Scam letter(s) from Venera Ahmadgalieva to Doug (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear friend doug!!!
How your affairs? Whether has well passed your day? Write to me about it in the nearest letter because to me it very interestingly. It is interesting to me as live and that people living in other country, on the other continent do. My working day began rather successfully.
As I already spoke, I not so like my work, but despite of it my day has passed quickly enough and imperceptibly. Today at work there were many clients and consequently I at all have not noticed as have quickly come 5:00 pm and my working day has approached to the end. Within a working day I all time thought of you the my dear friend doug, about that as I shall receive from you the next letter and consequently I hastened to leave from work more soon and to write to you the letter which you now read. You know doug I is very glad that you at me are and that we with you so we are frequently copied. I began to spend more time near the computer. Earlier I also did not suspect that the usual electronic machine may give me such opportunities. Due to it I have got acquainted with you doug and I am grateful to destiny for it. I hope our opinions coincide? Write to me as it is possible more often. I like to receive from you letters. In turn I promise you the same. I want to tell to you about the plans for evening. My girlfriends have invited me to take a walk with them on night city in some hours. You know my city very beautiful, especially at night. I would like to acquaint you with the girlfriends. When I have told him about you they were very glad that I have got acquainted with you. You would like to get acquainted with my girlfriends? With them it is very cheerful. Write to me about the friends!!! I heard that your city too very beautiful at night. You likely frequently walk on night streets of the city. I like to walk at night on streets of city, it is very interesting and romantic.I have transferred your greetings to my mum, she was glad it to hear. Well that's all that I want to inform you in this letter. With impatience I shall wait your next letter. Write also you to me. Good-bye the my dear friend.
Your girlfriend Venera.
Letter 2

Hello my love doug!!! I am very glad to write to you the letter again. I so missed you and without your letters my dear because you are not so dear. I so to be glad that we with you have opportunity together though we are on such big distance my dear. I am very glad that even through letters I can to tell to you about my mood, about that that I feel to you my dear, that occurs to me here in Russia and you may tell to me as at you there affairs my dear. I so am happy that through the Internet we with you could to get acquainted and now has that that at us is, we have fine relations, I think such relations with the man I never could find here in Russia. I understand now that I never could find such fine the man as you here in Russian my dear. I want to tell to you that recently I went to other Internet - cafe because it is Internet - cafe was closed, but unfortunately there I could not write to you the letter my dear because I badly am able to use the Internet and there nobody helped me my dear. Now I have come again in that internet-cafe where I always went also I write you the letter my dear. I so happy that I again could write to you the letter my dear. Your letters bring to me so much happiness my dear, I did not think earlier that this world there is such fine employment how to write and read letters my dear. To me it seemed what more interestingly to communicate with the person really, but now I know that I never could find such fine person as you Doug if not our correspondence my dear. I so want that our dreams of meetings became a reality my dear, because it in my dreams my dear. Still I want to tell to you that I long thought above that what feelings I to you I test my dear, but I and could not make it because I need in your help for this purpose, I can not understand that occurs in my heart that occurs to my ideas and dreams. You have turned my life and as speak have put her from legs on a head. All of what I dreamed earlier has failed at one moment, it was that moment when I have understood that between us with you completely not friendly elations, I have understood that want to be with you together and now in my dreams only you my dear Doug!!!! As it is difficult for understanding that somewhere away from you, through the whole ocean there is a person to which you is ready to present all tenderness, all caress and all words which only may think up the person, all sights which give to which people count the forever. But I can not present you of all it because now you only may read this letter and think of me, but I can not kiss you and embrace you, I only should dream about you when I write you this letter now my dear. Why you so far that of me? I can not understand why the destiny has presented us possibility to find out each other, but she has made so we may not execute that about what each woman dreams when finds fine the man, it to look in his eyes to feel his gentle sight, there is no I am not offended on destiny for it, I understand that she and so has given me very big gift when I has received the first letter from you my dear, I understand that in this world not so all simply and that sometimes is necessary to achieve something, but it so is difficult to be on such big distance from you my dear. Oh, sorry my dear I do not want that my letter seemed to you such sad. Interestingly it will be possible to hear to you something cheerful and ridiculous. I want to tell to you one history which have read in the comic newspaper, it is possible to like you my dear. I read a history about that as three friends have decided to search for that causes laughter in people and they have started the travel! They very much liked to laugh and did not understand what exactly cause at them laughters and fun! But there it is written as they looked and all people around laughed at them, but they and might not find anything ridiculous and might not understand why people laugh. The history comes to an end that that these friends accuse all people of that that they see laughter in that where him absolutely is not present about one girl has given them a mirror and all of them together start laugh everyone above themselves though in the each other they did not see anything ridiculous, I only have not understood, really they never saw themselves in a mirror. Whether write to me this history has liked you and may you too read or heard something laughly, it will be interesting to me to read it from you my dear. I wait for your answer!!!
Probably you have questions, I shall answer them, I shall do it with tenderness my dear. CENTRAL MUTUAL CREDIT BANK
Phone: 78462706230 NATIONAL TRADE BANK
Phone: 78462707132
Where you may send a number of banks.
Ahmadgalieva Venera.
Letter 3

Hello lovely!!! I have come today to Internet - cafe and have seen that you have sent money, I have thought to not waste for nothing time have gone to bank and after that has gone to travel agency to give money for registrations of the visa. After I have made these affairs I again have returned to Internet - cafe to write to you the letter on that that with me everything is all right and money have reached safely. Mood at me excellent because in a week we at last that shall be together, and I not only can see you, but also embrace, kiss and anything you like, I can talk to you in alive face to face, I am tired to type letters on the keyboard, but these tortures appeared not empty because I have found the true love, you Doug. I shall stop to write it, please write to me today ok. Your bride Venera
Letter 4

Hello my love Doug excuse that I did not write to you, you understandthat I am borrowed with official registration of papers forthe visa, I did not think that it is such tiresome work to collectdocuments to arrive in the USA but while all is normal also I I wantyou please with that that in 4-5 days I can to fly to you. I want to tell to you as I today have come in Internet - cafe and there to me have told that the computer on which I write you letters was broken, you know I began to ask that they have made something, but there only spoke that it is impossible, then I there began to cry and speak that for me very important that it worked also you will not believe it have repaired through half of hour. Now I am happy you see I could to write to you the letter today. You see there is nothing more important in this world than love to you my dear. How explain you that I feel when I write you the letter, in each letter I invest a part of me, that present this part to you my dear. I hope that with each my letter you receive a part of my caress and tenderness my dear. I think all around would envy us if we with you were together because I think there is nothing more strongly and more beautifully in this world than our love my dear. As it is possible to live without love in heart, I do not understand it now my dear, I have understood what exactly love give to us meaning of the life my dear. I shall wait for your letter. Your Venera!!!!
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