Scam letter(s) from Natalia Islamova to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello, Frederic. I am Ambre from Russian.cupid site. This is a short message to let you to know my email address and confirm that I am interested in knowing you better! I am ready to communicate and develop of our contact, surely if you wish the same. :) Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you want and please write me something about you. I will try to do the same in my next email, of course if you don't mind. I send you my photo that I had on my profile and two more photos. Waiting for your replay. Regards, Ambre
Letter 2
Hello, Frederic. Did you get my last email? We contacted each other on RussianCupid and you gave me email address. I answered with my small message, but still didn't get anything from you. I wonder if you are still interested or not? Write me your answer. I resend you my first introduction message, which you probably didn't receive: Hello, Frederic. I am Ambre from Russian.cupid site. This is a short message to let you to know my email address and confirm that I am interested in knowing you better! I am ready to communicate and develop of our contact, surely if you wish the same. :) Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you want and please write me something about you. I will try to do the same in my next email, of course if you don't mind. I send you my photo that I had on my profile and two more photos. Waiting for your replay. Regards, Ambre
Letter 3
Good day to you, Frederic. Thank you for emails and photo. I was waiting for your replay. I see you were busy visiting another part of the Netherlands for two days, so I understand about your delay. Any way I appreciate you sent me your long letter and explained many things. I am very glad you remember our messages on Cupid site, so it means you have real interest on me. I am interested in knowing you better. I see you also became disappointed about Russian Cupid. I used Cupid site for some time already and I am still alone and not commited with anyone. Most of people seem to be not serious, but it is my subjective opinion. One of the men I chated has became baresark and started to insult me, when I tried to refuse him and stopped to answer. He claimed about removing my page. I think it is weird. I don't want to communicate with a man I don't like! What you need to know up front is I will not tolerate dishonesty, lie and coarseness. Yes, I registered on Russian Cupid, because I wanted to extend the borders of my search for right man. I am looking for a lifetime relationship and I want to become wife. I don't afraid to live my family and relocate to another country. I want to find kind, responsible, strong, confident man. I need someone who knows what he wants in future and someone who is ready for serious relationship with foreign woman. I am looking for a man who is not connected with someone else and have no other women in his life. And now is third point. I know many men join this site just to have fun by discussing ***. You should know that I am not ready to have such ***** conversations and I will never send ***** or obscene photos. By the way, let me to remind a few things about myself. I live in Russia and my nationality is Russian. Any way there are Slavic roots mixed with some Turkic and Finno-Ugric in my distant generations. As you know my name is Natalia. You can call me Nat, which is short variant of Russian name Natalya (Natalia). I was born in 1982. My hight is 168, my weight is 53 kg. I work as an advertising agent. I am University educated and I am able to speak and write in English. My friends consider me as an intelligent, patient, caring, understanding, self-confident and optimistic person with a good sense of humor. I have big loving heart and I am very affectionate. I have many interests. I will tell more about them in next letter. Now you write and tell me about yourself. Is there is anything that I must know about you from the beginning? You can ask me your questions too. I am sure soon we will decide if we are looking for the same things and if we are ready to move forward. Have a good day. I will write more information about myself next time. I just don't want to keep this email too long and boring. :) I will await your answer and photo! Natalya
Letter 4

Dear Frederic, thank you for writing back and sending photos. I appreciate you told me about yourself and your personality. I liked your answers. I agree there is no way to say if we are suitable for each other, but we can try to know each other better and find out with time. I am ready for serious relationship, I am looking for a husband. I have had two long term committed relationships with men so far in my life. One of three years, one of 7 years. Although my relationships never ended with marriage and having kids. My last relationship has ended about 1, 5 years ago. My ex betrayed me with other girls, so I decided to break this vicious circle. I stayed along for long time already and I think I am ready for new relationship. Maybe it sounds banal, but my heart is empty and wants to love. :) There is no specific reason of why I have decided to register on Cupid. I just wanted to try something new and extend the horizon of my search. And actually I have heard a few stories of successful marriages of Russian women and men from your country. As to religious studies, I agree with you. I am a Christian. God is my savior. I only go to services on special holidays. It does not mean that I am not spiritual. I pray and speak with the Lord. I don't have to be in church to do it. If one believes in destiny, then one should believe there is a supreme power looking down on us. I am sure God tells us the correct way to go through life. But, how many people are listening? I am glad God and his son are keeping an eye on me. I just feel very calm when I speak with God! As to my education, I am University educated, but I think I have told about this already. I finished Kirov State University, The Faculty of Economics 10 years ago. My specialization was Marketing. Right now I work as an advertising agent in private firm. I have 8 hours workday and I work 5 days in a week (Saturday and Sunday are days off for me). Before of present job I tried myself in writing articles for local mass media. I like both works by the way! I always try to learn different opportunities and experience new fields. I would like to try myself as writer of books one time, maybe when I become old! :) Or maybe I will become a travel guide... I don't know. I am not very ambitious and I don't have specific career plans. First I want to find a man and settle somewhere. Maybe it will change all my plans. :) My spare time I spend in different ways. I meet my friends (I have a few good friends, but only two are the best and their names are Katya and Anna), I like to go to cinema, theater, art exhibitions. Twice in a week I go to gym and exercise. I also adore to ride bicycle, I like outdoor activities, swimming, skiing, volleyball. As all girls I like to make shopping and actually I think I have good taste in choosing clothes, makeup and mixing various styles. I am 100 woman in it! It is good to know about your dietary preferences. I watch my diet (I don't eat junk food) and I try to keep my body in a good shape. But I am not Vegetarian. I eat meat, but actually I think I will refuse from meat in a few years. I am not a fan of meat. I live alone in a rent apartment. My entire family - mother (my father has died 3 years ago), aunts, uncles, grandparents - say I was the happiest baby they ever knew, and that I brought joy to all of them every day. They all used to fight to see who would get to care for me each day! I don't have any brothers and sisters; I am the only child in the family. Now my mom is retired and she lives in the village near to Kirov. She has small household there. I visit her every weekends. My mother is very good hospitable person and she is all I have in my life. I would like to think I am intelligent, respectful, responsible, less stressed, more open, I don't know if you could say grateful, we will need to explore that aspect of a relationship. You were interested about Skype. I should warn I am new to virtual internet acquaintances. I don't have Skype since I have no friends in this virtual world. But I really need to discover the opportunities of communication via internet communicators. I am decent serious woman. I don't play games. If I wanted to play games, I would visit my nieces and nephews (the kids of one of my cousin). If I wanted drama, I would go to the theater, I want a mature relationship with a man, so that is why I join If you have questions ask me please. I await your next letter, Nat
Letter 5
Hello, Frederic. How are you this Tuesday? I am good, had busy day at work. The weather here is sunny and warm finally. This week we have +5 C and snow melts fast. Have you heard about terroristic acts in St-Petersburg? There have been several bomb blasts... 10 people died and dozens are injured. It is very bad that such things happen in our life. We must be very careful and cherish ever day of our life! I will wait to read your news. Wish you good days! Your Nat
Letter 6
Dearest Frederic, Thank you for letters and photo. It was good to read your comments and news. And thanks for that book. I will try to read it when I have more time. I think I should also send you the book to read. I read Bible by the way. I have deleted my profile on dating site and I don't use other sites. To tell you the truth, I have been using for a few weeks with varied success. The one thing that I still get frustrated about is most of men are turned only on *** topic and all of them ask me to send photos in bikini or **** photos. Men have two heads, but only enough blood for one at a time. Unfortunately it is the one on their groin that gets most of the blood. I am looking for a different kind of intimacy. Don't get me wrong, I do want ***, I do like men. I like to look and feel a man around me. But *** is only part of an adult relationship. A relationship will fail if *** is absent, but you can not build a relationship upon *** and expect it to survive. This will be discussed at length as we move forward into a relationship together. As I told I am looking for a long term intimate relationship. One that will last a lifetime. I am looking to relocation to a country of my boyfriend, to be my partner for my life from now on. I am ready to changes and I don't afraid to adapt to new culture, new custom, new life style. I don't live in Moscow. I specified Moscow in dating site, because I was there for temporary work, but Moscow was not my official residence. I live in a city called Kirov, it is not far from Moscow in terms of Russian distances. My city is located in 900 km far away from Moscow to the east.It is a good city and we don't have terrorist attacks here. I've never been abroad by the way, but in my dreams I like to travel. :) When I watch television broadcastings about traveling, I can imagine myself in all these places. There are so many places in the World that I would like to see! Asia, Africa, Europe, America... I did not travel much in Russia, but I have visited Moscow, St-Petersburg, Samara and Kazan. Usually, my vacations I spend in Kirov or go to a countryside. But I would like traveling and discovering new places with you. I know about Netherlands, but I would like to see your country with my own eyes. I think I can be a good wife! I am caring, affectionate, passionate, romantic, feminine. I like to cook as well. I can cook pies, soups, pasta, dishes with vegetables, meat, fish. I am a fan of traditional Russian cuisine. I like some spicy foods, but I do not want it to hot. If I break into a sweat, it is too hot. I like the flavor, just not the burn. I like almost everything and I don't have allergy on food. But I must confess that I have allergy on flowers. I never bring flowers to my home. I have is hay fever, **** pollen. And probably dust, because I am bothered all year. I take an antihistamines to control my runny nose and watery eyes. I have been taking the antihistamines for years it has become part of my pill routine. I am not addicted to anything, I don't smoke and don't take any drugs. I am social drinker. I can have a glass of wine in some special occasion, but I never lose control and become *****. I have never hit any child or animal in my life. I am a Christian, and I try to live my life as one, I believe in God and the bible. I do not believe that money and wealth are necessary for a happy life, love is the most important thing, money helps, but you somehow survive without it. A rich man has only misery without love. My parents had the most wonderful relationship that I have ever known, never a cross word, if I could have a relationship half as happy as theirs, I would be a happy woman. My own relationship with my parents was always happy, I cannot ever remember any arguments only love and good times doing all the things in life that were free, such as in nature, we were a poor but happy family. You asked about me wearing heels. I like to wear them, but if you would not feel comfortable I can refuse from heels. I use computers at my work, I dont have internet at my phone. You asked about Skype. I should tell you that I don't have it in the computers I use. Internet communication is something new for me, so I don't have all the devices and programs, which help people to communicate. I will try to find out about Skype and maybe I will install it, so we can chat. Right now we can try to use messenger. I have an account on yahoo messenger, so we can try to connect through this program. I just need to remind my password. I hope you could see that I am an honest, genuine, reliable woman who will, never do anything to harm or damage you in any way. I hope that we can start as friends but develop this relationship to the point where we become far more than just friends, I would really like that. I hope that I have not said anything in this letter that has put you off me and in fact I hope that you find me an even more interesting prospect now that you know more about me. :) I do want to move forward with our exploring the potential of a lasting relationship, we will need time to discover each other. Affectionately, Nat
Letter 7
Good Saturday, Frederic. I am thinking about you today. I want to wish you good weekend. I am going to visit my mother tomorrow. The weather is getting very good finally! We have + 8 C today and next days will be even more warm. The snow melts away very quickly. I can see the birds coming back from south to their home... It is beautiful time. I hope to hear from you, Nat
Letter 8
Dear Frederic, I was glad to hear from you. How are you? I am ok, yesterday I visited my mother in a countryside. The weather was really good! We had + 8 C and it was sunny. The snow is almost gone, but it is ***** outside now. Today I am busy working on a new advertising project. This week is Holy week before Easter, so I may be busy doing some chores after work. On weekend I am planning to leave to village again. I will spend Easter with my mother and relatives. Do you have plans for Easter? I wish you good week! I think of you. Yours, Nat
Letter 9
Hello, Frederic. How are you? I am not bad, waiting for this weekend. I am going to be in the village for whole weekend. It will be nice to celebrate Easter with my mother and other relatives. Today was beautiful day and I had good mood! Spring is everywhere and even in my heart! :) I hope all is fine with you and you take a few minutes to write me on these days. I send you the photo of me with one of my University friends named Masha! Bye, Nat.
Letter 10
My dear Frederic, So happy to see your letter with photo. As always I liked to read your news. I am ok. The weather is typical for spring. Last night we had rain, the sky was grey all day and the temperature remains around + 10 C. The Holy Easter is coming, so I am leaving to the village for two days. I need to help to my mom. We are planning to invite our relatives for Easter diner. As always we will cook a lot of traditional Easter appetizers and dishes. We usually paint eggs and we also make such dishes as Paskha and Kulich. Ia?noa, "Easter") Cheese paskha is a traditional Easter dish made from farmers' cheese/curd cheese, which is white, symbolizing the purity of Christ, the Paschal Lamb, and the joy of the Resurrection. In the Russian Orthodox tradition, paskha is usually molded into the form of a truncated pyramid (a symbol of the Church; this form is also said to represent the Tomb of Christ). Paskha is traditionally made in a wooden mould assembly called iani?ieoa (pasochnitsa) that can be taken apart for cleaning. I have one of these on the cupboard. However, more modern materials, such as plastics, are used nowadays. The paskha is decorated with traditional religious symbols, such as the "Chi Ro" motif, a three-bar cross, and the letters X and B (Cyrillic letters which stands for O?enoinu Aine?ane. This is the Slavonic form of the traditional Paschal greeting: "Christ is Risen!"). All of these religious decorations symbolize Christ's Passion and Resurrection. The next traditional food is called Pirozhki (small pies). My mother make them with different fillings (meat, eggs, cabbage, carrots). Kulich is a raisin cake and it is also a symbol of Easter. My mother cook all of these Easter dishes. In the night from Saturday to Sunday I will go to church to attend the Easter Service and have the Easter eggs, paskha, pies and kulich blessed. For me Easter is a holiday of spring and actually I like more pagan elements of this holiday. I don't follow fasting. Like you I often lack discipline... I will pray for success of our relationships. I will lighten the candle for us. I can trust in God for us. I believe that it has been His will for our correspondence to continue as it has so I cant help thinking that He has something in mind for us. I miss you every night and the day we meet will be the most happiest and loving day of our lives. I must warn that next time I will be able to write you on Monday, so don't lose me. ok? I wish you good night, morning and day! I think of you. I will see you in my dreams... Yours, Nat
Letter 11
Hello, Frederic. Thank you for your e-mail. How did you spend your Easter holiday? Mine passed very good. It was good holiday and I spent it with my mother and many relatives came for visit! We painted the eggs and cooked special Easter food. The night from Saturday to Sunday I went to special service in church and lit candle. Frederic, I have so many expectations for you. I see in you my match, my future life partner and husband. I do hope my life with you will be not so lonely as now. I want us to share our dreams, interests. At the moment I am not doing what I love, because I have no one that I love to do anything with, I want to start enjoying life again, with that special someone. Understanding, trust and communication, are the secret to a lasting relationship. One thing left to achieve in life is a love filled relationship, then all the good things that are left to achieve would be achievable. I don't really know of any habits that are particularity important to me, other people may notice them. but they would just be part of being me. As you could read in my first letters, I have no particular interests except the basic list like doing sports ang going to theater and cinema, my ex would never allow me to do many things, but I would hope in the future that my partner would share in everything I do. The one dream I look forward to is being with a man who returns the love that I bestow on him. What are your three inner wishes? My three wishes would be, world peace, an end to violence and cruelty to man and beast, and true love and happiness. What is your the most adventuresome thing you have ever done in your life? As to me, the most adventuresome thing I have done is to decide to look for my soul partner in internet, instead of settling for a loveless lonely life. I never feel afraid at any time of anybody or anything, I sometimes feel afraid for others. My simplest pleasure in life is nature, watching, the young animals and birds in the spring, sunrises and sunsets, all the natural pleasures in life, they all make me glad to be alive. Physical attraction does not play a big part for me. It may help initially, but the inner person is what really matters. Some of the most beautiful plants and animals are the most deadly to touch. My own personal style I would describe as laid back and gentle. There is nothing special that I would do if I was given the chance, I have had the opportunity to do most things in my life , but the best things are the ones shared with your loved one, as long as you are happy and healthy. I wish I had visited my Father more in hospital before he died. I visited him two days before he died, then I was at work when he died unexpectedly two days later. I think that the three best traits I have to offer are honesty, compassion and a caring gentle nature. Life itself looks good to me now, I just need that special someone to make it complete. Mentally I feel secure and satisfied with what I have achieved in life. I have already told what I am looking in man and relationship, so I hope you understand my future expectations. It should be relationship with honesty, care, faithfulness, sensuality and trustworthiness. From my past relationship, I have only had one, I have learned not to let myself be treated like a doormat, but to stand up for what I believe in. My ideal man would have and live by the same values as my father, I believe I have same ones as my mother and they were perfect together. I do not have a temper and I do not get angry. I think that the only thing that I would want to change about myself if I could , would be my age, I am not getting younger with years! Other than that I feel comfortable with being as I am, not perfect by a long way but always willing to compromise. My plans for my soulmate in the future, would be to let him to know how much I loved him daily, and for him to feel secure and protected against anything and everything that life may throw at us. Please take care, I look forward to your reply. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Nat
Letter 12
Dear Frederic, Thank you for letter and photos. How are you on this day? I am ok, busy with work. I am so glad that we continue to learn each other by letters. I understand your wish to have another possibility to know me using webcam and Skype, but as I told you already, I don't have such devices at the computers I use, so it is not easy for me to organize video chat or something like this. Maybe later I can find a way to fulfill your request. I have already told you about my character and what I want in my life. I don't afraid to relocate to your country as I like it. I am sure I can easily to adapt to new life conditions and learn your way of life. I am normal woman, easy to talk, down to the earth. As you could see from previous letters, my standards for future man are high, but simple. That is a good thing. Honesty is by far the biggest requirement in my book in a loving relationship. There are many others but honesty is far ahead of the rest. I had a dream last night that had some lessons nested in the story that unraveled during the dream. My dreams although rare, sometimes give me insights into life's events. This dream left me with the understanding that as we travel the road of life, we meet many people. Some are like the trees alongside the road, they are there, we see them but have no other interaction with them. Others we will have some limited interaction with, these are most of the people we deal with every day in our lives. But then once in awhile someone we need comes along. Someone who that will have a real interaction with us, although we may not be aware of it at the time. It is like when you hire a skilled tradesman to perform a service for you. They come in, do their thing, and then depart. In the process this individual will either make or at least initiate a change in your path through life. They set you off into a new direction. The adjustment in your direction, may not even be noticeable, but it is there. The effect may take years to manifest itself, and you will never how it happened, but It will happen as a result of that long forgotten interaction. Then there are the people we know are going to influence our lives, parents, teachers, &c. Those are the obvious events, the people that set you up for the lesson, tell you what they are teaching you and why. The people that influence your adult life are not always so obvious. A dating partner, a friend at work or school. This also includes your spouse, and your children. We see the obvious changes, but we frequently miss the subtle changes that occur. It is the subtle changes I was examining in this dream. The benefits gained from the interaction of two individuals. We hold on to those individuals that satisfy our needs, for as long as we gain benefit from them. This is where we are with each other, subtle way of getting here isn't it. We are both gaining benefit from our interactions, we are learning not just about each other but also about ourselves. We are examining what our prospective partner will bring into our lives that will benefit us for the future. Yes, this is a selfish action. Yes, you are doing this, and so am I,. We may chose to think we are above such selfish actions, but we are not that noble, we are human. At this early stage in our relationship, it is the only way to be. We must discover if the person we are dealing with is a threat, before we can accept them into our heart. We are hoping to find an individual we can be conformable with, who will teach us. Teach us about ourselves, protect us from harm. And fulfill our lives. It is the hardest lesson of our lives, many fail, many just accept that they can not do any better. It is those failures that feed the divorce courts, make liquor establishment profitable. Time will tell, as best we can understand, if we are right for each other. If we fulfill each other. We can only trust our judgement and our hearts. If we are correct in our judgement it will lead us to satisfying lives, if not we will continue our search. One can only hope the decisions we make are the correct ones. If we find that we are not feeling that fulfillment, comfort and security. We can at least gain knowledge of ourselves, and depart as friends. I think of you. Yours, Nat
Letter 13
Dear Frederic, thank you for last emails with comments and thoughts. Hope you have good week! I am ok, still busy with my work duties. This evening I am planning to go to gym and exercise for two hours. I need to be in a good form in spring time! It is nice, not cold weather in my city. The day temperature is getting warmer every day. I appreciate your thoughts about religion. I will try to learn about those pillars Lorber and Swedenborg. I know about Seraphim of Sarov, but I have never learn his studies. I am surprised you know about hom and about Ignatii Brianchaninov. I will read about them of course. As to church on one of my last photos, this church located in Kirov, not in the village of my mother. I liked your thoughts about marriage. If I marry I also don't want to divorce in future. I need to find man for the rest of my life. Frederic, I have been thinking about possibility to meet. I think the distance between us is a surmountable obstacle. Air travel is possible between us to make us a viable couple. If I could not come to you, you could come to me. If that is what we want we can make it happen, it only costs money. Money may seem difficult to save, but if we have a goal that is important to us we can do it. We learn from our mistakes, we carry those lessons with us into the future. Hopefully not to make the same mistakes. We will always make mistakes, but if you learn, you will not make the same mistakes over and over again. Looking to the future is necessary to make our life worth living. Without our dreams, life would be very dull. We would have no motivation to improve our lives, enter into new relationships. Enjoy our lives and devote ourselves to another, to love and share the time we have. We are looking to have a lifelong loving relationship with each other. There is a saying: “Marry in haste, regret at leisure”. We must take our time to be sure we are meant for each other. That we could blend out personalities into one couple, and move forward together. If I did not believe you are not sincere I would never have written you more than one or two letters. I am looking for the last relationship of my life, not just a fun time for a few months. I do not have the time left to waste on anyone that could not be serious with me. We must learn about each other, what our hopes and desires are, and can we work together to achieve them. Our being so far away from each other presents obstacles, differences in our lives, that will always be in our relationship. The question is can we love each other enough to surmount those obstacles. I would like to think I am about the same in a committed relationship as I am here talking with you now. Maybe a little lighter, not as serious, but still thoughtful, considerate, with a good sense of humor. I revel in the differences between men and women and I admire in the things that unite two people... I like physical connection and affection, and I see *** as more than a horizontal exercise. It is an expression of the closeness of two individuals sharing themselves with each other. I enjoy being ***** with my partner, both in and out of bed. Touching, fondling, playful groping is part of an expression of the love between two people. Walking hand in hand on the beach, enjoying a sunrise, or sunset together. Enjoying shared experiences with one's partner is what it is all about. That is what I am looking for. A satisfying, loving, caring partner for life is what I am after. We will continue with our letters as long as we are moving toward a common goal. As long as we feel we have a chance of achieving that goal. Success or failure depends on many factors, time will expose our differences. If they are surmountable we will continue. Affectionately, Nat
Letter 14
My dear Frederic That last letter with photos from you made me feel good again. How are you in monastery? Today is weekend I rest. The weather is a bit better, but we still have snow. I have good mood and I would like to share it with you. Please, Frederic, smile for me now! I am feeling that. Today I will go to gym again. I don't go there often, twice in a week. I don't have any tattoos, piercings, other other artificial things. It was good to read your thoughts about Seraphim of Sarov and thanks for sharing your opinion about sexuality. I am glad we continue to learn each other and our way of thinking. I assure that I'm simple, sociable and easygoing person who likes to have fun and do usual things. But I have many thoughts and I want to share my private World with somebody who will listen and understand me. I see you are writing me, so you are interested in my personality as I am. I would like to get to know you, otherwise I would not be writing to you. I see in you good person who I can tell about my dreams and ideas. You listen me and respond all my letters, so I see that we are interesting for each other. Do you know why man and woman go for marriage? Because together they are able to create a single whole and it helps them to reveal their advantages. We just have to choose right people. All my co-workers are married also and have families of their own. I am tired being lonely; it is such a big world full of people, why do we feel alone? It is wrong to feel this way; I feel that way at times, but not all the time. I spend time with friends and I have some relatives who visit me regularly. But of course I understand the difference; it is not the same as being with someone who loves you and the love is returned. If we ever become a couple and start to live together, I will love you with all my heart, and I will be devoted to you completely. I just hope you will do feel the same. I see so many couples that let something get between their happiness because they will not talk about it, it is a shame and it happens often. As for wanting to be with someone because they are beautiful or handsome (in the case of a man), I know it will not last long, each person will loose interest in each other and move on. I really believe anyway that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whether it is external or internal or perhaps both; the difference being that internal beauty does not fade with time. Internal beauty tests the weather of time. It is hard to find such beauty (love) in this very transparent world. Those are my thoughts on beauty VS love VS internal beauty. Hope I did not say too much!! I understand you want to talk to me on the phone. I must confess that my phone do not accept the phone calls from abroad. I have cheap simple cell phone with limited coverage area and it provides only limited incoming and outgoing traffic. But it is profitable calling plan, so I use it. My phone is connected with one of the local mobile operators, which presents such service. This phone lets to make local phone calls as I have short regional number without access to international base. If you want us to talk, I can probably call you from call box. Do you want us to talk on the phone? I have included a picture of me. Sincerely, Nat
Letter 15
It is me :) I want to tell that I will send my answer tomorrow! Hope you don't mind. My sweet kiss to you tonight, Nat
Letter 16
Hello, Frederic. I'm overjoyed at your response and attachments. I will read that book. I am glad to hear you had good weekend in monastery. I appreciate your comments about learning my inner world, easter celebration, about hight, and hay fever. And thank you for sharing your opinion about three inner wishes and telling about adventurous thing. . There seem to be a definite connection between us, which I also find difficult to believe that I would have discovered it on the internet of all places. The manner in which things played out in the end made me come to the conclusion that destiny, a ****** power is responsible for us meeting one another in what was for me a totally unexpected manner and that the internet is just the medium which has made it possible. I definitely did not plan for this to happen, but I am extremely thankful that it did. I see it as a one in a life time opportunity; I'll do everything in my power not to jeopardise what we have found. I think this type of occurrence is extremely rare and we should both give it every possible chance at succeeding. I think statistically speaking very few people who look on dating sites are as fortunate as we have been. To tell the truth nothing after this experience amazes me anymore as I was contemplating exactly the same thought since removing my profile from the dating site that is. It has served its purpose for now I have found what I have been looking for. I need us to be clear on this: there is nothing that you could do or have done that will ever disappoint me as I want to accept you for who you really are. I hope to have brought some hope, joy and company into your life this far. I hope to in the same manner also open up new frontiers and experience you would have never thought possible. We need not be concerned over the great distance between us, because our world has become a much smaller place thanks to internet and airplanes. It will be one of the best days of my life when I'll finally meet you in person; and when the time is right and we do meet there will be no need to exchange words as we need only to embrace in one another's arms. I feel an incredible urge to continue with this and I'm extremely delighted that you have decided to continue with me! You have given me a new optimism towards life and I feel ready to really start living for I have merely only existed until now! I would love to improve our communication, so if you can, please install yahoo and we will try to chat. ok? I thought I'd leave you with my favorite quote, From Ralph Waldo Emerson..." What lays behind us and what lays before us are tiny matters compared to what lays within us..." We'll never be bored together one day - I promise you that! Your forever Nat
Letter 17
Hello, Frederic. thank you for emails and photo. How are you? Do you celebrate the king's birthday? I am glad for you. I am ok this Thursday. The weather is very nice. Finally we have sun and warm spring temperatures! My work week is coming to the end, tomorrow will be short day, because of the national holiday May, 1. I had good time last evening. One of my girlfriends invited me to theater. She had free tickets. So, I went to watch the spectacle called "Come to my dreams". This is sad story about the people who survived the WW2. The morality: to win you need not only weapon in your hands, but you need to have dear people in your heart, somebody who are waiting for you at home and pray for all nights "come to my dreams..." I see you have installed yahoo messenger. It is good. Probably we can chat there in one of the days or evenings. My yahoo id is melooking83. I will try to see if you are there. What is your yahoo address? My national phone number is connected with local Kirov provider and covers only slight service area, so it is not intended for calls out of roaming (the long-distance connection is not functioning). But if you want us to talk, I can probably buy an international phone card and call you from the call box. I didn't know about quote from Emerson Waldo that it was similar from Swedenborg's writings. I appreciate you have sent me the link of an article. I will look. As to books of Lorber and Swedenborg, I will find them when I have more time. Yes, the last photo was taken on summer, so I have sun tan. The name of the church on one of my photos is O?ai Aa?u, Iaaa?au, E?aae e iaoa?e eo Nioee. I will try to find the pictures of me with my mother. I should finish on this words and have to go now…. Your Nat
Letter 18
Hi Frederic, Thanks a lot for your email. I joyed to read all of your comments. I am ok, finally have my weekends! My day today has been very very warm and so mainly done some food shopping and also got a couple of items of clothing like tshirts and jogging trousers. I only just got home, so will soon prepare my evening meal. Not to sure as to what to have as of yet, but I will see what I have left in the freezer. I am going to leave to the village tomorrow morning and as I told I will stay there till Tuesday, so I can't write to you for next two days. I have lots of plans for weekend. As I told I will have barbecue with my mom and some relatives. I will also go to banya and I will relax there. Do you know about Russian banya? It is a small building designed as a place to experience wet heat sessions. The steam and high heat make the bathers perspire. It is really good for health, because all the toxins leave your body. What more? I want to go to forest and look for first flowers, which are called snowdrops.... They are very cute! I will not take them, because those flowers are rare and I have allergy, so I can't bring them to my home. Yes, I like theater and I go there from time to time. I like to see ballet most of all. And yes, I joy to listen classic music. As to role of the big bankers in the war, yes, I know this theory. I agree there are so many lies spread about this, that it's hard to separate truth from fiction. I have tried to open yahoo messenger, but without result. For some reason this programm doesn't work. I tried to update my account, but it doesn't work properly. I have account melooking83, but it is not active. I don't know why.... Maybe I need to start to use Skype. I think we can overcome all the obstacles, which are lying between us. I want very much to be by your side - as a adviser, as a friend and ad a lover. I wish you a nice days. I hope to hear from you after I come back! Kiss, Nat
Letter 19

Hello, Frederic. Thank you for email. How are you? How is your health? I hope you will recover from flu soon. I had very good long weekend. On Saturday I helped to my mom with some chores and we worked in garden, taking out the garbage and preparing the garden beds for seedlings. My mom grows potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, onions, carrots, beets and other vegetables. There are also berry and fruit trees in our garden. My mom can't live without gardening. Saturday evening I went to our steam house. My mom whipped my body with a birch broom. The bath broom is used to massage a bather's skin and generate heat. Birch bath brooms help to ease muscle and joint pain after physical activity, clear skin rash, accelerate the healing of wounds and bruises, and have an overall calming effect on the body. On Sunday we made barbecue and some village relatives and neighbors came for visit. We had good time talking and discussing the news. The weather was very good. The temperature didn't drop below + 20 C. The leaves have started to appear on the trees finally and the birds build the nests. By the way, yesterday I saw a tiny baby bird by the front of the door, it couldn't have been more than a week old.....anyway somehow it fell out of a nest that the birds have managed to make in one of the vents on the side of the house....unfortunately it's so high and in an unusual place I really felt that I could never get it back into the nest.....anyway I decided to give it a shot and luckily enough, even though it was quite an acrobatic feat I was able to get the bird back into the nest)).....well I wonder what the moral if any could apply to the story.....I know maybe it means that we should never lose hope)).... well I'll leave the prophetic version for you to decide)) Well, I need to go. I wish you soonest recovering. Take care! Nat
Letter 20
I appreciate you for your email you sent me. I will write you proper answer tomorrow. ok? I just want to wish you good day and evening and send my kiss today.... Kiss, Nat
Letter 21
Dearest Frederic, thank you for letter and photos. How are you? I hope your health is better and the flu is gone. I am oka today is last working day before new long holiday, which is connected with Victory Day. As to banya, yes, it is similar to sauna, but in banya is used wet steam. And yes, I am interested in history and I interested in WW2 events. . All day I felt extremely restless...and you are constantly in my mind and much so that I have the utmost difficulty in concentrating on my life here! It's beautiful weather, the birds are singing , nature is at it's best.....but my heart is far away, so far away by a man in the other country, a man I didn't even knew some time ago. This cannot be a coincidence.....I do not believe in coincidences in life anyway. I am as much amazed and I'm not very much into astrology but I did read at the beginning of this year my horoscope, and because of what is happening now, memory comes back what it said. It said that for me the stars would come in such a favorable position to find a life partner this year, that it was a chance in a lifetime to come along, so exceptional. When I read it at the time I felt sarcastic.....but know....I feel amazed that this is really truly happening now...So many days, so many winter evenings, feeling the agony in my heart....the LONGING pouring out of me (I cannot describe it in any other way) to find my life partner. This must be the response of the universe. I do hope that we are truly meant for each other. I feel a tremendous power surge in myself, and in my case it's so strong that it drives me forward and I am barely the witness of it.....does that make sense to you. There is something happening here and it's BIG. For very long time, I have found myself existing....but not living....and you gave me joy and company...and hope for the near future. And I feel very grateful for that. I really feel an urge to move on...I feel as standing on a big crossroads in my life and I'm frightened about the drive which propels me now forward in life..but I trust and have faith in the outcome. I don't want to stay separated from you longer then strictly necessary. So, if you feel the same we must start looking now into the practicalities to remove the obstacles on our path. Yesterday evening I watched movie, which I want to recommend. The movie is called "Master and Commander", starring Russell Crowe. It is a high-seas adventure/action movie. Russell Crowe plays an English sea captain. His ship is called the "H.M.S. Surprise", and it takes place during the "Napoleonic Wars". The story is about the English ship, which is sparring on the ocean with a French ship, which is chasing after them. There are many interesting characters, but one in particular, I liked very much. He is the ships "Naturalist", and it is obvious when you see the film that he is a take-off on Charles Darwin... Anyway, if you have not seen this little cinematic gem, view it someplace, I recommend it to you... I wish you were here to be lazy with me, and watch it while lying beside me! ;) I will connect to skype on this weekend and we will chat there. I give you a big warm hug. Hope to hear from you soon. Your Nat
Letter 22
Thank you for email! I will write long letter to you tomorrow. Today I want to wish you good day and send my kisses. I also attach the photo! Your Nat
Letter 23
Hello, dear Frederic. Thank you for letters. I enjoyed to read your comments. I see you had enjoyable day with nice temperature and you also met a bird. :) I feel you are a very warm and loving person and it is my pleasure to know you. I have not met anyone so open and nice. It is like a fresh breeze to meet you. I really think you are the one I have been searching for. I don't correspond to other men. I stopped to use dating site long time ago and refused all the other contacts, because all the men I met were not serious. I was actually ready to give up with the Internet, hoping to find someone. But I've found you and I can tell that I feel about you very serious. I am ready to meet that special person in my life, make him feel loved and secure and give pleasure to each other and whisper loving words to each other. I don't believe to astrology, but I like to read good prognoses. :) I was born on 12th December of 1982. My monthly star sign is Sagittarius. You know, I will be happiest woman if we could meet us soon. But we have to determine if I come to see you or you come to see me? And this time of our meeting will be soon here and getting visa is sometime long. My vacations are in the next months any time I can choose. I wish to be for you the special woman you are dreaming. The culture between us may be a little different, but the most important is love and tolerance. Once we met together, we will quick know if we can follow our love relation for all life, and raise a family. We have so many things to learn from you and me. I often think of you and when we could see us, and have romantic moments. Hope soon... Yesterday evening some of my single friends were out on dates and in night clubs. I didn't want to go with them, because I don't want to look for men. I would rather take this time to reflect on things and relax. I do not believe in going to night clubs to drink and court men. While I was with my former boyfriend, I used to go dancing occasionally. In the future, when my “special someone” joins me, I would love to go again, sometime, to dance and celebrate. Do you dance? If so, what type of dance is your favorite? I am not a real polished dancer, but with the right kind of music, I can get in the mood, get out on the dance floor and have fun with someone I love..!!! This weekend is long, because of new national holiday that we will celebrate in Russia. It is Victory Day, the day of an ending of Great Patriotic war in 1945. I will be off till Wednesday. I am going to visit our local parade. I see you now about Victory Day in Russia. I am interested in war, because this part of history is very painful for russia. Russia lost very many people in this war, almost every family has their own tragedy and it is still in hearts of people. As to 'master and commander', yes, I have seen this movie on tv. I think you can find it on youtube. Wish you good weekend! Waiting to hear back from you. I send you my kisses, Nat
Letter 24
Good Monday, Frederic! I hope your weekend was good. I visited my mom and helped her in garden. I have just came back. I will come back to my work responsibilities only on Wednesday. As I told, tomorrow is great holiday "The Day of Victory" in Russia. By importance and level of celebration it takes second place, after New Year. Victory Day marks Germany's surrender to the Soviet Union in 1945. It became the end of the Great Patriotic War for the USSR, which lost about 25 million citizens in the four years of fighting. Many people attend a local military parade and watch the fireworks at night on Victory Day. Of course the biggest parade is in Moscow's Red Square, show casing Russia's military forces. I will probably go to our local military parade. I would like to give a flowers to some to the veterans. I think it is good tradition to honor memory of victims in war and congratulate survived. Then, after this I want to go to meet my friends and we will spend time together. I adore month of May, because this is very beautiful month with lots of holidays in our country. Also this is period of blossoming. The trees become covered by foliage and many beautiful flowers are appearing. I like when the nightingales are singing in the evening and air is fresh and sated by aromas of waking up nature! I wish we could spend these wonderful spring days together. I hope soon we will enjoy each other's presence. Let us work together to make our dream come true. Have a pleasant day. Remember, I think of you. I will write you on Wednesday! I hope to have a letter from you by this time. Kisses and embraces. Nat
Letter 25
Hello my dear Frederic. Thank you for letter. How are you today and how is your mood? I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits and health. Are you eating good and getting a good nights sleep? I wish I was there to take care of you as your wife. You would feel my daily care. As to me, I am well. My week is going good since it is not long working week. Tomorrow will be last working day. :) I remember you told me your opinion about the reasons of war and who financed it. I liked your question if we are really 'liberated', or if it's only fake freedom? I will read that document you sent me. Yes, Russia always had lots of losts even without wars. And even now my country is not free. The Victory Day is gone, I had very good day visiting parade and meeting my university girlfriends in cafe. We had funny gossips about our university years and we discussed recent news. I told I met you in internet and I have expectations for the happy future in your country They encouraged me in my adventure to look for foreigner and move out from Russia. I send you the photo from that cafe. I had just one glass of champagne, so don't worry! :) You were with me in my mind. I should tell you that last morning I lightened the candles for my grandfather who is died on that war. I also made candle for us and I made a hope Eva Maria grants us many blessings and helps fulfill our dreams. I put my faith into our Lord and I try and pray often. I try and live my life the way he expects me to. I am not perfect by any means but I do try and live my life the right way. I have deleted my profile from Russian Cupid, because there were some reasons. I think you received standard answer from site. As to reasons of me closing profile, the main reason was I started to get a lot of spam. And I met a few very bad people who insulted me. Then there were a few men who wanted me to concentrate on them by closing my profile. One of them told that he could complain on me, so the administration would close my profile. The requests of gold members usually become fulfilled, because they pay money. I think there could be complains from some men since they became angry with me, but I stopped using site by my own decision. When that long-awaited time will become when we will not need to be apart? I see you decided to refuse from the idea of visiting me. I can come to Netherlands. I am most certain that I will love your country once I come to visit you. But I will come without my mom, because she will never leave her garden! I have heard that I must apply for Shengen visa to come to your country. It is not easy for me to organize travel abroad, so we would need to discuss all the details and make plans in advance. I need to ask a few weeks off from my work and also I don't have International passport, so I must take care of this document. I think there will be a lot of money involved to prepare this trip. I am going to find out about everything and start to make plans. By the way, my contact info: Natalya Islamova 54, 27 Chorsa Street, Kirov 610000 Russian Federation. I look forward to taking long walks in the evening with you and talking about everything and anything. I think it will be romantic to have nice candle light dinners and romantic conversations. I would like to sit outside and watch the stars with you and get lost in your thoughts. I want to see the real you and be able to witness your smiles and your body gestures. Do you speak with hand gestures? I know I do, especially when I am excited or if I am telling a story. I think it helps bring out my personality and shows my emotions. I am ready to start my new life as soon as possible. I want you to be my second half, and my best friend, my lover and most important my soul mate. I want to come to you more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. I want you to know that I am very very serious about coming to you and hoping that we fall madly In Love with each other. If you are half the person that I have come to know through our letters then I am going to want to be with you for the rest of my life. I am looking at coming to you and hope you are ready to make this next step too. I would be honored to stay with you in your home. You should know I am not a woman who is materialistic. The size of house, the amount of money, clothes is of no importance to me. I just want to be with you and have the opportunity to share time and special moments together. Being together is what is important. I know in my heart I will be comfortable with you no matter where we are in this world.. I hope you know my intentions for you are sincere. As we have both mentioned in our letters to one another we both want to find our soul mates. I am most confident that I have found that in you. Of course our first meeting will tell all. If you and I are the same in person to each other as we are in our letters then we will know very quickly. I like you a lot and the more I hear from you the faster it is turning into something more. I want us to be best friends and have an open relationship with each other. I always tell you the truth and I always am who I am. I do not pretend to be someone else, I want you to fall in love with me for whom I am and not just for my charming good looks. I have a fear to lose you one time. The kind of relations we have are unstable, because we are tied only by our letters. I wish to strengthen our bond by means of touches, physical contacts, talking, looking into the eyes... Do you want the same? I have grown weary of the false relationships I have had in the past and I do not want to waste my time anymore on meaningless relationships. I was in search for my soul mate and I wanted my next relationship to mean something to me and I want it to last forever. I do not ever have to want to date again. That is why I have been patient in my search and willing to take whatever time was needed to find the one. I am very confident that I have found the one and that person is you. I want us to laugh together, overcome life's obstacles together and appreciate one another and respect each other and be honest to each other. I believe when the right people find each other that love is a gift and not something you should have to work for. What I am getting at is we will know if we are meant to be together once we meet. I want to make you laugh and I want to make you feel comfortable with me. I want us to enjoy each other and be able to communicate about any subject, regardless if we agree with each other or not. In our meeting if we decide we want to be with one another for all eternity then we should let the chips fall where they may. If we have the most perfect day with each other and at the end of the day we just hold each other and fall asleep then that's perfect. If we have the most perfect day with each other and at the end of the day we have *** then that's perfect too. We will just open up our hearts and we will follow our instincts and do what we think is right. I still didn't install Skype, but I will do it soon. I am surprised to read that my birthday is one the same as your mother's birthday.Yes, it is quite a coincidence and yes, we have good age difference. My Dear Frederic, I hope you have a great week. I wish you a happy good day and work week. I anxiously await your letter. I miss you. Take care and talk to you soon! PS See you in my dreams!! With Love, Your Nat
Letter 26
My dear Frederic, it is Friday here and my workweek is finished, so I am planning my weekend... I want to thank you for writing to me. I will send long email to you tomorrow. ok? Now I send you my sweetest kisses!!!!!! Muah..... Your Nat
Letter 27
Hello, Frederic. Thank you for letters and photos. I joyed as always read your comments and thoughts about everything. How are you? What news and thoughts do you have to share with me? I hope you are great and your mood is fine! I am ok, have day off. I don't do anything special on this weekend. It is more chores weekend. Maybe I will also visit my mom, go to cinema or theater. There is an interesting theatrical performance in one of our theaters. The spectacle is called "Master and Margarite". The play is based on a novel of famous Russian writer Michael Bulgakov. Everyone recommends to see this performance. But I am not sure if I go.. I have not decided how to spend this weekend. :) The weather is getting weird. It is windy and raining and the temperatures are very low. Everybody says that this May month is abnormal. They say it is connected with melting of glaciers and global warming. I don't feel global warming any way! Too cold.... I didn't use any agencies to register on dating site. I put my photos and made profile by myself. I was standard user. And yes, it was my decision to delete profile from dating site. I was a little skeptical about finding love on the internet till I found you. I have had many conversations because of, but nothing that seemed to amount to anything. Well, that is, until you showed interest in me and have written a letter to me. I believe that you are changing my mind as to what is possible on the internet! I have a good feeling about you, with the things that you have written so far, and how interesting you are, I like very much your personality. I want more than anything to meet you in person. I am hoping that the things that I have said in this letter to you, tell you that I am serious in my intentions for a relationship that could possibly lead to becoming wedded. I do not play games, but you should realize that by now. My mother doesn't mind me to leave Russia and start my new life. The name of my mother is Anna and the name of my father was Ivan. My mom lives in village, in 70 klm from my town. I visit her very often and she is always happy to see me. I am the only child in my family, but I always dreamed about big family with sisters and brothers. I feel lonely in my life and I so much need family contact. That is why I am seriously look for my own family, because I am tired to be along. I dream to live with my loved man, I want to spend time with my own family, doing everything to keep happiness in my house. But any way, my mom is 65 and she is retired now and all her time spends working in garden. She grows vegetables, fruit trees (we have very good apple trees there) and have livestock (chicken, pigs and cow). When I go to village I always help her with facilities. My mother is very simple person and I hope she will like you once. You were interested about my address. Yes, are correct about street. It is Ui?na. I hope you were able to find my place of living. I appreciate you have sent me your address. I will maybe send you post card! And thank you for mentioning an airport I should fly to. You suggested to consider Finland as a destination of our meeting. For you to know it doesn't matter what country we will meet, I will need to apply for Shengen visa, which is one for all countries of European Union. Greece too. All the visa rules are the same. The religion will not play any role. I've found out about details of my trip to Holland. I am able to ask for my vacation in the next months. I can take 4 weeks off from my work. I just need to sign an application about annual leave in advance. All preparing must be done on my side. The process of preparing my trip includes a few steps. 1. I need to order International passport. For you to know, I don't have International passport, because I have never traveled before and there were no needs to get one. I have found out about the process of getting this document. I need to go to local Federal Migration Department to fill the application and pay the state fee. The amount of the fee depends from the terms of registration of the personal dates and obtaining of new passport. If the person apply for passport by regular way, he must pay 50 EU and wait from two to three months. If the applicant wants to get the document faster (3 working days), he should pay 200 EU. 2. Then I need to get an International medical certificate, which is valid for whole period of my travel. The insurance policy should be valid for all countries of the Schengen zone. 3. I need to make special visas pictures, fill application form , where I should specify the places I am going to visit during my trip and period of my staying in your country. If you have invitation (the paper that proves you will take care about me during my staying), you should send it to me. 4. The reference from my work, which tells about my post, salary and vacation period. It will be guaranty for the embassy that I am not immigrant and I am going to come back to Russia. 5. I have to pay consular payment and service fee. I need to apply for visa to Holland embassy or nearest consulate. The application must be presented personally by applicant. I have heard that from September of 2015 they add necessary procedure of fingerprint for all travellers from Russia. 6. There should be bought tickets already, so I can show that I have round ticket with returned date. The cost of an international flight to Holland will be around 500 EU. The cost of the local flight is around 300 EU. As you see totally I need 1230 EU for everything. I appreciate your readiness to help. It means a lot to me. It is important to have strong shoulder of my beloved man, who could support me financially and who would take responsibility of my needs. If you ever will take responsibility of me, I will never forget it. I promise to pay you back with all my kindness and tenderness when I arrive to you. I will be your second half and I will always cherish our relations. I already feel that we have tied by our letters and there is no other way. Yes, you can send me video. I see you tried to make video test. There was some attachment, which I was not able to open. Maybe you should try to use another way to send it. I send you many kisses... Nat
Letter 28
Hello, Frederic. Thank you for letter with photos. I liked your smile! You are right about that photo of street on yandex map. It is the place where I live. The postal code is a main Kirov postal code. How are you? I am good. Yesterday I had chores, laundry and ironing. After I met one of my friends and we went to theater to watch the performance. It was spectacle based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel. It is difficult to explain the plot, because there were a few lines, mix of fantasy and realism, past and present life. And there was a story about deep love.. The famous phrase for you from this novel: “Who told you that there is no true, faithful, eternal love in this world! May the liar's vile tongue be cut out!” Do you believe in eternal love? The weather is still chilly.... But today we are fortunate, we have sun :) even the temperature is around + 9 - +10 C. And we had few freezing nights. Maybe next days we will have some warming finally. The trees are beginning to get flowers and green leaves, but this process is slowed down. I see you had bad experience with a woman who came from some intermediary dating agency. I don't understand why did she need one more dating agency if she was a member of Russiancupid? She could just register and sent you the letters using google translator and didn't apply to any agencies. I think it is weird and strange. As to me, I made my profile by myself and yes, I put professional photo, which I made in photo studio. As to our meeting, I hope we will be able to organise it, even it is not easy. I can come for 4 weeks in the end of august. My vacation period is limited by one month, but I can take it any time in summer or beginning of autumn. I will start my preparing from ordering passport. I will order this document as soon as I receive my next salary. It will take two months to get this document. As to medical insurance, it costs 180 EU here. If it is cheaper for you to get medical insurance on my name, you can get it on your side. And yes, you should send me your invitation letter. There is no exact form with requirements for this invitation, but it should be official document. And I need to specify your address as a place of my staying. For the visa I need to go to Moscow. I can't get the visa in Kirov, because we don't have consulate in my city. Regarding the flights, you should look for flights from Moscow. 300 EU on KLM is good price. I am not a woman who claims for money. I can prepare everything e i myself, but it will take long time. You need to be patient while I sort out all my papers. ok? I know you are serious. I know we can build a wonderful life together. We already have many things in common interests. I like walks, theater, travel, home life, food and the fact that you are a simple man will unite us even closer. As I like simplicity in life. I do not like complications. Just simply love, satisfy each other needs, be friends, soul mates etc. You asked about kids. Actually I would love to have one or even two kids. So if you don't want to have kids, we should discuss this theme at this stage of relationships. I don't want us to have any misunderstandings in future. It may be something that will create a big problem between us later. Tell me do you really think you don't want kids? Or do you still have doubts? Are you able to have kids? You don't need to learn Russia. If we will live in your country I would need to learn Dutch. Hope you can help me. I am madly serious about you and it's only a question of time, when we can meet and discuss our future together. As I told I am ready to start my new life in new country, I am ready to life challenges and obstacles. From the time of our first letter I understood that I need you in my life. I will try to install skype as soon as possible. But I should tell my computer is old model and the phone is simple. Have successful start of new workweek. I wish to hear your news. My kisses to you, Nat
Letter 29
Dear Frederic, thank you for emails with news and comments. And thank you for photos and explaining more about your work! I like how you look on the photo, so don't worry. But yes, I prefer when you are shaved. I am ok. Today is very good sunny weather, but still a bit cold. Despite of the cold temperatures spring is my favorite time of year, when everything is waking up again from the cold of winter. Life is fresh and new and blossoming everywhere. Yesterday I saw the movie "Allied (2016)" with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. It is a movie that plays In 1942, where a Canadian intelligence officer in North Africa encounters a female French Resistance fighter on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. As you already will know is that they will fall in love, get married and raise a family with their daughter. Live is perfect for them till the Canadian officer heard from his superiors that is wife is a German spy. At that moment i think that you get the same situation when some one is telling you that your wife/husband is having an Affair. The clue of the movie is that love is so strong between them in this difficult situation that they even want to die to make the other one happy. It is a very interesting movie to watch especially when you are in a situation where you have the true love and and needs to develop further. I do consider you as my boyfriend and by standing for each other i truly believe that we will be able to overwin the difficulties that life can bring us. Our relationship started with extra efforts that we had to bring to know each other without seeing each other and that give us the tools to overwin obstacles. I am glad to know you also believe in eternal love! I believe in it. I have one good quote about love "I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you." As to your experience on Russian Cupid, I am really sorry. There are lots of weird people in internet, so it is important to be careful. Believe me, when I talked to men in Russian Cupid, I could see how many crazy people use that site. But besides of crazy and "sicking" men, most of the men I come in contact with have 3 agendas. 1. They are losers and cannot find a cute wife in their own country so they are hoping to prey on a woman from another country promising a better life. I can call these people losers. By the way, I would guess that this is a majority of the people you come into contact with. 2. Players, these men have 2 or 3 women going at once, they have no intention of marrying and if they do I will be in competition with other women in his life. 3. Actual good men with good intentions to marry a beautiful wife from slavic countries. I need a man from third category. I need responsible, confident, reliable man. The men from third category try to find out about the woman and have high interest on all aspects of her personality. That is why I am glad we continue to learn each other. It is important to know how you see our relationships. By the way, I am glad you want to have kids. I hope you are healthy and can produce *****. But if you are not sure, you can make tests. I am healthy, but I have never become pregnant. My ex didn't want to have kids. I would love to have children oo future and to be able to show them the wonders of the world that I have seen or just to see the love expressed between their parents. I would always love and protect them with my life but I also believe that they should not be shielded from the realities and cruelties that are so frequent in the world. As they grow old enough to understand, I want them to see and to understand the world and to ask us a thousand questions. I would want them to understand the way the world works and to have curious and adventurous minds. I want them to experience the wonder and complexity of nature and to want to see the great architecture of the world and to really live and to experience life. Music, dance, the arts, theater, nature, the environment, governments, policy and different cultures and values are essential for them to experience for themselves with the parents simply being the guides. I would like for them to have vivid minds and imaginations and to become citizens of the globe rather than some small corner of it. They must become independent, creative and loving individuals capable of making wise decisions and choices for themselves. Life must be experienced and not simply observed. The quality of life is always superior to the quantity of life. I never want to have a dull existence for me, you or any child that is brought into this world. That is really living as I see it and not simply existing in some dull routine. There is no value or future in that. Children must be a part of a couples life in all things and never excluded from it. Becoming parents is the single most important choice in any couples life and they must be 100% committed to it. There must always be time to spend with your children regardless of how tired or exhausted that you may be. That is part of the deal and the responsibility of bringing children into this world. It cannot and should not be avoided. When I become a mother I don't want to stop to work. We will send kids to children garden for part of the days and then I can go to work. I will teach my kids to Russian for sure. I need to learn Dutch now. My English is not bad, I can speak well. But I need to learn new language! As to our meeting, I hope we can continue to discuss out travel arrangements. I will plan my vacation in the end of August. I will order passport soon. My monthly salary is 350 $ in month. I spend almost all money for living in a city and I don't make savings. It will be hard for me to prepare trip abroad on the money I have, but probably I can do something. After I get passport you can send me invitation. I think you will need an information from my passport to get official invitation. I appreciate you gave me your address. I will look at your place on google. As to my building, where I live, yes, it is big flat block. I didn't have time to read Lorber and Swedenborg books by the way. I will install Skype soon. I hope you had a good days:) I send you kisses.... Nat
Letter 30
Hello, Frederic. Thank you for letter with news and comments about internet datings and 'categories of men'. How are you on this week? I hope you are fine and your health is in norm. I am well, but have busy time at work. And the slushy and grey weather that we have within last days makes me lazy and bored. I am glad to read you don't look for other women. Yes, I consider you as my possible future boyfriend. But surely we need to see each other first to understand if we are compatible. Any way, I feel very good about you. Today I checked when your first letter was written. Oh my dear Frederic, I cannot believe how the time got away from me. I am not making excuses. It seems like I just received your letter yesterday. I know because it is still fresh in my mind. I remember the feeling I got when I read your letter. I remember thinking so clearly and so vividly how much closer I feel to you when I get one of your letters. I too never thought that I could fall in love with someone that I met online. But you crept into my heart and taken up residence! And you are most welcome to do so! After all the months we spent for each other I can tell that I cherish our relationship. I have a quote from one of my favorite books of Antoine de Saint-Exupery "The Little Prince“: "It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” So, our correspondence is like a sprout, tree stalk or seeds. I hope the seeds we sowed with our letters will bring us a rich harvest in terms of our relationships. I want us to meet and start to to live a happy life together. We can use all the time before to learn more about each other and to dream about our common time. We already have made a lot of progress together and therefore we should keep working to make it more better. I think it is too early to discuss my travel arrangements since I have no passport, but after I get it, we can start to talk about everything. I will try to save money for trip. I don't have savings, so I need to start to put some small amounts away every month. We don't get holiday money as you do in your country. As to kids, I would love to have them. I am healthy and I can produce the kids, so I am seriously thinking about having one or two. I didn't understand about the problems you mentioned. I think we will not have problems to make kids. I don't have any questions about your country. But I think I will have some questions with time. And yes, I have seen the houses of your father and the one where you'll live in the near future. I liked those houses! By the way, I appreciate for your recommendation of the movie. I will find it! Yesterday I watched movie called "Split" (2017) The story is about three girls who are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities, and must try and escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th. It was a good movie I suppose but I don't like horror and suspense movies. Not sure why but they bother me. I suppose it has to do with how troubling it is to even imagine (though it is acting I know) someone suffering or inflicting torture on another living thing. I know that there are such sick and ****** people in the world but do I need to subject myself to their depravity even in make believe? I stayed to watch it because I wanted to see justice done on the perpetrator only to have him escape. That was disappointing. This evening I need to go in to gym to do a workout. There is a fitness center not so far away from the place I live and I go there often. This weekend I will be out of the city. I am going to visit the village and help to my mother with garden things. So, don't lose me if I can't write you on this weekend. ok? My last photo was taken not in my home. This one is from cafe! It would be nice to see the photo of you with clean shaven face and short hair. I don't have internet in my home. I mostly use computer and internet at work. There is an old version of Windows. I hope that you are happy and well. You mean the world to me! Affectionately, Nat
Letter 31
My dear Frederic, Thank you for letter. I hope your weekend passed well and you had good spring time. I am ok, I spent my time at mother' house. I helped her in garden. We did put the seeds to the ground. I also had banya time. My mother is doing well. My mother tried to feed me with her cooking! She always tells me that I am too skinny and the city is injurious to my health. I think all the mothers are the same in all around the World. They try to watch after their child till old age. When I came back from the village I had quiet rest at my apartment. I watched the championship of hockey. It was interesting match between Finland and Russia. Unfortunately Russian team was only able to win bronze. The first one is Sweden. Hockey is very popular in Russia, so I always follow the big competitions. Today I work and this letter I am writing at the office. The weather is sunny and windy today... The temperature is about + 13 on celsius. I should tell that I missed you those two days, so it was good to have your letter. For you to know I keep all our correspondence since the first letters that we sent each other. We have taken the first step, we met in Internet and we still learn more about each other. The more we get to know us here, the easier it will be at our first meeting, because we know a lot already. The more we both know each other, the faster will awaken the fire of love and passion. Of course this is a process that takes its time, but I think if it is finally time that we say that no one can be without the other, we only notice that the time has been very short. Time is very relative. Sometimes it seems to us as if the time pass quickly, or on some days it seems as if time did not pass away. But time is always fast and they will never be slower or faster. There are only feelings and sensations that appear to us this. Our first meeting will be the second step, we approach each other. This step will show if we are made for each other. We will do many things in common and we have the opportunity to find out. I have here a very good feeling to be at our first meeting, the fire of love and passion awakened in us. We will learn much of what we have been strange. We will learn from each other what it means to live together once and for all what it means to always be there for each other. If the spark of our love and passion will skip awakening, then there will be the first kisses. Kisses are still very timid and shy at first, but the longer you know each other, to be violent so and this passionate kisses. If this love and passion are so strong, it is completely automatic for ****** union. It comes from our inner soul to the other to give throughout. Even today, I would like to do many things in common with you. I do want to go out with you, go to the movies with you, dance with you and watch together with you just arm in arm, the stars and the moon. You asked about internet. I mostly use computer at work and I write you from the office when I have time. On Saturday and Sunday I can send you emails from my friend's computer. It is not too expensive to get internet line to home, but I don't need it since it is not my own apartment (I rent it) and I can use internet at work any way. I an install skype into my work computer. Yes, I could see the houses of your father and you on the Internet. I don't have any preferable styles for homes, I just like when it looks cozy and comfortable. I will try to make the photo of the building I live. But actually there are all the block buildings are typical. As to movies, yes, I like to watch them before I go to sleep. Ok, I will finish. I wish you good start of new week! Hope you can write me soon Nat
Letter 32
Hello, my Frederic, Thank you for replay with all of your comments and photo. Before you I contacted to many men, maybe 100, but all of those communications were short. You are the first whom I write for long time. I repeat again that am so glad that we are in this way of knowing each other. Our correspondence gives me the hope that we can be a good couple. But I know that there many difficulties in our way. Dear Frederic, our places where we live is so fare away and maybe we never see or meet each other in future time, but I believe that everything is possible when somebody wish that. Every obstacle is possible to solve if we want that for us. Am I right? Dear Frederic, I like to look for future and for me is important what we imagine for tomorrow, next time and past experiences are past, they finished. This experiences only help us to don't repeat again mistakes and wrongs what we made in this relationship and be sure that everybody make wrongs , nobody is perfect and ideal. I don't ask you nothing impossible or something what you don't like to do. You are free to be my friend or to be my love or also interupt our knowing (I hope that you never take this decision…). I ask you only to know me, slowly, «step by step»! I ask you only to believe in all what I wrote to you. I don't need to say lies to anybody. I don't need to meet somebody for one-week and stop or like somebody with criminal purpose. I am normal single girl who are tired to live alone and lonely and who try to built a family with somebody who discover day by day, step by step. Every next day, something new and interesting. This is not only a dream, I like that this come true and reality! Dear Frederic, I've already mentioned in my previous letter you are very nice. If you don't believe me … look others men who are on this sites and tell me if it is easy to find more nice?! This is not compliment … this is TRUE ! But….. I like to know more of your personality , your character, your moods, how are you in your relationship with somebody who you like? You asked you have talked to other people from cupid site and many people told you that they use local traffics, which don't accept international phone calls. Me too. You can't reach me from your country. I have short number 10-09-13. You may try to call if you wish, As to Skype, I will install it soon. Please write me as soon as possible ….. Tell me that you are not only a «nice dream» and I never will see a happy end! I ask you to be your friend (first) and with time something more (If you want)…. Your Nat
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