Scam letter(s) from Taisia Tsvetkova to Peter (Austria)

Letter 1
Salutti. How are you? I hope you are OK and you will be glad to give your reply my letter. I am very much happy that I've got a chance to meet you. I am Dinara. Maybe you have guessed where I am from judging by my name. I am from a large picturesque state the Russian Federation. I am 35. I'm searching for a man for good fellowship and possibly for serious relationship. If you liked me and got interested in my personality, I will be pleased to see your message. I belive you will not allow the lonely girl to get bored. I will impatiently wait for your letter as fast as you can. If you reply to my letter, I will provide you with more images of me. Thus we could see each other better and get to know each other more closely. I hope you will also send me your picture and tell me about yourself. I want to know more information about you. I wish you a lucky day and good mood! I am waiting. Dinarik
Letter 2
Hi my friend Peter!!!
I am very glad that you answered me, I waited for your letter and to me very pleasantly will get acquainted with you:)
I think that in our further acquaintance we can be good friends, I honestly very much want it:)
It is very interesting to me to write you my letter and I hope to know better you in your letters.
About your life? About your hobbies? Why you look for the partner in life? And about many other!!!
I think that our acquaintance will be interesting to us two!!!
I am glad to you I hope to write my letter and it will be mutual. I very much hope that it is mutual?
As you understood I look for the soulmate, the partner in life!!!
I look for the man who can be trusted. Which loved me and respected.
As respect each other and trust this the most important in the relations. You also think? It is very interesting to me:)
I want that my man was kind, gentle and loved me. That I felt in reliable hands absolutely safe.
You know, I sometimes feel lonely and I want that near me there was a man of which I will love!!!
When you come from work home and you are always waited by darling. And you only for him live also for the sake of the relations with him.
It is very often boring for me one houses, and at these moments you understand that you lack the loved one.
Also you live in hope that you will find the love soon and you will have a family!!!! To you also happens boringly when you are one?
I want to tell you in the letter that I look for the relations serious as I want to establish the family and to be a beloved!!!
I hope that ours with you acquaintance will help us to know each other better!
It will be very interesting to me to learn about your country and about your city?
Now I want to tell you a little about myself and my character as it will be so better for us to get acquainted with you!!!
I am very cheerful, vigorous and cheerful girl, with good sense of humour and romantic character.
And it is always pleasant to me when I can lighten mood to the close people!!!
Also I am an open person in soul and mine friends know all this!!!! It is always pleasant to me to talk to the person and to know him better.
It is very interesting to me to recognize you as I think that you are a good friend and the pleasant interlocutor:)
I live in the city of Arkhangelsk in Russia it on the bank of the White Sea.
I hope that our distance between us will not prevent our friendship and we will remain with you friends.
As you already know my name is Dinara and I am 35 years old! my birthday on June 20, 1981.
I very much want to find the second half as I am lonely. And I lack man's heat!!!
I was not married and I have no children!!! I am a free girl!!!
I hope you also in the letter will be able to tell about yourself that I had a ****** idea about you!!!
I ask you all these questions in the letter because I want to know whether really you are open for the further serious relations?
Because it is very important for me!!! As I look for the serious relations!!!!
I very much want to be your girlfriend. I can tell you precisely that I am open for the relations, and I want to meet you further.
Now I will finish the letter.
I will look forward to news from you tomorrow and I hope you will write to me!
I will wait very much for your letter!!!
Letter 3
Hello my friend Peter!!!
Today for me great happiness to see your letter and my mood increased by 100 percent!!! :)
For me it is very pleasant that you write me and you pay me the attention.
YOU do not represent as I am glad that you responded to my modest letter!!!!!
And really it is very interesting to me to read your letter. Because we are not familiar with you yet and our first letters have to be remembered to us on long.
Acquisition of the new friend this already big event in life. All this new to me because I for the first time meet the man on the Internet.
You know, I now I work in branch of sales of economic equipment in small firm for us in the city.
My specialty at work "sales area manager" where I sell household appliances (TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, irons and many other goods).
My work very much to be pleasant to me also I always responsible at work.
At us it is very difficult to find good work in the city at this time, I could not find work in my city for a long time!!!
But there passed time and I found to myself work in this firm.
The city of Arkhangelsk not really big, I very much love my city, and I will always love. I lived here very long, and now it is my homeland!
my city to be at distance of 1300 kilometers from Moscow!!! My city of Arkhangelsk is on the bank of the White Sea!!! Though I seem wrote you about it in the previous letter.
You know, I was not in other country. I traveled only around Russia. I will be very glad if you tell about the city. About your country!
I will also try to tell more about my city that you knew my homeland.
I work from 9:00 till 16:00. How many hours a day you work?
I very much want to know more about you as I very much like our acquaintance!!!
If to tell honestly, then I asked for the help in the Internet to find the second half.
The man with whom I will be able to construct a beautiful love story. To construct the serious relations. In general my intentions to find the love very serious.
As I already long time am without the second half. And the most important for the person it to find the second half.
And to learn true love. Because true love this most pure and pure feeling on the earth.
As love this only heat and fire which does not allow to freeze in this cold world.
Understand these words I tried to describe all what to happen at me at heart.
It is my inner world, my secrets and my most intimate desires. I to very few people speak about it and now I do not know why I decided to tell you it.
Start up it will be the first steps to our acquaintance to you. You know now when I write you this letter to me became easier and already not so alone and sadly.
But probably not only my inner world, but also as I look also my vital interests is interesting to you.
Gradually I will tell you everything about my life, but from you I also want to learn everything about your life?
I looked for long time the satellite of the life and felt very lonely all these days. I very much want to find the man with whom I will be able to live all life in the world and love!!!
And I am happy now that I have such beautiful friend as you!
You know, I always tried to keep in soul all the best, and even for all life told nobody the rough word!
Very important that the man respected the woman, and I if I live with the man surely will be a fine second half!!!
Everyone has to look for love!!! Year can, day can, but the love has to be the most important detail in each family!!! You also think?
To me is sad a little, but I have to finish this letter now, but I will write you tomorrow. Also write me back. I very much wait for your letter!!! And also I will be very happy to see your a photo!
Sincerely your new girlfriend of Dinara!!!
Letter 4

Hello Peter!!! :)
I am so happy to see your letter today and it is very pleasant to me that you answered me!!!!!
I very much waited for him and for me great happiness that we began our acquaintance :)
I am grateful to destiny that the Internet allows gets acquainted to lonely hearts. Allow me, to call you the friend, it is very important for me!
As I think that you are a good friend openheartedly!!!!
I want to tell you that I cannot communicate with you through Facebook, Skype or similar programs. Because I write you from the computer of my friend.
Everything that I can write you e-mails only. But I am sure that we will well get acquainted through letters and a photo.
Concerning a phone number, I unfortunately have at present no it as my old phone had breakage and I had to throw out it, As soon as I have phone or an opportunity to call I at once will tell you.
Of course I would like to talk to you too and to hear your voice.
Today I also want to tell even more about myself!!! My height about 168 centimeters and weight of 52 kilograms!
In life I like to play sports as I love active recreation.
I am engaged 2 times in a week of fitness as it is always necessary to hold the shape of a body.
My most favourite sports are a skating, rollers or skis in the winter in the wood in the fresh air with friends.
I never smoked as for me the healthy lifestyle is the main thing! I can seldom drink a glass of red wine, it happens only on holidays.
Also sometimes I like to spend a free time of the house behind the interesting book. Always lightens mood as the interesting movie on the TV.
I studied in Arkhangelsk economic institute on business development.
My faculty at institute was "Economy and business management". It was fine student's time!!! But it was long ago!
I hope you understand my letter and what I want to tell in it?
I at school and at university learned English. But in dialogue conversation I had no practice :)
I hope that I will learn to talk completely in your language over time and we will be able to speak in the future with you by phone!!!
I think that it will be very interesting conversation with my Russian accent!!!
You know, I am very glad that got acquainted with you and now it is not boring for me!!! As I know that you want with me acquaintance too!!!
I want to open for you the antecedents of Peter!!!!
I in the past had the friend within five years and I was forced to leave him. As he changed me with other girl!!!!
I could not forgive him it as it was very painful to me in heart!!!!! And it was broken!!!
I saw him in a bed with other woman!!! I think that change it is impossible to forgive.
When you love each other there has to be a trust. I do not love when lie to me in eyes, this most awful!!!
I hope that I in the future will be able to find the second half which will love me, ready to be all life with me at any vital difficulties.
As now it is very difficult for one to live in this world!!!!
I write you about me directly and about private life is detailed that you had a real idea of me.
I hope that you will also write in detail about you Peter!!!
Now, when I wrote to you and opened before you all the soul and heart, you knew me better.
I will wait for your letter back, and I hope to receive the worthy answer!
I am sure that for a happy and wonderful life it is necessary to look for the second half!!!
As I do not represent life alone.
Your girlfriend Dinara!!!
Letter 5
Hello my friend Peter!!!:)
I am happy to see your letter today!!! I hope you also you love my letters, as well as I yours!
Tell me when you see my letter in the mailbox that you think Peter? It is very interesting to me:)
When I see your letters at me always good mood and I have a smile!!!
You seem to me very good and kind person and therefore you very much were pleasant to me from our first acquaintance!
We have a weather on a season stable in the city now and I want will share all my mood of Peter with you.
I want to write you as it gives a sheer pleasure!
You have the closest friends? I have one girlfriend since the childhood her name Olga, we are familiar with her about 20 years and all this time we help each other!!!
My friend has a husband and two children, the boy and the girl!!! She is very happy mother and I am glad for her!!!
friends this the most important in my life as only the friend can come to the rescue in difficult moments!!!
I write you the letters from my friend from Olga as she to me allowed to use her computer to go on-line and to write you Peter!!!
I am very glad that she helped me and now I am familiar with you!!!
I thought for a long time that I will live alone for a long time, but my friend convinced me to get acquainted with the man from other country as men in Russia treat the women very badly, and in every possible way humiliate them and drink a lot of alcohol and also change much for this reason I do not want to have the man from Russia any more.
And now I decided to meet on the Internet the foreign man, and at once I found you Peter, and you very much were pleasant to me.
Today I was at work and my day passed very quickly as I thought of you!!! After work I ran to see your letter at once :)
I do not know why, but you in my thoughts were, I wrote you it as you are very interesting person, and you were pleasant to me at once! With you I do not feel lonely Peter!!!
Possibly we will meet or we will remain only friends, good acquaintances will tell us time about it!
I am very lonely at night, and to me is very sad when I do not see your letters, And even tonight I was lonely, and only when I write you I do not feel lonely!!!!
Of course I could find the man to myself, but as it often happens, it is very difficult to find the true friend!
I have pure soul, and I always try to be cheerful and cheerful in any situations. As it is necessary to live and trust in the best!!!!
I would like to have long and serious relations with darling.
Today I have fine day. Your letter made my mood even better and now I think of you Peter.
When I wrote to you the first time I thought that we will be with you good friends.
I look for not only friendship, my soul and my heart are absolutely free and want to love all the love!!!!
Your girlfriend Dinara!!!
Letter 6
Hello my friend Peter!!!
I am grateful to destiny that the happy occurence allowed us to find each other!!!
I am happy to read your mail, your letters make me happy and joyful in soul! You for me are much more than just familiar!
I want that we every day learned *** Dra the friend more!!!!
Write to me in more detail about yourself, about your parents, friends. Write to me about your hobby how you like to spend time? When perhaps you miss me Peter:)
I am happy that I am familiar with you, and I am interested in your life and your interests! You are pleasant to me and I want to know you better!!!
I hope you me understand Peter?
I in my life devoted the long period to my education, and now my thoughts are devoted to my future! My private life!
When I the little girl my mother could not provide me with necessary things and she worked for 16 hours a day that I could studies.
And I am very grateful to the mother and I very strongly love her!!!! My father also sometimes asks me, "Dinara why you are lonely so far?", I do not know that to answer him...
To heart you will not order to love! I live and I wait.... I want only sincere love and forever!!!
My parents live in Mirniy. It is the small village, at distance of 230 km from my city of Arkhangelsk, in which I live now, but as I cannot leave for long time from my work, I am at parents very seldom, but I use always any opportunity to visit them!
I love mother and the father, and is always happy when I have an opportunity to see them, but my desires do not coincide with my opportunities.
My mother worked all life at school as the teacher of Russian and literature. Now my mother on pension, but continues to teach literature.
My father worked as the military, he at pension too now!!! I very much love the parents as they the most expensive at me on light!!!!
You know, I rent the room nearly two years, and I very much hope to change the residence.
In my room only two windows, and those do not even open...
I live with the girl with whom we together work, we are with her good friends, but interests very different.
It is not interesting to me with her, but she also as well as I, has no enough money to live in the big apartment.
in the evening when she leaves for appointment to the guy, I feel very lonely.....
And me boringly I go to Olga, and we together think as it is cheerful and interesting to spend evening. Usually we just like to walk in the city park and to talk.
here fine park, this park small, but very cozy. Here I always I feel very well.
Sometimes we go to theater, or at cinema, Two times a year we go to club to dances.
I am very glad that in my life you appeared, and Peter is very interesting to me with you!!! Truth!!!
I very much like to receive from you letters, so write more, and I will be very happy.
I would like to speak about our relations, I want to study you better than Peter!!! And I want that you recognized me!!!
I feel that you are a faithful man, you to me very much, very much are pleasant. I in life and in my letters am very frank, and I wait for reciprocity...
I hope that We are waited by very long and pleasant friendship!!! If you have desire, we can see each other...
I took this picture in the spring! I she hope to you it will be pleasant:)
I love verses and even I know many poems, and I want that you read this poem!!! I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you, I began to see,
that love is real, and exists in me. Your girlfriend Dinara!
Letter 7
My dear friend of Peter!!!
I am very glad to see today your letter as it for me as is cleaned the sun in this world!!!!
Today I with the girlfriend went to park, to attractions... It was very cheerful and we perfectly spent time.
Especially it was pleasant to me the new construction similar to a swing, but she turns very quickly! To me it was very terrible, and I long could not get up as the head was very much turned!!! :-).
Today there was a fine day, and I was very glad that left the house!
I very much got used to you and it is difficult for me to present my life if you do not write to me! Write me always, I very much like to be your girlfriend!
Even if I am busy, and I cannot answer you as I work, or I have no access to PC, I all the same remember you!
you are a remarkable person and the beautiful man! such people as you are very little. This really great luck that we are familiar!!!
My dear, I want to be close to you, in very much short distance and to have an opportunity to speak with you, will touch you... It is a pity, we very much far apart!!!
it is possible if we lived in one city that we were together! We found each other among billions, and of course would find each other in the town! you agree with me? Or it is only my dreams and naive hopes?
even if we, will never see each other, (though I do not want to allow such thoughts), I hope that we will freely communicate with you through letters.
I want to write to you in the letter much, and even in the big letter I cannot write all about what I want to write!!!
As we are far and incapable to meet now, Let's send each other photos to a thicket!
I will send you the photo with this letter, and in the answer I wait for your photos.
We it is far - from each other therefore, I want to see your photos, I feel that you is close to me. I want that you sent me more than your photos.
I reflected over a possibility of our meeting, possibly we should not hurry now, but my heart prompts to me that you also sincerely want to see me, also as well as I want to see you!
If we meet - it is, it will be fine, but time is required to recognize each other though if I could be with you now, I would be happy!
It seems to me that I know you long ago.
If we are together... I am completely sure that between the man and the woman there is an invisible and inexplicable communication.
And this highest force connects people in a whole, and even at distance the person can know what happens to darling.
We could enjoy proximity of each other. I very much would like to spend with you evening, and I am sure - it would be the most remarkable time.
I was on appointment to the man long ago though I am often invited, but I want only with you! You very much are pleasant to me!
I want to go to the cinema with you! I love actually all genres of movies, especially I love adventures.
Very much to be pleasant to me the movie "Titanic", It is the fine movie and I watched it many time, and still constantly I pay when I watch it...
you are a beautiful person and I want to be with you! I am ready to go with you everywhere. I TRUST YOU!!!!
I still want to tell much you, But I am forced to finish the letter, I will look forward to letters from you!
Always your Dinara!
Letter 8
Hello my Peter!!!:)
Thanks for your kind letter... with each letter which you write me I know you better better! I very much waited for your letter.
I very long and thought of our mutual relations, of our near future much... We have a future? What it?
All my ideas about my future, about our future, - about you Peter!!! Of course. I think only of you!!!
my soul is happy because you with me, but, during the same moment, I realize - we are divided by long distance!
At my work I spoke with friends, about you, said that I have now a beautiful friend who lives in other country.
And I told that you very much are pleasant to me, and also I told that I too very much am pleasant to you.
All very much were delighted as my friends want long ago that I began full-fledged life.
but, One my colleague told me that I am unfortunate. He told that love it is very serious, and we will suffer, so so we very much far apart... and I agree with him, we are very congenial but between us hundreds of kilometers...
but I am happy because daily I can write you letters, I can read your letters!!!
You very much are pleasant to me, and I never and to anybody had no such sympathy... only to you Peter!
It is inexplicable, acquaintance to you changed my life!
When I recognized you, I thought that we will be only friends, and our relations will remain friendly.
But now I think of you more often and more often, my thoughts only of you!
I now in confusion, also I do not know how I have to act now... What to do to me... I want to be with you Peter!
I am a woman only for one man and I can love only one man - you Peter!
I looked for you all life. I never felt such passionate feeling! I wish to be with you, only with you!!!
you are a good person and the true friend!
all of us still far apart, and all of us are still not for long familiar, but in heart, we have hope that in the future we will have a meeting.
I would like to see you, to speak with you. I very much want to learn what you in life!!! And I will look for a way to recognize you closer.
I do not know our future, I only am sure that we will surely meet, and the our meeting, the better will take place earlier!
And I will always write you, and so far we can write letters, we have hope, hope for luck, our general happiness, hope for a fast meeting.
Forgive me, this letter sad - is a little, but I cannot write now in a different way, to me is a little sad because I now not with you.
Possibly I became sad after conversation with friends and colleagues though all of them wanted to improve my mood.
We will meet ever? I very much want to be with you Peter now!!!
Now, At my work there is a lot of work, I do the semi-annual financial statement.
Perhaps When I will make the report, we can meet? I can take vacation in two weeks if everything goes well at my work!
very much to be pleasant to me my work, but at first I need to make the financial statement, I am forced to work much.
Now I bring some documents home, and I really work at night.
at my work I have to be very attentive as I work with important documents, but today I was a little confused.
I constantly thought of us!
And how your day? You think of me and how it is frequent?
I thought of you my dear Peter today, I tried to assume what you are engaged at present.
I very much hope that I am present at your thoughts, at your heart. We far apart, but I feel warmth of your heart!
You very much are pleasant to me, allow me to love you, to be close to you, to inhale air which you breathe...
I love you and all my thoughts only of you of Peter! I was afraid to admit to you the previous letter, and only your attention proved to me that I am necessary for you that you also need me!
now I cannot even sleep peacefully... when I close eyes - I see you when I go down the street, I look for you among hundreds of passersby...
I am happy as I can hope, I can dream, I can read your letters. I am happy that I have such beautiful admirer as you are Peter!
Forever your Dinara!
Letter 9
Hello mine Peter!!!
I have remarkable day and it is very pleasant to me to see your letter!!!
here fine weather and I have a great mood! Every morning, when I wake up, I am awakened by the morning sun.
very gently, modestly rays of light it is insuperable approach my eyes when I sleep, and it forces me to be roused and to go to gather for work.
I am very happy to have such good and kind friend as you!!! I feel that you for me are much more than the friend!!!
I do not even represent my further life without you, your care, protection. I feel very surely with you! You are the best, you the strongest, you are the kindest!!!!
I know that you will always help me and will protect me! I love you!
And I very much want to share my good mood with you!!! I very much want that you were always happy! I want that you were happy as I!
I want that you heard a beating of my heart, felt my great mood and pleasure!
Today I made to myself small rest, a lot of time was spent with my best friend by Olga. I left the semi-annual financial statement for tomorrow though I almost made everything, and I will have a lot of free time soon and possibly we will be able to meet you soon!
Today the younger daughter has Olga birthday and we want to make by her a good holiday. We do very big cake, and even thought up the small song. There will be today a kindergarten as many children will come!
I think will be very cheerful.
We talked to Olga much in the afternoon, and of course about you too. I told her that we want to meet, and Olga was very happy, and rejoiced... Expensive Peter-This our destiny, and to us was very lucky that we found each other!!!
My friend very much is surprised looking at me. I am very modest girl, and lived as all people, but now everything changed. Our acquaintance changed not only my life, but also my thinking. I will not be able to live without you. I will always love you, I will always think of you! when I fall asleep... I think of you when I waken early in the morning, I think of you!
Tonight the dream, about you dreamed me! I do not know why, but I often represent you, on the street I look around at you among hundreds of passersby, and it is possible therefore you come to my dreams! of course I love you, and I cannot think of something another... Only about you!
Dreamed me that we go together, holding hands on the desert beach... We went barefoot, and sand under legs was very warm and tender.
We were absolutely one, and it very much was pleasant to us. You spoke to me about something, I do not remember, but very much it it was pleasant to me, and I was at pleasure top.
We went slowly, spoke about something, the sea was near, it caressed our legs!
Then we stopped, you strong embraced me. And we threw off from ourselves all clothes and ran to swim in the sea!
There was an evening, and the gold decline slightly lit our silhouettes.
We jumped in the sea as small children. We were happy! We left water happy and a little tired.
And then I woke up. got out of a bed, I felt very happy! I was a little sad when woke up, I very much wanted that this dream lasted eternally!!!!!!!
Yes, we will perfectly spend time together when we meet. I know it, I am sure - we will be happy!
I did not tell about this dream to anybody, only you! Even I did not tell Olga this dream, I hesitated because thought that it will tell again that I very kind and naive! But you do not think that it is only illusion? We will surely meet!
My dear Peter? when I come to you, we will be the happiest amicable and beautiful couple! We will be happy.
The whole today passed for me very perfectly, I was impressed all day by this fine dream, and I so want that this dream became real.
I trust and I hope that we, once, will also go on coastal sand gently holding hands. I will speak with you and to look delightfully at each other!!!
Even now my imagination draws before me this fine and unforgettable picture....
Tomorrow to me there will come my mother and that the most surprising my father. My father very seldom visits me as he has to look behind the house.
But he is always very happy when I come to them, to the house in which I was born! I will speak with parents about us and our relations.
now it is very interesting and very important for me, I will say with my parents that we, I and you, want to meet!!! It is very important for me and if my parents agree I I will plan travel to you!
I will look forward to your letter!!!
Forever your Dinara!!!
Letter 10
Hi my friend Peter!!!
I waited for your letter, but did not receive it. I thought that we with you will continue gets acquainted!
I hope you received my last letter? Perhaps you were busy and did not see my letter!
I hope that you will have time to write to me. I will be glad to see your letter!!!
If I am not interesting to you, write to me that I did not wait from you for the letter!
We have a good weather today. And brightly the sun shines.
In such weather at me very good mood.
I decided to send you the poem today that to you it was also good as well as me: The melancholy when your letters with me leaves
When it is ready to come to the rescue itself,
When your box is filled with letters,
And you read many kind words there.
Nam Internet opened for friendship of a door.
If it is difficult to live - about it write,
To you will come to the rescue. And I trust,
That the response of their soul will be generous. I hope that this poem to be pleasant to you.
And I could lighten you your mood!!!
I will wait from you for the letter!!! Dinara!!!
Letter 11
Hello my fine Peter!!!
Today weather cold here.
The sun very seldom appears between clouds, but your letters for me as bright beams of the sun in this gray world!
Your letter warmed my heart. Peter, I am very happy and happy to receive news from you today!
your letters always force me to feel much better.
I want to tell you that you very fine and are remarkable the man. For me you are the only man with whom I want to build my destiny.
I love to you more and more with each your new letter. I do not know our future, but I think that sometimes people do not use a chance which the destiny gives them.
I think that all people have an opportunity to build the future, our life really is sometimes very unfair, and every day we have to that to choose that to lose...
I do not want to lose you, I want to be with you as my heart prompts to me that only with you I on the present will be happy. And you will also be happy with me. Now I am really very happy!!!
Yesterday, before going to a bed, I thought of you when I undressed, and laid down in a bed, I thought of you when I closed eyes, I saw your person and when I woke up, I thought of you!!! At me it was never stronger and more passionate than feeling than now!!! Every second, and each section of my body I think of you!!! Every day you more and more occupy my thoughts. you have similar feelings? For me it is very important to know as far as I am dear to you and that you feel when you read my letters!!!
I think of you constantly. When I slept, I had a dream again, and of course you were the main hero of my dream!
All night long you were before my eyes. I felt you, touched you. this dream was so real that even it seems to me now that I sleep, and my dream - it was real life! I am very serious now, I having even pinched myself several times that "will wake up" and to be again with you.
Now I of course understand that it was only a dream!!! I want to tell you that I really feel very strong and serious feeling to you.
And I want to report that we have to meet each other. You, also as well as seek to embrace me! Our meeting will be very important in our lives.
you agree with me? I have irresistible desire to meet you in real life!!!
I believe that it can be possible! It is a real thing! To me there came my mother yesterday. I am always happy and very much I rejoice to the moments when I can see mother.
She lives far from the city, and I can sometimes see her when she comes to me or when I can visit her.
I very much love my mother!
We as usual went for a long time on the evening city, I like to go in the evening after work on the city.
We spoke about our friends and the acquaintance very much.
And, naturally, we spoke about me and about my private life.
And as you are the most loved one for me though I nevertheless did not meet you, we spoke about you.
I talked to my mother and the father about our relationship. I told them that I want to visit you. I asked them for suggestions, and they told me that it is very good idea to meet you at you!
My mother with small nervousness spoke about the forthcoming travel, but she very much loves me, and wished me and you a great luck.
It is very good when parents bless children, and I am very happy because you very much were pleasant my parent.
My mother asked me that I gave to you her best wishes.
I consulted on friends how it is better to travel to other country, but all who traveled say to me that travel very expensive pleasure :(
I very much hope that I will be able to save enough money, and I will be able to find the cheap ticket as if I lack money, then I will not be able to come to you.
My mother very much worried and at first even refused flatly to release me to you.
But, I know that I am obliged to visit you because I will not be able to live if I do not meet you and nobody can hold me now here.
Even one day spent with you will be for me paradise pleasure!
Expensive Peter, I am very modest and obedient daughter, but sometimes I - am unshakable in decisions.
Possibly this trait of character was transferred to me from my father. Also could persuade mother, and she even encourages me now.
I will travel to you soon as I love you, and I cannot remain more alone.
I know that you are a beautiful man and the best person living on this part of our planet is YOU!!!
And you won my heart, and now I only yours. In your hands the most expensive and valuable that I have - my soul!!!
And you won my heart as I cannot sleep now in general - I think of you constantly.
My soul to aspire to you, it is already with you, and only my body here because it is incapable to overcome the distance dividing us... in difference from my soul!
I am not capable to understand that there are to me only about you my dreams, and of a meeting in real now!
I know, we will be together!!!
Tomorrow, as soon as I will waken, of course if I can fall asleep, I will go that Tomorrow I will learn more about the forthcoming travel, and I will write in more detail about it!
I am an optimist, and I hope that we will be able to meet you in the next month. And it is possible even earlier if I am capable to find enough money!!
I believe that our meeting will help us to know us better and much closer!
I am sure that I want to meet you by Peter. I feel that you became closer to me.
and I want to tell you three words of love. But, I can only write in the letter so far I LOVE YOU!!!
I believe that there will be soon a day when I am able to pronounce these words, and I will be able to hear your words, looking in your eyes!!!
You have to understand that I want to tell now! Over the last two days I a set of times represented our first meeting
I really want to see you, to speak with you, to gently hold your hands and to look in your face.
This letter very sincerely is possible, but I hope that you will understand everything that I want to tell!
It is a little difficult to me to find replacement of the Russian words which I want to tell you, but I know that you perfectly understand me, and feel my mood in it a moment while I write these lines! Very perfectly when two loving hearts Become uniform and indestructible!
My soul is always open and you likely noticed that I am often very frank, but I cannot differently though to me other really to have to pay dearly for my frankness …
I always speak truly and I do not love when people lie. I hate it! And you are pleasant to me because you are also very honest and frank with me! Peter, I think that we have real chance to try to be closer!
I think that we have to try to use this chance. Possibly it is our destiny!
I will look forward to your answer, you have to know that I think only of you now!
I want to tell you Peter, you are my love, I believe that you and I will speak more frankly about our feelings.
I want to tell you about everything that is in my heart and in my head now.
I do not know how write it in words, but I try to explain it to you now, and I hope that you can understand me
Today here - cold wind, and there is no wish to go outside from the house at all, and only thoughts of you warm me, I feel that you are my favourite.
My heart wins quicker when I dream of our meeting in the future.
Last night I had dream of us. It was the remarkable dream. We were together and spoke much.
I do not remember where we were, but it was not important for me.
I it was very silent, and I even heard as you breathe! it was the happiest moment in my life, it was so real...
Then we arrived to the house, we had dinner with candles.
Then we arrived to a bedroom, but it was the final moment which I remember.
Because I woke up, I was so happy, and my heart knocked very often.
I understood that it was only the dream, but it was so real...
I think that this dream has important value for me. Possibly it is a sign?
I do not know. But I really know that I love you Peter all my heart!
I really would like that this dream which I saw would be real sometime! You would like this Peter?
My heart your Peter, I tell it to you because I love you!!!!!!!
I speak to you about my feelings, and I am sure that you have to know about it!!!
I could never even think that I will be so in love with you, but I am very much happy that we are familiar with you!!!
I think that we have to meet, I know how to make it. I will think and I will find out about it, I think of you as about the only man with whom there is my future. Without you my life cannot proceed …. Only with you!!!
I know that we have to meet and be with each other. I love you Peter, please do not forget it feel fire of my heart, and I think that we have to use this chance, if you feel most as I too!!!
I want to tell you Peter, please ask your heart what it feels? What tells you your heart?
also give me the answer. I will look forward to hearing from you with impatience.
If you are in love also, it is very perfectly!!! I understand that you can reject me, but I love you anyway.
You are the only man of whom I can think!!! Yes, I love you Peter, and power of my love is boundless!
I thank God that I wrote to you and found the perfect man, I looked for you all life of Peter.
I am very excited and is infinitely happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always your Dinara!!!
Letter 12
Hello my love Peter!!!
I am very happy to see your letter today!!!!
My feelings to you are boundless, my heart is filled with love to you, and I feel passion to you!
I very much love you, and I constantly think of you, I love You, When I go down the street, I think of you, I represent that we will go together on these beautiful streets, I dream of our meeting, and I am ready to do everything to meet you!
nothing can prevent our meeting, and nobody is capable to prevent to meet to us.
I spoke with my mother, and she told me that I have to meet you surely, Our meeting is necessary for us, I love you more life.
In the last letter I promised you to learn in detail about travel to you!
I met the beautiful girl with whom I studied at university and she sincerely decided to help me!
she traveled much and everything knows about the rules and documents necessary for travel!!!
I told her about you and that we want to meet!
I very long talked to her, and now I know everything, and I know how to make correctly and quickly all documents.
I need to make the visa, the international passport, the medical certificate and it is naturally necessary to buy the air ticket!
I can make the passport for several days, and I will begin to do it today, This simplest!
Also I can make the visa and all my documents to travel to you in two weeks or even quicker!!! But money is necessary for me now-...
To make the visa and all my documents to me $180 or even are necessary a little more, and also $460 cost air tickets in two ends.
In general, on estimation I need $640. For me it is a lot of money and it is not possible to me to find such sum of money.
I have a little money, but my savings are very small, and I am not capable to pay completely for travel to you...
also I have no close friends from whom I could take so much money...
Now I am a little disappointed, and I do not represent where to me to find so much money. I very much hope that you will help me.
When I think of you, my heart begins to fight much more often, Only you exist in my heart, I think only of you at the nights.
I with a shiver wait for a moment when I can touch you Peter, I represented thousands of times a moment when for the first time I am able to see you.....
you stand with flowers and wait for me... you smile. I run to you, without paying attention to surrounding people....
You go to me quicker and quicker, you is gentle, but strong embrace me, passionately kiss my lips,
and I speak to you, without stopping as I love you Peter, and you also cannot stop, and also speak to me about feelings, And we together go on the city, and we speak without stopping about love, about us...
Also we do not notice as night comes. then dawn....
It is my dream, I on a miscellaneous represented our meeting How you present our meeting to Peter???
You feel a sincere shiver? When I think of our meeting to me it is very much good to become, And a pleasant shiver in the stomach basis... and you??? that you feel what feelings at you, when you think of me, of your Dinara!?
I on a miscellaneous represent our meeting, but I do not know where and when we meet, I want to come to you Peter. I only am sure that we will meet soon!
I cannot suffer more, it it is necessary for me to see you, to hear your breath, I very much very much love you and I want to be with you!
My heart belongs to you and only you!
Your Dinara!!!
Letter 13
Hello my Love, my unique, my beloved Peter!
Many thanks for your letter, my love to you it is extremely strong, Also becomes stronger with each letter which I receive from you!
You do me very happy.
I very much love you, and it does my heart full of pleasure.
I wish to be about you, I wish to be with you every minute, every day, every night...
Here in Arkhangelsk weather was very good within day.
Today all was fine on my work, and I was also in excellent mood, because of you because I very much love you, And I was so happy, because I read now your letter and so it is fine that I love you and you love me!
I grieve without you very much, I always think of you, I wish, that we could be together fast, and so grasping, As each line of your letter does me happy, to me, also each of your words - a source, a happiness particle.
Also, as for you, for me the world becomes much brighter, much kinder, Much purer with each of your remarkable and beautiful letters. And I also feel, that all is fine, I feel such big love to you. Only with you I will be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My heart - with you, washing a soul with you, they were also always with you, but I, as well as you, I did not know it till now.
And now, it is so surprising, that we have found each other.
Also, as you, I also are happy, and even much more than is happy, my life, also at last has found sense, I feel it in my heart, in my soul, we are intended for each other My dear, I talked today to the director and he has allowed to take to me holiday from work as I will hand over the financial report!
It is fine, and I very much hope that we will spend this time with you together! I ask you do not rent apartment in rent, I will live at you!
I love you and I am happy that we soon will together! Yes, I am very happy that you will help to pay to me for travel!
It will be the finest travel to my life!!! I so am happy.... I cannot transfer you my admiration and love words...
I know that you feel the same as I.... I very much love you!!! In two weeks we will walk, keeping for hands!!!!!
My beloved, it is necessary for me to know your full address and the airport name which the closest to you that I could buy tickets aboard the plane...
Write me your address necessarily in the following letter.
I never travelled to other country and when I will arrive to your airport I will stand at the airport until I will see you!!!
You will meet me at the airport? Without you I will not go anywhere as I very much am afraid to be one, in the unfamiliar country.
If you is with me I will be nobody are afraid, because I know that you always can protect me!
I will do the visa for one month, and there will be all this time with you!!
How at you in due course? Try to take days off from March, 17th till April, 15th, at this particular time I will be with you, and I wish to be with you as much as possible!!!
I cannot make the visa for longer period as I should continue work again. On work I can take holiday only for one month.
I cannot take holiday from my work during other time as to me on will allow to take holiday during other time!!!
My holiday begins on March, 16th and will end on April, 16th.
It is required to me about 10 days to make necessary documents, only I necessarily should have enough money!!!
Also is more problematic to receive the visa more than for one month.
When my visa will be made, I will arrive to you. I will be sits down aboard the plane and to arrive to you.
Some changes will be possible, it depends on the concrete ticket, and I will necessarily inform you arrival date, and start time!!!
Today I asked the girlfriend as you can send me money!!!
The most convenient way - to send money through post office WESTERN UNION!!! It is very convenient way to send money to other country!!!
To send money to you the branch my name and the country is enough to tell in post:
My full name: Dinara Grishonkova
My address if it is required: City Arkhangelsk 163012 prospectus Lomonosova 34 apartment 12.
That I could receive money, I should know your full name, the address, and a confidential code which to you will give in post branch (10 figures)
It is necessary to me 640$!!! This money is necessary for me now if we wish to meet in two weeks
It will be the most romantic meeting in our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you very much and I will think of you today all night long - all my thoughts on you!!!
I love you. Tomorrow at me difficult day as I will do necessary preparations for travel, and necessary documents.
Also necessarily send money today, or tomorrow morning that I could do tomorrow necessary documents and the ticket!!!
I have been very occupied today on work, and have not had time to go in agency of travel!
I necessarily go tomorrow and I will write you that to me have told in agency!!!!
I always imagine, that I - am close to you! I very much love you, I feel emotions for you.
Also, as you I also feel much better, when I feel you about me in my heart, in my soul, When I think of you!! Only you and I - we together, it will be extremely, it will be the best in my life.
My the most expensive and loved, I wait very much for your letters, my heart belongs only to you!!!
You are in each part, in each atom of my heart, my soul, I will be really very gentle with you, With your kind heart, And my heart also belongs to you! I wish to speak with you, to speak with you every day, all the week long long.
I very much love you, my LOVE To YOU is extremely strong!!!!
I with impatience wait for your letter with the big love. I LOVE YOU FOR EVER!
Letter 14
Hello my love and my life Peter!!!
Today for me the big happiness to see your letter as I always wait for him!
Today fine day. I have woken up today very much early in the morning, and did the semi-annual financial report!
In the morning there was a fine weather, and I thought of were about you!
Today I have been very excited, but at me all it has turned out. During the lunchtime to me have given the official permission, and now I can take holiday when he will be necessary to me!
It is fine, as I can plan to you my travel.
I very much love you and I will be happy only with you! Only together we will be happy!
I very much wish to love and be with you now! Only I and you!!!
I wish to rise every morning with you from a bed and you gently kissed me. I know that you want and about what you speak things:)
Today I talked to the girl from agency of travel!
I have told to her about you and about that that I very much love you, and we wish to meet!
She has told that she had such cases, and she knows as me to help!
Also she has told that I should make the visa in advance to be assured, that my travel to turn out and to me will allow to arrive to your country!
Today after a dinner I have given her necessary documents and she has told that can make to me the visa.
Or I can do itself the visa, but I should go to Moscow to do the visa.
Now I do not know as me to arrive correctly, to make the visa. If I do the visa with all my documents through agency of travel I should pay 180$ if I do the visa, That I should travel in Moscow and to live there some days.
Visa cost will be much more above, and I wish to gain money in agency of travel, as it much more conveniently and faster! I have concluded the contract in travel agency.
My love I have no enough money for air tickets to you and now your help is necessary to me!
If you help me now we will meet very soon! My air tickets to you will cost 462$ in two ends, today to me have informed in travel agency!
I love you and I dream to be with you very much!
All my dreams only about you!
If I had now money for air tickets I would make necessary documents, and we would meet you, at once, as soon as you would have a free time!!!
I very much love you and I wait for an instant. When to a smog to embrace you and to kiss.
Always yours Dinara!!!
Letter 15
Good evening my love Peter!!!
Now when I have seen your letter, my heart was full pleasure and happiness!!!
When I see your letters, I know that you very strongly love me!!! I waited from you for the letter.
Now I will write the short letter as my girlfriend leaves on a visit.
My love my home address:
Country: Russia
City: Arkhangelsk 163012
Street: prospectus Lomonosova 34 apartment 12
My full name and surname: Dinara Grishonkova Peter tell when you can send money?
I have agreed in travel agency that I will pay money till Tuesday.
I will wait from you for the help. I have begun preparation of all my documents for arrival to you.
I wait for that moment when you and I can be together.
That you would embrace me and have felt as my heart fights.
You will feel it and will understand that would be not necessary words what to express the moment of my happiness.
That is not necessary words when it is possible to merge in a love kiss.
That is not necessary words when our hearts fight in a step of a melody of love.
That it is possible to keep silent and enjoy simply silence, but not by simple silence, and silence which deafens!!!
Deafens by love and happiness!!!
I would want that me as if beat an electric current, each your touch.
That with each your touch in me it was installed vital force of love.
That this love will suffice us with you for long years of our life.
And we will be happy....
And we will be glad...
And we will be grateful to destiny for that that we have found each other.
And we will be TOGETHER.
Yes we will be together.
I very much love you..... And all my further life is not meaningful without you.
I wait...
I love...
I miss...
Yours Dinara!!!
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