Scam Letter(s) from Nina Levina to Rainer (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Rainer
It’s so great to hear from you and I am so glad to have received your answer.
Hope you were also looking forward to getting mine. Sorry, Rainer, for such a late reply, but I was really busy here. I’d like to take this chance and tell you more about my life and my habits.
First thing, mostly general. I'm from Russia!, Omsk. I'm 32 years old. I have been living separately to my parents for already 5 years.
Oops, wanted to tell you to not judge a lot y mistakes in English, I hope to improve it when writing to you (google translate also helps).
Sooo… I was born 18/10/1984.... I am not a very tall woman, just 172 cm but it is also not that little.
I have lived in Omsk for almost my entire life. I have graduated from local University for medicine, so I can say that I have spent 18 years at school and university, which is very normal for Russia.
They teach us English at school and then as a doctor I also had to study it. What else, Rainer?
Mmm, I worked as the second surgeon in small medicenter. I enjoy my profession as it brings hope to many people’s lives.
Maybe one day I will be a self-standing surgeon, this is my dream. I particularly like studying people with disabilities, which may sounds strange but you have no idea how captivating the researches in this field are!
Rainer do you consider this a valid dream?
Because I am a promising doctor and my English is not bad at all, I was lucky to receive a scholarship for training in the US.
I am very proud of myself. If all goes well, I might stay in the US as an associate doc to local surgeon with the possibility of obtaining a permission of stay.
It will be great to see American cities after Omsk!
What impresses me more, is that you so easily offer this scholarships to foreigners…
We do not have many opportunities in Russia. I guess, at some point you may want to know why I contacted you.
Well, the answer is simple. I am going to live in the country where I have no friends and no colleagues yet, so I thought it might be a good idea to get to know somebody and eventually meet for a coffee somewhere.
So yes, this is basically it. As you can see, I love writing long letters)) Hope you did not get bored.
Hope to get your reply anytime soon, Nina!

Have a nice day... Nina!

Letter 2

My Dearest Rainer,
How are things with you?
Thanks for the photo. You look great!
My name is Nina Levin.
Well, I am very glad that you show interest in our dialogue and that you sustain this correspondence.
First thing, and I cannot wait to share it with you – today my lab let me know that I will have to start preparing my visa documents in the nearest future.
The agreement has been settled with the receiving party in the US and now it all depends on how soon I get the visa.
Isn’t it great, Rainer? I am so excited! I was thinking that my previous email was a little bit banal and that I did not tell you anything really specific.
For example I did not mention my family… To make the things plain, I do not have a father, he did not live with us.
My mom grew me up, and my grandma helped her. This ladies tandem made us become best friends. Unfortunately, not so long ago my mom was diagnosed for cancer.
They stage was really advanced and she died not long after the diagnosis. Now it is just me and my grandma, who is very senile but fit.
I slipped into a depression after my mom’s death. That was also the major factor to make me decide on medicine and surgery.
We did not have much means but I am still sure that I was a happy kid, surrounded by love and care.
Since my mom had had this bad experience with my biological dad, she used to repeat to me, that I will only marry a guy worthy of my trust.
Besides my grandma I have two girlfriends Lena and Sveta. They are like my siblings and they support me a lot.
By the way, how about your family? What are your relations? Do you have best friends, fellows you can rely on?
When I have spare time I read books, I have composed my own tiny library at home. In summer time I take care of flowers on my balcony.
Tulips in spring, asters and mini-roses in summer. Rainer, do you have hobbies? How do people usually spend their spare time in the US?
So looking forward to knowing American attitudes and habits!

Kind regards, Nina!

Letter 3

Greetings Rainer,
Thank you so much for getting back to me. It really cheers up me to get a reply from you. And I start to get addicted to your emails in a way.
Just caught myself on the idea that whenever I open my email, first thing I control is your reply. So thank you indeed.
My dear, thank you for your photos. I think you're a very handsome man.
I like you and I want to see as much as possible of your photos.
Under the terms of my contract, I can live and work in any city, in any hospital in the United States.
Now, I can't name the exact date of my arrival. I think the question of my arrival will be solved within a couple of weeks.
Maybe I am a little bit too fast, but I consider you as my friend. Told Lena and Sveta about you. They say it is good to have a contact in the US.
The thing is that you are more my friend now then just a contact.
I think of my internship every day. America I such a huge country.
But honestly I do not care if I go to a huge town like New York or a small village somewhere outside big megapolices.
By the way one of the proposals of labs is located really close to where you now live. What do you think of it?
I am really looking forward to meeting you personally.
Rainer, I don’t really want to push this, but I see in you an honest man.
I just want to understand if it is just because of emails that you try to be polite, or because I got lucky and you really are sincere and nice.
This is the reason I was thinking of getting to the laboratory next to your city.
Yesterday Lena asked me what so special about you was. In my opinion, honesty, faithfulness, kindness, sincere and understanding are very important.
I also think that in every relationship trust plays the main role. I hate people who lie for the sake of saving a relation. I think they are mean.
Even if you do not want to hurt someone and lie, in the end you hurt them more. What do you think, Rainer?
Also I think that a man should be older than woman.
Older men are more knowledgable, they know what they want, and they are more ready to establish a long lasting relationship.
Am I right, Rainer? Rainer, please, tell me more of what you think in this regard.
What are your dreams now? Is it a nice car, a solid house? Professional development?
Rainer and feel free to ask me anything!
Have a good day! Nina!!

Letter 4

Good day Rainer !
Love love love your emails! They make me soooo happy. God, who could said that my first letter to you would turn into something similar.
Rainer!!! Your emails definitely make me feel good and they make my days. I think about you my Rainer. Like every person you have your troubles and bad days, and just like you brighten up my sometimes gloomy moments, I hope my emails brighten up yours.
Rainer, you have officially become part of my life.
And I speak from the bottom of my heart. The only thing that is separating me from seeing you is my visa, but I am working on it.
I have signed all the documents and finally obtained the official bilateral agreement between Russian and American laboratories.
It looks like it takes a lot of time for the documents to be sent to Russia, or maybe American laboratory had to check some things about me.I don’t know.
One other great thing about recent activities: I met with a representative of the International Medical Association.
She wanted to know me personally, spoke in English to me, and asked me whether I was ready to leave my grandma and my friends in Russia and change everything.
She also asked if I had American contacts in case of emergency. I said that I had to think, but I wanted to propose your contact.
But I am not sure if you are fine with it. I have no one else in America.
Within the next 2 weeks I will have a partial receipt of my grant.
Money should be spent on visa, booking of an appointment at the embassy and other organizational issues!
Rainer, are you happy to hear this? All is working great.
Can’t write you more in this email, as I have many thing to prepare. I'll be waiting for your letter.
Warm hugs,
Have a nice day! Nina!

P.S. My dear, I have prepared a surprise for you!
I hope you like my short video.

Letter 5

How are you doing today?

I'm thinking about you all the time,you are very important for me.
Rainer,you know,today I woke up with sun beams that were coming out of my window and my first thought was about you! :) I was laying in my bed and thinking,imagining that may be some wonderful day we’ll be waking up together like this and the first thing you will do when you wake up is kissing me and wishing me a good morning and I will do the same for you.You know,Rainer,I liked that thought :) Who knows, may be some day it will be the reality? How do you think? Would you like that, hun?
Now I would like to tell you about the main ...

Today, I spoke again with my supervisor!
She told me that to organize my trip sponsors allocate about $ 3000.
She said that the payments are only possible in two ways!
The first method is a direct bank transfer. But it is absolutely impossible for me, as I do not have foreign currency bank accounts.
I have only my bank account, I get paid.
The opening of such an account will take a lot of time and a lot of checks, because of the financial crisis, it is now a lot of speculators.
For this is not an option for me.

Sponsors in the United States may prescribe a bank check, on behalf of the American company.
The second option is to obtain a bank check. I said that I do not even know what it is.
My supervisor told me that it is a means of payment, which is very common in the United States!
But he warned that this payment would take a very long time. First spend a lot of time on mail transportation.
As well as cleaning of the check in our bank takes 35-40 days!

She suggested I get a check! While banks are all the formalities, she offered to pay me for all my money.
I said that now I do not have that kind of money. I very much upset.
My supervisor said that such checks can be cleared in a few days in the United States!
I have long hesitated to say, but I'm sorry, I just had no choice. I said that I met a man in the United States.
I have full confidence in him and is willing to trust him with the money!
She said that is sometimes practiced. Once again, I confirmed that is ready to trust you with this check.
Now I do not know myself what I should do. Can I ask you about this ??
Tell me, can you get the check in your name ?? And then send me cash?

You risk nothing, you will receive a check in your name, and put it on your bank account for cleaning. As soon as the money will be available at your bank account you send me the money!

If you're willing to help me in this small request, in your next letter,
let me know your complete information (full name, exact address where you can receive the check, and phone number)
I hope that you do not leave me in this difficult situation. I'll be very grateful to you if you help me.
I'll wait for your news !!!
Have a nice day! Nina!



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