Scam letter(s) from Victoria Seward to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, I appreciate your response to my mail and I also look forward to establish a truthful friendship with you. I am Sgt Victoria Seward from Northern Ireland. I am a US Army medic and I joined the US Army Medical Corps in September 2007, My first six-month tour in Iraq was in 2008 before I became qualified as Class One medic. I have also received a Military Cross award 2011 in recognition of my gallantry in Afghanistan. Presently, I am stationed in Iraq as a combat medic and I am working with the US troop in Iraq. This is my second mission in Iraq and I will be here for 6 months, Although I have already spent 3 months and I am hoping to complete my mission in 3 months time. Talking about myself, I am 27 years old, single and no kids. I was in a serious relationship but separated now, I am not in a hurry to start one until I find that man who will truly love me and I will also love him in return. Actually, I contacted you to discuss about investing in your country and I want to know your opinion. I have some money worth $2.4million USD and I wish to invest this money in your country but I need you to help me accomplish this plan. I know you will be surprised to receive this message from me because we haven't met each other, However It's a matter of trust and necessity that moved me to contact you and I also have confidence that you will be a reliable person. In case you are interested to know how i got this money, Of course I will reveal the secret to you but please keep this information confidential. During the US Army raid at the militant territories in Iraq, Our team discovered $47 Million USD which belongs to the militants group. After the discovery, Our commander warned us not to disclose this information to the government so that we can share the money among the soldiers who knew about it. After sharing the money, I received $2.4million USD as my share and I wish to invest this money in a legal and profitable business in your country. You may be wondering why i choose to send this money to you instead of my family or friends in UK. Actually, I don't want anyone in UK to know about this money for safety reasons because I need to protect my good reputation in the country as a British army. I preferred to invest this money in a foreign country and I want you to help me accomplish this plan and we can share the investment income by 70% to me and 30% to you. I will be interested to invest this money in your enterprise or properties which will be under your control. If you assure me that you will be my honest partner, I will make plans to visit your country so we can meet in person and also discuss all about this matter in details. In the meantime, The money is still in my possession here in Iraq and it's not very safe here due to insecurity, So It will be wise for me to send it to your country so you can keep it safe until I can visit you after completing my mission in 3 months time. Once i receive your positive response, I will make arrangement to transfer the money to your country so you can keep it until i arrive there. On your acceptance, i will be expecting your quick response together with your full information so that i can take further action. I need your below information before we move forward with the transaction. Your Name:_______________________
Your Address_________________
Your Phone Number_________________
Your Occupation___________________
Your Age___________________________
Your Nearest Airport______________
Your country_______________ Yours sincerely,
Sgt Victoria Seward.
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