Letter(s) from Venera Ahmadgalieva to Roy (Norway)

Letter 1

GREETINGS my new friend,

My dear I have to you one request. I to write to you a history of my destiny because I to want that you to learn me better! My dear I any more to not want to speak with you on a theme of death of my father. It is very difficult for me. When I to recollect my father I very much to want to cry. It is very difficult to write to you this letter. Excuse me, but I hope that you to understand me! I want to speak slightly about myself. My dear I from the moment of my birth to live with my mum. When I grew without the father she to me very much to help. She to bring up me to bring up me. I very much am grateful to her. My dear I to want you to tell that my mother the closest person for me, My dear I to want to inform you what to live without the man very difficultly. I to try to find my love in Russia, but all my attempts were unsuccessful. My dear I to want to inform you that I to have my guy one year ago. We to meet him one month. I to want you to inform, that I to have with him sex. After it has taken place he was gone. My dear I of it very much was afraid, But he has thrown me. I to hear from my girlfriends about communications with guys. To speak me on this theme my mother, but I have forgotten all this at sex with him. After that moment I to understand that in Russia it is very difficult to find persons whom it is valid you like. I have decided to try the happiness through the Internet. I am very glad that we with you to have our conversation. I will be valid to want the person which me to like. I to want to tell about life in Russia. I to finish the Kazan Economic University. Mine the present trade the bookkeeper. At University I to get acquainted with my best girlfriend Marina. After the termination of University I to not find work on my soul. I to be arranged in a photo shop with the adviser. Marina now to work in bank. My salary to make 150 dollars. I to know that it is not a lot of, but on life with my mum me to suffice. I never to want it is a lot of money. I to think that money spoil persons. I to not have my phone. I to not have it because I not where to call and me have nobody to call. I hope that I to not tire you with my letters. I to think that so we it is better to learn each other. I to wait from you for the letter.

Good to you of day!!!!