Scam letter(s) from Hillary Collings to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
My name is sally and I am single woman without kids and I have been single for 4 years now after my x boy cheated and broke my heart. a friend ask me to download this app as I am looking for a real man of my love and soul mate.i am very simple woman who is sincere honest and faithful woman. I am not here looking for money games or lies.i am Christian woman brought from a strong Christian home. I am born and raised in new York Manhattan
Letter 2
I'm an independent lady, kind, loyal, funny and sweet. I have seen a lot of sides of this life but I keep being positive about my future! I hope I am a good mother and I can be a good wife as well. Well, my hobby became my profession and now I am a designer of clothing which makes me happy and hopefully will make me very rich one day. I like to spend time alone just refilling myself with energy, but I love people and spending time with my son, friends and family.
Letter 3
Hey I am Anna Maria ,25 years. Looking for *** and fun ....I am very playful and love to have fun. I am looking for a guy who knows what to do and can also teach me some new things. I like older men too. I am a very happy person. I have anice body and I am very clean..and I have to say tagste great too! I'm not looking for any type of short time relationship. Just don't have the time. So, if that's what you're looking for, I'm not for you.I am looking to meet new guys who want to have some fun. I'm easy going and love to workout, travel, and have a great time! I just recently got a new apartment by myself and I'm looking for a fun night.Make Your free profile Send me a message if you want to chat!
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