Scam letter(s) from Venera Ahmadgalieva to Joseph (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Joseph!!! I am very glad to see from you the letter as she has warmed me this cold winter. But it is very a pity to me that I had no an opportunity to write to you of the answer on earlier as I had no an opportunity to go in the Internet - cafe. But today I can make it I even I wait for you in Yahoo the bellboy. What to congratulate you on birthday. I am very glad that you meet him with the relatives as I this year have met the birthday in hospital I very strongly was ill. And I normally could not note the birthday. But I want to wish good luck you this day the biggest happiness but I think that this big happiness will be in me and I send it to you in the letter my dear. I am glad that I today have gone to the Internet - cafe instead of after your birthday as you might think that I have not decided you to congratulate on birthday though if it and there would be that not from for that that I do not want you to congratulate and all from for that that I have no the computer of a house and I would not read myself guilty. I shall wait from you for your letter I hope you will send me a photo of the birthday if you will be photographed. I shall wait for your letter my dear. Yours Venera love.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Joseph!!! I am very glad to see your letter the my dear friend as it to me is let know that by you on former as well as I want with me to correspond. I am very glad to good weather which now at us stands as it is weather to me enable to go in the Internet - cafe and to write to you the letter. But I on former try to go to the Internet - cafe in the afternoon. But I very much would like you and evenings to write letters as at me in the evening very many free time and I spend him unfortunately one and I begin to recollect those days when I came from school and am exact as thought. About the future as I shall build him I might not even to myself and to put that I shall begin when that the adult girl but year have passed also I already enough very adult girl. I want to tell you that we gathered with the girlfriends with whom I went to school it was March, 8, and we talked who where lives and than I am engaged also want to tell you that many already from my girlfriends already for the husband and live with the family and at whom that on the contrary has not developed also they have left. But when girls have asked me as I have told affairs to them that I on former as before do not have not whom. And they were very surprised to this as I remember in a class I was the most beautiful girl and all of them spoke me that I of the very first shall go for the husband but here is how they I know that still yes not for the husband. But I him have not told that I have the friend from am far and that we with you are copied rather long time. But I want to tell you that I very much want ours with you of a meeting as through our letters of us with you we may not share the warm feelings which in us have gathered for this time. I very much would like you to see my dear as we already long time are copied with you and I would like to hear from you your answer to my questions as I very much want to be with you beside in this fine time and to divide with you the feelings. As you would look at it that I have arrived to you and that we together with you would spend time. I would like to learn yours opinions about my question. As I very much want to be with you beside and to know that it and there is you the my dear friend. On it I finish the letter as already to become late and I to go home to me it should is very a pity that I have no so a lot of time right now. It would be very good if I had the computer of a house as on it would be much easier to me to correspond with you and ours with you of the attitude. I on it finish m also I would want that you have answered me as it is possible on faster though I can not do it. I hope for your understanding the my dear friend. You Venera which very much misses the good friend. Write to me as you are going to spend time these spring fine days? As your girlfriend Venera is very lonely also to her there is no friend.
Letter 3

Hello my love Joseph!!! I so was glad with you today to talk in yahoo but I had not enough time as I only in lunch time was included in the Internet - cafe and to me was necessary to go on work. I and now have no so a lot of time as I should go home but before it I want to write to you full details of that about what we today with you talked. I want ntt to tell that I should have 800 dollars for that what to make the visa but I it can do only in Moscow and I shall be compelled to live in Moscow within two weeks while to me will do the visa I as I shall do other documents as the information on a state of health and other necessary documents what to arrive to you my dear Joseph. I should live in hotel up to that time while to me the visa and other documents that is why I will do need in 800 dollars. I hope for that that you understand me my dear and will not detain my arrival you as we very much want it also I do not want to be here without you. I to you would send this letter for that what to learn as you would look at it that I might know when I should leave in Moscow for registration of the visa. I finish to write my dear but as we with you agreed I I shall wait for you at that time in yahoo the messenger. Yours Venera.
Letter 4

Hello my lovely Joseph !!! I so again am happy to write to you the letter my dear. Though probably I deceive you because for me slightly so difficult to write to you the letter because I very much want real kiss and embrace you my dear. I so strongly love you and so I miss you and without your letters. For me so it is difficult to go through that time while I can not visit Internet - cafe. I do not know as me to wait that moment when I again can see your letter and write to you the answer about that as strongly I love you. Yes i want for ever repeat to you as strongly I love you because for me it so is pleasant to speak you it in each my letter, you see I so long might not understand that occurs in my heart. But now I precisely know that it is love. Now I understand why people speak that love it not only pleasure but it and suffering my dear. I am very happy that we with you could to find each other under the Internet but for me so it is hard to be so far that of you my dear. All over again I thought that my love give me forces to wait that moment when we with you can be together, but now I understand that it not so. It only brings to me sufferings. Only do not think that I complain to you, there is no I understand that we with you should be patient and once we with can be together. My mind speaks me that I should be patient but my heart does not want to listen to my mind and it wants to leave my ****** that fly to meet you my dear. My soul is ready to come off my heart to become uniform with your heart my dear. I feel that my life has turned only to life by dream of you Joseph . I so strongly love you my dear. I want to tell to you as I today have come in Internet - cafe and there to me have told that the computer on which I write you letters was broken, you know I began to ask that they have made something, but there only spoke that it is impossible, then I there began to cry and speak that for me very important that it worked also you will not believe it have repaired through half of hour. Now I am happy you see I could to write to you the letter today. You see there is nothing more important in this world than love to you my dear. How explain you that I feel when I write you the letter, in each letter I invest a part of me, that present this part to you my dear. I hope that with each my letter you receive a part of my caress and tenderness my dear. I think all around would envy us if we with you were together because I think there is nothing more strongly and more beautifully in this world than our love my dear. As it is possible to live without love in heart, I do not understand it now my dear, I have understood what exactly love give to us meaning of the life my dear. I shall wait for your letter. Your Venera!!!!
Letter 5

Hello my love Joseph!!! My dear Joseph you may not put to yourself on how many your love Venera today are glad to write the letter from another the Internet - cafe. As she does not think of that that what that the manager to her will not approach and prevent her to write the letter. I certainly today wanted to come on earlier but at me it has failed to do because we with mum send on a summer residence to look as our vegetables and fruit which we with her grow put this spring. We have left since the morning and as soon as we have come on our country site we about the beginning of him have checked up and then have slightly decided to have a rest and after that we have undertaken with her work. I want to tell you that I have accepted sunburn and it is not very a pity to me that you may see it and that as we with my mum work in a kitchen garden I with huge pleasure would send you of photos but unfortunately I can not do them as we with my mum have no digital photoparade and it is not very a pity to me that I can do new photos that them then to send to you that you might see love Venera. We also with her talked in an operating time about ours to you relations as my mum of me very much asked much about you and as I to you have found what at us with you plans for the future. But most of all she wanted to know when we shall be with you together as we are very far from each other and I have told mum that I while it I can not speak her as at us while there is no opportunity that I have arrived to you. My dear we with mum have not noticed as has passed day as we with her thinking about very much and talking to her on different themes have not noticed that already is time us home. I also have told her that I today should go in the Internet - cafe to write to you the letter and she have then hastened me and have told that she will make the rest and I that has gone home and going to have a meal when she will come that already all was is ready and after that she has told me that I can go to you my dear. She also has told me that I was very cautious as it very dangerously to go on streets of one to such time and it is rather far to be than this old Internet - cafe in which I went earlier has gone I on a fixed-route taxi as they while go but already when I shall leave home it will be dark and will be possible to reach only by a taxi but it much better and more safely than to go one on streets of our city. It would be good if fires everywhere were established as it would be possible to see people which to you will approach and we do not have such opportunity that everywhere there were fires. At us burn bulbs only in park or there where a lot of people so that it was beautiful. My dear in an operating time on a summer residence I also spoke mum about that that you ask my home address and I want to tell you my dear as I before did not speak you that that we with my mum have no so such residence where we have the house and I can not give you the address because it not our house and we only remove it I hope that you understand me that I want to tell you that that we with mine mum have no an apartment and to us to have to take an apartment at people those which it give for a while so we and we live my dear. I was afraid to speak you about it but you already which races of me ask about my address and I am simple I can speak you about it as I do not know that to me on it and to write. Because I have no the house where we with my mum shall live but we have our summer residence which very big and we already for a long time think to sell our summer residence and to buy the house or to move to another city closer to relatives of my mum as if we shall be together that to me it is necessary to live with you and she does not want to be one and from - for it we think that to us to do. My dear I did not know as you about it to speak but today day has come and I should speak you about it that that we have no the house where you might send me a gift to which I would be very glad as I shall know that it from you my dear Joseph. But I also want tell you that I can to give you the address of our grown-up scold which also lives from us so far but we go to her when it would be desirable us or when she us a precept to itself and I also can inform you that she worked for me in mail earlier and she may look after that that your gift was delivered me and I also shall inform you about it when I receive it. And if you there agree to send to me that I to you I shall write this address but only it will be in the other letter when you to me will tell yes whether or not but also we may wait. When we with my mum shall buy an apartment in the other city and there we shall move to live already with it about it thought for a long time and here is how only there will be suitable time that we we shall sell our summer residence that shall press to live to our sister of my mum. In city Kazan and I shall have an opportunity to you to give the address of our house in which we shall live. My dear Joseph I hope that you will not take offence at me if I to you shall tell that I am tired slightly both I would like to sleep and I already long time sit on this firm to a chair as it a bit too for my one place and I also am very tired on a summer residence and I would like to take a shower and go to bed thinking about you and your new letter. Your love Venera looks today very tired my dear Joseph.
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