Letter(s) from Venera Ahmadgalieva to Lloyd (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend!!!
My name - Venera!!! I liked your structure in agency, and I have decided to write to you the letter that will get acquainted to you. Some information about me:
I was born in city of Samara in the centre of Russia.
Day of my birth September, 9 1978. I work in a beauty salon, and my role consists in that I helped people to support their beauty. At me small family: I and my mummy. She works in a day nursery. Very responsible work as she helps children seems to me at her to understand, how it is necessary to behave correctly. When I was the child I was brought up in a day nursery where, but absolutely my mum works for other tutor. But I think, what exactly mum has brought up me as good person. And it has turned out at her, because she kind, tender, careful, fair... And she the closest my person.
If you ask, why I have decided to find the friend through the Internet. I have decided to try this way on advice of my girlfriend who has told me, that now very many people get acquainted through the Internet. I like to support myself in the good physical form. In it I am am helped by my balanced diet, run on fresh air, and whenever possible occupations by fitness. And still I like to be rolled on skates. In the childhood I went to section of driving on ice. Even now, when I have grown, I like to look different competitions on fugure skating on ice. You see it looks superb when beautiful music merges together with dance.
I hope that it will be interesting to you to find out about more. Therefore, if it will not be difficult for you, write to me the letter about you on my E-Mail: venera_honey@pochta.ru as for me it is difficult to contact to you through agency. In the following letter I shall try to send you the photo (I would be glad if you have sent me the photo).
With impatience I wait for your answer.
Yours Venera!!!
P. S. I hope, that it not last my letter to you, I shall wait your message on venera_noney@pochta.ru.

Letter 2

Hello my new friend!!!
I was very glad to see that you have written to me the answer my new friend and I am in a hurry to write to you the answer. For me was unexpectedness to receive the answer from you so quickly because I the first time have decided to search to myself for the friend under the Internet (if to speak more precisely that has decided to search the part of my heart through the Internet on advice of my girlfriend). I very much want that our correspondence proceeded and consequently I you ask to write to me the answer as soon as possible. FOR you probably it will be interesting to find out about me little bit more information than I have left about myself in agency or have written to you in the letter. I think it is not meaningful to write to you about my appearance because I think my photos will tell about me much more than my words. I hope to you have liked a photo, tell me please about it in your following letter. If you will answer me I in mine next the letter I shall send some more a photo. I hope you will not take offence if I shall slightly be repeated having told you about myself: I was born September, 9, 1978 in city of Samara in the centre of Russia, my mum and daddy too were born in this city. I work as the master on manicure in a beauty salon, very much to like me this work because in people leave our interior want to be little bit more happily because we make their such with what they, people begin trust that they may to be more beautiful than usually if a few to take care of ourselves. My mum works as the nurse in a kindergarten in the most younger group, she very much loves children, there though on formation my mum the doctor therefore has decided to work.I very much love mum, it is difficult for me to speak about my daddy slightly. When I was small my mum spoke me that I has left far and he soon will return, but when I have slightly grown up and began to ask why our daddy does not come back, mum has decided to tell to me that when I was some more absolutely small our daddy have thrown mum. But mum very strongly loved him therefore has decided to not search to itself for the new partner in life and one began to bring up me. But let's not be about sad because I do not want that you thought I is not happy, now I work and am pleased with the life, I only do not have the partner in life, but I hope that will be lucky me and I am fast shall not be lonely. Still I want to tell you that I very much take a great interest in sports and especially like to be engaged fitness. If you want to find out little bit more about me about my life in Russia, or about my hobby ask me about it in your following letter.
I WAIT for your answer. Your friend Venera!!!

Letter 3

Hello my lovely Lloyd!

I too am very glad to that we have talked! Cconnection really was not the best! But I heard you and it was very pleasant for me! Lloyd, dear, I understand your care and it is very pleasant for me! I so strongly want to embrace you! Probably so it would be easier! But it is difficult Lloyd! Sometimes, to phone to you to me more time is necessary, but sometimes it is impossible absolutely, therefore I would not like that you called on a telephone exchange on ordered time as it about three times is more expensive in cost of payment! Lloyd, dear, do not worry please about it because it is not difficult for me to call to you! The truth sometimes it is impossible as on that Thursday! I heard in the phone only a voice which informed that telephone number does not work! But I always dial to you in any case because I know about that that you wait my bell and try to justify your hopes always!

Lloyd, I could not answer you faster than today! The grandmother has arrived to us on a visit and I also am very glad to this because she has decided to make a surprise to me and have brought your parcel! All liked hours and a bracelet! It was very pleasant for me to receive your gifts! I am very glad to them! Thank! As to the address you almost all have written that correctly! But only was mistaken in one letter of the name of republic it will be correct Mari El (but you have written Mara El)! You may send the grandmother on the address a parcel! Most likely she will return by then home! But Lloyd, dear, please do not send me money! I can while pay phone calls to you! I very much want to see you and I very much want to arrive to you! I want to spend with you time! But I know as much for this purpose it is necessary money and I hope only that you can help me with it, because it is impossible for me to save up such sum! Lloyd, lovely, what your friends in embassy speak? You did not inform me it! I so strongly want to see you, that sometimes I very strongly regret that the god has not given people wings then I could arrive to you!

Lloyd, dear, last night I looked interesting film, unfortunately I looked this film not from the beginning therefore I do not know as it refer to as. It was very interesting but at the same time very sad film. I shall try to tell to you in a few words what the plot at this film was. I began to look film from that moment as 2 men have run away from hospital, I might not understand why they have made it, because doctors spoke that they are fatally sick. But then I have understood when one of these men has told that he dreams to see ocean, I have understood them because when in life already to lose that there is nothing is necessary to execute dream, even one of these dreams. I saw what that they good friends. But film was finished with one so sadly , these men all come up to ocean, and having met dawn both of them die. I even cried slightly, it was very a pity to me of them, but on the other hand, they have made the dream a reality if you will have an opportunity look please this film. Unfortunately I can not tell as he refer to as.

I think it so perfectly when execute dreams my dear. I want that you to me have told your dreams my dear. I want to tell to you that I in the childhood wanted to become the tutor in a kindergarten as well as my mum, but then my life has changed and began to study as the children's doctor, then I became the master on manicure, I thought my life was happy until then while I have not understood as I am lonely in this world my dear. I have decided that I should find persons which for me the partner in life. I to you told as I have tested some unsuccessful experiences of the relation with men in Samara, but then I have met you under the Internet and I have believed that my dream again was executed, I have found persons with which my heart have found rest. I have trusted in you and you have trusted in me my dear. I have understood that you that which man I searched for all my life my dear. I hope you test to me similar feelings because I very much would want that our hearts of steel two half of single whole. Tell me that you think of it my dear.

Now in my heart absolutely others dreams , these dreams are devoted to you my dear and to that what be possible sometime we with you we can together my dear. It may will seem to you little bit immodest, but I believe in that that once my lips will merge with yours in a passionate kiss and I at last become absolutely happy my dear. Tell me you are ready present to me this moment of happiness my dear. I would be happy to execute your desires my dear, but you so far from me and we should be pleased now that we have even opportunity to write each other letters. I invest in each letter of my letter all my feelings, all my caress, all that tenderness which I might give you if we with you were together my dear. I wait for that moment when you too can present me all that that it is impossible to transfer in letters my dear. But even your letters bring to me so much heats that my heart burns a flame and it is ready to burn down up to ashes, but I understand that we should be patient and all of what we dream it becomes necessary a reality my dear.

I shall look forward to hearing from you!!!!

Your Venera!!!!

Letter 4

Hello my lovely Lloyd!

I have detained the answer! But now I can write to you in the whole days! At me holiday during two months! It is very big term and I very much would want to meet you during this time! I also have read your letter and I think that there are no problems now to issue this all as it is necessary to do that there were no problems! Thank you my dear Lloyd!

I now go with hours which you to me have presented! It reminds me frequently of you! As it is a pity that the pointer on hours moves also time inevitably moves forward! But I for the present have not met you! I hope, that soon I can see you my lovely Lloyd! I shall require really that you have helped me with money to the visa and the passport because I can not pay the necessary sum of money! Lloyd, dear, me that is very pleasantly that you so strongly wants to send me money for conversations by the phone! But Lloyd, dear, I shall require money to the visa and the passport and in it your help most of all is necessary for me! If we shall meet then we will not need to use the phone or the Internet to communicate! I so strongly wait for this moment and I very much miss on you! I so would not like to see you in the person!

Lloyd, dear, I do not have digital chamber! And it would be very pleasant for me if you could send me such gift! But this will borrow a lot of time! Last time your parcel achieved me almost month! If I shall wait your parcel that half of my holiday will already be finished! Whether though I do not know you also can help me now with registration of the visa? I shall wait very much your answer to this question, as your opinion the most important for me now!

I have fallen into a reverie about our meeting and at all have not told to you that at me occurs! Now weather warm! Not that that heat, but is possible to go in easy clothes! Light days everyone become longer! Night darkness about 6 or 7 hours per day! All rest of the time is bright! I have persuaded mum in days off to go together with me in shops! I so for a long time did not visit shops of clothes! Interestingly you would like to go together with me to shops if I have arrived to you? What you most of all would like to do if we were together my lovely Lloyd?

I should finish this letter now! Lloyd, dear, I shall try to call you tomorrow! And also tomorrow I shall write to you the letter! I send you a gentle kiss and my embrace!

Your Venera

Letter 5

Hello my lovely Lloyd!!! I again am very glad to write to you the letter my dear. It for me always a holiday when I come in Internet - cafe and I see from you the new letter my dear. I so am happy that among millions those people which search to myself of the partner in life under the Internet I choosed for you. And now we with you people close each other my dear. I so strongly love you. I apologize that I did not write to you some time my loved but I wanted to make for you a surprise and I hope that it will please you. I hope you remember that you sent me the information concerning that what information it is necessary to collect to arrive to Australia. Time while I did not write all this to you I made these inquiries and now I have all them, I already can begin to make my passport and my visa. Also I want to tell you that one my familiar has explained to me that it is not necessary to use post office for a sending of money because it will be not so reliable better, sometimes in Russia there are problems with work of post offices and probably you may lose your money and it may prevent approach our meeting my loved, but I do not want it, therefore I have found out both all my familiar and one good familiar my mum have advised us to use with you such service as the Western union. Whether I ask you to take an interest you have the Western union in your city because to me have told that it is very convenient and reliable service, they practically instantly send money and in 5 minutes after you will send money from Australia I can receive them at any office of the Western union in Russia. To me have told that that you might send money you should know my full name: Venera Ahmadgalieva, write down and then you can send money and I can receive them without any problems. To receive money I only should know your full name and your full address. Whether write to me in your following letter you can use it because I think it a good output for us. I very strongly love you and I do not know to me to wait that moment when I at last can embrace and kiss you my dear Lloyd, it for was the unique dream to which I aspires each cell of my organism. Each particle of me wants to be with you together, this that for that I waited all my life, I waited for you my dear, I waited for someone who will amaze my heart a cupid and I can not resist against it the man, I shall be ready to give all that at me is for the sake of one kiss. I think now that will begin happy to me enough only one your touch my dear as you to describe that I I feel when I read your letters full love, but I think that my heart will be ready to become torn on a part when you will touch to me. So strong I love you. I shall look forward to hearing from you!!! your Venera!!!

p.s. I iaat.cm you can find out about the western union my dear. I so wait for an our meeting.