Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Sitnikova to Paul (USA)

Letter 1
I'm fine!
Today at me good mood :-)
Last evening we went with my sister and the niece to a zoo!
Name of my sister Kristina.
My sister said that she recently began to notice the change in me.
As my mum has noticed, that I became cheerful and cheerful.
Paul, I have told to my mum and sister, that I communicate with you.
I have thought and have understood, that is valid, my life has changed since I have started to communicate with you.
From recent time my melancholy has come to the end and now I often smile :-)
Name of my mum Elena, she approves our dialogue and she is very glad to see my good mood.
Sometimes I re-read letters which you have written me earlier.
I am glad to get acquainted with you, to like me our dialogue.
Now I wish to look in your eyes and to see your mood.
You like my letters and what I tell in them?
You know, that the sight can tell more.
My eyes shine for pleasure when I look through E-mail and I see your letter.
Thanks you for happiness which you bring to me!!!
Today I will send you my new photos! I hope, that it is pleasant to you!
I will send you photos from a zoo!
In one of the last letters, I told you that my mobile phone does not support international communication! Today I learnt that I need to activate the service "international calls". Since I got my phone at work, I need to write an application addressed to the Director, asking them to activate this service! I'll try to do it soon!
I hope the director will allow to connect to me service "international calls".
As soon as I will make it, I will inform at once you on it, I very much wish to hear your voice and I hope that we can soon speak on the phone with you.
I have a dream.
I dream of a romantic supper, with beloved the man.
But I have no beloved man, I would love to meet the love.
Paul, you the romanticist?
To you to like to surprise the girl?
To me like romanticism...
I like to look at stars. I like an easy supper at candles.
I would prefer to make a supper.
I like to dance a slow dance when the music sounds romantic.
I did not have for a long time anything similar!
But nevertheless, I very much want, what my dream was carried out.
I with impatience wait for your following letter.
Aleksandra :-)
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