Scam letter(s) from Susan Morgan to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1
Good Morning.
Forgive my intrusion, But I write in good faith. And I hope that this letter will find you well and meet with your expectations. I'm Elise Liana, and I'm of Swede Origin. Contacting you through his means doesn't make sense. Although, the Internet lately has been a nightmare, but it still remains the safest and the most effective way of connecting with people from half way around the world. I guess what I'm trying to say is that if it seats well with you, I'd like to make your acquaintance. Be friends and get to know each other.
Good luck and good health to you. I'll be expecting a reply from you.
Thank You.
Letter 2
Hello, I must confess to you that hearing from you again was a surprise to me.. I don't even know what to say to you now... Just know that I'm happy you responded despite the fact that I contacted you out of the blue...... Just so you know that I've never done this before so I urge you to be patient with me and in time to come I can answer all your questions and clear every bit of doubts you might have.... I'll try and send you my pictures, and from time to time disclose one or two things about each other, that way we can learn about each other... Please I want to apologies if I intrude in your privacy, just know that I am here for good. I still don't know quite well how this is going to work out between us, but I want us to give it trial. just know that Country means nothing but what counts is the understand that we build and share between us.
Oh my God, I don't even know how to respond properly to this email..Thanks you once more for taking your time to write me back.. I can only tell you one thing.. I'm harmless and not here to play games... Words are not enough right now, but with time I can prove myself to you... Stay safe and hope that this short note finds you well... I will give you my phone number in my next email when you reply. Hoping to hear from you again.. Regards,
Letter 3
Hello Thank you for the note and the pictures of yourself.. I want you to know that writing you in the first place was a gamble.. Was just doing a research on extended Families abroad and stumbled upon your email.... I want you to know that I'm not Familiar with this sort of long distance communication as this is my first experience.. So I plead with you to **** with me while we try to work this out OK...I've been wanting to try something like this, not there are not men hear, you can just consider me an adventurer. I understand that aspect of people all over the Internet trying to cheat people out of their Money and stuffs like that, but I want you to know that I'm not that way.. I'm harmless and I believe that if given the chance I'll prove myself OK.... I believe that you will learn about me but that has to go with time, and from time to time I will write you and tell you more about myself and I will also learn from you too. Okay here are thing I think are vital to know about me. First I am from a family of three and I'm the only girl... I am from Western Sweden Goteborg Province, a lovely place to be. I work here and I have host of other things I do too.. I have friends and I am easy going person that loves to catch fun and make friends, I keep my head straight and do my work because it's what keeps me going. oh by the way, I'm 5'7 tall.. I want you to know that I'm not after look nor money.. I am a Nurse, I went to University of Life Sciences and nursing and then got my Master's in nursing education. I am not teaching yet, because I enjoy my current job tremendously, and I want the flexibility to spend more time with doing other things I want to do. I work as a clinical supervisor at a home health agency, I train all the staff, I set up care plans for elderly and assign people to help them in various aspects of their lives. I have done this for over six years. I believe in God, I talk to God, I know that we are all here to learn our lessons in lives, I know that we are to do good for others and ourselves in the best of our abilities without putting ourselves down. I love to travel, I have been to Spain, Italy, Russia, Canada, mexico, Jamaica, Cozumel, England, some small islands, France, I will be going to Regina Canada in few months time. I love learning about other cultures and traditions and meet people. I like to hike, I like most water activities. I like to meditate, do yoga, swim.... I like most things in life because I believe they are truly a gift from God meant for our enjoyment. I cannot think of anything I hate, I have things I don't prefer, such as watching horror movies. If I ran across a person that I truly believe is evil for whatever reason, I would simply walk away and let them deal with their own demons. I am generally a very positive person, I believe most people are good and/or are trying to be good. Sometimes, they have circumstances that are not favorable, but that is just the process of learning for them. I don't judge and I don't like to be judged. I like to read, do crossword puzzles, logic games. I enjoy operas, shows, concerts. I like all music, except rap. I am very fit and take great care in staying that way, so I watch what I eat and I am very active. I don't like to drink much because it only makes me sleepy, I don't smoke, I have never done drugs and do not intend to start.... Write me and tell me about yourself, your likes and hates, I am waiting for you. I think with these you will be able to imagine the kind of person I am, like to hear from you soonest remain blessed. So I will be waiting for your reply. Have a nice day. I hope the email isn't too long for you to read.

Kind Regards,
Letter 4

Hello Thank you so much for the note. Gradually we’re getting to knowing each other and I want you to know that it means much to me. Is that your real name? Thanks for the picture of yourself.. I know that we have a lot of things to catch up between us; I know we have the distance to deal with; we have trust and other issues to deal with. I am however confident that with each others consent and trust, we can grow our friendship. All I want is for things to run smoothly for us.. I want to meet you at some point. I'm an open book, so you don't be afraid to ask me anything that might help us grow, I'll be asking you questions as well.. As you already know that I'm a nurse.. I went to University of Life Sciences and nursing and then got my Master's in nursing education. I work as a clinical supervisor at a home health agency, I train all the staff, I set up care plans for elderly and assign people to help them in various aspects of their lives. I have also handled some contract for supplying of Hospital equipment. I've never been married and I do not have kids as at yet.. I'm 33 years old, brown hair, brown eye. I'm from a family of three. I have two younger brothers, age 27, and 24, they are both studying in Valencia Spain. I've been out of relationship for the best part of Ten months now.. I broke up with my ex fiance because of work related issues and my mom.. We were going to get married and he wanted me at that time to move with him to France, and it was at time when Mom was struggling big time with her illness.. So I turned it down and requested that he allow me a little time to sort things out, he grew impatient and we could no longer deal with the distance. I've been focusing on my work and trying to take care of my Mom and get my life back in order. I have a lot of things I'll tell you when we meet at some point.. I hope we are able to establish trust between us and learn about each other. Just a quick note. Liana.
Letter 5
Hi You can't imagine how my face is glowing with smiles just reading your emails... I'm pretty sure you're fine and your day is starting well with you over there today? My intents are for this little note to find you well and make you happy and make your day.. Yours already made my day.... It's yet another day here, and I wanted to start my day with you...

Thank you for the beautiful words, gradually we're building something nice that only you and I can understand... We're creating something unique between us and believe me with each passing day I get eager to know a thing or two about you...

I seat I think of things to tell you about me that will give you a lot more insight about who I am and how I lead my life here... One thing you should know though is that I'm pretty a busy person, mostly work related... I'm at a eatery here, and I'm eating Salmon Salad with Parsley and Capers, you know what it is? I just wish you're here to have some with me, while we have a lite-heated conversation... Just know that reading your words excite me a lot as you're my new found friend, one that I'm willing to do everything in my powers to meet at some point..

To share more about my country with you... First, it's a beautiful country with wonderful sight seeings around, if you ever come here I promise you, you won't regret making the Journey... The only problem we have is that It's very costly to live here in Sweden... That is why I work Mondays through Friday, I don't work on weekends, for you to keep up with Bills here, You have work extra hours.. Plus I have an ailing Mom battling Cancer who doesn't live with me... She's staying in her Country of Origin Lisbon Portugal, so you now know that I'm half Swede and half Portuguese.. After her and Dad Separated she went back to her Country of Origin... What do you want out of life-- I want a lot of goodness and achievement like creating in part out of the world as am already taking care of elderly people and been so independent of myself. what are you hoping for? Hoping for greatness. Are you thinking about things like marriage and children? Yes of course once i see the right man who want me and as much as i want him too. Are you just looking for companionship and friendship? Not actually, i want something more important than that here.... I have put everything about my ex behind as a matter of fact he doesn't exist anymore...

Thought you should also know that I'm a left handler.... I do most things with my left hand, I write with my left hand... What have you to say about that?? I speak English with accent too.. I'm just trying to tell you stuffs about myself.. I know that there are lots of things that we'll learn about each other when we get together... I believe it will be fun too.... Thanks for telling me a lot about you...

Just a part of the my note to you... Expect more to come soon... Liana.
Letter 6
Hello, It's great to have words from you. You always make a point of duty to make sure that we stay in constant touch since contacting you. This means much to me. As it becomes more and more foggy, rainy and dark, motivation to come to work after a long holiday is certainly a challenge, but work must go on as there are lots of helpless individuals that relies on your expertise to get by too... It's Spring time too, and that's when the Country is at its most spectacular, with trees and flowers waking to life, snow in the mountains and melt water swelling the waterfalls. Orchards of flowering fruit trees along the countryside are images of paradise.. I wish I don't have to describe all these scene to you. I wish you were here to see this for yourself.. After all the Easter foods, I had to wake up early to workout just to keep in shape.. Do you work out? After my workout I seat in the privacy of my room Meditate for few minutes, during this few minutes, I just seat in silence and it really helps in relaxing me a lot and helps me focus through the course of my day.. After my Few minutes Meditation, I go to the Mirror and smile at myself for better part of 30 seconds. This is a can’t-miss way to boost my self esteem, It’s basically just a matter of designating some time as true “me time” and seeing a happy me reflected back in the mirror. Just had nourishing refreshing green smoothie. Made Strawberry Apple and Banana Smoothie. My Favorite. I prefer smoothies to coffee.. This small note is only to confirm my intention of maintaining this almost daily contact with each other.. Just a quick note for now.. Have for yourself a lovely new day OK.. Liana.
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