Scam letter(s) from Lubov to Jay (Canada)

Letter 1
Hey. According to the rules of good etiquette I need to introduce myself) My name is Lyuba, I am 29 years old. I do not have children. And I had never been her husband. Currently, I am in search of his men. I'm old enough girl. And it's time to think about family life. After all, time mercilessly. Time anyway. It goes its way and does not stand still. And I'm afraid that I'll have to spend old age in solitude... As they say I'm afraid to stay in the old maid), but I think that we should not start our acquaintance with bad thoughts. So do not let the bad. And why not tell you a lot about yourself. I am independent and not dependent woman. I work for myself and earn a living. But lately, the feeling of loneliness does not leave me... I'm tired of being alone... I think you will agree with me that if a girl is not her husband, and she is not a young man, then she has to be strong. Here I am tired of being strong! I want to feel loved and desired again. Feel the warmth and care. And I am sure that very soon the luck will be on my side, and I meet this man... I am not interested in fleeting attraction, affinity for one night and not a serious relationship! I want to according to the sincere and true feelings. To moved the feelings of love you and give you strength for each day! Do you know what I mean? What do you think about this? I would be very interested to hear your opinion. Share with me your thoughts) Write me something about yourself? What are you looking for? Maybe the girl you're looking for, there must be what that certain qualities? Write me, I will look forward to hearing from you. Your new friend Lyubov.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Jay. I am very pleased to see your message in their inbox. Surely you are interested to know where I am and what I do) Are you ready? Then listen) My name is Lyuba, yes I have an unusual name, and in translation it means "Love". And you will certainly be difficult to pronounce it) I am 29 years old. I was born on August 16, 1987. I am quite grown) I'm not very tall. My height is 169cm. And my weight is 57kg. And I am Russian by nationality), but unfortunately, I am very lonely. Loneliness does not leave me for a long time( Unfortunately I do not have a man to whom I could trust and give all my love and care... Well, I do not think we should start with the introduction of bad things. What do you think?)
You will certainly be interested in hearing about my hobbies? I love hiking and camping. You can not imagine how much I love the nature) It helps me to escape from all the bustle of the day and to be alone with myself and with my thoughts... I also like roller skating, cycling and skiing), depending on the time of year) As for my work, I worked as a manager in the store) basically my job is to work with papers, in which a lot of scribbling) But despite this, it gives me a stable income and I can cover your bills and expenses) I told you that I am Russian by nationality. I live in the Republic of Tatarstan, in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. You know this city? Tell me about yourself? About his work? About your hobbies and interests? I would be very interested to know about you. To know the culture of your people and traditions) I will look forward to your letter. Sincerely Lyubov;)
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Jay. I am very glad that you replied to my post) I just feel your interest in me) and I love it) How do you feel?
I'm fine) This morning I woke up, drank a cup of coffee, gathered, and hurried to work) How is your day?
Today was just another ordinary day of my daily life... I wake up between 6-7 am. Brew some coffee and start doing a workout for your body) I give my preference for yoga) It tones up my inner and physical condition) And I want to ask you how you feel about the sport?) Which sport do you give the preference? And I really would like to ask you, what do you expect from our love to you? I primarily expect honesty and openness... I also welcome the loyalty... And wait... Can the severity of openly declare that I do not care how much money you earn and how full your wallet... For me, first of all, important personality and its essence... I think you will agree with me that you can not judge people by their appearance, social status and financial position( Because people are different... Regards Lyuba.
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Jay. Very nice to get a letter from you again) I want to admit that for a long time did not feel such a sense of how the interest to communicate with you) Can you imagine? When you sent your previous letter wondered what you can write to me) And now, with great interest I read your letter) How are you? Are you okay? What you have new?) All good with me, the first snow fell today, and I am happy like a little girl to him)
You know, I was with some skepticism that relate to dating through the Internet... It is not no secret that right now a lot of scams that travel through the Internet... And I've often thought about that when I write to you, you can think of me as well... I completely understand you and your attitude to me... In spite of the fact that I am very hurt by this( and I can not force you to think differently... But most of all shame on that due to speculators, normal people can not find a soul mate... After so many broken destinies and so many lives ruined because of them( If you think globally, then this is scary( but let's not about the bad... I want to you something to share) Now, I'm reading a very fascinating book on psychology and I stumbled upon one very interesting statement, but it sounds like this: "Behind every great man, there should be a great and wise woman" I am very interested to hear your opinion? Do you agree with him?) Regards
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Jay! How are you?) How is your day?) I'm fine)
I hope that you, too, everything is in order. You know, I'm very interested to share with you my thoughts and know you) Each your letter makes me know your personality... And I want to confess to you that your personality seems to me interesting) I am sure that you are a good and loyal man... I can feel it in the lines of your letter...
You know, I want to share with you my thoughts about what I expect from our communication with you. Most importantly, I expect honesty in our communication with you... the truth, whatever it was not! For me, it is better to hear the words of a bitter truth than sweet words lies... Do not you think? 40 of the breakdown of the marriage is precisely because of this... One of the partners simply can no longer tolerate such an attitude to him and forced to interrupt this relationship... I do not want to experience and relive the same... I want to take seriously their future, and I'm afraid to make a mistake in his choice( I hope you will not fail me? I promise to tell the truth? your friend, Lyuba.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jay. I want to apologize for their past sad letter about my life... I'm sure it upset you and caused you emotional pain... I really did not want to hurt your heart... I thought you'd want to know everything about me and my past is not easy... you know, I do not hold on to the past, because I can not change it... I know that no matter how broke you life, you are obliged to get up and continue my life... With the past can only accept... Now, I live in the present and familiarity with you really is very important to me...
In spite of all the hardships of my past, thanks to you I feel alive... and I want to tell you in all sincerity, "Thank!"
You know I want you to know my idea of living together with the beloved... I believe that the people in the relationship should decide together. Because everyone has an opinion and should express it. And of course the case of disagreement on a particular issue, but despite this, loving each other couple has to find a compromise in any matter.
Do you agree with me? But it all depends on the case and the situation... because the head of the family is a man and a woman is the best friend and adviser to his men... and a man can listen to the views of his beloved woman, or not... But the final decision always rests with the man... So, I think that family relations should be no "I"! There should be a "we", because the family is a unified whole...
This is its own little universe, comfort and warmth... Yours Lyubov.
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Jay. You can not imagine with what feelings, I expect to receive a letter from you ;) I think I can trust you, and you will not betray my trust... I think you deserve it... And I feel that you are a good person... I want you to open up and trust...
I did not tell you about my family... And now, I think it's time you know... At this point my father would be 59 years old and my mother 56. My father worked for freight traffic. My mother worked as a teacher at the school. In July this year, one year after they are gone... July 17 last year, my parents went to the Crimea at the time of its release. And got into a terrible accident... The truck, which was traveling in the opposite lane, lost control of the car and hooked my parents... My father died at the scene of the accident, he was not fastened, and flew through the windshield of his car... I I had to bury him in a closed coffin... And my mother was alive. She was taken to the hospital and the doctors fought for her life... She underwent several operations, but it never came to... I am writing this with tears in my eyes... I still hurt to think about it... I just wanted you to know... I do not like it when people feel sorry for me, when I sympathize! And I do not want you to be sorry for me! I do not like this! And this becomes even harder... I can not stand pity to yourself... It will not return to me my parents... I do not want you to complain about, just, I want you to know more about my life...
Letter 8
Hello, my darling Jay. How do you feel? Are you okay? I hope that you all right... I told you that my girlfriend left me. And sending you a picture, which she did in the morning... I'm sorry, my appearance, but I have not had time to wake up late) Honestly, I was against it... But my girlfriend convinced me that my man should see me, no makeup and tousled hair in the morning, when it will be to wake up next to me)
that's why I decided to send you this picture) to be honest, I think that I do not really look good in the morning?)
You know, yesterday we talked a long time with her about our relationship with you. And I came to the conclusion that I want to meet with you and just want you to our continued relationship with you is not an e-mail, and in reality! What do you think about this? I feel that we understand each other... Our thoughts on family life and relationships are similar... and we will be good together... I think that we will be happy next to each other? What do you think? Do you want us to meet with you and joined with you our life? To be honest, I can not imagine what will happen to me when I can see you in real life. It is possible that overwhelmed me and I burst into tears. But one thing is for sure, that together we can achieve incredible success! If you are ready for change in your life. I'll find out what you need to arrive to you. I'm going to a travel agency and I will find out what documents I need. As soon as I find out, I'll write you all the details to you in the course. Kisses, Lyubov :*
Letter 9
Hi Jay! I am very glad to see your letter again! It brings me a lot of pleasure and positive energy) How is your day? How do you feel? I am fine)
I want to confess to you in something... I'm getting warm at heart when I read the lines of your letter... I feel that I feel good with you... You know, in our time, men and women started to forget about the feelings... Men began to spit on his feelings when the beloved woman, but a woman does not care about anything but themselves and their appearance, things and other trinkets... and I feel very upset and sad about this( the most important thing is to feel... feel the heat, to feel tenderness, affection and care from a loved one... and give it to his beloved that he had the same feeling fit... in nowadays have forgotten that for men the main thing is to believe... faith in him and faith in his strength... Because it is betraying him strength for each new day... We started to forget what the family comfort and warmth... what do you think, why men change their wives? Because the woman does not create a homelike situation, where a man would like to enjoy a quiet home... and of course he was going to his mistress...
and, in general, many people do not realize how important feelings in a relationship, without them everything would be in vain... and you would not have wanted you not be able to keep them for a long time...
and a pledge of strong and lasting relationship is firstly creating family coziness and warmth in which I would like to go back to the man after a hard day... What do you think? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this? Your, Lyubov.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jay. How do you feel? Are you all right? Do not worry about me, I'm fine. I feel great. On the street I have a very cold and it's time to wear warm clothes.
I want you now carefully read the lines of my letter... And I realized that I want to convey to you... I want you to open fully and trust...
Because I'm sure you and your devotion... I I know that was not much time to talk about it... But I will not hide my feelings and I want to talk to you for purity... I feel inside vague feeling... and it is like a flower, who lived where something deep inside of me... And now he begins to blossom... you inspired me to life... And I think you're very special man for me! And I'm thankful for the fact that she gave me a familiarity with you... Just a week ago, you broke into my life and I even could not imagine that you are just the man that I was waiting for a very long time... And I love you all! Your charisma, your kindness and your emotional experience... I even like your faults... Cause I just do not notice them... People are not perfect and I understand that... I do not always white and fluffy... I also am stubborn and unbearable... and most importantly, I feel your reciprocity... and I do not want you just thought that I impose to you... I'm just trying to be honest and you pour out your soul... Once you read my letter, I asked you to turn off your brain and your mind... Just do not think his head, just a few minutes... Close your eyes and write me what you feel... what you says your heart... It's really very important to me... your Lyubov :*
Letter 11
Hello my dear, I am writing to you again, and I give you in a letter to a part of himself... I know that you feel it... How was your day?
Are you all right? Now the weather is very deceptive, and many people are starting to hurt... So you take care of yourself and be careful!
To be honest, I do not even know where to start... And my hands are shaking a little... I'm very excited and worried... I want to confess to you that I am very afraid to get your letter and see your response to my last letter. .. I really do not know what to expect and could not find a place... I consulted with his girlfriend... and she told me that if a man is intelligent and stubborn, he will be able to feel what you felt at the time when she wrote him your letter and passed on a piece of paper their feelings for him... I'm sorry for being rude to my girlfriend, but I think she was right? She also told me that a wise woman will not wait and is not sitting still, she made what she wants and takes his own! After all, if you sit still and do not fight for their own happiness, then the rest of your days, you can stay an old maid... And the strange thing is that she is right! And she happened to convince me that he was right... You know, I want to ask you, are you ready to ensure that our relations have moved to a new level? So they began to develop long-lasting? I really need to know the answer to my question. Today, my girlfriend is my guest now, I will not write you a lot... and I look forward to your response! Kisses, Lyubov :*
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jay! How are you? What have you been doing today? I am very pleased to once again read a letter from you. When I see a letter from you, I get the most fortunate in the world. And it's all thanks to you, my prince Jay! My sweet, your letters warm my soul and my heart. You make me happy and I'm grateful to you for it. You know, when I read your letter, I like sinking into them... I'm starting to feel you, I feel in your letters, your emotions, I understand, when you're funny, I know, when you're that worried about it... I think I love you Jay :* I feel that our meeting will change our lives and unite them :* I want to be yours forever! I will support you through life. I'll be with you in sorrow and in joy! No matter what will be with us, the main thing we'll be together. Together forever. We will live one life for two... My dear, I'm ready to open up to you... Do not think I'm going crazy) But remember that we have agreed to tell each other the truth? Therefore, I'm from you do not hide... I'm telling you what I think, that's what I thought) wakes up in me that wonderful) I'm sure that one day we will see each other, and then we the present find happiness!
Today, I again went to the travel agency and submitted some documents to passport and visa. Tomorrow I will have to undergo a medical examination and obtain the necessary help. I'll keep you informed of all developments. Now I finish my letter. And with great impatience I will wait for a response from you. You are my prince, and you for me!
With love, yours forever Lyubov.
Letter 13
Hello, darling! How are you? What did you do today? Do not worry, I feel good) How is your day?
Dear, today I went to a travel agency. I was told that for me to travel to you, I have to make a passport, insurance, visas and other documents. Also I need to undergo a medical examination. Do not worry, it's all standard procedures in the design documents. I'm going to do a visa for 90 days. It is the most convenient type of visa for me.
Travel agent told me that the visa will be ready in 5-7 days after the filing of documents. I want to do everything as quickly as possible.
And so tomorrow, I'm going back to the travel agency to pay for my visa documents. My dear, I am very happy that I began to take the first steps to meet with you. You have no idea what I'm feeling when I'm writing you. I am overwhelmed and feeling of joy and a sense of something new and unknown. I do not know how to describe to you my feelings, but if you were next to me, you would have understood. I like a little girl, which gave the most beautiful doll. I believe that soon there will come the day when we will be together. You have no idea how much I'm happy that we found each other. I have chosen you out of the billions of other men! Because I feel that you are a special person to me. I love you in your customs, your way of thinking. You are very kind and caring. I can feel it with all your heart. And my intuition rarely fails! I am sure that we will be happy together! And is not this the most important? With love, Lyubov.
Letter 14
Hi my Jay! I am very glad to see your letter at home. Your letter made me happy. I love you Jay! And I hope that our love is mutual. Just pure and beautiful ...
Today I went to a travel agency. I passed a medical examination and made health insurance. Also I was told that my visa will be ready on Monday.
My dear, as I need more information from you. I need your full name? And your phone number? That I need to I entered you in your insurance, as a responsible person for me. You understand? That is, if something happened to me on the way. You will know about it first. I wish you were aware of everything. You know, I have a feeling that you slowly begin to take part in my life. Now I do not feel alone anymore. I found you, my prince Jay! and I want us to be together. I present to you our first kiss. It will be very long and passionate! From which dizzy. And I can not stay on his feet. I hope you will be able to keep me in his strong arms and strong. For us, the best time will come, we will be able to walk with you through the streets of your city, holding hands. We say something to each other. And a lot of smiling) We are the happiest in the world. And not that it can not interfere with our happiness with you. Do you believe that our dreams come true? I love you and miss you very much! I'm so glad that life has made me happy! But my happiness is just down the road with you, my sweet! I love you! I miss you! You are my prince!
You are my happiness! You are everything to me in this world!
I know that my words you will be warmer. I love you! At this point I will finish my letter. With love, Lyubov. P.S. cute, do not forget to write me the information that I need.
- Your full name?
- Phone number?
- Full name of your country, city?
- Airport where you could meet me?
Letter 15
Hi, my honey. How do you feel? How are you? I am fine. My dear, yesterday I a long time lying in bed, thinking about you and me. I thought about how it is, two people from two different countries, with different fates can be in love with each other... while being at a distance? I've been thinking about it and came to the conclusion that to understand this on a conscious level will not work. And realize this is possible only when you start to listen to your heart. Only then will be able to feel the real and irresistible love... And I feel you, my dear in the distance... You do not have to be around... The main thing to feel what the other feels... For our correspondence with you, we were in my thoughts each other. We are constantly thinking about each other. And I try to imagine what you're busy, your smile, your eyes. It is so deeply on the spiritual level. That is simply impossible to convey in words the feelings that I have for you. I think you will agree with me that we understand each other? We talked to each other about their life events and shared by different events.
And in response to receiving words of encouragement. We were attracted to each other. And to truly be happy just to see each other. Feel the warmth of each other. And to catch the eyes on me... I will be the happiest woman on the planet...
Today I passed a medical examination and issued health insurance. I left to do a few small steps to find happiness and is close to your favorite :* Thanks for the information that you gave me, it helped me a lot, now you recorded in the list of my family in my medical insurance documents. Now I will finish my letter. I already can not wait for the day of our meeting with you. I made my choice and chose you ever :* With Love Lyubov.
Letter 16
Hi, my honey! How is your day? What did you do? I am good! And I am very happy to see the letter from you again. My love, I have good news for you. Today I received a call from a travel agency and I was told that my tourist visa is ready! You can not imagine how welcome was this call. I am happy about the fact that my documents are ready and I can go to a meeting with you! My honey, I have to go to the embassy in Moscow to receive it! As the closest airport is located in Moscow. My favorite, I'll get a visa, buy tickets and fly to you! You have no idea what is happening inside of me. I was overwhelmed with emotion and I can not hold them back. After all, I know that soon we will be together with you and our dreams will come true! We can hug each other, we can give each other a sweet kiss! I really miss you and are very much looking forward to our meeting with you. Last night I had a nightmare( I woke up covered in sweat and I was shivering( I was so scared( I thought that would be very good if the difficult times you would lie next to me. You would have pulled me to him and warmed to its warmth. affectionately embraced and kissed, so I no longer had nightmares. In some moments you become my extreme need and needs! I want to feel your love and care!
Favorite Jay, tomorrow morning I'm going to Moscow to receive their documents. It can be reached in two ways from my city to Moscow. The first way is on a plane. On the plane, I would very quickly get to Moscow. My travel time was about 2 hours. But the plane is very expensive tickets. So I decided to go by train. On the train I will be in Moscow on the following day. My journey time will be about 22 hours. As soon as I will be in Moscow. I immediately find a way to contact you. To warn you that I'm all right and I am safe. My prince, I love you more than anything else, and you are my most precious gift!
I want to combine life with you and be with you forever! We must believe in our love and live for the sake of our love, and never doubted its authenticity! Now I will finish my letter. And I look forward to news from you. With love, Lyubov.
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