Scam letter(s) from Venera Ahmadgalieva to Peter (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend!!!
My name - Venera!!! I liked your structure in agency, and I have decided to write to you the letter that will get acquainted to you. Some information about me: I was born in city of Samara in the centre of Russia. Day of my birth September, 9 1978. I work in a beauty salon, and my role consists in that I helped people to support their beauty. At me small family: I and my mummy. She works in a day nursery. Very responsible work as she helps children seems to me at her to understand, how it is necessary to behave correctly. When I was the child I was brought up in a day nursery where, but absolutely my mum works for other tutor. But I think, what exactly mum has brought up me as good person. And it has turned out at her, because she kind, tender, careful, fair... And she the closest my person. If you ask, why I have decided to find the friend through the Internet. I have decided to try this way on advice of my girlfriend who has told me, that now very many people get acquainted through the Internet. I like to support myself in the good physical form. In it I am am helped by my balanced diet, run on fresh air, and whenever possible occupations by fitness. And still I like to be rolled on skates. In the childhood I went to section of driving on ice. Even now, when I have grown, I like to look different competitions on fugure skating on ice. You see it looks superb when beautiful music merges together with dance. I hope that it will be interesting to you to find out about more. Therefore, if it will not be difficult for you, write to me the letter about you on my E-Mail: as for me it is difficult to contact to you through agency. In the following letter I shall try to send you the photo (I would be glad if you have sent me the photo).
With impatience I wait for your answer.
Yours Venera!!!
P. S. I hope, that it not last my letter to you, I shall wait your message on
Letter 2

Hello my new friend!!!
I was very glad to see that you have written to me the answer my new friend and I am in a hurry to write to you the answer. For me was unexpectedness to receive the answer from you so quickly because I the first time have decided to search to myself for the friend under the Internet (if to speak more precisely that has decided to search the part of my heart through the Internet on advice of my girlfriend). I very much want that our correspondence proceeded and consequently I you ask to write to me the answer as soon as possible. FOR you probably it will be interesting to find out about me little bit more information than I have left about myself in agency or have written to you in the letter. I think it is not meaningful to write to you about my appearance because I think my photos will tell about me much more than my words. I hope to you have liked a photo, tell me please about it in your following letter. If you will answer me I in mine next the letter I shall send some more a photo. I hope you will not take offence if I shall slightly be repeated having told you about myself: I was born September, 9, 1978 in city of Samara in the centre of Russia, my mum and daddy too were born in this city. I work as the master on manicure in a beauty salon, very much to like me this work because in people leave our interior want to be little bit more happily because we make their such with what they, people begin trust that they may to be more beautiful than usually if a few to take care of ourselves. My mum works as the nurse in a kindergarten in the most younger group, she very much loves children, there though on formation my mum the doctor therefore has decided to work.I very much love mum, it is difficult for me to speak about my daddy slightly. When I was small my mum spoke me that I has left far and he soon will return, but when I have slightly grown up and began to ask why our daddy does not come back, mum has decided to tell to me that when I was some more absolutely small our daddy have thrown mum. But mum very strongly loved him therefore has decided to not search to itself for the new partner in life and one began to bring up me. But let's not be about sad because I do not want that you thought I is not happy, now I work and am pleased with the life, I only do not have the partner in life, but I hope that will be lucky me and I am fast shall not be lonely. Still I want to tell you that I very much take a great interest in sports and especially like to be engaged fitness. If you want to find out little bit more about me about my life in Russia, or about my hobby ask me about it in your following letter. I WAIT for your answer.
Your friend Venera!!!
p.s. Thank for your beautiful photo I hope to receive still your photos
Letter 3

Hello my friend again!!!
I have received your letter and I have decided to write to you the answer because you very much involve me, therefore I have decided to go to Internet - cafe as it is possible to see your letters more often and might write to you answers. I hope that I too involve you and you will answer me too so quickly as soon as it for probably and I hope that you too do not want stope with me correspondence and want to find out about me even more. I want to tell to you that I very much love all beautiful that is in this world, I very much love beautiful music. It is not important for me what it is music - Russian or foreign because I do not pay attention to words if to tell that I almost I do not pay attention to words but as I well understand the English language I like to listen both Russian and the English singers. It is very important for me that music was written with all the heart that it went from heart, and I at once understand when it really so. Whether I do not know why but I as soon as I hear music at once I understand this music with the purpose only to write any music is written or this music is written from the big inspiration. For me it seems that all music is written with the big inspiration therefore more than this I likes to listen to classical music, but certainly when I want to have fun that I like modern music, but for me it seems that it is music only for fun but not as a hobby. Still I very much like to look beautiful pictures, therefore sometimes I visit picture galleries, most of all I like to look landscapes, I like to look beautiful landscapes not only in pictures but also like to look at beautiful real landscapes, therefore I liked to go to campaigns with my friends, but now I have grown and not have so a lot of time that to leave for some days in a campaign, therefore I should be content with that that I sometimes come in park and there i walk some time to communicate to a nature. I would like at you to ask and what music you most of all like to listen and whether you love beautiful pictures? I for example most of all love pictures of great Russian artist Shishkin, which have written such fine pictures as " Morning in a pine wood ", " a pine pine forest " and many others. I hope that you as well as I love a nature. It is difficult for me for you to speak slightly that I have gone to Internet - cafe to search not simply for the friend and a part of my heart because I could not make it in my city and on advice of my girlfriend have gone to Internet - cafe that will find such person which to understand me and with which we can talk absolutely about all.
I hope that you which that person I search. I think it will be interesting to you to find out that I very much love tasty food,I allow itself to relax both I go with restourant and I buy there all that I want but then I regret about it because to me much to have to go in for sports to return to the former form, I do not want that people saw in me the **** girl and I hold itself in the form. I hope that I of you such as I now look. Most of all I love dishes from a fish. Still I to you want to tell that I very much like to read novels about love because in such books all so is beautiful also to me it should seems that you lifes all all to be exact also, and I hope that I search persons with which at us will be a history of love as in books (probably this person you become for me my new friend, I very strongly hope for it). Also I love romantic films about love, for me not important what actors play main and heroes because the most important that it looked as in real life, therefore I of me are not present liked actors, but I very much like as play Jeniferr Lopez, probably too to like you this actress, still to me like as she sings. Probably it is all that I to you wanted to tell in this letter and if you want ti find iut about me something I ask you to ask me about it in your next letter.
I wait for your answer,
p.s. My father was the villain and consequently he has not wanted to recognize that I his daughter
Letter 4

Hello Peter!!!
I am glad to write to you the letter again.It is very interesting to me to find out about everything, that to you occured for that time while I did not write to you. Whether all with you in the order? It is interesting, how you have carried out the days off? Whether you had any interesting cases in life? I want to tell to you one history which has taken place with me. In the morning I have gone on work. When I approached to a building where I work, I have seen a small dog. It was a pity to me of her, but I hastened on work and might not help her. When there was time of dinner, I have decided to go in cafe through road to have a bite and drink a cup of coffee as I have not slept. In the street I have again met a poor dog and I have decided her to feed. (I too have dog. It Rick. And still I have cat. I have named her - Persik. In general I very much love animals.) And so. I have gone to cafe, have bought there cutlets and have attributed to their this dog. After I have bought cutlets at me there is few money to go in cafe and I has decided to take a walk on city. I went and thought of the life. I have already lived 26 years. I seriously needed to reflect above the the future. I have so reflected, that have not noticed as passed road to the not fixed place. But I also have not noticed, that the dog with whom I have fed, all time ran for me. And so, she has run out forward me and I have seen, that on us to go the machine. I have seized her and have jumped aside back. To me was lucky, that all was finished so though there might be a tragedy. All over again I was in a shock. But soon I have understood, that I was rescued by this small dog. I should come back to work, but I should help my rescuer. Having returned on work I have asked the chief to release me today I feel earlier as I was bad myself, and he has allowed to me. I have found out by the phone where there is a shelter for dogs and have taken there my rescuer. All over again I wanted to take her to myself home, but I knew, that parents will be against, and still she might have owner. Therefore I have called the girlfriend who works in the newspaper and have asked to submit the announcement of loss of a dog and have left to her the address of a shelter of dogs that her owner might find her. In some days I was called by the girlfriend and has told, that the owner of a dog which has rescued me has found, and transferred me many thanks, that has helped to find to him his favourite. So this history was finished. And I am glad, that the end at this history has turned out happy, instead of tragic. It seems to me, that in the world there are many tragedies as a result of which perishes many people and animals. It is time to me to go home, but I shortly hope to read your letters and to answer them.
p.s. thanks for fotos
Letter 5

Hello my new friend again!!!
I again was very glad to receive from you the letter. For me this not so such new occupation to go in Internet - cafe to see your letter my friend. I have to you question but I am afraid of you to ask about that. I hope you remember that I wrote to you that I search in the Internet not simply for the friend and a part of my heart therefore I ask you the sanction to not name you more the friend. I shall be possible to name you somehow in another way, I hope to you will not seem mad if I shall name you my dear. If it will seem for you little bit not accepted that I shall understand you and I shall address to you as to the friend. In my last letter I to you told one history from my life. Today I want to tell to you slightly about my childhood. I was born in Samara and as a vein with my mum (as you remember mine of daddy with us was not from the childhood). When I was small I went to a kindergarten but about it I too already wrote to you. I want to tell to you slightly about that as I went to school. I studied at usual school, in a usual class where was only 5 girls and 20 boys, therefore all of us girls were girlfriends because as you know small boys like to scoff at girls, they like to pull them hair, take away from them books and so on. But it not the main thing when I studied in 2 class in me began seemed that one of boys to show to me attention, he protected me, and then he has admitted to me that I very much involve him. I never shall forget as he looked after me as he carried my school bag as we talked to him, probably it even could be named love, but then appeared that to him was necessary to move in other city, I was very sad. Then he has left also I there was one, but it was the first I has tested in relation to boys. Such history was with me in the childhood. But for me it is interesting to know my dear and you were sometime in love in the childhood. I want to tell to you slightly from my today. It was usual day, I have risen in the morning, have gone on work, there have carried out almost all day, then have come back home in the evening, but was at me today and good event - I have come in Internet – cafe and have seen that I have the letter from you. And at me even more good news - I write you the answer. And I am glad to continue our correspondence. I soon hope to receive from you the answer. I very much want to see your letters as it is possible more often.
I wait for your answer.
Letter 6

Hello my dear!!!
I am very glad to you to write the letter because in this letter I very much want to congratulate you on a fine holiday - new year. I want to tell you that I am very glad that this year I could find you and I hope that the next year our relations become even closer and warmer my dear. I want to wish you that this holiday for you has passed very cheerfully and pleasantly my dear. I hope you will not forget me the next year because I do not want to stop ours you correspondence my dear. I wait from our correspondence very much because I hope the next year to me I happiness will be lucky also can find, I hope a part of this happiness you begin. I am happy that the destiny has brought to me chance to find such good person as you. I shall mark this new year with my mum, we have already decorated a New Year's fur-tree, and I have bought a gift for my mum. I hope you too receive good gifts. I wish you the big happiness the next year my dear. I hope to write to you am fast. But unfortunately at us in Samara all Internets – cafes will be closed on New Year's holidays and I can not write to you till January, 3, I shall miss very much your letters and I promise you as soon as it will be probably I shall write to you the answer.
Happy new year
Your Venera!!!
Letter 7

Hi my dear friend Peter!!! How your affairs? Whether has well passed your day? Write to me about it in the nearest letter because to me it very interestingly. It is interesting to me as live and that people living in other country, on the other continent do. My working day began rather successfully. Early in the morning I was woken with beams of the sun which have penetrated into a room through curtains. It has considerably raised my mood as good weather is an attribute of the good beginning of day, is especial in working everyday lives. With such mood I also have gone on work. As I already spoke, I not so like my work, but despite of it my day has passed quickly enough and imperceptibly. Today at work there were many clients and consequently I at all have not noticed as have quickly come 5:00 pm and my working day has approached to the end. Within a working day I all time thought of you the my dear friend Peter, about that as I shall receive from you the next letter and consequently I hastened to leave from work more soon and to write to you the letter which you now read. I is very glad that you at me are and that we with you so we are frequently copied. I began to spend more time near the computer. Earlier I also did not suspect that the usual electronic machine may give me such opportunities. Due to it I have got acquainted with you Peter and I am grateful to destiny for it. I hope our opinions coincide? Write to me as it is possible more often. I like to receive from you letters. In turn I promise you the same. I speak you as have passed my working day but I think you know about that a little that I do at work. I work in a beauty salon, there I am the master on a pedicure. I seem to you spoke that very much I love my work. It seems to me you would like to find out little bit more as I here live. Except for that that I live with mum at us there is a cat and a dog. A cat call Persic, and we name a dog Rik. These domestic animals live with us already for a long time therefore we with mum very much we love them, they our friends and as though members of our family. Sometimes when we with mum make any important decision that we even we ask our domestic animals. Certainly it is comic questions but it seems to me that they sometimes understand us and even talk to us in their language. Many people consider that the cat and a dog should be enemies, but Persic and Rik it is the present friends. Sometimes they even sleep on one carpet. I think they are ready even to protect each other. I want that you have told me and you have any domestic animals. I send to you a photo of my domestic animals I hope that you to me send too. Because I very much love domestic animals. Well probably and that I wanted you to tell all in this letter. And now I should tell you bye, bye. but I shall wait your letter soon. Your Venera!! p.s. Still I want to tell to you as I have carried out new year my dear. I was slightly afflicted when have understood that I can not write to you some time my dear. Now I am very glad that the Internet – cafe has opened again and I am with a hurry to you to write because I very much missed all this time you my dear. I did not think earlier that so difficultly to wait possibility to write the letter or to read your letters. I have understood that I long can not be without your letters. But I nevertheless want to tell to you as I spent new year. I was at home together with my mum, still I have invited two my girlfriends of whom we for a long time are friends, they all over again wanted to meet new year with the family but I understand as us with mum will meet sadly new year together have decided to come to me on a visit. We prepare and long told a beautiful table each other about that that was good and that bad this year and that we would like from the future of 2005. Then we looked as beat a chiming clock on the Red area in Moscow and have lifted on a glass of champagne to congratulate each other on new year. We looked salute on the main area of Samara from a balcony of my apartment, it was very beautiful, I like to observe of fires of fireworks flying up in the sky. Then my girlfriends send on the area there to continue fun but I has decided to remain with my mum to talk to her. I very much love my mummy. So we have slightly sat and have then decided to go to sleep, before dream I have thought of that as you meet new year there far from me, I have thought of a difference in time and have understood that you still live in 2004 because at us with you such big difference in time. I have mentally congratulated you on new year and and have sent you an air kiss and have fallen asleep with idea that soon I can write to you the letter my dear, and I write you the answer my dear. I am very glad that the last year I could to find you my dear. I am once again glad to congratulate you on new year and I wish you all most good this year and that which you have thought of all desires in this new year's eve came true. I wait for your answer and I hope that our correspondence will continue and this year. YOU in my ideas!!!!!
Yours Venera!!!!!
Letter 8

Hello my dear Peter!!!
I again was very happy to receive from you the letter and I write you the answer. I every day understand all as me more was lucky that I have found you in the Internet. I saw in agancy that many girls search for itself for the friend under the Internet but it seems to me that was lucky me most and I a m very glad to you to tell that I never want to stop with you correspondence. It so for me is pleasant to come in Internet – cafe and to see that from you the new letter has come. I with interest some times re-read him and then begin to write to you the answer as I act and today. Today I want to tell to you little bit more about my hobby. As you remember my hobby is to go in for sports, but this my hobby seems to me because I very much care of the figure and the health, therefore for me it is difficult to name it my hobby slightly when I go in a sports hall to return to itself the former form when I I collect one or two superfluous kgs. But I very much like to be engaged in shaping because occupation by sports and dance there is combined, and I very much like to dance under cheerful music, therefore I like to visit fitness and shaping. I want tell you that earlier I might to be engaged in my hobby much more often but now I had not enough time because should work and besides help my mum on the house because we live together with her and I do not want that my mum did all because I very much love my mum. She very much gets tired at work because when we talk to her sometimes in the evening about work that she tells to me that certainly she very much loves children but her very much tires when they begin to be capricious. She frequently speaks me that she wants to give each child as much as possible attention, but unfortunately one is a lot of them and my mum only, therefore she very gets tired at work. I too sometimes get tired at work but I am usual work with such pleasure that I do not notice as have passed my working day. I would like to find out about your work and about your hobby little bit more. Tell me that does a pleasure you pleasure to do at leisure? Tell me what work at you and whether you like to be engaged in this business? My first education was medical because so my mum has wanted, but then I have understood what to be the doctor it not my calling and when I have received the diploma of the doctor that I have gone to a beauty salon from which me have sent to study in the higher school and there I have understood that very much to like me it and I want to be engaged in it. I did not regret to time yet that I have not gone to work as the doctor because though me and to like this work because doctors treat people for illnesses, but I too do a lot of good for people because I think each person want to be beautiful and I help them in it. Tell me and how you consider, whether my work and whether well that is useful that I have decided to not work as the doctor? For me because I completely trust very important your opinion to you and am ready even to listen to your opinion. Still I to you would want to tell that I very much like to go to cinema to look interesting films, am usual we go to a cinema with my school girlfriends, we agree with them before week ends and then beforehand we buy tickets that we might go without problems at cinema when all of us together can go and look something interesting. I seem to you spoke that I like to look films about beautiful love stories with the happy end, but at us not always it turns out to choose such films, therefore still I like to look comedies. Whether earlier in the evenings I watched TV when I had no any have put houses but now I go in Internet - cafe as soon as at me occur free minute to look the letter from you has come, but unfortunately the Internet - cafe is on big enough distance from my house therefore I ask you a pardon that sometimes I can not write you the answer each day. I hope you understand my difficulties and will not take offence at me. I promise you that I try free minute to use anyone to visit Internet - cafe. Now i must to finish the letter because I must to go home, but I so do not want to say goodbye to you, but should overcome myself and go home but I shall try to return to you as soon as possible again to read your letter and to write to you the answer.
I wait for your answer with impatience.
Yours Venera!!!!
Letter 9

Hello my dear Peter!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter, and I hurry to answer to you. I so am glad that our correspondence proceeds also our relations develop. I have got used to name you my dear. I am very glad that you have agreed with it because for me it was inconvenient to name you the friend because I searched in the Internet not for the friend slightly. I very much want to tell to you slightly about my city, I hope to you it will be interesting to find out about one of the Russian cities slightly. I spoke you that I was born in Samara. I want to tell you that it is very beautiful city. I shall tell you slightly about that as people and as I spend time here will spend time. I think for you it will be not interesting to know a history of city of Samara. I very much love that that our city very beautiful. I want to tell to you my impressions from night city. Present that I go on streets of Samara at night, to me pale light of the moon to face shines, she is lazy wanders on the night sky and as though speaks all people which do not sleep, that they not one and that this night behind them are observed by she, the beautiful and gentle moon. she has nothing to do this night because she is lonely in this world, each night one, she may not find to herself the satellite. Probably she envies stars which it is a lot of in this world. YOU sometime heard such sign that if to have time to think of desire while from the sky the star that it necessarily falls will come true. I very much like to wait for such moment and many people want that their desires came true therefore I frequently I look at the star sky. YOU know sometimes even that desire desire which I think comes true. More recently I have thought of desire will find for myself persons which to understand me and which will want to become for me something big than simply other. And I have found you, I think I should be grateful to stars. Tell me and you trust in destiny because I believe in that that the destiny is intended each person, I believe that for each person there is a half in this world with which they will be happy. I hope that I can find such person, but even more I hope that you that person. Still I want to tell you that now to Samara winter has come, but you know in the winter Samara not so is beautiful as summer or an autumn. In the summer our city "green". You know very many parks but as streets of our city have many trees and lawns in Samara. I love these places because I love a nature, earlier I liked to go to campaigns together with my friends, but now I have no so a lot of time and I need to be pleased that that I walk on parks of our city. But as it is pleasant to see when the city becomes gold an autumn. Let it absolutely not so long time but the main thing to catch this moment when all is painted in different colors. I like to collect bouquets from dry fallen leafs because sometimes such bouquets seem to me even more beautiful than from colors. And as it seems to you what season of year the most beautiful, I admit to you that my liked the season is an autumn, there may be it because an autumn my birthday. At us city it is a lot of places where well it is possible to lead a free time, for example I like to go to a cinema with my friends, but I already spoke it to you my dear. Still I very much like to go to theatres and to walk on parks. Many young people prefer to go on discos, but I do not love the noisy companies, I prefer to go on fitness there to engage in sports dances better, it and is cheerful and it is useful. Now I spend all free time in the Internet of cafe because there I have found persons which me understand, it you my dear Peter!!!! I am very glad to this and I want to tell you that more than nothing is necessary for me, because when I have free I go in Internet - cafe what to read next your letter and to write to you the answer.
I hope that soon again I shall receive your letter.
Yours Venera!!!!
p.s. Yes i may to meet you in Moscow but you must tell me when you come to Russia because i must to get some holidays to be with you my dear
Letter 10

Hello my dear!!!!
I want to apologize before you for that that I might not write to you such long time but I had reason for it. I went many times to Internet - cafe, but there to me spoke that the computer which I usually used have broken and might not write to you because I do not know as it to do from other computer. I email was made for me by the manager of internet-cafe and he did not explain me as I can do it if my computer will be broken. I hope you understand me and will not be offended, because I am want to lose you my dear. You so are dear to me that I at all do not know that I shall do if you finish to write to me. I want that we with you continued to correspond and I hope that anything will not interfere with this. I want you to congratulate on past holiday Valentines day. I wanted to do it yesterday but I might not do it because the computer was broken still. I want to receive from you the answer as soon as possible. I hope you can understand my problems and write to me so soon as it probably.
I am waiting for your letter!!!
Your Venera!!!
Letter 11

Hello my dear!!!!
At me free minute has appeared and I have decided to write to you the letter my dear. I simply wanted you to tell what today fine weather Today there was very strong blizzard in the morning, I even thought that I can not reach work, my mood was bad and I have decided that it will be simply awful day, but time of dinner has come and in the sky the sun has appeared. It is as though lazy moved apart the able fingers malicious clouds which in any way did not want go away, but it is struggle last not for long because kindly always more strongly evil and I think that the sun and his bright warm beams this brightest display of goods in this world. Tell me and that you think of it my dear because each person has the loved weather, I for example love warm sunny days, but at the same time I like when on streets flit large flakes of snow, therefore I very much love winter. But I have not told to you as weather today has changed, and so the sun has dispersed dark clouds in the sky light was established and is warm, which has soon reached also the ground my dear. I so like to feel heat of the sun on my cheeks, on my palms, it delivers to me so a lot of pleasure my dear. I as though heard music because all around spoke that winter already recedes and soon will come it is time spring, will come it is time love, colors and singing of birds. It so is fine âèäåò as the nature wakes up of hibernation, all comes to life and to become even more beautiful than the last spring. I so wait for these days because spring this such fine season.
And you wait for awakening a nature?
I shall look forward to hearing from you my dear!!!
Your Venera!!!
Letter 12

Hello my dear Peter! Today I simply should go in Internet - cafe to write to you the letter! Recently I had difficult working days and I might not write to you some time. It so is difficult for me that I can not write to you. All over again at me the computer in Internet - cafe, and now employment at work was broken! I think to take holiday at own expense that we might communicate with you as I very much would like to write to you more my dear Peter! Whether I do not know you saw on news, but in Russia (and if to trust news that and in Europe) now a problem with that, how many deposits the beginning to drop out! Such never was earlier that in the beginning of spring, from the sky fall of snow began and proceeded very long! In many cities in streets snow-removing machines worked, and they needed a lot of time before they could clear away all! Also in many regions of a village appeared are cut off from the big cities and to them long time was impossible to reach! I hope that soon weather will stop the violence and will please us with warm sunny days! But while I see a lot of snow! Though I wrote to you that is pleasant when from the sky snow falls to me and then all becomes clean and white! But now, when I have already seen enough of snow spring enough I would like to see as will arrive and I wait for it, but instead of spring I continue to see snow snow and snow! It begins to bother me already! Probably all in the world should be duly and determined! Differently it becomes simple unpleasant! I speak only about myself, because at all people different opinions and at you probably also other sight on it! It will be interesting to me to find out your opinion! At you probably almost always warmly and probably it is pleasant to you! I can not imagine as there may be almost always a body because I have got used to see both snow and the warm sun, as well as plants and as their sheets become yellow or red blossom! This variety of a season of year gives imagination very much! I think that each season has purpose! If to take spring that it is a season of a meeting and acquaintances! It is very pleasant to make walk with good friends or the loved person in the summer! An autumn, it is necessary to prepare for forthcoming winter and consequently very pleasantly when near to you the loved person! It is necessary to be together with the loved person in the winter to not freeze and warm each other the heat, care and love! It turns out so, that in any case pleasantly and better when close is the loved person! You agree with me my dear Peter? I think, that you will agree with me. I also am very glad to that you will come to Moscow in August! I shall be glad you to see, because I want to develop our relations much more than simply friendly! Only if it is wanted by you? I finish this letter because it is time to go as my time comes to an end me, but I would like, that you knew, that I do not overlook about you and I send you warmly my heart which will remind you of me and to warm you my ideas! Your Venera P.S. Thank for a fine bouquet of colors! It has warmed my heart!
Letter 13

Hello my dear Peter! It is a pity to me, that I long did not write to you! But I was sick! It was so unpleasant to be ill for me at that moment when our correspondence was restored also I might be pleased to your letters! But weather is changeable! Probably I badly kept up a state of health and have caught a cold! I needed to begin treatment at once! But I thought, that all will pass and continued to work! It has resulted in difficult consequences and I was ill an influenza! I hope, that it will not force to stop our correspondence and I again shall see your letter! I have not completely recovered yet! But I might not remain at home more! I do not want to lose contact to you because I like our relations and that now between us grows! These are very serious feelings for me and I am afraid to lose them sometime! I hope it will not take place! I know, that the god looks and sees all people and I hope, that he will take care of you because it it is very important for me to feel that at you all is good! I am always glad, if at you all is excellent also your health fine! As to today in Samara! Snow began to thaw but it occurs slowly because the sky was completely shrouded in clouds and the sun it was not visible! I hope, that soon force of beams of the sun will disseminate clouds and I can see bright sun beams! I very much want to see as on trees faster will appear sheets and all around becomes bright and green! I again would like to put on more easy and to feel how all body may have a rest from freedom which to it distances! But while I only can dress a warm sweater and shroud a neck in a warm scarf that I again was not ill! But I hope, that weather at you much better than here! I should go to accept medicines and to treat the organism! I very much wait your letter and I hope, that soon you can write to me! Venera!
Letter 14

Hello my dear Peter! It was pleasant for me to read your letter! Now you know, that in Russia not such simple life as probably about it speak in news by the TV set! Speak, that the standard of living in Russia raises! But it is not felt strongly as for me it be not became easier in what or sense to live last years! Probably rise, but probably so insignificant also was, that it became imperceptible for many Russians! But I do not want to speak about sad! I can pay together with mum of the account! I can write to you letters and visit Internet - cafe! I can eat fruit and do necessary purchases and probably it is not necessary for me of much, therefore I am happy to this! Today at me good mood because weather in Samara becomes warmer every day more! Snow begins to disappear every day and soon I hope, that it it will not be visible in general! I also hope, that is fast from our river there will leave ice and to us summer birds will arrive! It is very pleasant, when rises early in the morning and leaves on a balcony to listen to how birds wake up and begin to sing a morning song! I frequently do so in the summer and I like to listen to singing of birds when in still more few who has woken up and not so a lot of noise around! But in such time my mum very much gets tired at work because in the street began dampness and when there comes time of walk for children in a children's garden it is necessary to watch closely that that they have not got wet and were not ill! But children are always very mobile and all at once to keep up very difficultly, therefore mum home comes very much tired! But I do to it a tasty meal and tea then she receives energy necessary for her and to her it becomes easier! She asked to tell you Hello from her and to wish to have good day! On sunday my day was sated and I had time to visit many different places. I have taken at work rest for today to go in a circus. The matter is that to us in city there has arrived the Moscow circus and I have very strongly wanted to go there. I from the childhood like fly into a rage and consequently their life and their unusual abilities is interesting to me. Very much it was pleasant to me in a circus, it is especial to me bears which have liked were accustomed to many interesting exercises. Clowns and jugglers also participated in a circus. Clowns with unusual speed threw 3 spheres from one hand in another, and jugglers did tricks with fire. It was so wonderfully!!! I for a long time was not in a circus and consequently I for one instant have presented that I have returned to the childhood. After representation in a circus I have gone home but on the way home have decided to go on the market where sell animals. There I have seen a lot of beautiful fly into a rage also birds: There there were small dogs and cats of different breeds and colors, there were parrots but not speaking and simply decorative parrots but very lovely and beautiful. I would buy to myself a beautiful black dog of 3 monthly age but I already have mine dog Rik. to me very interestingly when you last time were in a circus? I shall be glad to your following letter and I hope, that I can read it soon! I send you the embrace and I hope, that it will help you when you will require it! Your Venera
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