchase to me the ticket. I will give you all information on tour agency, the address, the name agency, a website, phone number, you will contact them, will ask about the air ticket then you will pay for the ticket. I can write you bank details tour agency for payment, you will control the money. If what that in the image I do not use the air ticket the tour agency returns you back money, all is lawful.
Therefore to you to solve, our future depends on you. I will wait for your answer and I will write you all details tour agency.
Letter 25
My dear Steve.
I read your letter, you do not want to send money to me. Ok if you nevertheless want me to see if you seriously concern us and you want me to see.
I will be very happy to you to arrive. Ok, you can pay itself for my ticket, you buy the ticket through tour agency.
I give you the information on tour agency. If you dare, if you want to see me, you pay itself for the ticket: Travel agency "Coral Travel"
Geniralnyj Director: Bazarova Ekaterina Vladimirovna The address:
pr. Kosmonavtov, 46
Sverdlovskaya oblast'
Ph.: +7 343 207-35-35
We work: from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (a dinner 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm) Ekaterinburg time.
e-mail: I write you at once bank details for payment for the ticket. You can make bank transfer at once in tour agency. If I do not arrive, if I do not use the air ticket. The tour agency returns you back your money. You lose nothing, money will be compensated. Beneficiary: Bazarova Ekaterina Vladimirovna Beneficiary's Acc #: 40817978304910000631 Beneficiary's bank: AO «ALFA-BANK», 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
SWIFT: ALFARUMM A million kisses for you, my dear Steve. Katerina
Letter 26
my love Steve
So it is pleasant to me to see your letter and very much waited for your answer. At first, I very much want to thank to you for your kind words, for your love and for your honesty. This most important thing in the relation, I think thus we can build our love, to be together happy. Your letters to me bring pleasure, I cannot without you any more and without your letters.
Every day I open an e-mail, I hope to see from you the answer. I feel that I love you, I have feelings which not to describe words. I do not know that occurs to me, but I think it love. I very much want to speak by with you to phone, about all to discuss and about meetings, about us. How you think? I can call to you?
I have addressed in bank, to me have informed that there are monetary systems Money Gram through which you can transfer to me money. For this purpose it is necessary for you my information:
Name: Katerina Trubacheva
Address: ul. Bazhova, 125,
Yekaterinburg, Russia, 620075 But, you can to pay at once itself also in tour agency, I can write you bank details tour agency and you will pay that sum. If there will be what that questions, write to me. I will answer you and I will explain. Now I need to prepare, it is necessary to carry still some documents in tour agency, wish my of good luck. I wait for your letters. Katerina
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