Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Nick (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Nick! Thanks that you have written me back. I am very glad, that my letter did not remain without attention. A little about what man I want to find: simply I want to find the favourite person who will love me and for which I shall give birth to children so much how many he will want. In fact on light it is the finest children. For me it is not difficult to find the man from Russia, but for some reason the greater number from them only needs my body and love for them not the most important. Therefore I have decided to try to search the man from other country but as I already told to you me have deceived also I now I do not know that to me to do. First all was fine also I really trusted the that person and thought that has found the true love. But more recently he has written to me the letter that simply played with me and he is not excited with my problems. And all this after I have already arrived in Sankt-Petersbur, have legalized all necessary documents and have removed number in hotel to wait my flight. He promised to pay the ticket for me, but certainly it has not made. And now I in a panic. Money have almost ended and if the nearest 2-3 days I shall undertake nothing that I do not know what I shall do further. I hope you understanded my hard situation. I have written to you in hope that you can understand and help me to me. If you will not make it I absolutely I shall lose belief in good and kind people. I know that we still very badly each other know (more precisely practically we do not know) and we did not correspond with you long time as it is done with other people, but I now do not have so much time to write many letters. I can write about myself much, but is much easier learn each other at personal meeting. In fact even 100 or 1000 letters will not make us closer than acquaintance face to face. I before to write set of structures to you has seen and have stopped a choice on you because it seemed to me that in you there is that very much was pleasant to me. And I very much would like to meet and look with you as our relations will develop. I have the complete set of documents and I could fly within the next few days to you, but I do not have not enough money to the ticket. I have some means, but it is necessary for me still a minimum 1050 $. It is very a shame to me to ask you about the help, but I any more do not know that to me to do. My visa is valid during three months. I very much hope for you and on your help. I ask you understand me correctly. If I would be absolutely in other situation at us was more time to learn each other, but unfortunately at us is not present now. Write to me as soon as possible, Sankt-Petersburg very expensive city, and I still has not enough time and money. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. Your Natali
Letter 2

Hello dear Nick. I am very grateful to you for that that you will help me. Due to you I again began to trust people and now my situation not seems to me such awful. So, as to the ticket. Yesterday I called in the airport and there to me have told that it will be better if I shall buy the ticket. I have asked " why? " And there to me have told that there are many misunderstanding if the person books a ticket from other city (especially other country). To me have told that there are systems of instant money transfers and it will be more convenient if you will send all over again to me and I shall pay the ticket itself. Yes I understand that you will be afraid for this money but I can promise you that all will well. I now in very difficult situation and for me was not present sense to deceive you. I heard that many women in Russia do so, it is very a pity to me of such people. Write that you think of it. If you really are afraid that in the following letter I shall send you a copy of the passport that you could make sure of my honesty with you. Please write the answer as soon as possible. Very much I wait for our meeting. yours Natali. p.s. Two of my photo here
Letter 3

Hello dear Nick. Thanks for you letter. What about ticket it will be fine if you hold it for me. Thank you very much! I send you copy of my passport tomoorow. But please send me only 300USD for I can pay a hotel for last days. I hope you understand. Thank you again. Hope for our soon meeting. Yours Natali
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