Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Aleksandrovna Tkachenko to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Hi! I saw your profile and felt like I have known you before...) Such a deja vu... Maybe we've met in previous lives? Let's check this out! ‘Cause I believe that we have to trust our inner voice:) Do you agree?:) My name's Irene and I am a dancing instructor. However, now I found myself in teaching people to dance. I absolutely love it! For me, the feedback is the most important issue of my job! When I see that happy eyes of my students, I understand that it's all not in vain! So, I am looking for a man who will be my everything! I just wanna' share ny love and passion to life with someone! Will you enjoy life with me?:)
Letter 2
I am Irene from Ukraine, and I'm glad that you came back to me)
I usually start new day with a cup of green tea and a smile). As for me, I'm such an optimist! I believe that just a smile can change a lot of things) And I never give up on love! I am convinced that we should never give up on it, although it's not always the right people we come across... I just wanna believe that we are the right people for each other! Let's check this out! You see, the age gap between us is not a problem for me. I've been hurt before, I came through relations which didn't work out well for me, and not I reckon that it's better to build relations with somebody who's older and can appreciate my feelings and definitely won't break my heart. You know Jim, I think it's not the appearance we fall in love with. I think it's the mixture of the features of character and face we fall for:) For example, you see a man and he has a dimple on his forehead. Someone would say, it is not attractive at all, but when you are geting to know this person closer and closer with the pace of time, it becomes clear that you feel for this dimple in particular:) Jim, I wanna know everything about you – what country are you from, what's your job, how do you spend your free time... I am curious because I felt that we're gonna be good friends... And who knows, maybe we come to something more...) It's only up to you and me)
As for me, I am a pole dance instructor. I used to perform in classical ballet, but now I have groups for pole dance. It is very popular in Ukraine! I quit performing because I realized that working with people is more important as it gives you the feedback! When I see happy smiling faces of my girls, I realize that my job worth something and it's all not in vain! For me, it's more important than just seeing myself on the scene. And what do you think?) I am really fond of my job and it gives me energy to fill every single day of my life with bright colours and emotions! And you know what? I came to terms that I only come across people who are just the same passionate about everything!
Also, I go to gym to keep fit, because my job need me to stay fit and beautiful! And I have one more hobby – it is reading. I like classical literature, but my favourite books are the Harry Potter sequels:)
Please tell me what's on your mind:) I'm learning to read your thoughts but I guess I still need your help:) Kisses,
Letter 3
Hi, Jim!
Thanks for the pictures! Your dog is lovely, and you are also:)
I told you that I am from Ukraine. darling, don't worry, my town is not very close to the area where the war took place. I guess you have heard of my country because of the warrior conflict in the East of Ukraine. But I prefer not to talk about the ditry games of politicians, I think it's a waste of time! Do you agree with me?)
I wanna tell you what it's famous for apart from the war. First of all, our cuisine is delicious! If you ever tried our varenyky or pelmeni, you would fall in love with it for the first bite!) Maybe one day I will let you try it! And our language is supposed to be one of the most tuneful in the world!
By the way, I am absolutely in love with the process of cooking! For me, it's an art just as well as the choreography! When I start cooking, I get all the ingredients ready very throughly, and I always swtich on the music. Some positive and energetic... For me it's sort of the rule which I never break! Because I believe that the mood is the most important issue of cooking)
I believe that mood is an important issue of relations as well. For instance, if I am in a bad mood, I prefer to stay home with a cup of coffee reading a book. And I believe that in relations, it's important to share not only positive issues, but supporting and comforting each other having troubles is very important, as well.
I think serious relations can't be built on intimacy only, but it is very important and it makes partners so close to each other. And I get pleasure from making my man fly high...) If you know what I mean...))
I'm waiting for you to write me back) darling, here's my phone number, call me if you want to chat? +380950679002. I am now on whats app;)
Jim, it was realyl pleasant for me to read your lines about my work, and I am really happy that you appreciate it so high;) For me, it's also an art, and I agree with you, its far more demanding than the classical ballet:)
Best regards,
Letter 4

Hi, Jim!
Darling, I really enjoyed talking to you on the phone yesterday! It was nice and I am so much looking forward to talk to you again! Thanks for the wonerful pictures:) It seems to me you and your family are very cheerful and positive people! Jim, I am initially Ukrainian, but in our country, there's no big difference about all that. Jim, I am happy you dont correspond with the other girls, as I also don't do that! I am really interested in getting to know you closer:) Remember I promised to let you discover my dark side?..)) I hope some day you will have a chance to discover it...)) Jim, now I wanna' talk about my previous relations, because I don't wanna' hide anything from you! You know, Jim, I believe that serious long-term relation should be based on honesty and mutual trust, otherwise, it's not working! Do you agree with me? And I absolutely hate liars!
So, here's my story. We met at the bus stop, he talked to me first. Shortly we've found out that we have a lot in common, and that we are more alike, than different. He was working in the casino... As he said, he was a barrista there. I felt so comfortable with him, you know that feeling, as if my heart has always known him... He wasn't talking about himself much, on the contrary, we're talking more about my life. And I was so flattered with that! You know, Jim, every woman fells in life with a guy shortly if he reveals a sincere interest in her life and her personality! We started dating, and after 6 months he moved to live with me because I was living alone at that perioud of time. He said he had night shifts... When the month was over, he said that he was fined for dishes and glasses which other personnel broke, it was a mistake, but now he's short for money and asked to lend him some. Basically, he was figuring some excuses every month when it came to salary... Sometimes he brought huge sums of money, which he spent in couple of days...But more often in happened the way that I had to lend him money... I was spending all my salary on him, and had to ask friends to lend me some! After all, I got tired with his lies, and came to that casino myself. Asked the manager to call him over. He was surprised. Then, he seemed to understand who I was talking about and showed me a guy sitting over the desk with the other players... That day I found out that he was gambling all the time and didn't have any job at all... I was so bitterly disappointed! We didn't break up that day, because I loved him so much... I just couldn't do that! Our relations lasted for almost a year further on, and he was always making promises to give up gambling, but he wouldn't. He was an addict! Finally, I understood that I want to raise a family in the near future, and if we are always short for money, this is not gonna' work. So, I broke up with him.
Now you know my story... It's rather sad. Since the day we parted, I promised myself not to spend any money on men at all! Because he didn't appreciate all my efforts to keep our family! Jim, I'd like to learn about your previous relations if you feel you are ready to tell me.
Jim, I was choosing some pics for you today! I have a cat, his name is Red and we are good friends with him:) He always comforts me when I am down. Also, there are 2 pis of me at the seaside in Sochi last year, and a photo from the fancy-dress party at my friend's house last month. I was a panther:) It was fun!
Letter 5
Hi, Jim!
My darling, it was really nice to speak to you on the phone today! Thanks for telling me so honestly about your addictions;) I liked all of them:) Especially the last one;) Jim, it's ovbious that each of us has come through the difficulties in relations, and I think the advantage of it is that we will definitely know it hurts and tat you have be very careful and honest when it comes to feelings and relations. I think each of us now knows how painful it is to break up and we wull be very careful with the hearts of each other! My darling, thanks for telling me honestly about your family relations, now I feel I have become a little more closer to you... If it happens day by day, I will be happier and happier day by day...) Darling, thanks for your wonderful pictures)) I really liked them and now I feel a little closer to you, again. I was looking for some pics to show you, and found the one when I am wearing my usual home outfit? It is a tiny t-shirt and pants? I really like wearing it, because I feel comfortable this way. And I always want to wear this kind of clothes when I will be living with my man. I think home is such a place where everyone should feel comfortable and relaxed. Do you agree? Also, I was brought up in a religious family, and for me, it's important to go to the church on some special occasions and religious holidays. I don't do it very often, due to my job, but sometimes I feel I really need to be in solitude face-to-face with my thoughts. As you might know, we are Christian Orthodox here in Ukraine. Here's a photo of me and my friend this year, it was a big church holiday called Willow Sunday.
You know, Jim I now feel I am open to new relations with all my heart, and you know what darling? I came to terms that there's so much of unconditional love in my heart, which I urgently need to share! Because I've been without a man for almost half year! For me, it's a long perioud of time, because the attention which my man gives for me is very precious! It's even more important, than sex! Darling, we are grown-up people and I want to discuss some really personal things with you, if you don't mind...) Jim, for a woman, the most important thing is not sex, but the feeling that she is loved and cherished and the attention from her man in daily life! Small things mean so much to me! For instance, a cup of coffee in bed in the morning, a simple breakfast, a long kiss goodnight... and not only kiss...))
What about you, Jim? Do you feel the same? Tell me what's on your mind, darling, I'm listening attentively.
Have to go back to my work now.
Letter 6
Hi, Jim!
I saw your profile and felt that it's gonna' be something between us at once! I don't know how it happened that fast, it is a mystery for me... It's gonna' be our secret...) Don't tell anybody, Ok?)
Anyway, I'm really glad that you found my profile! I believe everything is done for purpose, and we are not just strangers for each other. We've met for some purpose, and our lives are now connected online... And it's only up to us to decide what we're gonna' do with that connection... If it is gonna' remain online, or lead to something more... A friendship, a union of souls and minds, and, finally, bodies...
Darling, thanks for the pictures:) Ginger is lovely:) You both are lovely:) And I really enjoyed talking to you on the phone:) Jim, I think I am ready to let you into my real life because I have a premonition that you are the one I am looking for... I am never wrong with that, moreover, my intuition leads me through the whole my life! I feel that we are that right people for each other! What do you think?)
Jim, I think I didn't tell you that I have a small farm. Mum doesn't work, she is retired now, and she dedicates all her spare time to our small farm, and I help her of course. We have a baby cow and some rabbits. It's not a very big farm, but at least my mum does what she likes to and it is good to have some home grown meat.
I want you to know that I am very strict when it comes to me, and rather indulgent, when it's about the other people. I believe that if you want to find a key to someone's heart, you have to deal not only with the advantages of character, but with the dark side as well...
Letter 7
Hello my darling, Jim!
How's your day going? How's the weather there? What have you been up to recently my darling?) Jim, thanks for the photos of your house;) I really liked everything, it's so cosy and feels so comfortable:)
Jim, I came across the recent photo of me and my friend in the theatre in Kharkov. It was a classical ballet and we really enjoyed the performance.
You are right, the pole dance is becoming more and more popular, and it makes me happy because it's something I love doing:)
Jim, you see, I work in a small dancing studio, and we don't have any videos of us. I could of course ask my students to shoot me on vide performing, but it is not allowed because for the reasons of safety.
Darling, I found your address in google maps, thanks! I feel a little bit closer to you now...))
Darling, I am happy that our relations are growing, and I'm so happy to have you in my life now! I'm so happy darling that destiny granted me such a man! I think I have deserved that for what had happened to me, and I want to make you the happiest man in the world! And when it comes to intimacy... With my Man, I'm like a wild cat! I'll do everything to please the one I love...You know darling, I believe the best woman is a lady in public, a chief in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom...) Do you agree?)
Jim, I know that our relations are growing fast and I feel that you are falling for me fast, as well) I feel you are mine... And I also know that soon we won't be able to proceed this way! When I see you for real, I feel that I will eat you up! And lick you all over your body! Promise you'll do the same to me my sweet...
Letter 8
Hello, my love!
Darling, I am sorry you got the wrong in pression about me first. I was tired at work that day, that's right. But my laughter saved the situation, and I am happy because of that:)
Jim, thanks for the photos of your house:) Feels very cosy;) Here ae some cosy photos of me home, as well, hope you like them. I think I am good at decorating. I like smalll things which make the house cosier and so it really feels like home. You know, I am dreaming of the home, where, as Russians say - 'the walls heal'. It means, you can rest there with your mind and your soul:)
Darling, I am sorry you couldn't find my town on Google maps. That's because it is too small I guess. To be honest with you, I couldn't find it either, because I am not good at googling:)
Jim, as for the borsch, I can cook it, and it's rather tasty and healthy dish. We put green cabbage there, and there is a joke that cabbage helps the breasts to grow. it's a joke of course:)
I found some more pictures of me at the seaside last year in Crimea, enjoy) I don't do surfing, but I thought it was a good idea to make a photo with the surf:)
Jim, today I want to talk about things that turn me on... Hope I won't embarrass you… I feel that with you, I can discuss anything! You know my darling, to be honest with you, I have never done that before, I mean, talking about my sexual fantacies and the wet dreams... Because I only had one boyfriend, and we were dating for a long time... However, all he was interested in was casino and money... And now I feeel that my dreams are finally coming true, slowly, but steadily, and I just don't recognize that women looking at me from the mirror! Her eyes are smiling with happiness and her lips are open to kiss all over your body... Actually, for me, kisses are the most important thing in intimacy, because it so much turns me on! When I feel kisses in my neck, going down to breasts and the belly, and down.... It is something I can't resist... Darling, what do you want me to do to your body? I will fulfill your every wish... You know, Jim, I think that in a couple, all the poses and sex options are acceptable, if it is for a mutual pleasure! Do agree with me baby? What pose do you want to experience with me?) I want to tell you my little secret... I am grown up woman, but I'm not very experienced in sex... Because of my ex... you understand... So, I'm inpatient to try everything with you! I wanna' try 69 position... Do you like it? I want to discover it with you only my honey... When I think about it, I feel the goose bumps all over my wonderful body...
Darling, my body promises so many wonders to you and to you only... I can't wait for you to discover them! And I want to know all your hot spots and feel your body just same, as I feel mine... If you know what I mean...)))
With love,
Letter 9
Hun, today I have a bad day. The matter is, today I had an argument with my superviser at work. She wants me to obey the rules, and I am such a creative person, I just can't do it! I try to, however, when it comes to dancing, I deny all the rules! I strongly believe that dancing is a creative process and there should never ever be any rules! That's what I teach my students, and in my opinion, that's the key to success! I usually switch on some pop music, it is usually Justin Timberlake - sexy back, adn the other his songs. Younger girls like his songs. And as for me, my favourite one is You can leave your hat on by Joe Cocker and Stop by Jamelia:) For me these two ones are the best, and I perform my best when I ghear them playing;)
Jim, thanks for sharing your most intimate fantasies with me:) I will do the same for you, if you don't mind... You wanna know my most intimate fantasies? I wanna tell you that I don't usually speak about such things that easily and with you, it's going quite smooth... Maybe the matter is, I felt the immediate connection between us at once... Maybe I'm just so lonely and need someone in my life so desperately... Maybe that's because I haven't been with a man for a long time... I think all the reasons fit. So, I close my eyes and see us sitting next to one another, barely touching each other... The light is down low and you can hardly see me... You just feel the smell of my perfume mixing up with the smell of my body... I know that you want me, and I start feeling impatient about you, too... You touch my skin... I feel that the desire is burning inside of you and you can't help it... I want you deep inside me... But you are caressing my nipples, teasing me... I ask you to penetrate into me... You don't seem to hear... You are involved into a perfect foreplay , and I am burning with desire... Finally, I start caressing your cock gently... Just slightly touching it with my lips and the tongue... Just the way you did to me... You ask me to go harder... I keep doing what I do to you... Your cock is throbbing in my hands... Finally I take it to my throat deep inside... You start moving backwards and forward in me... My lips are next to your balls... I took it really deep... Your movements become stronger... I FEEL that you are about to cum into me... I'm ready to accept your cum... I feel it pouring into me... It fills my mouths... I swallow it, it's hot and saulty... Just as hot as my throbbing pussy that needs your tongue and fingers... I beg you to give me that... And you please me with your tongue. I cum really fast because I was so much awaiting for it... My body is trembling, extase seems to last for such a long time... And my pussy is soak and hot... Nobody ever made me feel such way before... Darling, I also believe that each person has a dream, and if you strongly believe in it, the whole Universe helps you to achieve it! Darling, it came out as a surprise for me, but I have to admit that I've started thinking about you more and more…)) My dream is to have you right by my side! And to fuilfill our fantasies into reality! I am happy we have the same dream Jim:) So, how can we make it darling? I have some pictures for you) Recently my friend made a small photosession of me in the gym in which I train, and I really like it;) I want to share my inspiration with you;) And also I attached a photo of me and my lovely cat? Enjoy! Jim I would of course be jealous of that girl if you didn't tell me not to do so. It's fine, but she is beautiful and young. But I tust you. I believe she has a boyfriend:)
Letter 10
This morning I was wondering, what you are up to and how are you and what's on your mind…
Jim, I'll be honest with you. All my friends know that I am in relations and they are all asking me questions every day, how are you, how we're getting on, if we have language barrier, and when we're gonna' finally meet! I tell them that it's up to the two of us only and together we're gonna' find a solution. I think we're getting to know each other step by step, and for me it is such an exquisite pleasure – to discover your personality and your inner world slowly, but steadily... You know what it reminds me of? Of a passionate foreplay... When the two people know that they're gonna' give in to each other sooner or later, and it is a question of time only...) Darling, I feel that this time has come. Yet we've been having the passionate and slow foreplay, caressing the souls and minds of each other, and it was so indulgent... But now I feel that I'm ready to give in to you, because the right time has come and I don't hesitate anymore to fall into your arms! Darling, thanks for the wonderful pictures of Ginger and the deer:) I also don't know why so many woman are interested in you:) I think it is because there's something special about you:)
Jim, I also love talking to you... You don't know which effect your voice has on my body... I never told you that because I thought it was too eatly, and now I think it is high time to reveal my inner thoughts to you:) Darling, when I am talking to you, I feel the goose bumps all over my body... I wish I couldlay in bed talking to you not on the phone, but just face-to-face, looking into your eyes and smiling to you:)
I want to share your life. To be part of it. Not in the Internet, but for real! I feel that you want the same thing. Am I right? Honey, let's now wait anymore! I believe that if we lose this sacred moment, the magic between us will disappear. I don't want to lose that connection between us! For me, it has become the most precious thing recently. I feel that you are now part of my life and all what is missing is to fulfill our dream! My darling, I have heard sopme women on the beaches of Europe swim and sunbathe topless, but I have never done something of the kind.
Today, I want to share my inspiration with you. I have a friend who makes all the photos of me, and she came up with the idea to make a photo of me just laying on the floor. And I think t worked amazing! Enjoy:)
Letter 11
I need to tell you something. Jim, I often see you in my dreams... I hear your voice and feel your hands and lips on my body... You know, another option that turns me on a lot is sexy lingerie... I feel so excited when my man is getting me undressed... Darling, every time I close my eyes, I imagine you taking my clothes off with your teeth... Your lips touch my skin gently, and I feel that I want more...
Jim, I have chosen to be completely honest with you from the very beginning of our relations, and I am very happy that you appreciate that! You know, Jim, I think I was lucky to meet you because you understand my feelings more than anyone else ever did... Even more, than myself! So now, I will be honest with you, too... The matter is, darling I can't wait for our meeting anymore because I am just so horney for you! You know, I have been without intimacy for half a year, and I am such a passionate woman, that for me it is hard to put up with it! And when I met you, it has become even harder, because my thougths and fantasies are teasing me, and I'm so impatient to experience it with you for real! I know that you feel the same way about me... Darling, I am ready to come to you! I have a travel agency where my best friend works, it's a good agency and by the way, they offer a good price rollbacks, too. So, these days I'm gonna' come there and ask for all the necessary documents to come to you. I need you in my life and can't wait anymore!
Thanks for the pictures of your legs and Ginger:) I see that you are very happy together:) And your house is just lovely, and it looks very cosy:) Darling, here's a photo of me which I really like) It was made recently at my friends' house where we had a home party:) It was fun, although I was thinking about you all the time.
Totally yours,
your wild cat Irene
P.S. My darling, I don't send the nude pics. Please don't be offended, I am a serious girl. But I am dreaming to reveal myself to you totally when we meet;)
Letter 12
Hi, Jim my darling! I missed you this days... Where are you? I miss your voice and wanna' talk to you... darling, I have wonderful news to tell you:) Today I found out everything as for our meeting:) I am just back from the passport office and I was told that first of all, I should apply for an international passport. Usually it takes them 3-4 month to issue the passport, however an urgent application can be dealt with within 5-8 working days. Urgent application costs 300 USD. I have to apply for the international passport at the police office according to the place of living, and there's a list of documents which I have to add to my application, and I've started to collect them already. As soon as my international passport is done, I need to apply for a visa. I was advised to apply for the tourist visa, as it's easier for me to get this one rather than the other types of visa. For instance, if I apply for a visitor's visa, the embassy can suspect me in becoming a migrant, as I am not married young woman with no property in Ukraine. In this case, I won't be granted visa. I don't want this to happen, and I think you also. So, the best one is the tourist visa. The tourist visa costs about 150 USD and I would also need to pay 80 USD for the councellor contribution. Then I have to undertake a payment for the medical insurance, which is 50 USD. So, all in all this tourist visa costs 280 USD and can be done within 1-2 weeks after the application. I'll be allowed to stay in Canada for 3 months. And I would also need a return ticket. I'm flying from Kiev to London, CA, and it costs about 900 USD. However, I've been to the agency and they promised to get in touch with me when there's a price rollback. They say it'll be about 800 USD then. That's all I have for today, my dear. It turns out to be quite expensive, but I'm sure that we'll sort it out together and make a right decision together. Jim my darling, I understand that you care for me and for everything, but please, you see, as I am a potential migrant from Ukraine, for the Embassy it will be obvious that I would wish to stay. our aim is to get the touristic visa, and as for this matter, nobody should know that I come to you or you are inviting me, because in this case, I won't be granted visa, as a young unmarried woman with no property in Ukraine! So, please, don't go to the Embassy. if they find out that I come to you, I will most of all refused with the visa. Kisses,
Letter 13
Hi, Jim, Thanks for the information, I looked it through very attentively. You see, there is a lot of various websites which provide a lot of phony information now, and, as I was told in the travel agency, I shouldn't get trapped or involved into it anyhow. Because all these sources doesn't guarrantee anything, and their aim is only to mess people around, because they provide their own service and fight their business rivals this way. I am not playing such games, my darling. I want everything to be done thoroughly and the right way. And the only right way is to do is via the travel agency, which is legitimated company, so that I can trust them. I hope you understand my point of view, as I don't want to be tricked by some Internet sources, which provide cheaper services with no guarrantee, though. A we say in Russian language, 'avaricious people always pay twice". Irene
Letter 14
Hi, Jim, My darling, thanks for the wonderful pictures! I think you are the most handsome among all the men:) My darling, I am happy that you wanna visit me in Ukraine! We could have a wonderful time together, and I have a lovely idea for the two of us! Jim, we could go to Odessa! It is a wonderful resort - there is a beautiful Black sea, fresh air, long alleys where we could walk along... My darling, I only have holiday once a year and I wanna spend it the best way! Together we could make our dreams come true! The atmosphere there is just what we need - it is quiet and peaceful, and we will have all the time in the world for the two of us! It will be a great opportunity for us to meet in person and feel the chemistry between us:)
My darling, we could really have plenty of unforgettable moments there... The atmosphere there is created for rest of the mind and soul... the air is crystal and the sea is warm and indulgent:) There's also a beautiful spa resort. In the afternoon we could have some spa procedures together in one bathroom;) In the evening we could sit quietly by the fireplace, drinking wine and discussing what's on our mind... Lovely, isn't it? My darling, it would be a dream vacation for us;) I hope I intrigued you...
Letter 15
Hi, Jim, Darling, thanks for your wonderful pictures:) I am now so much loking forward to our holiday... I just cant' wait to fulfill our fantasies! I hope you will make the necessary arrangements for Ginger, I know it is very important for you, and also, I know you need me same as I do, so, we wil figure something out shortly;) My love, it's hard to believe but I still have the goose bumps all over my body after your call... you know my darling, you have become so close to me these days! And you are making me so happy day by day! My love, I close my eyes and imagine how your skin smells and how wonderful it would be to feel your touch for real and wake up next to you in the morning! I imagine us having breakfast together and making passionate love after... I want you to feel my every desire, as well, as I will learn to feel yous... My darling, I know that we were meant to be together, and our hearts have already chosen each other! And, it's only left to unite our bodies... One single step... It's onyl one step left, and we are welcome to paradise... My darling, I am longing to feel your touch, and I know that you are thirsty for me, too!..
Irene yours only
Letter 16
My love, here I give you the details of the travel agency, which provides these discounts. It's called Color Travel and is situated in Kharkiv city. There's a department of this travel agency in my hometown Kulinichi. The travel agent speaks fluent English, by the way. Here's her phone number +38 066 814 12 14. The agency is working from 9 to 17 pm e-mail, you can call her within these hours. Here's their e-mail as well Feel free to contact them, my darling, they can arrange everything for us. Irene with love
Letter 17
Hi, Jim my darling! My love, although I am disappointed you can't visit me in Ukraine, I understand how important is Ginger for you,and definitely, you can not put her in a kennel! That would break her heart for sure! My darling, I would love to spend some wonderful time on Cuba with you, but I can't use my Ukrainian passport for it, I will still need an international passport to travel, as our Ukrainian passport allows us to travel throughout Ukraine only. My darling, I think we will have a great vacation with you in Cuba!
Jim, I won't need any visa there and it is a big economy for us.
And I agree with you, we should proceed with ny international passport application. As I told you before, urgent passport application costs 300 USD. Also, I will find out how much is the airfare to Cuba for me, and let you know soon. My darling, I don't want to give up on us! I don't want to be left behind broken-hearted and don't want you to be miserable, also... My darling, I think together we will handle all the hurdles! I want to be with you so very much and need to feel your body... I want to feel myself in a role of your woman... I think it's going to be a wonderful feeling... My darling, thanks for the photo of lovely Ginger... No, I still want to see your face... because I am in love with you, and my expectations on us are high... I just don't want to lose our precious connection, which was not easy to maintain, by the way! My darling, I need you for real and I want to feel your body for real... Kisses,
Letter 18
Hello Jim my darling! Honey, thanks for the wonerful picture, I really loved that one! Why you didn't send me this one earlier?..) I'm just kidding, you know I am truly in love with you and this picture you sent wouldn't really change anything... Jim, my loving, yes please check the flight for you and I will check the flight from Ukraine for me. Also, I wrote to you about my passport and you didn't tell me anything... My darling, we will still need to apply for it if we are meeting, 'cause I won't travel using my Ukrainian passport anyway. I am sure it will be unforgettable vacation for the two of us... I don't want you to have any doubts... When you see me for real, they will all disappear... When I kis you for the first time for real, you will feel my love, which you can now feel only through this enormous distance we have, but still, as you can see, I am doing my best for you to feel it... I just want to know how it feels to look into your eyes and give you a passionate and sweet kiss... Irene yours only with love
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