Scam letter(s) from Stacy Gee to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello john....good to hear from you, I ll start with a little about myself... I am 5' 4", shoulder length hair, men tend to like me and find me attractive . I have a great sense of humor and appreciate others who are able to see the humor in life . Some of the ways I like to spend my free time is hiking and walking wherever I can , listening to music , traveling and exploring new places , meeting new people and learning new things, I'm not a saint or a Rhode Scholar, I'm sure I have my quirks like everyone else! I am a spiritual sort , who values conciousness and honest communication but I tend to be down to earth . Keeping physically and emotionally in shape are important to me and I like someone that feels the same . When it is mutual , I like being with people that are interested in life and endeavour to look at the bright side of things(who are also willing to deal with life when it is not
necessarily very bright). Cigarettes and regular alcohol use are my turn off's . I find gentle and compassionate men to be very attractive . Feel free to email me if you are interested,and maybe this can turn into a blissful friendship and companionship..or love.. I am actually looking for someone i can live the rest of my life with ...
Letter 2
Thanks for sharing all that with me, ..and am sorry about the loss of your girlfriend....on my part I ve not been very lucky with men, my ex took me for granted and hurt me in a lot of ways...
I think i like your personality , I have to tell you all about me , I don't usually tell anybody on the dating site details about me ,but I am telling you everything about me because i feel we have something in common and we share the same view about relationship , Both of us are on the dating site to find our soul mate . I am the only daughter of my parents . My mother was an archictect during her years . My dad was a professional artist . According to my Aunty,he was exceptionally talented when it comes to artistic works . She said he could put anybody into an artistic work as exactly as that person look without any discrepance in the appearance . He won a lot of people's heart so he was priveleged to move from one continent to another so as to gain more customers . It was one of their adventures for more research , they got involved in one of the most fatal auto crash at Willesden.I was 16 years when the death of my lovely dad & mum occurred . I have been without parent's for about 17 years now . After the death of my parents , I stayed with one of our far relation who was then before her death was a model costumer . She was the person that introduced me to modelling, cosmetics supply and i even learnt costuming and woman hairdressing from her , that was how i started doing some local cosmetics supply, modelling plus costuming for models
Letter 3
I am willing are a few pictures of me modeling and personal fun shots...they are not so great though..
Letter 4

Thanks for the sweet words....currently I'm in Buffalo New York,Albert ave...but will be traveling tomorrow or related....what do you feel are the roles of a man in a relationship. ..I wanna try with you, you just might be the one for me, so far you ve impressed me
Letter 5
Going to a long time client, should be back within a week.....whats a typical day for you like John????
Letter 6
Of course you ll hear from me...I ll write you..we just but you are important to me now
Letter 7
Met you just yesterday online but it feels like forever, and since that time, I have grown attached to you and care for you deeply. People say online romances don't last, but now I disagree , I know that what we are doing may be considered crazy by some , but I know what I feel in my heart , and I know that it's real . i really cant wait to meet you in person . I know that we can't change the past , and I know that we can't predict the future , but my heart does not lie ... I am so into won't feel lonely dear
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