Scam letter(s) from Olga Avdeeva to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
My name is Olga from the dating site. I like your profile a lot and want to tell u something about myself! Hi daling! im so exited to recive your answer :) I was born and live in small city Izum, Ukraine. Since childhood I like to dance because its so elegant and beautiful so now that is my job. Im a dancing master. Im happy person because I love and enjoy what Im doing! Im a hardworking person , I like to spend much time readig books , I like novels and detective stories, I like different types of music but it depends on my mood. Im very sociable and have many friends. Im still single so hope to know each other better and to become closer if everything works for us))))
Letter 2
Hi Jim!!! what a lovely dog you have! ******!! wow!! I like dogs aoa my dogs name is BABY)
Thank u for your letter! And to tell the truth I have been waited for it))
I'm glad that we can start to discover, open each other…I think nothing could be better than to find a person your want to share your life with. And I feel we have a chance) Since my childhood I knew that only if you have a goal, if you want something, if you work hard and believe in best you will definitely get it. I stared to dance when I was five and now I help people to open themselves again ) I like ballroom dancing a lot , because it's so elegant and beautiful, every time I feel excitement before going on a stage, but when the music starts there is a great desire to come out and show all that I'm capable. I have the best job on the planet because I'm a dance master. Last year there were active war actions on the east of my country, and unfortunately my city suffered as a result of martial actions. But for me it was a disaster when I heard that my dance school where I studied and worked, my second home was destroyed… Now I work with several groups of kids because a lot of people leave the city and I can't live without dance. That's my passion, my life.
I like to ride a bicycle and to swim a lot. When its winter we have a lot of snow, so I enjoy the weather and can play snowballs with my friends like kids)) I live with my family in our city Izum, my parents are retired and I do all my best to make them proud of me! Also I have sister), I prefer to walk with my friends and small sister in the park if I have the opportunity than sleep extra hour at home, I hope you understand that I'm active and live my life enjoining every single day! I have never been married but I want to have a man I will spoil with extra kisses and hugs, surprises and tenderness...
I want to tell you much more about my life but I think I will continue after will receive your answer) I look forward for your answer with pictures ..
It would be great if you will call me : +3 8 0662611561
Letter 3
Hi Jim!!!
I'm so happy, finally I have chance to write back to you! Because sometimes internet doesn't work in my area. It's really difficult to put in words how much I feel when I receive your letter! You truly put me on clouds with it) I'm looking for someone like you, a man who I can give all my love, warm and I will trust! Because I think that's the most important in relationship between two people. I wish to create happy, strong, beloved family! I think my partner should be my friend, my lover. Life is too short not to be happy! I have a dream! To travel around the world with my second half, look at the sun and stars from different places of our planet together! To discover new places, animals, food, cultures, people! To value and share everything with my man. To make pictures of us and after coming home together put them into the photo album of our memories and later watch how happy we were)) By the way) I have dark red hair, hazel yeses and I'm 168 sm high, I weight 55 kilos) so in 20 years we can compare ,will I change a lot or no)))
Darling! my family and friends are fine! thank you worry for them!
I love my family so much! I like to make them happy and to cook for them)) One of my hobbies is cooking! You have to try Ukrainian cuisine for sure! Maybe you have already tasted some meals, but I promise I will make it by myself specially for you) Usually I switch on my favorite music and with a dance start to cook)) You have to ******** borsh, pelmeni, cake and by the way I bake a bread in my oven, we don't buy it) I want my family to eat healthy food!! My brothers are ready to kiss me for my fish and meat) I usually make cakes or some deserts on weekends, because of my work I don't have a lot of time for cooking. But if I have the opportunity I m ready to create something))) I'm so thankful to my mother, she taught me everything. My home is my castle! I like when everything has its place, when the space is clean and I adore the smell of real flowers (also I like the smell of tasty food from my oven)))! When it's a holiday or my father wants to make pleasant for my mother and me he always buys flowers!!! Now he doesn't have such a possibility as often buy them for us, he is retired but he worked on the factory until it was closed because of the war. My brother is a student and he is my best friend forever! I'm the luckiest person to have such a wonderful family! I decided to tell you my story because I want someone like you in my life) someone who will become a shining light, a light that will always follow and guide me.
I have my class now, I wish you good day )
Best wishes
Letter 4

my dear Jim! i wish you good weakened! and wish to spent time with you))
have a nice time!
Letter 5
Hi dear Jim and ******))))!
I like the idea that I wait for your letters)) that means you are becoming very close to me! I almost feel like I know you for many years because I can and want to be open with you! Gracias for your letter! (Thank you) Please send me more pictures! I want to know and understand you, your life and surroundings better! Dear Jim! I also was happy to hear your voice)) sorry my english not perfect! but I will try to improve my skills)) Yesterday we had a birthday of my friend and went to the cafe ) I like you) and wish to continue our communication))
Today I had a dream) I saw a wonderful green tree in the marvelous place with beautiful sea view. There was nobody around except of two people, a man and a woman. I did not see their faces but they holded each other by hands and seemed to be the happiest people on the world. When I awoke in the morning, I was so happy, but at the same time sad... How wonderful it is when u have a twin soul, your second half, your best friend for life... I did not want to awake…
****** is lucky)) qas you cuddle with her all day long) I wish I could make a company with Baby to you)))
My day stars at 6 am in the morning, usually I like to switch on the radio and to listen to favorite (but sometimes not very much)) songs! As you have already known, music is a part of my life, my soul). and by the way LADY IN RED is my favorite song)))))))))) It is a sign)) I like to take a warm shower in the morning. (in a big family you should be fast to be first in the bathroom). It is like a morning match in our house)) I wish I would have a bright, big bathroom with a huge and bright mirror in the middle of it, with white and wide bath… It could be the place for magic moment of two people in evening! Can you imagine… Darkness, tiny candle light around, romantic and not wary loud music that only two beloved and the happiest people can listen and they kiss each other in this bath full of soup bubbles). I would like to have such evenings with my man very often… ok) I will continue my story)). For me, breakfast is extremely important, but before it I drink a glass of water every morning, my mother always makes it for us. I like ** have porridge, yogurt, squeezed juice or warm tea is best for me. My workday starts at 8:30 with hip-hop dance class every day! I adore my job! Some of my friends are also my students) and I'm a very strict but good teacher they say))) We have different age groups, sometimes parents start to dance and become my students also when they see results of their kids) My friends helped me a lot with renovation of our small new dance-studio. I told you that the main, beautiful building was damaged last year. We painted walls together, took of all the ******* and prepared it for classes. We like to walk in the park. Unfortunately, it is very dangerous to walk now, many military people around (and every moment war actions can start again in our city. Sometimes I help our neighbor's kids with English home task) I hope I still remember something from our school program. I like to read, like to paint and draw, I like horse riding and I have a dream to learn how to play tennis!))
by the way the kitchen it was at my friends flat) yes it is new and very comfortable)) I like your kitchen also) I think we can cook there together..) what do you think about it?))
Letter 6
Good day my darling Jim!!
I missed your warm letters… I like to wait (but not very long time) for your answers! Sometimes I am afraid to see the empty mailbox. Draling! it was my girl friends place you saw the kitchen)) Thank u so much you appeared in my life! I like that feeling I am not already alone! I have you and ******! Seems like you also want to continue our story))) I wish we would! I start to think more and more about the fact I want to see you) I think it will be rather great day) But tell me what do u think about this idea) maybe we will return to this topic little later) but baby, I'm so excited about these feelings I start to feel about u and us now) I like your home.. bath is wonderfull! we could be there together! what do you think about it?)) . Tell me how are your days? What I like is that your letters are warm and honest! Thant you so much for such a wonderful time I have when I read them and understand that u are exactly the person I dreamt to have)…
dear Jim! its difficult question about men in Ukraine! most of them dont respect women! I wish to be with honest and reliable man darling! and also I want to go far from Ukraine.. you know the situation in our country! I wish to live in nice and peacefull place!
Yesterday my granny came from the village. She wanted to visit us and I was so happy to see her! That marvelous and magic time of childhood… I remember her since I was born I think) She always was so close to us even she lived and live far! She was the person who taught me how to swim) It is not polite maybe but her pancakes are better than my mother`s). In a few days she will go home but now I'm the happiest! So today she came to my dance class. I was so proud to invite her and show my ballroom dance class of 10-12 years old kids. She cried during it, than she said she is the happiest granny in the world , I cried also. There is no generation gap between us! She is so modern, with active life position in her 84 and at the same time has so many features I want to have as she has. Im happy because I did not have free time when I was small! Now I talk a lot to my students, please do not waste your time! It is a a treasure and a lot of people don't value it! DO your BEST) my granny told my always! Now I say the same words to my kids!
One more passion in my life is camera and photography! I like to make photos! I do not have an excellent camera for making photos, but I wish I Will have it! I have a camera of my dad and I can take photos of almost everything I see around! My small brother is my favorite model)) I took a series of good pictures during my trip with family to the sea! I could capture nice places, people, and movements. However, if I could have a modern camera I could create a durable images and films. That is an engaging activity. By the way, my family is the best critic ad rater. I think that art and photography are closely connected! What is your attitude to photography? I will wait for your answer!
Wish you good day! Kiss you my new friend
Letter 7
My sweetheart Jim!! and ******))
Thank u so much for your last email! I had some time to have a rest, just took my shower and was ready to write you back my dear Jim))
I know that everything happens for a reason! So maybe that is why I'm still alone, maybe its destiny that we did not meet some other people before. And maybe this is our right time? You know what I want to ask you. Do you trust people? For me it's difficult to trust people and to be open, not only to someone new in my life! I met some people that use all my privet information against me that was awful. I was not worry about my secrets. I was sad I lost trust to this person forever. I feel I can be open with you. I want you to be my friend I can share everything, I hope u too. For the beginning of our story, I think it would be perfect! I know u are very honest and good person, because we meet)) I do really like you, like your stories, like the way you write letters to me… I feel like you are someone very important and special for me! I like u.. and thankful u appeared in my life! I think sometimes that past prepared me for the present life. I feel you are the person I have been dreamt and waited so long for. Please always be the same as Know u now! Always be yourself! I want to have a man I would run to every day from my work! Someone who will love me with all his heart and I would make some surprises to you at our home) or just we would read a book, watch movie under the warm blanket together, sing songs or make love…. I think very important in relationship between two people
Letter 8
Hi dear Jim!
My favorite birds are swans. They are so beautiful and full of grace. They form monogamous pair that can last for many years or even life. They have only one partner for their whole life and if their partner dies they could pass away from broken heart. Imagine two swans swimming with their necks entwined in the shape of a heart! It has become a symbol of love. I wish I would have a person to share all my life with, to be in happy and sad days together like this beautiful birds. We can fly in the same way as these birds to the marvelous trip of our life. Just you and me. Please tell me what do you think about this?) Because I feel that I'm, ready to build my family, real and strong relationship for a life. We could be the tenderness couple, because I'm ready to do everything for us. For our happiness and our life in love and wellbeing. I had a relationship that finished. He didn't know, didn't understand why had we dated for. We were close but that didn't finish well. I wanted to live together and built our family, but he didn't. I understood that he wasn't serious about me.
dear! I have never been in a canoe ! but I like your photos a lot) yhank you for piuctures! i would like to sit in a sofa close to you and your fireplace)) with great pleasure)
thank you for correcting my mistakes) sorry! my English not perfect! Wish u all the best and look forward to receive your letter!!!!!!! Kiss u! I will finish my letter. Because i have to work !. Wish to see u again in my dream…
Yours Olga. I would love your pictures, please send them to me!!!! I would love them so much I wish we will have our photo. You and me. Making together.
I like you alot that is true! My red hair is natural ! My great gand mother passed her red hair down to me)) My last name is Avdeeva Olga Vladimirovna!!) nice to meet you!
Please take care about yourself! I send you a big kiss on your lips. Olga
P.S I sent you piture in bikini)) I would like to run around only in bikini when it is hot playing with Baby and ******)) I hope you will accompany us))
Letter 9
Dear Jim ! My sweetheart... I run home today, I felt that u will write to me. I feel so lonely without you. I have so many ideas how perfect it will be. When we will be together) live our one life! I want to start every single day with your smile) your lips in front of me. My dear Jim! that is one of my favorite songs! how i wish to dance with you! !!!! I imagine our dinner with this song.... thank you for such a nice present)) My dream is to kiss your face, lips when u will sleep) I want to wake u up with this) My days were so empty without these feelings which live right now inside of my soul, my heart , my head. And now they live in my letters to you dear! I wish to close my eyes and see u. I do that since I met u. but I want to open and realize you are here. With me. I want take a shower with u. I will make breakfast and wish u good day for u always. I have some favorite secret ingredients in preparing food) I promise I will open them only for you! But only if u will kiss me for an hour))) I want u love me. I wish to have amazing moments with u. we could have our own song, I would dance only for your during hours! I want to hide from everything, from the entire world in your hands, behind your strong back. I want to cuddle with u and spoil you with kisses all around your body until u will stop me. We could walk around just holding our hands, visit cinema and watch movie on the last rows, just sometimes looked at the screen. We will kiss till the end of it. But if u want I will allow u to watch)) but u will be punished after that!)) Long and passionate evening with me will wait for u at home! I want to fill your life with love, care, cosines, warm, deep emotions and tenderness. Every day I imagine our first meeting. I want to be the best woman in the world for you. I have some ideas according to the dress I will wear. And witch you will take off from my body... I can't take these thoughts out of my head! I think about my hair also... I want your fingers run in my hair… And how do u think, is it better to have up or down hair for me? And a lipstick... I prefer natural, but what do you think about red color?
I will finish, passionately will wait for your answer.
I want to have more pictures of you dear, please. Do it for me.
Letter 10
My darling, my JIm!!!!
Inspiration comes to me for one more letter when I think about you , I wish to see our faces in one mirror every morning) but now I m happy to get your email in my computer in front of me while I'm writing this letter to u. seems like u are here. I feel so warm feelings when I read your letters. I want we will meet in the nearest feature, but now I have to organize a hip-hop concert at my studio as I told u. After that we can think about meeting))
kiss u baby. Cant wait to make it real!
You give me reason to live!!!! You give me the reason to love!!!
Letter 11
My Jim! My love!
How are you? How is your mood today? How is your health? I so varied about you, I want u fell good and happy! I want to be part of your life! I`m not very good, I have a sore thought, and had a temperature yesterday. But I have to work today, my kids will give me the power to recover (and maybe pills)) I think about you always. You make me feel better)) Thank you for your attention, so warm and sweet letter my dear! I wish to hear everything you wrote. Just want to hear your voice, to see how you talk, walk, move, look into my eyes... to feel your hands around my back, to feel your lips...I want to know everything about you! Do you have a favorite cup?) What color is it? I start my morning from glass of water and I like unusual form glasses) Do you like pillows?) I don't sleep with a pillow) I can hug it, that is why I need them) But I want u to be my pillow baby))) Do you sleep *****? Because I do! I like to feel comfortable and natural in bad. I want to touch to your ***** body with my skin. I want to start every morning feeling you deep inside of my body. Please tell me more that do you like! I want to do everything u want! I like to enjoy every moment with you dear.
Please tell me what do u like to wear? What is your favorite type of shoes, what is your favorite type of cloths? Color? Where do u prefer to spend weekends, holidays. I want to know who are your friends, your coworkers, and your favorite film. How is your room look like? Please send me pictures of your place u live in! I will do the same for you! I want to be closer and feel the atmosphere u live in! I want to be there! You don't even imagine how! Because I m ready almost to pack my bag and go to you *****! We will be together and my dream will come true baby! All my nasty dreams with u will alive!
Tell me more about your hobbies?
My dream is to have romantic evenings with u dear! I want to walk on the beach with u; we can find some secret place, only for you and me dear! Far from civilization and people. We will love each other on the beach, in the sea, ocean! I don't care! How I want to make it with u! I feel u are my dream man!
From the deepest part of my soul I wish this will come true and we will meet in the nearest feature.
I will have today the concert in my studio! Were important day for me and our kids! I wish u were here! I miss u! Send you billion kisses honey!
Yours Olga
Letter 12
my baby! My lovely Jim!
as you asked my I give you my home address ^ Ukraine Izyum city Artema street 14 You can be proud of me! The concert was great! We did it! We were so happy and full of enthusiasm , joy, excitement! My kids did their best! I was there and cried, I always nervous about them, because they do! But we were good! The girls had bright and beautiful dresses! And boys looked like gentlemen! It was amazing! Thank u dear for your letter! Thank you for reply and I think I know u better now honey! How it would be magic we will do everything we wish baby! I will be the happiest with u and u will be the most important and special man in the world honey! I don't want to wait more dear! I want to meet! I can have a vacation! Finally we can meet and be together baby! I want to be your small girl, want you take care about me, want to treat you with romantic dance every day! With kisses and amazing time we will have *** baby! Yes I want u! I want to feel you inside everyday! I want to spoil u with this! I couldn`t expect I will have such feelings to you! But I do feel! I think our love story will become crazy and we will be like main heroes from a novel! You are my dream man I dreamt in past! I waited for!!!I love you! I want to yell to the whole world that I love you! I want to see myself in a tight hug given by you baby! By my man! Dear! Your eyes express your words! When I look at your picture I understand u! They express your words dear! Please tell me when you will be ready to meet! I wish that with all my heart! Do you have any ideas for our meeting!? I would like to be in a magic, romantic, colored place with u! I want to be every day in your arms and kiss u! I will cover you with billions kisses all over your body and you will kiss me! I wish that! I want you! I want to be with you baby! I will wear my bikini! You should tell me what color do u prefer! Because I want to be the best woman for u! I want to pose, to smile to you! I want my craziest dreams about us will come true! I think its destiny, I met my friend on the concert, and she works at the travel agency now. I told her our story, that we want to meet in some place in the nearest future. She said It wouldn't be a problem to organize our meeting honey! She will give a small discount for preparing the documents. I'm so happy we will meet soon. Everything helps us and nothing would change that! Look forward to receive your answer honey! I send you huge amount of kisses! Love you! Olga.
Letter 13
wow! what a nice pictures dear !!! i would like to be there with you
now .. i want to close my eyes and feel your kiss... my lovely Jim
Letter 14
I love it! I love It! I love it!!!
I want to be there now!!!!!!!!!
Im in love! what a wonderful place you live in!!!!!!
My darling!!!!!!!!!!!!! How lovely it is!!!!!!!
AAAAAAAAAA I want to touch it))))))))
Letter 15
i want to touch his nose))))
baby! Im in love with that lovely creature!
Dear Jim! I would like to be with you! Please! I want to make videos and pictures with you!
I know you want it also)
O my god! how lucky you are.. you live in a such a magic place.,. nature.. animals..
I want to be with you now))
Letter 16
Hi my dear Jim and ******!
I'm sad we watch Olympic Games far from each other.. It would be great to be close to each one and enjoy it!!! I like shooting! And I'm waiting for swimmers!!! And what did you like most? What type of competition did you like ?
Baby I would like to sleep with you.. To hug you.. Kiss.. I would like to take my pillow away and hug you .. Not pillow! But you my dear Jim. And we will have a great long nights.. Passionate nights.. I don't like to wear anything, but for u I will wear lingerie.. I would like to have some special for you baby.. I have never had it. I have only simple underwear but for you I want to have black and red lingerie.. What about white? What do you think? I'm waiting for your opinion.. Or do you prefer just to have my without any clothes..?) my baby! How magic will be our first night.. I will prepare dinner for us, burn candles, I will put on my red dress.. And will make a romantic headdress! My love, I want to be perfect for you and want to see you in your favorite clothes.. By the way! Tell me would you like to wear in this special for us moment my love! Jim..this distance kills me every day.. We are so far from each other. I want you by my side.. I want to with you my lovely.. Dear Jim
Kiss you.. Your Olya
Letter 17
my darling, I hope you like the picture.. I miss you so and I wish we were in your chair now..
baby! thank you for your pictures..I like you and your house a lot.. I m sorry I cant say the same things about my clothes.. it is not brand and i dont have it a lot, just something I need a lot wor work and life
I wish I could choose what I like according to my mood) but I cant.. at school I had just few pair of trouses and few blouses, now a have more but also can not allow myself to bye good and qualified clothes
I hope we will be together in your hose dear Jim)
by the way Ukrainian girl won a bronze medal in fencing!!
kiss you
Letter 18
My Jim... I can not live in a such way no more.. I love you too . And I wish to spend my life with you my love. I want to share my life with you. I want to be part of yours. I wish to support you in everything my love. I wish we will be close to each other. And would never be apart! My love. Jim. I love you and ******. Please, tell me when will we finally be together my love? I want to unite in a family with you. I don't want any other men. I have made my decision. I'm ready to be yours, to be with you my love. Do you want this also? I don't want to waste time and life living alone..without love..without you
your OLya
Letter 19

My love! I would like to be your model , to be your beloved woman, your friend, your lover.. I wish that..
Baby as I know Ukrainian people who are willing to travel abroad need to have international passport and visa. Jim I know that with the inner passport that I have I can not do that. I need to have international passport for that. My cousin works at the travel agency and it is her job, to prepare all necessary documents for traveling. I asked her about it and we can have all documents for my trip to you in a 10 days. As we need to apply for passport and visa. Ticket we can have only we will have international passport and visa. Ticket depends from the class can be valued from 800 till 1500 US dollars . Baby as you know I can not allow this price to pay. I hope you will help us to meet and realize our wish to be finally close to each one. I'm waiting for your letter my love.. As you asked I have asked everything about my trip to you baby. Kiss you my love..
Letter 20
my love! Jim.. how was your day?
You didnt answer me darling
I dont know why..
Love you
your Olya
Letter 21
my love! are you ok!>? Im worry baby! I wrote you letters and you dont answer..
My love ! please answer me! Im waiting! kiss you! Your Olya
Letter 22
Good morning my love!!!Jim you're the first thing I think about when I wake up. Good morning to you... I'm so happy I have you. As our meeting is the best thing happened in my life Even when I close my eyes at night I see you before me. You are the star of my dreams. Hope your morning is wonderful my love.. Even while we are far.. But I want you feel I'm close.. And so soon we will meet my baby! The thought of you and us brings up me my love and gives me power to live! I dream to have a breakfast with you, to see your smile and feel your kisses while I'm still sleepy)) I want to take you in our morning Saturday shower) and feel you wet skin close to mine. I want to play with you *****) because if you want to take a towel you have to deserve it!)) and the task is to catch your ***** women in a flat) in crazy about you my love.. We are so in love.. I wish we will have this feelings till the end of our days. The life is too short not to enjoy it! As to wait for so long leads to nothing . And we are like birds, we need to fly, we need and want to love each one my darling... Jim I love you and wish you good day. I'm always with you my love! Want to see your smile right now.. Kiss you .. your Olya
Letter 23
my love! why do you take the hope back??
Baby! I cant pay for the trip! you know the level of my country is small!
Why did you write me about love and your wish to see me . you knew from the very beginning i dont have possibility to pay for the road and tickets! mu dear Jim!
Im so sad you played with me! I feel now like you are making laugh of my feelings and emotions my darling!
I opened my soul! my life! my heart for you! I made this video just you to know that i love you
I have dreams about our life, about our love! why have you done that!
Why did you play with my heart!!! I dont know what to say! I felt in love with a ghoast! I told you I need real man and real relationship! I dont need a pen friend forever! I want to love and beloved!
why.. only that I can write you! I still belive we will meet ! as I hope you will help me with it! I dont see any other way in our relationship! Please dont brake my heart!
I love you!....
Letter 24
my love
please write me
if you was serious about me
if it was not a game
if you love me
I gave you my heart
please write me back baby
I love you
I cant sleep..I cant belive you were not serious
please...your Olya
Letter 25
Baby! please answer me! do you have feelings??
Letter 26
Jim! my sweetheart! i understand that you have guests! but please dont forget that im waiting for our meeting! that im waiting for you!
Darling! I have proved you my feelings and love!my love my want to come to you! I cant sleep as I dont get any letter from you!
Im waiting! im yours! I trust you my dear Jim
love you
your Olya!!!!
Letter 27
my love! i wish you good weekends! im waiting for your letter! I want to see you and to kiss you more than everything! Im worry that the sittuation in our country is close to the war , active war actions again! my love!
please let us unite and be together! Im afraid i willl never see you
I love you
Letter 28
hi baby! how are you!
tell me please what is going on! every day I open my email
I wait when will i get your letter! I want you! you know that Im serious about youI want to be with you! I m wery serious! Tell me please do you want that!?? and why you played with me all that time?
Letter 29
Jim! Im sad you think that all women are liars in Ukraine.. But im honest..
I miss you and ******.. how is my little baby!... how is she... I m crying.. I will never touch her... as I dont hve funds for the documents.. tell her that I miss her...that you didnt give us opportunity to play.. to meet...
I dreamt how happy we will be when I will come
Why you broke my heart and my dreams for the happy life! I wrote to you! I sent you! all my life story I opened my heart for you! and I feel like you used me! you know that I make only 110 dollars per month! for me it is impossible to make passport and visa! for me it is too expensive! please understand that!!! I m ready to give you my life, my heart, my love! but you just say you will never ever allow us to meet! how cruel you are! Jim! I do really hope you trust me! you said me that you trust me! YOU KNOW im REAL! and you saw me on video! please let us meet! please baby! I want to come to you! I want to be yours lovely! please! I love you!....Olya
Letter 30
my lovely Jim! im so happy you wrote me back! darling! I will full the international passport forms on Monday! as today is Saturday and the police office doesnt work. I m bagging you just to trust me. I cant say more! I want to be with you! I want to be yours! I know you will do everything for our meeting honey! I m so happy ! tell me how is ******! how is my little girl!? how I wish to see her)) Please dear write me more often as I miss you.. you are the best man ! I love you! your Olya!
Letter 31
my love my Jim! today I went to the policce office and applied for the passport as you asked me about!!!
yestarday there were a lot of people so my turn was only today to fill the forms and to apply for the international passport! thank you my love you wish to help me and to unite us in a strong couple! i promiss I will be your best second half! I wish we will meet soon!!!!!! thank you babY! but now I need to pay for the passport as I just applied for the documents! now I need to pay for it! I told you that urgent passport costs 300 dollras! my love please tell me when it will be comfortable for you to sent me the funds! I need to pay for it! The passport cant be done without payment for it! as at first i need to pay for the forms! my lovely Jim! im so happy you want me, that you are serious about us.. I love you! i want to be with you! i see dreams about our meetin my love! write me soon! love you!
your OLYA forever
P.S how is my little ******!?))
Letter 32
baby Jim!!!!
thank you so much for the pictures! I like them ))
Darling! the simple passport price is 150 dollars!
Im waiting for your letter! I miss you ! please call me also! I want to talk with you! Avdeeva Olga is my name
Ukraine,64309,Kharkov region., Izum city, Artema str., 14. is my address
Letter 33
darling! hi! how are yoU! Im waiting for your letter!
Letter 34

Hi dear Jim again) I'm already waiting for your letter. . How wonderful it could be if I could be now with you.. We could make a list together what we want to cook, I have some special meals you will like I'm sure! After I will cook for us and in the evening we can switch on some romantic song and will continue the story in the bedroom my love.. Storm, maybe even tsunami we will organize my love! Jim. I'm so lonely without you my honey.. Especially on the weekends when I don't have work and need to be alone.. By the way what is your favorite dish? How is ******? I want to run and play with ****** already. I see this wonderful picture of us , of our life together! You me and ******. I'm waiting for your letter my love! Kiss you and wish you nice weekend. I m so lonely without you.. Kiss you my love.. Your Olya
Letter 35
my love! Jim! how are you! how is ******!))
I wish to see you both soon))
Im waiting for your letter as you promised me baby)))
Kiss you!! your Olya))
Letter 36
My love! good evening! its evening more day passed without you..i had a lot of work and all day long dreamt to come home, take shower and check my email! Im so happy my love you wrote me.. dear and beloved Jim! how are you! how was your day? what you have done?
I think about you all the time! I womder what is your favourite meal!
I want to cook it for you)) My baby! how wonderful it would be..when we will finally be togather,,My love!thank you for videos and pictures or your guest))
!my love! I want to be with you right now! to spent my life with you the life is too short to wait always! my love! I want to wake up and feel you deep inside of my body..every day and every night! my love.. I want you like only beloved woman can ....forever yours Olya
Letter 37
dear Jim
why you dont write me
Letter 38
how is ******??
how are you ??
Letter 39
hope you are fine
as you dont write me anymore
Letter 40
ok! i see that you are not interested in me any more!
I dream to be close! but you dont want me to be with you ..
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