Romance scam letter(s) from Lona Jussie to Peter (Sweden)
Letter 1
Thanks for the email, I am 32 years old , are from the England and I am here in search of erotic adventures and relationship, random Waiting session, meet cool people and nice and also have time for fun and exciting. I just finish my University , I live in London, you tell me more about yourself? What are you looking for,can i be your image where you are? Are you married? Do you have children?well i join the site not long ago and i meet you firstly and talk to you first as well,am a woman of my own and i keep to my words and promise...and now it really seems you are so interesting and i like that a lot..i like cooking,reading,dancing and as well traveling to new places,and i hate lies and i UN honest man and untruthful man as well i like to share my feelings so easy and i don't want to be cheated and i cant cheat on someone as i hope and want you to understand this and hope to read from you soon then..i like your pics so much cos you look so cute,handsome,loving and sexy man..
Letter 2
Hello thanks for the mail am so happy happy to read this from you cos it sounds so interesting to see how much more you want me and i wont also deny that, that i really want a man like you and want to be with a man like you if even for a short time that is how i think i will really such a nice and sexy man to me...but if i may ask this question...
1: can you believe me and trust me like you never did before?
2: can you close every dating site you might have just for me?
3: can you always make me happy all the time and be of help to me at all time?
4: can you be the one i look up too when ever am in problem and in need of help?
5: how long have you been in dating site??
6: how many women have you meet??
Dear if you can do this for me then i will promise you that you will never regret doing anything for me not for a sec..hope to read from you soon..
kisses and Hugs
Letter 3
Thanks for the lovely mail and i am glad you getting back to me..and thanks for answering all my questions and i hope for me to know you now we take us to the next level and we could build a relationship that will last forever.Distance between us does not bother me as I know we could meet it will be my pleasure to get to meet you...I can see that this is the better way to get to know more about each other and I'll hopefully want to know what your consent is about these Because I really want to get to know you and meet you.I can't remember when I talked so much about myself and to have the chance to read it back, it might sound weird but I am proud of myself and hoping for the day I can make more and better memories to share with someone special like you,it will be grate for me to be with someone like you am sorry because i don't have skype kisses
Letter 4

Thank you so much for your mail,am so much happy to hear and to read from you again,yes we can see on webcam but i have told you that am using old desktop and no cam,so just let me know when you want us to meet?
Letter 5
Good Evening Dear
How are you doing and how was your weekend today?am really so much happy that you let me know that you are going to pay for my flight,Well honey i have check the flight cost from Next week Friday till Monday and the total cost it just 386 pounds,honey this would really make me happy if you can send me the money and Monday so that i can book the flight and show you the confirmation,Honey here is the picture and hope that you like it? Much Love Lona
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