Scam letter(s) from Miljana Lukayan to John (USA)

Letter 1
Soon it's spring, also will end this cold season.
It will become fast very warmly, and it would be desirable that .... Dialogue, understanding, reciprocity.
But it is not present in my life (sadly).
And as long I would not search, I still could not find the one, who will be for me the friend or even somebody more. That man, who see this world in the same way. And really appreciate it.
Appreciates time which is not so much! Who loves good books, films, music, fashion and sport. And the main thing, who does not like to waste time on silly games with feelings.
And yes, I'm real. And if to pinch me it will be pain... (Smile).
So if I could catch your interest, and you are also lonely as I'm.
Then I will be glad to see your letter.
And the main thing I will communicate with you.
I'm 29 years old, I live in country Serbia.
And now it will be enough that you had an interest, or it not have it. Your answer to this letter, it will tell me about it. I hope, that nevertheless have caused interest of you, and you will write me. I will wait.
Letter 2
It is so unusual and at the same time interesting to see your reply to my first short letter Radu. I understand that I could get your interest and I hope that our relationship will be continued. Tell me, what more has attracted your attention to my first letter? My appearance or what I wrote you? You should not be afraid to tell the truth, I will accept any kind of it. I myself always try to be fair with people. While I understand that in some cases the truth may be painful. And so, my age is 29 years old. And my name Milyana, but my friends call me Milya. I believe that I look well enough for my age (smile). Sometimes people who see me for the first time can not believe that this is my real age. I live Serbia. My country is a kind of "crossroads" of Europe, you can easily find it on the map above Greece. In the latest time my country got popular because of new president of USA and his wife, who is originally from here (smile). I'll tell you more about my country in my next letters. I hope that you would be interested. At once in this letter, I want to tell you that I am a real woman and I have a real life goals. I do not want to spend my life time for a variety of games with the feelings or deceptions. At this stage of my life, I have a clear understanding of what it is really required serious changes. I want to have a real family, the beloved one, in which I will have full confidence and feel his love and care. For such man, I will be the best woman, very affectionate, very loyal and caring. That's my main goal right now and I hope that I will be able to achieve this in the near future. To do this, I took the first step and contacted a dating agency. They helped me to write the first letter, suggested several candidates and sent it. So, I got your contact e-mail and now we can exchange letters and photos. Unfortunately, at this moment this is the only way to communicate. Because I live in the town of Uzice, it is located in the western part of my country, and there are a lot of mountains. Therefore, it is the bad quality of mobile communication and the internet is very slow. But I promise that later, when we get to know each other better, I'll look for a way to communicate another way. I write you letters from local internet cafe, and I can’t spend here too much time. So I don’t have any profile in FaceBook or some messengers. Even if it’s internet cafe, it’s still have very slow internet. And I can’t use Skype for conversations. As it told me manager of internet cafe, they still have dial-up internet connection. I don’t know what does it mean, maybe you know (smile) ? I live alone. Now I am absolutely free and do not have any relationship with men.
This is my letter is not very big, because I want to understand your intentions. If in your next letter I see that you have serious intentions, and want to communicate more with me, to know me better, to share your life with me. Then I'll write you a more detailed and long letter. So you can gradually get a better image of me. I hope that in your next letter you will tell me more about the place where you live, about your country, work and so on. I wonder everything, what you're willing to share with me. I very much hope that our dialogue will continue. Who knows, where it will bring us. Only time will show it. With great impatience I will wait for your next letter. With this letter I also sending you 2 of my photos, which are made recently. So you could see me better. I also hope that for you will not be difficult to send me your photos, so that I could also better represent you when I read your letter. Wish you good day. Milya.
Letter 3
Thank you for your response, I am really grateful to you for it Radu. And I'm glad that we can continue our dialogue and to begin to know each other better. I'm sorry that in my previous letter, I did not write enough information about me. I understand that you would like to receive a more detailed letter. But, as I said, I wanted first to get confidence that you are really interested in communicating with me. Here I have all right, the weather is warm, but a little cool (smile). I'm used to it every year, this time.

I really understand that in our modern world it is not so easy to begin acquaintance with unknown person from foreign country. That n such a relationship may be some doubts, distrust or fears. But, I hope that during our communication all this will disappear, and eventually we will be able to get the trust relationship. I understand that it will take enough time, but I have no hurry to anywhere, and you? (smile). Therefore, all I ask you is to read carefully my letter and answer my simple questions. Also, I'm going to do the same. And step by step we can have a better understanding of each other and a better communication. Who knows, maybe we will remain just a good friends or get other, more closer relationship. And this our acquaintance, and chat in the Internet, can be a good starting point and basis for future relations. If you certainly do not mind that. I just ask you to give me a chance. I understand that you can see my pictures and already have some idea about my parameters. But it would be better if I write you all this in the text. So, my age is 29 years old, my date of birth is August 16, 1987. As you can see from the pictures, I’m a brunette. My height is 168 centimeters. My weight is 54 kilos. Eye color is gray-blue. By the way, the blue - it's my favorite color. But when choosing clothes, I rarely choose this color. Perhaps this unexplained female logic (smile). I also hope that for you will not be difficult to write your parameters in the following letter ?! Although, I would like to say at once that all these things never have great importance to me. Height, weight, skin color, religion or age. Especially age. First of all, age - this life experience, knowledge and way of thinking. So for me it has always been interesting to communicate with people who are older than me. And even with whom I have a big age difference never scared me. Of course, I understand that there are a large number of young people, who are sufficiently experienced and wise. But, as I can see among my peers here, they have a completely different purpose in this life. They want to have a lot of entertainment, night clubs, a lot of alcohol and sometimes drugs. This way of life is not for me. As I said, now I have a goal to change my life, to find a decent man for future life and build a family. Yes, here I have a lot of attention from my peers or older people. But after some time of communication, I understand that their main goal is - only to have *** with me and no serious relationship for the future. And I always end this communication, when I understand it. I understand that my appearance is bright and attractive, but I also want a man be interested in my inner world, my thoughts. For me, not only interested in the proximity of the bodies. First and foremost for me it is important that we have a spiritual connection, some common interests, plans and ideas. So I could feel a real, full propinquity. In my life I did not have a lot of relationships with men. I think it's only a couple of relationships, each of which lasted for several years. I've never been married. And I do not have children. I do not hide from you that my last relationship with a man I finished last summer. This relationship lasted for more than 3 years. And after this 3 years, I realized that this relationship does not have any development. That my man was just comfortable and convenient with me. And he did not want something more serious (family and children). And I decided not to waste my time on such a hopeless relationship. Of course, at first it was very hard for me after I left. I have a lot of tears, regrets and sleepless nights. But my head knew it would be better, than continuing to waste time on someone, who does not have serious intentions for me. And now, I can definitely say that I am ready for a new relationship. I concluded enough from all the past relationships. For myself, I realized that in my country it is very difficult to find a decent man, so I decided to look for the right man in the other country. And I hope that this new relationship will lead to my main goal. And how it was with you? What are your plans for the near future, on the relationship with the woman? What conclusions have you made from your past relationships with woman? Now I live alone. I do not have brothers or sisters. My parents live far away from me, in the countryside. They have already retired. They bought a small house and live there peacefully. I rarely visit them. I received high-school education in the capital of my country, the city Belgrade, with a degree in of state and municipal management. Also in the university I made a lot of effort to learn English. And began to learn French and Italian language. My native language is Serbian, it refers to the Slavic group of languages. I also finished the cosmetologist's courses. Unfortunately, it was not easy to find work in the specialty here. So now I'm working in a beauty salon, a cosmetologist. It is a well-paid job, it allows me here to lead a normal life. My parents helped me to get a loan to buy an apartment. And now I have to pay for this mortgage myself. I understand that if I can find a decent man in another country, maybe it will be you (smile). That I would have to change their place of residence. I have long thought about it and came to the conclusion that I'm ready to do it. I'm still quite young, energetic and I could easily get used to a different country. But before do this serious step, it must pass enough time and I have to get the full confidence of the man, with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. If to try to describe what is the best man and what I want to see next to me, and what the main thing is to be in him, I would say the following. This man has to understand me, to be able to listen to and support. I need be sure that he will not leave me in the first difficult situation in life. And of course I have to feel his love and constant care. For such a man, I'm ready to do everything. I will support him and stay with him in any situation. I will never leave him, if he have a life difficulties or failures. Later, I'll tell you in detail about that I would like to see and get from my man. But I can say for sure that it does not have any connection with material things. If I wanted to have a rich man, who will give me all the good things of this world, then I could get it here in my country. But I never have such goals, and I believe it's disgusting, when girls sell their beauty, their bodies, their souls. I have always condemned it! Now, as I write this letter to you, I see that I already wrote you really much. And I'm afraid that you will be very tedious to read it all (smile). Therefore, I will finish this my today’s letter. I have so much more to tell you about my life, about my country, I will definitely do it in my next letters. I hope you're not too tired, reading my letter? And I also hope that you will tell me more about you and your life. And if it is also possible to send me your new photos. With great impatience I will wait for your new email.
Have a nice day. Milya.
Letter 4

Another new letter from you Radu, and my mood becomes completely different. I hope that you are fine, you have a good day and a good mood? I will not hide the fact that I was in a hurry to the internet cafe, hoping to see your answer. And I'm so glad that my hope is justified (smile). I come here today at once after my work. I wish to tell you little bit more about this work. As I already told you, I work as the cosmetician in a beauty salon. I work in a small beauty salon which renders services: the hairdresser, the cosmetician, a pedicure, manicure. When clients come, I help them to make a choice to change appearance. During my work I should communicate much with people and to understand them. I think, that somewhat, each cosmetician should be the good psychologist who is able to listen and understand people, that they wish to make with the appearance. And only in this case work will bring good results. I think, that I have reached in it not bad successes (smile). Sometimes I can spend for one client several hours to make its beautiful and to it the end result has liked. It is valid very much not easy work. But, as I already spoke, it brings to me good enough result in the salary, and I can pay the mortgage. I can make also to myself a good make-up and irresistible appearance. You can see it of my photos (smile) I understand that even after my last letter, you can have doubts, why I can not find a decent man here? But it's really true, I just decided to stop doing it here, because I have a serious disappointment in this and the bad memories of past relationships. And I do not give even the smallest hope to anyone here. Even at my work, I often feel and understand what customers are trying to flirt with me and invite me on a date, but I always refuse this. I never mix work and personal life, this is my principle of life and I do not want to change it. And what do you have about it? Have you ever mixed work and your personal life? In this letter, I want to tell you more about my country. As I told you, it is located in South-Eastern Europe, in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a parliamentary republic with a population of about 7 million people. Time Zone here is: CET (UTC + 1 in winter and UTC + 2 in the summer). Most of the inhabitants are Christian religion. And me too. But I can not call myself a deeply religious person. I try to follow all the traditions of this, but I rarely go to church. Because I believe that God, he is in every human inside. And the church - it's just a place, where you can feel the strongest bond with Him and with other believers. I'll tell you more about my country and this traditions in the following letters. What interesting about your country can you tell me? And also, what is your attitude to religion? Also in this letter, I want to tell you about my hobbies. In my free time, I love to do sports. To ride a bicycle when it is warm. Doing jogging, gymnastics and sometimes go to the gym. I also love listening to music, watching interesting movies and read books. Reading - it's one of my main hobbies. I love to dive into it completely, as if I’m in these moments in another world. I love to read historical novels, detective stories and sometimes even ordinary love stories (smile). My favorite authors are Sidney Sheldon, Ernest Hemingway and Agatha Christie. In music, I prefer to listen to quiet, romantic music. Unfortunately, I almost do not listen to modern music. I believe that the best things has already been done many years ago. My favorite singers Madonna, Roxette, Chris Deburg and Boney m. In movies I like to watch those films, which describe the different fates of people, their achievements, successes or personal life. My favorite films are “Forrest Gump”, “The Green Mile”, “The Notebook”, “Bridget Jones's Diary” and “Dear John”. I like movies that make me think about life and also movies that can cause bright emotions, and sometimes even tears. And what are your preferences in this? Do you love to read, do you have enough time for that? Also, one of my main hobbies - is to cook the food. I believe that every girl in early childhood should be taught this. And also all domestic affairs. My mother taught me that. And I think I have success in this. I love to cook and experiment with it. In our Serbian food there are a lot of meat dishes and a salad of fresh vegetables. But I try to make everything that I cook be not very fatty and not high-calories. Myself, I also prefer the Serbian cuisine. I think it similar more to European food. I do not like seafood or any Chinese food. I want to say that I love all seasons. Each season has its own beauty and its own advantages. But, my favorite time of year - it's spring. Time, when everything blooms, gets a new life, and even in the air felt something fresh and new. In the spring, I love to spend more time on the fresh air. And of course I love summer. When it is very warm. When I can spend time on the river and sunbathe. And what do you think about it? I do not have much experience in traveling outside of my country. In my past relationships I've been 2 times abroad. I visited Egypt and Thailand, but it was more than 2 years ago. It was a very interesting experience for me. I even plan to save money and make an independent trip this year or next year. But while this is only a dream. I also want to tell you one thing that makes me sad here. I hardly have any friends. I realized that to be friends with local men, it is very difficult. Because most of them anyway have a completely different purpose, not friendly. And with the girls, I also had a lot of difficult situations in the past. I understand that I am a very attractive girl and many men pay attention to me. Even when I do absolutely nothing for it. And because of all of this and accordingly feminine jealousy, anger and some dastardly deeds. I never understood it and it was always hard for me, when I was losing friends. And now, after a long time, I have only one friend. Her name is Gordana. I send you a picture with her in this letter. You can see that she is also a beautiful girl. We never had with her betrayal or quarrels over men. And I trust her completely, as she trusts me. This friendship lasted for 7 years, since I finished university studies. It was a casual acquaintance, when she and I were in search of work. She also single, but so far she is not looking for a serious relationship. She builds her career now, and this is her main goal. She works in a construction company as engineer. I meeting with her when both have the opportunity and free time. Also I would like to tell you more about my phone and situation with it. Some time ago I had a very nice, expensive smart phone. Because ordinary cell phones do not work here because of the mountainous terrain. But a week ago, I dropped it and smashed the screen. I have carried it to repair. But as accessories to this will be post from China, I was told that it would require 2-3 months before it will be repaired. So now I am without mobile connection(smile). I looked back at all that I have written you and realized that this is a very large amount of text (smile). Perhaps it would be better if I finish writing now. I will also wait for your soon reply.
I wish you a good day. Milya.
Letter 5
In total it is only a few letters I sent you and got from you Radu. But it's so easy and interesting for me now. I think I never before wrote such big letters to anyone (smile). I do it because I really want to tell you a lot about me. When I start to write a new letter to you, I immerse myself completely in it. And I am writing you absolutely everything that comes into my head. And I am sincerely glad that now you appeared in my life. I think we could easily become good friends. And this is the minimum that we could get. I've already told you about the true purpose for which I wrote you. And after a couple of letters, I can already say that I really like this beginning. It gives me a lot of bright emotions, feelings and my imagination has always working well, when I read your letters. I really think that these our letters - this is a very good tool to get to know each other better. Do you agree with me? What are the first emotions and opinions you have after the start of our correspondence? Maybe you are regret that responded to my first letter? Of course, I understand that any relationship should develop and bring new feeling, knowledge and emotions. I understand that maybe one day you and I will decide to meet in the real world, to continue develop of our relations. But so far it is too early to make such a serious step. In our correspondence over the Internet there is still very great potential. I feel and understand it. And I hope that you will not mind to continue it all. When will we get to know each other better, then we can discuss other options for our communication. If one day I decide to change my place of residence forever, I'm sure my family will support and understand me in this. As you could understand from my previous letters, I am quite independent girl. I do not depend on other people's opinions or advice. I try myself to make important decisions in my life. But, now, I want much possible from our communication through letters. This is such a good way. I can write to you everything that is in my head. I can open up for you letter by letter. And at the same time I start to know you better. And the desire to get to know you better, it grows with each new letter and I do not hide it. I just want to say thank you for your attention to me, for your time and all that you say in your letters. Believe me, it's very interesting for me. Today I have not so heavy working day. There were only a few clients and there were not a lot of people. If to take the usual working day on the average our beauty salon visits 7-10 persons in day. In the days off quantity the person grows several times. We are glad to make people beautiful and cheerful. And how there was your day today? And what mood do you have? I hope, that at you all is good. In all the rest, my life here not have changes (smile). As I promised you, I will tell you more about my country. And today I want to tell you about my city, where I live. My city located in the west of Serbia. As I told you already, there are a lot of mountains. The population of my city is about 55 500. It is not a very big city. And I love it. Because I do not really like big, noisy cities where a lot of traffic and some nervous situation is felt in the air. My city is very old, the first mention of him in the stories relate to 1329, year. Therefore, in my town there are a sufficient number of old buildings and bridges. The residents of my city have a very interesting language feature. Here is also the main spoken language - Serbian. But it is have a very interesting dialect and language there is an admixture of the Bulgarian and Macedonian language. Therefore, when the inhabitants of my city goes to other parts of Serbia, they have some difficulty in communicating. I hope that for you it were interested to learn all this (smile)? So I would also like to tell you more about my character. I am a very loyal person. I know how to listen and understand people. I can hear their true motives and causes, even when they do not even say it. Like any girl, I have a very good intuition. I'm not conflicted person. I do not like to argue or prove other people my position. And I do not like stubborn people, who can not hear and understand the opposite point of view. I try to avoid contact with such people. I do not want to have negative emotions or bad thoughts. I always try to be positive and not worry about situations that I can not change. But I always try to set goals and achieve them gradually. This taught me my life and my past experience. I do not like to give up easily. Only after I understand that and I has done everything possible in my power to achieve something and do not have a positive result, only in this case I give up. And the same thing happened with my last relationship. I was waiting for that my ex-boyfriend begins to understand me. What he stop to think only of his own desires and needs. I tried several times to talk seriously with him, to explain something. And every time I come across a blank wall of incomprehension, indifference and stubborn. And each time it became harder for my condition. And one day, I just decided to quit it all, give up and do not do new attempts. And now I realize that it was the only one right option. Because any relationship - it must be built by two people. And if there is no reciprocity, and it does not feel something serious, then it is much better to finish it all as soon as possible.

It's so strange, I started to tell you about my character and switched to my vision of a serious relationship between a man and a woman (smile). But I think that you might be also interested to know this. And also can you can tell me how you see it? Maybe you have a completely different opinion? I will be pleased to hear it is also! For today, I finish my letter. As always, I wish you a good day and wait your next reply. I wish you a good day.
Letter 6
I keep wondering how it is exciting our communication with you via e-mail Radu. It seems to me that after next few letters, I will dependent on it, like a drug addict (smile). But it will be a good addiction. I’ve never had any dependence on the bad habits in my life. When I was in university I tried to start smoking cigarettes. I think that many people in their student years started smoking. But one day I smoked a few cigarettes in sequence and had a very strong poison. Since that time I have never tried to start smoking again. And never regret it. I also do not like to drink a lot of alcohol. I can afford only a couple of glasses of red wine to relax. And it's all. I've never understood people, who can drink a lot of alcohol. When these people are completely changed and become aggressive or tedious, after alcohol. I can not imagine myself being in this situation. And of course, I never took drugs! My drugs it’s a good book, interesting movies and sports. It really gives me a great pleasure and positive emotions. I have compassion to people, who can not have fun without using drugs or alcohol. For me, it is infirm people who are not able to change their lives. And what is your opinion on this? Maybe you had a very sad experience, or your friends about it? I hope that for you will not be difficult to tell me that. Here, I'm fine. The day flies by day, and I confess to you, already in the air, I feel the of my favorite season - spring. I was very much look forward to it. My intuition tells me that this spring must change many things in my life. And I think that the starting point for these changes has already been made. I started to communicate with you, to learn you, and share my life. It's really a very interesting experience. And I think that this will be an interesting sequel. But for now, it is too early to talk about it. While you and I can continue our communication. I just hope that it brings you the same vivid emotions as for me. In one of my previous letters, I promised to tell you more about how I see the normal loving relationship with a man, and also what man I want to see next to me. And now, when I know you better, I have more than I can tell you about it. Because I'm sure you can understand me in my thoughts. And so, I'll start. I think that real, strong relationship, it should start with friendship. To be able to get to know each other better, without interfering in the process any feeling and especially love. Because I think that when a person is in love, such person does not see a lot of obvious things. A person in love does not see serious flaws in the character, the behavior of partner. Love obscures the eyes and thoughts. And I would never want to be in love at first sight again. As I had it in my youth. Because later it led to serious disappointment and regret. It’s much better to start a serious love relationship with a friendship, and most importantly, even if love appears, it is necessary to save this friendship. That friendship has taught us to hear each other, to understand, to talk with each other and support each other always. And it is very necessary skills in romantic relationships. Do you agree with me? I'm not sure if I can describe the image of the man who would be perfect for me. I do not think that the ideal exists. I guess it all has to come during the development of relations. I must watch the person to understand his thoughts, his purpose in life and the attitude that it will be for me. There is such a simple life wisdom regarding the girls and I will tell you this secret (smiling). Girls fall in love not in a man. Girls fall in love with a man’s attitude to her. It does not matter what the appearance of a man, age or skin color. But if a man is able to show the persevere, tenderness and care in relation to the girl. If a man is able to inspire confidence in a girl that with him she would be happy and secure, then such man will always be a welcome and popular. With such man any girl can spend the rest of life. We are the women, we perceive this world on the level of feelings. And if a man will understand it and be able to feel his sincere intentions, the girl will always be able to understand and feel it. I hope that I was able to explain to you my position. And also, I hope you're not going to tell to the other girls, that I told you this big secret (smiling)? I'm sorry that I did not quite fully described all my thoughts and views. I'll do it in the following letters more. I think that if I start writing you all my thoughts in one letter - it is possible to write a small book that you will be read for a long time (smile).
And what can you say about you? What are your thoughts about the beginning of a serious love relationship? What is the most important thing you want to see in your future woman? What qualities? Today I decided not to write you a very long letter. Because I am very interested to receive your response to my letter first. I hope all is well with you, your mood and your day? As always, with great impatience I will wait for your answer.
Your new friend Milya.
Letter 7
How are you today, my dear friend Radu? How is your mood and your health? How was your day? I hope you're there all right. Because I also have here great mood after I receive your new letter, and today I also some thoughts to share with you. I hope that you would be interested, and as always, you'll tell me your opinion. This is really important and interesting to learn all that for me, what do you think about my words and thoughts. I always respect your opinion. Reading your letters, I understand that you are a very wise man. You have a big life experience, so your feedback is extremely interesting and important for me to know. Step by step, we get to know each other better. And it's like reading a fascinating book, chapter by chapter. With each new chapter, I want to learn more and more deeply immersed in it. I never thought that on-line correspondence can give so much positive and bright emotions and impressions. When I read your letter, and then write you an answer, it's like you're near me. We walk anywhere along the street or sitting in a cafe and have a friendly chat. First you tell me something, I listen it carefully. Then I share with you my opinions and telling some of my thoughts. And I do not even have the feeling that we are separated by many kilometers, and various countries. I feel that you and I are getting closer with each new letter. And it is a very amazing feeling. Do you agree with me? Or maybe it's just my naive thoughts? Maybe you sit there and think “that this silly girl said to me” (smile)? No, I do not want to think so. And reading your letter, I have a completely different thoughts. I like it all. I like the way of our relations are developing. And I hope that all this will also continue. I have really become dependent on our communication. Now I wish to tell you a little bit more about the work and those situations which happen here. After some of such situations in a head there are many thoughts, it is a lot of questions and misunderstanding. And in this letter, I wish to share with you these thoughts. It will be very interesting to me to learn your opinion concerning it. The most part of clients of our beauty salon are women. They make a hairdress, a make-up, manicure, a pedicure. Also our beauty salon is visited by men. And some of such men try to flirt with me and to make some hints. But, as I already wrote you earlier, I always reject it. Usually I simply ignore it and I pretend, that I do not understand such hints. But, couple of days ago I had the client who wished to make a new hairdress. He in every possible way tried to make impression on me. Showed its expensive smart phone, often looked at expensive watch, had many gold ornaments and constantly spoke about how much money he has and as all other people envy him. I think, in your country also there are such people? The main reason for proud and the unique reason is their money. Such people believe, that all other people should envy and serve, speak them compliments and look at them a sight them faithfully and respect. And so this man tried to make in every possible way impression upon me, made hints on various expensive gifts and in the end, he has suggested to celebrate in the evening together with it its new hairdress at restaurant. At first I refused politely. But this client continued to insist, he has told, that has not got used to receive refusals and wishes to hear only "yes" from me. Then I have told to him, that he has addressed to other employee of our beauty salon, I cannot help something to him, and I just went away. I cannot forget till now it. Why rich people think, what they can buy absolutely all and even other people? Why they allow to have such awful, disgusting behaviour and dialogue with other people? Who granted them such right? And the most insulting for me was that such men consider, that if the girl beautiful, harmonous, she in any case searches only the beautiful life, the rich man and is ready to cross through own proud and actually to become the **********. It is the most awful stereotype which exists in this society. And I often meet it. If such situations arose in other place, not on my work then I would answer absolutely differently, in other words. But, as it is my work, I cannot be rough with clients. I understand, that, I attractive girl. And I am grateful for it to my parents. For my part, I do the best efforts to keep this beauty and to care of the health. But except my appearance, I also have my inner world. I have feelings, thoughts, desires and emotions. And I want, that it be interesting to people. That I could have interesting dialogue, friends and the close man. But, because of these stereotypes it is very difficult for receiving to me. It is one of the main reasons, why I practically do not have friends here. And also it was the important reason why I do not wish to search the man in my country and addressed to the Internet for this purpose. And I'm really glad that I got now that I have. Now, you came into my life. And I feel like my life is starting to change. I feel like I'm starting to live the way I really want. With you I can talk on various topics. I can write to you absolutely all the thoughts that are in my head. I can smile more often. I even began to notice that I'm getting less cold and more dreamy (smile). All these changes began to occur to me, after you came in my life. And I am very thankful to the fate that she gave me you. And of course, I am very grateful to you for your attention, for your letters, for our communication. I hope that this letter does not make you sad? I'm sorry if it happened. I did not want this. I just wanted to share with you those thoughts and events that are happening in my life. You also can always do it. I am always happy to learn more about you, your life and your thoughts. So, I be able to get to know and understand you better.
As always, I'll be waiting for your early reply.
Hugs. Milya.
Letter 8
I want to start this letter by thanking Radu. I want to tell you thank you for your last letter. Thank you for all your words, for your understanding, for the fact that you're such a good man! I still can not believe in my luck. What's in this big world, I was able to find such a kind, sympathetic and interesting person as you are. It’s really a great success. I see that you are completely different. You're not the same as the local men. And I really like it. For you I am ready to open myself with each new letter more and more. And I'm not afraid to do it. I know that you will understand it properly and always tell me your opinion. After I wrote my last letter to you, I have another thought. I told you that I do not understand, why some rich people can afford to have such behavior in relation to usual people. And especially, I do not understand, why they believe that they can "buy" beautiful girls. But then I came home and continued to think about it. And I tried to think about it with the other side. If these rich people have such behavior and such a view of beautiful girls, then maybe they have a reason for it? And I think this is really true. I understand that in this world there are so many beautiful girls who grew up in a poor family and had no money for a good life. At the same time, they have seen on TV, in a variety of fashion magazines images of beautiful, successful young women in expensive clothes and jewelry. And these poor girls want a beautiful life, and they are ready for this to make any sacrifice. They are willing to sell their bodies, to do whatever they are told, and get paid for it the life that they dreamed of. But if doing it make them truly happy? I doubt. They live like a beautiful birds, covered in a golden cage. I think that most of these girls will soon begin to be sorry that they did. For me, this is equivalent to the fact that they sell their soul to the devil. But most of these girls can not stop or give up this beautiful life, and they continue to live in this terror. And because they do so, it appears such stereotypes about beautiful girls. I really do not understand such girls. They choose the easy way and getting the most severe punishment. I have always been proud of the fact, that I'm absolute independent. That I am able to provide for my own life, without recourse to my parents or somebody else. And the way that I went, it made me a strong woman. And I never regret that I have chosen a difficult way to that life, that I have today. I think that after I started to communicate with you, I have become wiser (smile). Now I'm trying to look at every situation with several sides. I do not have only a one subjective view. I try to be more objective, more wise. And I really like it! I am confident that these changes are taking place in me, it is your merit. As if you share with me your experiences, your wisdom. And I want to thank you for it! My life here is also continuing slowly. I do not have any interest events to tell you about it. Maybe you've something what you want to tell me? I have plans in the near future to meet with Gordana. I told you about this my friend, in one of my first letters. I have long ago had a meeting with her. And I think she has a desire to meet with me. I want to share with her with all that is happening in my life now. And also to know her news. I hope you will not mind if I tell her about our communications with you (smile)? I really want to share this with her. I understand that you became my very close friend. But she's also my old friend, she knows me during very long time and very well. And she's a girl (smile). I can tell her everything in absolutely different way. I can even not tell her something, but she still sees and understands this. We women have a very good intuition, and we are very attentive to small detail when we communicate with people(smiling). And on what do you pay attention, when having a live chat with some person? Perhaps tone of voice, volume, or eye movements, hand movements? What can cause a desire to communicate with a person longer? And what kind of behavior can cause a desire to finish the conversation with an unpleasant person?
For my part, I can say the following. I do not like when a person raises the tone of voice, when a person speaks very fast, and I do not have time to recognize all (smile). I do not like when a person gesturing with his hands quickly. When is such communicating with person, I want to run away faster (smile). On this, I will finish my letter to you today. I hope that in your life, all is well and you have no problems.
Write me soon.
Yours Milya.
Letter 9
How's there my best and only one overseas friend today Radu(smile)? How is your weather, your mood and your health? I hope that in your head there is no any sad thought! Otherwise, you should immediately tell it to me, and I will do everything to make your mood better (smile). I'm here all right, time flies very fast. In my work today, I had a few clients. And perhaps this is one of reasons, why my mood today is very good! Because when I do my work well, have a good result, it’s always adds to me positive and good feelings. But the main reason, why my mood is wonderful today - this is that I got your new letter. I catch myself thinking that I am really very much looking forward to your new letter .. I hasten to an internet cafe to check my mail, hoping to see your letter. And when I see it, I have a very exciting mood. Sometimes I'm even afraid to start reading your letter (smile). I can't even tell you how to explain logically. It's just my female, strange feeling (smile). And only after I read your letter, my state becomes quiet. And I can write to you an answer and all my thoughts that are in my head. I think, I will never get tired to thank you (smile). But you tell me if I should not do it so often, I understand it and try to fix it. But I really get a lot of bright emotions from our dialogue, and I want to continue and develop it. Therefore, in every letter I am ready to tell you "thank you" (smile). I hope this comfortable for you? Today, I have something to tell you also about my news in life. As I told you, I was planning to meet with my friend Gordana. You know, I used to perform all the goals quickly. I do not like a long time to plan, to expect and do nothing (smile). I do not like when I have a lot of things, that could have been done long time ago. Therefore, as soon as I wrote you a letter I recently went to a meeting with Gordana. I met her after work, asked if she has some important things to do, or may get tired? I said that I would like to talk to her somewhere in the cafe, as I have not seen her enough long time. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the most interesting thing (smile). She did not expect to see me, and when she saw me, she a long time looked at me and some confusion was in her eyes. It was looks like if she did not recognize me. And she, as if confirming of my thoughts, began earnestly to tell me the following: " Hey, girl, do I know you? You remind me my dear friend, but you are more happy, your eyes shine with happiness and you radiate like a bright light. " And then she could not stay longer serious, she laughed and hugged me. That evening she was absolutely free, and we went to the nearest cafe. We sat there for about 3 hours. This time has flown very quickly. We drank tea with cake and eating fruit dessert with ice cream. Sometimes I can afford such small delicious weakness (smile). But usually I try to eat a little sweet. Gordana told me about her job and a lot about the fact, that she soon must receive a welcome boost in career and she is very pleased that the main purpose of her life at the moment will soon be a reality. I truly was happy for her, I know how much she worked for it and how much she wanted this. I think that in our time is really rare when people are able to enjoy the success of friends and loved ones. In today's world too much envy and all the negative things associated with it. I've never understood people envious. I do not understand why they did not even try to change their own lives, and not do something for this? Instead, they have a lot of anger, when they see the success of others and say bad words about successful people. As I told you in the first letter, for this reason, I have almost no friends.
After Gordana told about her, she eagerly began to ask me about my changes. She said that she immediately noticed a serious changes in my face, eyes, emotions, and she should know the reason of it. I told her that the only one change in my life - that's what I started to communicate with you on the Internet. I told her a little about it, how it is interesting for me, and as I said, that I myself feel some changes in me. But while I can somehow explain it. And then my friend said very unexpected phrase. Listen, Milya, maybe you fell in love? And this her question caught me off guard. I blushed and did not know what to say. After that, I tried to change the subject of conversation. Then my friend said that she is also possible to follow my example and will look for friend in a different country. We sat for a few minutes after it and then went home. But the question of my friend still sounded in my head. I do not even know whether I should write to you all this? But I wanted you to know it. While I am not ready to answer this question (smile). For me, it seems unrealistic at all to fall in love with a person by correspondence. Although my life has been going lately so much that I do not have confidence in anything (smile). At this point I want to finish my letter. Because too many thoughts are in my head right now. And I need some time to better understand it. It's really very unusual state for me. As if I lose control of my life. And I can not understand how I should refer to it. Write to me soon. Yours Milya.
Letter 10
My dear Radu! I write you the new letter from my new e-mail. My mood a little bit sad today. I want to explain to you why I write you this letter with new email. I have closed my old email address as it seemed to me, that someone extraneous looks and read my mail. I want, that you write me here, to this my new email. Also, please, send me your previous answer to my last letter that I sent you. Re-send it here and I will answer it soon. I really like to receive from you letters. I hope, that you will answer me here. I miss your letters. Milya.
Letter 11
So, I am again here, in the internet cafe and I see your letter Radu. And so many different emotions inside of me right now. But first, I just want to say thank you for your answer, for your understanding. As always, I was very happy to see it.
In my last letter I wrote to you some very important personal things. And even now, I still can not answer myself some questions. And I think I still need some time for that. This is really the first time in my life lately, when I have so unsure situation. So while I can not say anything about it yet. In this letter, I again want to tell you more about my country. I'm not sure, but perhaps you know, that Serbia - it is one of the states, which was formed after the collapse of the large state Yugoslavia. And this collapse happened after the North Atlantic Alliance started bombing this state. I do not want to talk about politics or argue about the reasons for that actions. But at that time I was here, in this country and it was very scary. And all, what happened here then, it was very scary. There were large civilian casualties, destruction and many innocent people suffering. All those events many people still remember and were curse those who are doing all the events. I repeat that I do not want to talk about politics, because I believe - that politics is a very ***** business, in which there is a lot of hypocrisy, lies, betrayal and suffering for ordinary people. And as a consequence of all those events, now in my country people do not like those, who come here as tourists from those countries, who participated in the bombing of my country. I understand that it is difficult to explain that the people of those countries are not blame for those events. But in the minds of our people such stereotypes are strong. Therefore, my country is not a good tourist destination. This is absolutely not safe. In recent years, there were a lot of cases, when the tourists had a serious problem here, some of them even disappeared forever. Every year I see these stories on the news and read in the newspapers. I think you should know this information about my country, to have a better idea about it. I'm here all right. The day flies by day. When you have enough things to do - it's always time flies quickly. I'm not used to just sit and do nothing. It's very boring and not interesting. I prefer to have some busy time. Then I have the feeling that I'm living this life, and not just exist. These days I have a lot of work, as always at this time of year. I also try to give more time to my health, some sport and spend more time outdoors. I do not want and do not like to be sick. So I always try to take care of my health. And how are you about it? Do you try to control what you eat, drink? How often do you do some sport to keep your body in good shape? Can you call yourself a lazy man (smile)? Recently, after I started to communicate with you by e-mail, I try to plan my day differently. I try to find the free time to come to an Internet cafe to read your letter and write your answer. And it really has become a part of my life. The good part (smile). I still continue to wonder how it is possible to transmit in the letters each other's mood, emotions, thoughts (smile)? If to think about it, it's just a words, that we write to each other. But these words are capable of making a truly magical things, and I feel it. And I'm so glad I was able to understand what a great power is in our letters. And now I really think that in this world there is no impossible things. It's amazing how many new things I began to learn, to understand and to feel, after the start of communication with you. I'm even starting to believe in such a thing as "fate" (smile). You know, I'd never believed in fate before. I thought that absolutely all the events of our lives depend only on ourselves. And once we decide everything, as it should be. Only our efforts lead to different results and consequences. But now, I'm starting to think that there is some supernatural power that helps people. I'm not talking about religion. I mean some power, which comes to us from the space and helps implement our dreams. And if you have a really strong desire, the space will help you in this. I really wanted to change my lives, to meet decent, interesting man. And the space sent me you. I hope this does not sound silly for you (smile)? What do you think about these my thoughts? At this point I want to finish my letter today. Now I will go home to cook dinner. I think, I'm going to do fried fish (salmon), garnished with rice and a special creamy wine sauce. Who knows, maybe one day I will be able to cook this dish for you, and I'm sure you'll like it (smile).
Embrace Milya.
Letter 12
Thank you for your response Radu. The fact that our communication continues to evolve - this makes it all more and more interesting for me and important. And especially, I am amazed at how quickly this happens. Looking back, it was written not so many letters. But in these letters there were written so many exciting, important things, thoughts and even transmitted several senses. You and I have done a really great job of that. And now I wonder how it was possible at all (smile)? But now, I have an incredible feeling, as if I have known you for many years already. I can not even explain to myself, how this feeling came. But it's really exist. And I do not want to hide it. I also wonder how it is with you? What things can you tell me about the fact that we have between us now? I find it very interesting and important to know. Because in this letter, I want to write you one very important thing. It is important for me that you could understand it is right. And I also hope that all this will be mutual. Otherwise, I'll look absolutely silly (grin). I have long thought about it and decided that I do not have fear. I must tell you everything that is in my head, in my heart. I thought a several days and especially some nights about it. All is well in my daily life. The weather is the same warm. I'll also have a lot of work, I do sports more often and practically have no free time. But I always find it to come to an Internet cafe, and check my mail. In the hope that I may see your new letter. And today I see it again. Again, my heart skips a beat before I start to read it. I noticed that I even have some tremors in my hands (smile). So, I must say what I think, what I feel and I want to share it with you. As I wrote above, I have a lot of good feelings, as a result of our correspondence for now. You become a very close friend in that short time for me. I am sure that you always able to understand correctly all that I write you. And I know that you never judge me. Perhaps, we sometimes had a different views. But it's not a problem. And it's a even good thing. The most important thing that we can always explain our position and to hear each other. It is really very well when this understanding is present in the relationship. In any kind of relationship. I think you agree with me? Just in one of my last letter I told you about the changes that I have now and feel. Now I admit that there may be a lot of absolutely unreal things in this world. And all this, I began to realize, after our conversation by e-mail. I understand that the letters - this is a very good tool, a way to know a person. When I write a letter, I have plenty of time to better formulate my thoughts. When I go to the internet cafe, I have some things in my head, that I want to share with you. And it's always so interesting. And now I come to a very interesting conclusion. If someone else told me about such a possible development of the situation, I would not believed ever. I guess I would laugh and say that this is not possible. What is all this nonsense and it does not happen. But now, when I was able to experience all this, I’m not such a categorical. Now I have become completely different. I have changed in some traits, behavior. I became more calm, soft and wise. And I want to say thank you for all of this again. You're like a good magician, who was able to make from an **** duckling, the beautiful swan. With you something special, warm, gentle awakened inside of me. Your words have found a response in my heart. And all this was done so unobtrusively, quietly and naturally. And I'm still impressed by the understanding of that I have now. The only thing I ask you is to try to understand me correctly. Do not condemn me, and do not laugh at me. I am absolutely sure about what I will write you further. I've been thinking about this for a long time. I analyzed my condition, behavior and thoughts and feelings. And I can not hide it, what conclusion I have now. Perhaps your next reply, it would be most long expected. And if I see your letter in my e-mail next time, I think a long time I be not able to begin read it. Because I will feel a great panic, fear and uncertainty.
At this point I want to finish my letter today. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the most important thing (smile). All of this letter I wanted to tell you these simple words, but did not have enough courage. And I decided to say it at the end of my letter, to write it and to quickly send my letter. I will not even re-read everything that I wrote you here. So…. I love you, Radu.
yours Milya.
Letter 13
It was very long, before I opened your new letter to read Radu. I do not know how much time passed. I even think it was maybe about 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes, I opened my mail and saw that I have one your new letter. And then I just sat there, staring at the screen, and was afraid to read your answer (smile). Perhaps if someone could see me, such person might think that I died (smile). I sat without any move. And that I was still alive it could be understand only by the movement of my eyes. At that moment, many different thoughts were in my head. I even thought that I would do if I see in your letter only 1-2 lines. And you're not satisfied with my previous letter and will condemn it. In my imagination, was even painted a picture of how I'm crying, close my mail, and run out of Internet cafe (smile). I write you now all this, and I'm a bit ridiculous and embarrassing that I had all these thoughts in my head today first. I am writing you this so you could understand what impact have our correspondence to me. It's really all very surprising. Like I'm 15 years old girl, who fell in love for the first time in her life (smile). And I really feel like that. Perhaps this is a kind of madness. In any case, thank you for your answer, your understanding and all that you have wrote me. Only after I finished reading your letter to the end, I was able to calm down. Then it took me a few minutes to collect my thoughts, and I began to write this letter to you. I'm here all right. My mood is now very good. Especially after everything that I read in your letter. I never stop to be surprised how quickly you become a very close person for me. How quickly I was able to open for you my soul and my heart. You really now occupy all free place in it. I go to bed with thoughts of you. And I wake up every morning with thoughts of you. Before going to bed, I think, how and what my dear is doing now there? Does he think about me and how often? I can imagine a variety of situations. I did not notice how I became a very dreamy girl (smile). I've never dreamed so much. And I think that in one my next letter, I will share with you some dreams. I hope that you would be interested to know it. Today I did not have a lot of work and it was amazing for me. But anyway, I did not notice how time flew fast. I think my colleagues began to suspect something about me and my love (smile). Because they, when they go next to me have a very mysterious smile, but nothing spoke to me. And I think that they have enough reasons to speculate about it. Because most of the day today I was sitting near the window, staring out into the street and was very thoughtful, dreamy. All this time I thought about you again. A few more days and I can lose my job because of you (just kidding). How is everything there with you? How is your life, how is some events? And most importantly, what you're thinking all these days (smile)? I hope you will share with me your thoughts as usual. Last time, I start thinking that I'm not enough only your letters. I want to know you more and more. I want you to know absolutely everything. I understand that this is not enough, even a whole lifetime. But I have such a longing. I am sure that inside of you is hiding a lot of interesting and nice things. And it is very beckons me. And the strength of this attraction is very high. I'm sorry that my letter today, not so big. Now I'll go to the gym to do sports. I want you to remember that you are in my thoughts, you are in my heart and I hope that you came into my life forever. And it is not just a loud words. It is my sincere wish.
Love you.
Write to me soon. yours Milya.
Letter 14
With great impatience I was waited for your new letter Radu. And today I was in a hurry to an Internet cafe at once after finishing my work. Because today, my intuition told me that I will have your new letter. And I was very glad when I got the confirmation of this.
Now every your new letter, I read with even stronger interest and attention. As I told you in my last letter, I want to learn you as much as possible. I’m as a hungry vagrant cat, who has not eaten for several days. And now, this cat has the ability to eat the most delicious food non-stop. I hope that you will understand this allegory (smile). Because really, in the depths of my soul, about a month ago, I felt very strong hunger. I had a lack of vivid impressions of my life. I did not have love. I did not have the man whom I would love. And now, I feel that the cosmos could hear my request, and my desires was understand correctly. And the cosmos sent me you. Now inside of me is calm, bliss and serenity. And now I can say that I am absolutely happy. I'm not sure that this is possible at all. But I really feel it. Even if I try to analyze my life now - it is really very happy. And I really want this to continue the same way. Now here, I have a good job. I have absolute independence. I have full responsibility for my own life, I control it. And now you appeared in my life. And I loved you with all my heart. My heart reaches for your soul. We have such a great communication, understanding. This correspondence gives me so much pleasure and bright feelings. What may want an ordinary person to feel absolute happiness? When human life goes by the best way, what could be better? And I'm afraid that I can lose it all. I do not even know what the reasons I have for such a fear (smile)? Perhaps this is one of our female characteristics, which are difficult to explain by something logical (smile). My love, I realize that all that we have between us is a very good result. When I wrote you the first letter, I could not even imagine that our relations will develop in a such way and with such a speed. And there are so many questions in my head now. And it's not so easy to find the right answers to these questions. And to choose the right solution. Because on the one hand, I do not want to stop on the result that we have now between us. On the other hand, I understand that for the further development of our relations will require more serious steps. While I do not want to rush it. How you could have to understand already, I am very sensible girl. And all important steps in my life, I do after a good thinking about it. Therefore, at the moment, I can not say exactly what will be my next steps. I still need some time to think about it better. To make the final decision and start working to fulfill it. I understand that for the further development of our relations, to make it closer and to check it. This will require a real meeting. And I want some time to think about it better. I hope you do not mind, I'll think about it? Maybe you have a different opinion and absolute another plans? Then you tell me about it, so I have no illusions and vain dreams. Because my love, I'm really scared. I am afraid that I am writing all this. I’m afraid that you may be not so serious about all this as I’m…I opened myself to you, my soul, my heart. I am absolutely sincere with you and I trust you 100. Because my heart tells me that you are really the best, the perfect man for me. My heart tells me that I will be happy only with you. I'm sure that if we can verify all this in reality, at the real meeting. And if then you and I will feel the same as we already feel with our letters. So after that, I'll be ready to spend with you the rest of my life. And it is not just words. I'm really ready for this. I believe that at my age it is the right time to have a family. I do not want to continue to spend my life time aimlessly. I want to have a family, I want to devote myself entirely to this family. That I could take care about my husband, about our house, about the delicious food. At the same time I do not want to turn into a housewife. I want to have a permanent job and bring my contribution to the family budget. It seems to me that I would never be able to have the life, when I will constantly stay at home and do only household chores. And to be absolute depend on my husband. I believe that this is not correct. Although in our country there are a lot of such woman. Who are married and their main "work" became to bear children and to cook for her husband (smile). I sometimes think that these women are stopped in their development and have started to degrade. I would never be able to have such life. At the same time, I am confident that I am a faithful woman. If I say the words "I love you", it means that I fully commit myself to you. I will not look at other men or allow myself some flirtation or something like that. And it's really true. As I told you in one of my previous letters, for me in this life is absolutely essential simple values. And I see it all in you. You're really good, kind, caring man. You know how to properly hear and understand me. I can talk to you on any subject. And I know that it will always be an interesting conversation. And now that I have it all, I do not even want to think about some other man. I believe that even such thoughts can be assumed as not fair to my loved one! Maybe I'm old-fashioned or absolute not modern. But I had such education in my family. My mother has always been for me a model of female behavior. I saw their relationship with my father, and it always brought me joy. And the fact that they have so many years together, love each other, care about each other, all this tells me that this is the ideal relationship that I ever seen. I do not understand those people, who create family and after the first problems begin to destroy it. Family - this is the closest, the most precious thing, which may be in the life of any person. And it is necessary to appreciate, care for and maintain it at all times. These are my principles of life and I always will be to stick it. At this point I want to finish my letter. In my next letter, I want to share with you my frank dreams that I have about you. I hope you will be prepared to read my fantasies about you (smile). This will be a very private, intimate letter. I hope that it will not shock you (smile) and you will be able to recognize me from this side as well. I think it's the right time for this. Love you. Yours Milya.
Letter 15
I hope you could return to a normal condition after my last letter Radu(smile)? I want you to have sober thoughts and understanding of my letter, as this is very important. I understand that the fantasy that I wrote to you in my last letter - it could make a strong impression on you. And I want to say that it's not just my imagination. All what I fantasize and wrote you, I am ready to do in real life. Without any problem. My love, you can see yourself all my thoughts, all my dreams and desires. I do not hide anything from you. I wish you could understand me fully, to see and know that I am absolutely sincere with you, and I do not have any forbidden themes for conversation. And with the help of my last letter, I wanted to show you this. But at the same time, I do not want our correspondence turned into the talk only about *** and fantasies on this subject. So I very much hope for your understanding in this. As I said in my last letter, *** - it's an interesting topic. But it is better to do than to talk about it (smile). I think you will agree with me in this. I'm here all fine. Has no any serious changes. In the near future I want to meet again my friend Gordana. Now I am ready to answer her question, which that time made me worry (smile). I think she will be very happy for me. I think it will be a very interesting meeting. And perhaps she also tells me something new of her life. Also, my love, in one of my last letters, I told you that I need to think better on the next steps in the development of our relations. Because it is really very serious. I understand that it depends on my future life. Therefore, I needed plenty of time to think about it. I tried to weigh the different options, and now I'm going to write to you in detail about these my reasoning. I began to think with the most basic things. And whether I want to meet you in the near future? Or is it better to leave everything as it is now and just go with the flow of events? I did not think about this question for a long time. And I decided that it’s really necessary. Now our relations are at the highest and delicate condition. Now we have a very bright, very positive and warm feelings and emotions. And it really gives me a lot of joy, happiness and positivity. But I understand that it is necessary to develop further. Because if it's left on the same level that we have now - these feelings may fade. It can be converted into a usual routine. And in the end we will remain just good friends by correspondence. Probably, this is also a good result. But I do not want that. I want our relationship had development in a reality in the near future. So therefore I clearly answered to the question - that the meeting in the real world, it is very necessary. If we have it soon, then we can check our feelings. We will be able to see each other, talk, hug, kiss and spend together all possible time. And it will be the best way to make definitive conclusions regarding our further life. I do not want to spend my life on the long correspondence in the Internet for many months or even years. I do not know how it will end. And maybe there will be much regrets about the wasted time. Therefore, I want to live in the present and in the real world, to feel, to try and make decisions. And you ? Maybe you think otherwise? Once I was able to answer for itself the basic question. I began to think about the possible options for our meeting. A several letters ago I told you that my country - it is not the best place for tourists. And it is not safe at all. And all of this very seriously. I would not want to be guilty of the fact that something happened to you, or you have problems. Then I will never be able to forgive myself. But I'm just a weak girl, and I can not protect you if you come here. So I began to think about so that I could come to you, in your country. I will not hide this option I like much more. I would like to see the life in your country, your home, meet with your family. Because if all goes well at the time of this meeting, I am ready to change my place of residence and live with you in your country. And now, in my head I have a clear answer to this question. I thought that if I would leave this country, what I will leave my parents, friend. And I'm ready to make this important step for the future happy life. I'm sure my parents will support me in this, as well as my friend. This is my life, I decide, and I am responsible for it. Therefore, now it is only necessary to make my visit to you, see if I can live with you the rest of my life. And after that we can talk about relocation, marriage and things like that.
I think you understand me in this. In order to organize my visit to you. I plan to go to the city of Belgrade (it’s the capital of my country), to find there a good travel agency and find out all the necessary details. But first I would like to receive your exact answer. I want to know if you are ready to meet me in your country soon? Are you ready for this serious step, and do you understand all the consequences that will be after that? Please, give me a clear answer. And then I'm going to do all the necessary researches. If your answer is "Yes", then I hope that in the next letter you will inform me the nearest to you International Airport. I also need to know your phone number, for I could call you if I have some urgent questions about my trip. And after that I will go to the travel agency. At this point I will finish my letter to you. And eagerly waiting for your answer.
Love you so much.
Embrace. Kissing. Milya.
Letter 16
My love Radu, thank you for your answer. I was glad to see that you could understand all the arguments that I wrote you. And most importantly, that you agreed with me about our meeting, and that I can come to you soon. I'm here all right. Weather is great, my mood maximal good. In my soul there is a premonition of some wonderful event, that will be in the near future. And I hope that this is a premonition is about our soon meeting (smile). And I also hope, that all is well in your life. Your mood, health and all other aspects of your life are good. And so today, early in the morning I went to Belgrade, to the capital of my country. I went there to visit good tourist agency. Previously, I was doing researches on the Internet. I talked with colleagues at my work, who have traveled before. And I also took into account the experience that I had before. And on the basis of these learning’s, I chose a good travel agency and went there. I think, that I really made a lot of work and researches and I hope, that you appreciate it. As you could see I’m very thorough approach to important things that determine my future. And now I will inform you all that I learned in a travel agency. And so, to go to you, I will need to have the follow things:
1) a tourist visa. A tourist visa is the easiest and fastest way for me to come to you. And it is have a very high probability of confirmation of the embassy of your country. If to do other types of visas, it will require a longer time to obtain more of the necessary documents and evidence from your side. And other types of visas will have a high probability of failure. Therefore, a tourist visa - is the best option in this case. 2) insurance of my health while I'm in your country.
3) Air tickets in 2 sides. This is a basic requirement for obtaining a tourist visa.
With all of these things a travel agency will help me. And they will do it for their small commission. And I think this is really a good option to use the services of a travel agency. Because in this case, I'm going to do a minimum of effort and will not make possible mistakes. I do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to make several trips to different places, while I do it myself and maybe make some mistakes. It would be better to trust the professionals and do everything in the best way. I hope that you will agree with me on this?
Once I pay for it in full, the travel agency begins its work. And it will require 10-12 business days to all necessary things. Therefore, we can easily agree on the date of my arrival to you. And as soon as we will discuss all the necessary details, we will be able to choose the best date for the meeting. And so, I also learned the full cost of my trip to you. If I do it in 14 days after today's date. It will cost 870 euro. This amount includes everything necessary for my coming to you. All of what I have written above you. And additional fees are not required. I looked up my capabilities now, my savings and the fact that I will be able to find quickly. And it is 350 euro.
My love, I think you can already see that I straight girl. I always told you what I think and feel. I believe this it is correct. I do not use hints, or any guesswork. So I want to ask you directly. Will you can help me with 520 euro soon?
I believe that it would be right, when you and I take part together in organizing of this meeting. And for this I can give you e-mail a travel agency, so you could also contact them. I do not want you to send me money. It will be a lot safer and easier if you send it straight to a travel agency. You can control the whole process of organizing of my trip to you. And also you can not worry that something bad happened with your money.
I hope that you will agree with me on this. In any case, I'll be waiting for your answer, to understand everything. Love you. I hope for your understanding.
yours Milya.
Letter 17
My love Radu, I understand that you have some misunderstanding of my situation with the travel agency and my trip. Firstly, you are absolutely right, regarding the fact that my country is located in Europe.
And it has special conditions for trips inside Europe. But, I want to tell you more about my country and the documents that are used here.
Previously, my country was the part of another huge country, with the name of Yugoslavia. And I've told you about this in my past letters. I think that you yourself can know this, because it's not such an old story. Now my country is absolutely independent. This is an official candidate for joining the European Union. But inside my country there are some confusion with passports. Inside of my country, passports of citizens of Yugoslavia still operate and are legal. These passports were issued to citizens a several more years after Yugoslavia actually stopped to exist. And I have such a passport. But, agree with the laws of the European Union, I can not use this old passport for a trip to the European Union. For this, I must receive a new Serbian passport, done as a sample of the European Union passport. And only with this passport I can enter your country without any problems. In this passport will bear a stamp on entry and exit of your country. In my letter, I called it a tourist visa, I'm sorry that I made a mistake in this and you have a misunderstanding. The work of the travel agency will be to prepare me this new passport and reserve air tickets. They have very good prices for this, I even compared this to what the internet offers. At the same time, so that I could receive vacation for my work, I must show to my boss that I have a return ticket already. So he does not worry about the fact, that I can leave my country forever. You realize that until I met you in your country, I can not be absolute sure that everything will be fine. And I do not want to lose this good job if we have any problems between you and me and some dislike. Therefore, I need to receive all these documents and have round-trip tickets. I hope that now you will better understand this situation and tell me your opinion. I love you very much, write to me soon. Milya.
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