Scam letter(s) from Carrie God to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
My name is Carrie ...Am single never married am 33 years old and U?I am a competent economist by my profession and i have once worked in textile store, a collection of textiles design and sewing materials and i was lay off job in last year July 17th and hunt for job .And am also a RN Nurse but not yet working due to my relocating to the right man of my life.
I'm born and raise up in Alabama USA but right now am willing to relocate as soon a is find the right man,does my distance bothers u?well distance is nothing cos am willing to relocate anytime i find the right man,am kinda new to all this online dating stuff.
I am lonely single female i don't have any kid and i have never been to any relationship in my life Are you a single male, do you have any kid, have you ever been to any relationship before?
Letter 2
Hello John,
Thanks for the message about "Re: Plenty of Fish Datng". This is a one-time automatic confirmation to let you know you're on my Boxbe Guest List.
Email from you will be delivered right to my Inbox.
Thank you,
carrie God
Letter 3
You have just sounded as my dream man and you have really completed me so far....I do believe in the truth and honesty.Because honesty is the only key to human success, and with honest, i believe in myself and my life is really based on truth,and its all about who i really am. I know the kind of woman i am and the way i treat others.I really do care a lot about others who care for me, because i am a very caring and passionate woman and my heart is so blessed and lovely.I believe in devoting my time, my life, my heart, my body and my soul to my loved one and make him real happy,because he is my joy and happiness, and i always do look forward to that day i will get to meet my dream man which am sure is you.And i know when my dream woman which i'm sure is you gets to meet me you will be so happy to get along with the kind of woman i am.Please can you tell me all the qualities that you are seeking for in your dream woman to be your wife, may be i have the qualities out of all my life personalities that i listed for you?
I will really like to know more about you and your motives because my intentions is to get to know you,and really do know the kind of person you are, and hopefully meet in person, because its one of my policy to share honest and sincerity with open mind together, because i hate games and pranks.
Letter 4

Oh good...I love to be sincere about my words as i don't have any hiding agendas. Because i hate to make people feel bad.I really do believe that every one should at least be given a great chance to smile and share there feelings to each other.What about you ****?
Letter 5
I believe that the solid foundation to a long lasting relationship should be built on trust and the interest of mutual feelings in both partners will bring about understanding. i believe that god leads and directs our path,One thing I understand about something good is this, no good thing will come easy, if we are really and truly meant for each other, there must be challenges we have to face on our way to achieving our aim and we will surely overcome those challenges.
Actually I know that one day, the good lord will answer my prayers and bless me with a good , caring , loving and romantic man to be my partner, but I never knew it could be this real, I thank the good lord for bringing you my way.There are two important things to make one's life worth living. One is to have a true friend who will be there for you always to share your friendly advice and the second is to have a lover to share your love and affection with you and make you feel loved. Anyone of these is good as many people in the world today may have one of it and will remain happy, but I am happy I have both and that's you,I cant imagine any better thing than being with you at the moment and look into your eyes and watch the sun start to rise from there. i wish you could hold me and cuddle me in your arms right now One thing about you men is, many of you pretend to be who you are not, just to get a lady up to you wherever you are and use her up to satisfy your ****** needs and later drop her. I hope you are different but how can I be sure that I will be safe while with you and will not be maltreated as just a *** *****. How can I trust you on this?
i hope you are for real and that this is not all about internet fantasy just to wipe your time or to satisfy a ***** mood because i am for real and seriously looking for a lifetime soulmate.And as i am new to this internet relationship,i would not like to fall a victim.
As future husband and wife, I believe there should be a kind of physical intimacy between us cos I don't really believe much in this online thing as I am new to it unlike being together and really see how we feel about each other. So I will like us to make an arrangement to meet physically so as to make this relationship real and everlasting,what do you think?
One thing I understand about nature is that life itself is a risk, we don't have power over tomorrow, we can only try to make tomorrow a better day by trying our best and leave the rest. I am ready to risk anything, even my very self, to secure my happiness. There are stages in ones life when one needs to take chances to make sure things are right. i believe a try will convince you.
Please don't leave me all to myself cos around you I have built my world and whatever you do to hurt me baby, it will definitely drive me crazy, please give me one chance to show and you will never regret you did
Letter 6
Its okay...Am a understanding girl, Forgiving you is never a problem for me.....What are you doing today and what is your real intention right now
Letter 7
Oh well am ready to try it but i will always want it with the right man because i hate to be cheating around...
Letter 8
I mean *** and we will always try it together
Letter 9
Oh yes..Well i will be having a little problem right soon and i will be very happy if you can help me....I know you can do this for me if you really want me to do it for real
Letter 10
Okay baby, I want you to help me with a Itune gift card to upgrade my Phone....
Letter 11
I needed a card to upgrade my Phone....maybe like $50
Letter 12
Thank you so much but are you going to get me the card??
Letter 13
Oh i told you i needed to get the card to upgrade the phone, am only writing you with the email stuff on my pc
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