Romance scam letter(s) from Annabel Alvin to John (Brazil)
Letter 1
I don't use this site often, i will prefer if we can continue this introduction through emailing you seem a lot cool, the messaging system here is kind of slow as i wont give out my personal info here. you can email me at annabelalvin7 at g mail ,i promise to disclose my personal information and send pics hope to read from you....
Letter 2
It's really nice hearing from you,well i would love to chat with you and get to know you better on here first before i meet with you in person.i'm actually new on the internet forum,so pardon me if i start with a boring manner of first approach. Just a little about me,Annabelis name.I'm age 29 no kids and i would like to know basic things about you too and where precisely do you live. Actually,I find my life kind of lonely this is why i'm looking for a someone to spend some quality time together and see where it goes,i'm actually here on the forum to catch fun,look for friends, companion,lover and soul mate so which of my relationship criteria are you interested in? but it would be my greatest pleasure to date you. I have attached few of my pics for you,hope you like what you see?I'll as well appreciate if you can send me a couple of your pictures on here for proper recognition.
Letter 3
I got your message and pics,i feel so glad to know that you're also looking for the same relationship interest with me this really means you're the kind of man i've been looking for and i like your kind of personality. I would have love to meet with you for coffee or something soon but i'm presently not in the country at the moment but i intend to return on Thursday and i would be so pleased to meet you when i get back. What do you do for fun?i like the outdoors,i love to throw a picnic lunch and find a shady spot to enjoy the day with my loved ones,i also like to go to cinemas to see movies,Swing on the swings like when i was a kid.lastly i love listening and dancing to good music. What's you job? as for me,i'm into Jewelries,i buy gold jewelries like bracelet,necklace,rings,pendant and earrings in whole sale prices and large quantities to resell them and i intend to open a jewelry store soon.
Letter 4

Well,On the right side i think i should have no hidden secret about my mission here in Nigeria,so you can know more about me and the reason why i am out of the country.When i was still at teen before i lost my parent,my father used to work with a west Africa security oil company based in Nigeria and he own buildings and properties here during his service at work but after he died the property was left abandoned for 10 yrs without being occupied,the property was sold by the Nigeria government and the money was deposited in the bank..At my age 26 before my grandma died of cancer,she told me about the abandoned property with the Original proof of ownership document. I made my trip here to Nigeria to claim the property loot in the bank as the next of kin to my father Unfortunately,i haven't been able to get the loot from the bank.The Probate says it will take more time before they can Authorize the Bank to handover the inheritance fund to me and i have stayed here in Nigeria for more than 2months waiting for the Probate to Authorize the Bank But all to no avail and my return ticket will expire in few days,this is why i have decided to come back home On Sunday. We can continue our conversation and introduction through Mobile if you don't mind text me on 9042749316
i think it's faster..notify me as soon as you send a message,i registered my Sim on international roaming so i can use it to text outside the US.
Letter 5
Sorry dear that i always reply late its because of the time deference, the time zone here is GMT+1,.
Hope you are in good health dear??.. i always feel a great vibe writing to you, i feel so relaxed with you i don't know where that's feeling is coming from but i know its positive and i will love to meet you day has always been precious.. you said i told you things that are personal to me (inheritance) , yeah its because i trust you and i know you don't have any bad intention but you are the only one i have talked to about it.. I can reschedule to meet you on Sunday when i leave Nigeria baby i will really love to meet you, i all i want is some one who will love me for what i am .. Been so long since a man has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat as it did, thanks for the friendly conversations and for inviting me to be yours. Most importantly, thanks for sharing your love and wanting to make me your love, when i come over to the Brazil we will have enough time to be together as share all our dreams together and i know we will be there for each other. what the full address of where you live in Brazil??? Here are some of my recent pictures hope you like them and i will also like you to send me yours too. Hug and Kisses
Letter 6
Wow you really looking sweet, great and happy i really enjoy seeing people happy.. i love all you do baby i will love to visit the lake and fish with you. I enjoy adventurers and of cause i like trying new things, i always like finding joy and be happy in anything i do baby..Am always contented with what i have.... Wow i used the google to check the distance between where i am (Nigeria) and the international Airport Guarulhos , Sao Paulo, its about 21 hours 20 minutes almost a day really far... i have to start preparing my self okay i really cant wait to meet you baby.. I will keep you updated and send you all the info you need to know to pick me up from the airport once i book in for a flight honey.. I always feel great and compelled writing you, i feel so connected to you.. you have a positive soul i feel that already ...
I like rice with great sauce, pizza and red wine etc loll i think that's enough.............. hope to read from you soon Annabel....
Letter 7
Hope your day is going good honey??Its really late here baby i will talk to you tomorrow before booking for a flight okay, i cant wait to meet you in person you are really lovely...
I like sweetened red wine yeah that's my favorite drink.. and as for my favorite color i always prefer pink and red dresses i think i really look cute, pretty in them loll...Load of love you dear talking to you is like heaven..Hope you like what you see dear.??
Letter 8
Good morning baby....Wow shes really a terrible person to have denied you of your right honey and i mean it, how did you managed to cope with that for so long??? honestly you are so different from men i have seen all my life, i don't think your type of men still exist baby..i will be last person to deny you of anything you ask for baby long as its within my powers.. You really had a bad experiences with her am truly sorry about that dear..i promise to be there for you always any time you need me ... planning on scheduling my flight wow i think this will be awesome never been there to Brazil before,I just got off bed not quite long and it will be so nice hearing from you again.. Thanks so much for wanting to pick me up from airport Dear,i really appreciate your effort,i'm so grateful,after we leave the airport i would like us to go first to your apartment to drop my luggage before we later go out to a restaurant for dinner and talk,after dinner i would like us to spend the night together,either at yours.,i will make you feel comfortable loll love you so much baby... Please keep in touch so i can send you my flight number as soon as i get to the airport to book in for flight before i'll take off..KISSES....
Letter 9
Hope you like what you see dear honey?? am already packing up to leave, i cant wait to be in your arms i already imagined how wonderful it will be to see you handsome face when i arrive at the airport dear.... Please keep in touch so i can send you my flight number as soon as i get to the airport to book in for flight before i'll take off i cant wait to see you baby....i will send you all the info soon honey...
Letter 10
Oh gosh!i'm not sure if i will be coming back for now because the hotel i stay won't let be go due to some problem am having with them here and my ticket will expire a day after tomorrow,oh my God am done and confused i dont know what to do now,i dunno if i should explain my plight to you maybe you could help me out of the mess,i really need your hand in help and i don't know maybe you would be able to help if i explain better.
Letter 11
Please where are you??i'm in a big mess!!!My passport and return ticket has been seized by the hotel management here in Nigeria because i overstayed for 2weeks and couldn't pay for the bill right now,i can't leave for airport to catch my flight since the hotel has seized my passport and ticket please dear,get back to me as fast as you can because i can't help myself here alone. I am really sorry for bothering you with my personal problems because i know it's not right for me to ask you for anything because we just met but i have tried all i could to help myself,it's to no avail and unfortunately the money i have here in my wallet is not enough to clear the bill all i got here is just 200USD and it's 700USD i need to pay please how can you help me??? I know you might want to blame me for my overstay in the hotel but it's not really my fault i overstayed because i was stupidly waiting for the Probate to Authorize the bank holding my Inheritance fund to hand it over to me and i actually thought i would pay for my overstay in the hotel after i get my inheritance fund so please try to be understanding.
Letter 12
Thanks you so much dear, actually i haven't opened a bank account before leaving for my trip to Nigeria honey but i plan to do so as soon as i get back home, if you really want help me out, you can help me send it via money gram or western union... i really count on you to help me out baby.. Receiver's Name: Annabel Alvin
city: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Letter 13
Honey you can go to the store and check if there some working today, i don't want to stress you but in case the stores are closed i think you can also do that you so so..
Letter 14
Honey you don't need any other address the info i gave you is all you need to send only need the receivers name , country and city i already provided you with all that, i cant just wait to meet you honey...
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