Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello! How are you? I'm called Lyudmila. You will probably be surprised that I will
I write, but I'd be glad to meet you. I want to find
True love, to create a happy family, but so far I have not
Managed to do. Perhaps you are the only one I'm looking for. Come on
Get acquainted with you? If you do not mind, then write to me.
I will be very glad to see your message and I will be happy with you become acquainted. I live in Russia, I hope that this does not bother you? FROM
Respect, Lyudmila.
Letter 2
Hello Jim! I'm very glad that you answered my message. I was glad to receive a photo from you in the letter. I'll be glad if you can still send me your photos. You have a beautiful dog. What kind of breed is Ginger? I'm sorry that I did not answer you right away. I'm terribly bad at the Internet. Therefore, I am grateful to my friend. As she talked me, write here. She found good friends through the Internet.
And so I also decided to talk to you across the Internet. I think that this is a good way to discover about a person. I'm very interested, probably because I do it in the first time. And talk with the interlocutor without seeing it before. I want to tell you about that where I live. I live in Russia!!! By the way, about my friend, s Unfortunately I do have this letter completely
Letter 3
Hello Jim! How are you today? I hope that you were glad to receive my letter because when I to receive your letters, I really was to admire.
I'm sorry that you lost some of my previous letter. But, there is nothing to worry about. I'll write you a new letter now. I know English. I can speak English, but unfortunately I didn't practice him long time . I studied him at university. I'm writing you a letter from my work now. I work from monday to Friday also i often work on Saturday. My working day begins at 8:00 and the working day ends at 17:00. Sometimes I work until 19:00. But, it isn't so simple because my boss doesn't allow to use the computer for personal intents. We have unlimited Internet access at work. I use the computer secretly to write you "hello" (when my boss isn't at office). I have an Internet and the computer of the house too, but usually after work I am tired and very seldom I turn on the computer at home. I can say with confidence that I adore traveling. I had the opportunity to travel in Russia , I saw Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Sochi. But, I never was in Europe. I want to visit somewhere abroad this is my biggest dream!!! Now I work as the ordinary accountant in small firm. But, it isn't difficult, I love my work very much. My colleagues are very nice people. It is the most important for me. We very quickly found common interests. I have a best friend on my work. Her name is Irina. But, now I found you! I am very glad, and I will try to write you letters every day . I tried to find love and happiness here, but I hate a lie. We have a proverb in Russia: "The bitter truth is better, than a sweet lie." I think that you are an honest person. it's true? I unfortunately did not know about the breed before Lowchen never. I immediately liked your doggy on the photos in the last letter. And I was glad to see again your new photos on vacation in the boat. Do you like to fish? It's so wonderful that Ginger was always with you and it was so interesting for me to read your letter about your dog's habits and even record it in the Guinness records. I was really surprised and I'm ashamed that I've never heard of the breed of Lowchen. After all my stories - you can think that everything is bad, but it not so. I wanted to talk about my parents, they left me in orphanage, when I was about one year old. But, my childhood was not so difficult. I think so . Only it was very lonely without parents. I had many friends. I had very interesting childhood. When I became more adult... Then I had more difficulties. Not only at me. I think, you understand, what it is difficult for a child to live without parents?! In this cruel world...
But, the most important never to release hands. It is necessary to go the following level. I understood it for a long time. It doesn't seem to you so? It's true! Now I have a good life, I have friends. Good work. It most likely is good here. I have the apartment not big. I pay for her every month . I do everything independently on the house: men's and female duties. I can hammer nails, carry heavy bags.... By the way, I good plumber (plumber). Life all I taught me... I can hope only for myself. But, sometimes I so want to feel a strong shoulder near me... Yes, I want the real man for creation of a family. I have the most serious intentions. It is very difficult to meet the worthy man... Unfortunately. Therefore I am very glad that we met. For me very pleasant communication with you. For me not so important age of distinction. These days I am so impatient to wait for your letter. It helps me to distract from all. It as sweet dream... It is other world for me. Forgive me if my letter was sad, big and uninteresting for you. Just I wanted to tell you about my life. You have to know about it. I promise you, not to write such letters more. Now I have to finish my letter. I will look forward to hearing from you. Also I want to ask you: you sometime were in other countries? Whether it is important for you a nationality? I look forward to hearing from you. Your friend Lyudmila
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