Scam letter(s) from Olga Ivanova to Ted (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Ted!!!
Good morning for you!!! I hope, that you to wake up with good mood and you have received mine letters in which I spoke you, that I have received my visa and I - am valid very much Happy now when I can fly to you. Really it is very good, that we soon shall together And I shall be in your embraces.
After I to write to you my letter I enter travel agency where I had my ticket.
But I had no enough money for purchase the ticket because I spent additional money for reception my visa. As I already wrote to you I should fly in the USA to work as the doctor,
but these plans suffered not success. And consequently to me could not give my visa at once.
But they to offer me an output from this situation. They have told, that I can buy the insurance document.
It will have the responsibility for my life in USA. They have told, that if I want to receive the visa,
That I should buy this document. If I shall not make this document I never can To receive the visa.
I never faced such problems. I wanted to tell him about you, but I have decided to take Consultation from the lawyer all over again.
I have told to him, that now I have very serious attitudes with you. I have told, that we shall be Together soon. The lawyer has told to me, that it is good, but it will not work for embassy.
It is connected by that we are familiar with you not a plenty of time. The embassy will be To refuse in receptions of the visa. He has told, that I bought the insurance document.
It is unique Correct and reliable choice.
After that I have gone to embassy and we did registration of the insurance document for me.
This document has cost 820 $. I had at myself 1300 $. It is money for purchase of the ticket and Residing in USA. Now I have 480 $. It will not be enough. I cannot arrive to you.
Now I need 540 $ to arrive to you. I understand, that it is very difficult. But I never Faced such problems.
I did not know, that it is so difficult. But I know, that I made a correct choice.
I have made all, That we had a meeting with you. I very much want it. If I have not paid this insurance.
The document I never would receive the visa. But now I have it. I have all documents for that,
To arrive to you and we shall have a happy pair together. But I need 540 $. I very much sad:
I am broken and suppressed............. I to shout that we have this problem.
I am valid to not have this money and me wanted to arrive to you independently and in was not present Ask what money, but now I to have only one opportunity to ask money in you.
If you to have this money, that please do the help for us, I very much want to be with You and to spend to spend with you my time. I want to be in your embraces, and I want to give you Love.
Lovely, to me have told, that the best way to send money is Western Union.
That you might transfer this help to me you should know:
1) My full name -Ivanova Olga.
2) My full address - Russia, Cheboksary, Lenina
That I might receive money I should know:
1) Your full name
2) Your full address
3) MTCN is a confidential code which to you will give after transfer of money.
I hope for your help........., I need in you.
I shall wait for your letter today all the day long long, and I hope that you to write to me.
And we shall have our meeting.
Have good day today.
Soft and gentle kisses for you my love.
For ever yours Olga
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