Romance scam letter(s) from Oksana Noskova to Ary (Brazil)
Letter 1
Good morning, my love, my Ary!
I am sending all my positive energy to you)
Here are my personal details:
My full name is Noskova Oksana.
Adress: Ukraine, 94300, Perevalsk, Lenina Street, 20/14
I was born on the 12th of July in 1989.
Phone number: +380997560551
I kiss you, dear and wait for our meeting!!!
Hope for happy ending in your arms...)
Yours to infinity
Letter 2
Hello, my love and everything!!!
My real man with serious actions!
Today is really perfect day and I am very happy that today I will have my tickets with me)
Ary, I was in travel agency yesterday and spoke with my agent about all the information that I have to know while traveling to Brazil.
So one of the most important questions is that I have to make yellow fever vaccination.
Without this certificate I cant enter the territory of Brazil like foreign tourist.
It is very important question that I have to solve as I have never traveled abroad and I can have some bad symptoms practically from anything, you know...
And I was in in tour agency with my mother so she worries a lot about my safety and health so I have to make it.
It costs like 150-200$. And I have no hospital in my city in which they do it so I have to make a small trip to Rostov-on-Don and make it there. I need maximum one day for that, don’t worry.
So I need your help again,my love, for this vaccination and some travel costs to this city.
I have to make this before 10 DAYS of my going to Brazil.
So I plan to take my flight tickets from the 17th-18th of April.
I cant take them earlier as I have to wait incubation period.
Ary, I hope that you wont get sad as we are almost at last steps before our meeting, and I don’t want to ruin it because of this vaccination.
I love you, Ary, trust me. Gods gives us these obstacles to present the happiness at the end.
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