Scam letter(s) from Elena to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Tim. It's nice to hear from you. I hope you are really interested in communicating and getting to know me, and your intentions are serious. Because I do not want to waste my time in vain. I'm here only with serious intentions.
First I want to say, I'm looking for a long-term serious relationship. If you are ready for this one day, we can continue. I need a man who is ready to build a serious relationship, and constantly give strength to these relationships and develop. For the sake of such a man, I'm ready for anything. I want an honest, sincere, caring man, with whom I will be pleased, calmly. My appearance, age, and everything else do not really matter. The most important thing for me is the inner state of the soul, the way the second half treats me, and what I feel. I'm interested in you. I'm wondering: are you the man I was looking for? But I can not answer exactly my question, because we do not know about each other. For a start, we need to talk, get to know each other. Tell me, what are you looking for? What kind of woman do you want in your life?
I'll send you my photos. But I will also be pleased if you send your photos. I hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely, Elena!
Letter 2
Hello Tim!
Was very pleased to read your letter. I'm glad we found each other! And I think that both of us are very lucky. I see that you very good person, and want to know about you as much as possible! I hope that we will be able to find a common language, do you think Tim? I hope that today you have a great day? And how is the weather in your town? Today I have a lovely day, there is a very high mood.
Today I would like to tell not much more about yourself. As I already told you, I work as a saleswoman in a store. I also have a second job in a flower shop florist :) I work Monday to Saturday.
Monday through Friday I work from 9:00 to 16:00, lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00. On Saturday I have a short work day, from 10:00 a.m. to 14:00 hours of the day. I like my job! And I am happy with what I have in my life!
I went to school 11 classes. And there learned to speak and write in English. After school I went to College and studied Accounting and took courses in English. But I couldn't find a job in the profession of Accounting. So I work in a different field.
I have parents, and at the moment I live together with them in one apartment, and I have a great relationship with them. I am the only child in the family, and I don't have any brothers or sisters. I also have a grandmother who lives in the village, about 50 kilometers from the city. I try as often as possible to visit her, and I like to spend time in the village! It's always fun! Tell me more about your family, I am very interested to know! And I'll be happy to read it. I just want to know how people live in other countries since I never been anywhere outside of Russia. But I would love to visit the whole world, and especially the city of New York and London. Since my childhood I have dream to visit the city of New York and London. I think that it's pretty cool:) But while it only dreams which I hope, will ever become a reality!
I will not say that I'm the happiest girl, and I think that for full happiness I miss my beloved man, with whom I can share all that I have, whom I can devote all my life, and to whom I can give my heart!
I wonder, do you have any family traditions? And what are family values people stand for in your country? I really want to know about all this! Tim, I promise you that I'll answer all your questions. In fact, I really wish that we got to know each other! And now I will finish my letter, I will wait for your letters. Bye your new friend Elena!
Letter 3
Hi my friend Tim!
I am very glad to see today your letter! I like that you write me! Tim, are you glad we met?? So nice to know that we were getting to know each other more! Or when I really couldn't believe what I'm looking for a man online, but now it's happened! And I'm glad I took the chance to meet the man! I in full delight from our dialogue. Today I as soon as possible rushed to the Internet cafe to see your letter! And was glad when I saw that you wrote to me! It is very nice.
My dear friend Tim. Today I want to tell you more about my family, our traditions, and all that is connected with it. I told you in my last letter that I have a grandmother, and her name is Tamara. She is a very good man, and the most beautiful grandma! My grandmother is 76 years old, but she's in good health. My parents often come to visit her! The village where she lives, called "Bolshoye Sedelnikovo", is a small village, but with beautiful nature! Beautiful summers, not far from the village there are many trees, a huge green field. There is always quiet, calm, and have clean air. And in the winter it is very beautiful, there are places where you can ski. This is a very nice place.
I love being in the grandmother. And she's always glad we come! In the evenings, my grandmother and I chatted a lot, she tells me many stories and I also tell her stories that happened in my life:) My grandma knows so many stories, and I can sit for hours and listen to her stories.
I would be very interested to know about your friends, what you do together in your free time, where you go to rest. I would be very interested to know about it, and about your life in General! Tim every day, I begin to understand that becomes more difficult without your loved one. Very bad when someone who always can support you to meet after a hard day warm hugs! But hopefully soon things will change for the better.
My dear Tim, today I would like to send you more photo, I hope you like them. I hope you had a nice day, and my letter made him! Now I will finish my letter and with impatience I shall wait for your letter. Write me, yours Elena!
Letter 4

Hi my dear friend Tim!
I am very glad to see your beautiful letter! Your letters bring me much joy and warm my heart! When I see that you wrote to me, my mood rises very high. And I'm glad I met you. I really wish that, one day, you could meet in reality and see how everything goes between us. But this strange feeling of confidence that when we first met, everything between us will go well. Like today you spent your day? And how is the weather today in your town? I am doing great!
dear, today I learned some news. And I want you to warn them in advance that on April 15 the Internet cafe will be closed for technical repairs and diagnostics. Internet cafe will not work one week. And I won't be able to write to you from 15 April to 23 April. You know? I'm sorry but I don't have Facebook. I was trying to do but it's not working here. my dear could you send me your phone number? My phone number 89821361275, but you can't call me because my phone only takes calls in my area. I can't make calls abroad. But if you send me your phone number I could call to you from negotiating points.
I like all kinds of music! But most importantly she doesn't have to be boring! Should be Rhythmic, Melodic, and just an incendiary :-) So cheer up!! I can listen to everything from Classical music to Rock :-) But mostly I listen to Classical music :-) by Various artists, Russian, but most Foreign :-)
I like to watch different movies, but most of all I like to watch Comedy! The funniest Comedy that I really liked, it's The **** Truth, Tom Ace Ventura( Jim Carey), are high school classmates, and youth Comedy, Very funny movies! Have you watched any of them? And recommend me any interesting movie that you like :-)
My dear Tim, you know, today I had a nice day! At work the day flew by, perhaps because thoughts of you made my day easier? The truth is, my life has changed for the better after I met you! And every day I have the desire more and more to read your letters:)
For the upcoming weekend, I want to relax. To go to the Cinema, or go for a pizza, chat with friends, and eat pizza! I just love pizza:) And now that I think about it, not even a lot hungry! I like to spend time with friends! Even like to have a simple walk down the street or in the Park! It's just fun. And I wonder, what do you like doing in your spare time? What do you usually do during the weekend? I always wondered what do the people on the other end of the world! I'm just a girl who wants to know everything and learn something new! For example, I know how to fish for girls it is very unusual! But I learned from my father, because he loves to fish, and taught me. I think it is a pleasant and useful exercise, spending time in nature!
My dear Tim, do you like to fish? In addition to fishing, I like to read Books. Especially like to read scientific books, where you can read many interesting things that can be useful in life! Tim and you love to read? What kind of books you like to read?
I have one small passion.... I love the beach. My city is on the banks of the river "Iset", and we have a small but pleasant sandy beach. In the summer, my friends and I am on the beach almost all free time, helps to relax, and relax. Summer at us short, there are only 2 warm months, June and July, in August it starts to rain. But every season has its beautiful moments! Which season do you like best? I like spring, it's a romantic time when everything is blooming and green!
I hope you like to read my letters, and I'm not writing you this boring stuff? I always like to read everything you write! Today you can see a photo of me and my friend:)
Now I will finish my letter and I hope to see from you next
letter. Bye Bye, your friend Elena...
Letter 5
Hello my gentle bear Tim! How today your mood? And how are you feeling? I hope today you all are wonderful and beautiful? To be honest right now my face has a big smile, from ear to ear. And very high spirits. Because I read your beautiful letter. Thank you for what you write me, interested in me :)
I am again sitting in front of a computer monitor and I'm very glad to see your warm letter with nice words from you. And I dream about what it would be to hear all these words in reality, and I'm not tired to listen all these wonderful words that you tell me :) Waiting for that moment haunts me to this world, but gives hope that I have found happiness, and no matter what between us long distance, your words cut this gap between us, and make us closer to each other every day. I look forward to when this distance is reduced and we can finally be together forever. I want to tell you that today is a wonderful day. But it's not fine because you're not here with me. And I know that if we were together, it would be filled with warmth, love and happiness. I want to tell you that I really miss your tenderness and your warm embrace, your support. It would seem such small things in such a difficult world, but so important in my life. Communicating with you gives me much joy, and gives strength to every day!
My dear Tim. I want to tell you that at the end found their second half found the love of his life, and now I have no doubt that together we can create the perfect pair, have a strong relationship and great love! I dreamed about this man, and did not believe that ever I will meet him! But I met you and now I believe that if a person has a dream, sooner or later it will come true :) My darling Tim, I believe that no matter what we with you soon will together. Because we love each other.
Sorry, but now I must finish my letter because my time in Internet cafe is over. All that I have written you in this letter, it comes straight from my heart and I'm so sorry that words can not possibly describe everything I feel for you!!! But you can feel my love for you when we are together! And you realize how much love I have! I hope you believe in us and in our feelings for each other! I send you a kiss and hope it reaches you, and will make your day better and give you a smile.
With love, yours forever Elena!
Letter 6
Hello my love Tim! How are you today? I hope right now, when you began to read on your face a smile and your heart warm? Right now, as I write these words, my heart is warm, and my face has a big smile. I feel a special connection with you! I feel your emotions, your feelings through words and through letters which you write to me!!
My dear Tim, you can't imagine how I feel about you, and what strong feelings developed in me for you! And it's so nice to know that at the end I met the man of her dreams! My love you are really the man about which I dreamed! I see what a good and caring person. See how nice you treat me and saying such nice compliments! Today I want to tell you very important things. For me this is really important! I treat you respectfully, and I already gave you my feelings and my heart! I see how you care about me! And I trust you completely, I actually dreamed about you, and at the end I met you. Perhaps it was fate that made me such a gift, after all the difficulties I had experienced in my life, I have finally met you and I love you really much! This feeling is real, and it is beautiful! Before I never felt it! And now I realized what is truly love! This is when you only think about one person, what you don't want to talk to anyone, and to only be in the thoughts and feelings of love! This is when you have lost sleep, in the middle of the night you Wake up from that dream about your loved one! I can't tell you all of this through words! But if you could see what is going on in my life! I think I'm starting to go crazy! Today I woke up in the middle of the night, and awoke to the fact that I had a dream about you, it was only a short time, but I immediately jumped up, and ran a hand through his bed, and found you. And I realized that it was just a dream! Then I fell asleep again! But this morning when I woke up my mood was low because I had such a lovely dream, and I was so sorry that it wasn't in reality. It is a pity that now I ain't around you! It's been said that my heart belongs to you! My love Tim, between us the big distance, just in case something goes wrong, and in the other we can't meet, you should know that! You will always remain in my heart. But I hope that this does not happen! And in turn I hope only for the best that we will meet with you in reality soon enough! I really love you my dear Tim, and I hope that day will come very soon and we will be next to each other!!
My love Tim, please tell me your thoughts concerning our meeting. What do you think if I come visit you? Do you think we get to do everything??
Well my dear, now is the time to finish my letter, but my thoughts always about you! I'll send you my letter as soon as possible, and I hope very soon I will see again your answer. Please do not forget me, write to me. Sincerely yours Elena!
Letter 7
Hi my love Tim, you are my source of life and strength for each day! Now I can not live without your letters! Your words are energy for me for the whole day! And you're all that I want in my life ever! my dear Tim, I'm really happy to meet you in reality, that is why I write you my letter!! because I want to get to know you better and meet you in reality!
my love Tim, I guess now we know well enough each other! and now it is time to meet in reality :-) I'm ready for this!
but since I have never in my life been anywhere else outside of Russia, I don't know what documents I will need to travel to you! but I think it's no problem! I can go in travel Agency and to learn from them everything I need to travel to you, I'm sure they will be able to help me with this!! my love Tim, but I need to know the name of the international AIRPORT where I will fly! where you can meet me without problems :-) please tell me. well.
My dear Tim, but why have we not met before? And I think it's fate that we met now =) And I'm really happy everything that happened in my life lately. And happened to me only the most beautiful! But the most important event in my life that happened, is our meeting! And today I am happy, if you can describe the feeling of happiness and love, as if it is butterflies in the stomach, pleasantly tickling you!
I don't have words to Express what I feel for you, but when we meet in person, I'll show you all my love, all my care and tenderness! My love Tim, can you fully trust me, and you can be sure in me! I will never let you down I'll always be by your side! In the joys and hardships I will always be with you! It does not matter that now there's this distance, it is important that my heart and soul with you! And I feel huge and strong bond between us! I like to Wake up in the morning and think about you! And most importantly, it's nice to know that we have a lot of love! And this strong feelings for you that I have!!
Last night I was talking to my mother about us with you! And confessed to her that I fell in love with you, I thought that mom doesn't understand me! But as soon as I said that I fell in love with you, my mother said that she had noticed it! Because in the last days, I want with a smile on my face, and act gently. My mom said that that feeling may be a once in a lifetime, and this feeling is to cherish and protect it! It was a very wise words from my mom =) And I said not much afraid of this distance which is between us. But my mother said do not be afraid of it! She says do you have a favorite person, and he loves you, and together you are much stronger than alone! And together, you and I will overcome all that stands between us! And we'll be fine! After I had a conversation with my mom, I was so easy, and so nice! She is happy that I feel so! My love Tim, I hope that our meeting will happen soon! If to tell you the truth, every day I think of you and think about you a lot, I think about how we will be able to meet you and be together! And all of this really like me! With your love I feel so strong girl! This is a very nice feeling!
This morning I woke up. And my mood was even higher than yesterday! And every day my feelings to you become stronger and feel that we have a connection! We were looking for in a relationship and in your future partner the same thing! And now we met each other! And why don't we try and meet in reality? I'm not against it!
My dear Tim, I hope I don't scare you with my words, and feelings? I hope between us all will be well!
Now I will finish my letter, and in great and high spirits will leave the Internet cafe, and wait for the moment when the end will be able to read your following letter. Please answer me ASAP I miss you and love you very much. Your favorite Elena!
Letter 8
Hello my love, my gentle bear Tim! How are you today? How is your health and how your mood? I hope you just saw my letter on your face a big smile? From your letter on my face a huge smile! You are my most dear man! And I love you very much!!! I will try to call you today :)
my dear Tim, I'm really happy to meet you in reality, that is why I write you my letter!! because I want to get to know you better and meet you in reality!
my love Tim, I guess now we know well enough each other! and now it is time to meet in reality :-) I'm ready for this!
but since I have never in my life been anywhere else outside of Russia, I don't know what documents I will need to travel to you! but I think it's no problem! I can go in travel Agency and to learn from them everything I need to travel to you, I'm sure they will be able to help me with this!! my love Tim, but I need to know the name of the international AIRPORT where I will fly! where you can meet me without problems :-) please tell me. well.
I'm really happy I met you, and between us ran a spark of love had kindled a large fire-fire :) I don't know what I would do and how he turned my life right now if I didn't know and never met? Maybe my life would continue as before, everything was in grey tones, dark and boring. And with your appearance in my life, everything changed! It's like spring has come into my heart, all blossoms and smells. It was like a beautiful summer day, with a pleasant smell of flowers. Everything was so beautiful, you even can't imagine what strong feelings I have! Maybe from the side it just looks ******! I love you only through letters, my dear Tim, we haven't even met in reality. But in spite of all this, you really won my heart! And I don't know what to name it in one word! Even if you pick up a thousand words, I can not find the right words for all our feelings to each other! To a great connection! My heart was like a locked padlock with a lost key on always, but I was wrong! It turns out the man who has the key to my heart, and that person is you, my dear Tim! And I'm glad I met you! I very much fell in love with you! And really in any case I don't want to lose! This is the worst I can think of, but I try to think only about the best. And I have faith and hope that all this will one day become a reality, I hope it's not a dream in which I sleep! I feel that our meeting is approaching :) And we'll be together soon, and this is the best I can dream of! I want to be with you! Despite these miles between us we have love and it is amazing!
Right now I'm with a huge smile on my face writing to you these words! And in my heart there is a warm, pleasant heat that warms me every day! In the last week, there is not one day that I hadn't smiled, or was sad! All you do, and I really want to thank you that have given, or shared with me this pleasant feeling! You make me happy!
My love Tim, and I hope I make you happy in return, and just hope you can feel my lovely feelings for you? I know we have a special bond! And I cherish her! My dear Tim, on these words, I will finish my letter for today, but soon I will again write you my letter, and hope to see your letter and to see you rejoice in all that is between us!!! I love you very much. Your love from Russia, Elena!
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