Letter(s) from Venera Ahmadgalieva to Jesse (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely Jesse!!!! I am very happy that now I have found minute to come in Internet - cafe and now I have read your letter and I write you the answer my dear. From the very beginning of my letter I first of all want to tell you that I very much love you and I very much miss your letters mine Jesse!!! It for me the biggest happiness when I can read your letters read yours gentle words which you write to me. I so love you Jesse!!! You the man of my dream and I do not doubt at all what exactly destiny have resulted me for the first time in Internet - cafe and have prompted me write to you the first letter my dear. You asked my address my dear. It Mari-El, settlement Paranga, Novaya street 12-11. Mingazutdinov Ramazan Gabdulhakovich. it not my name because I my mum we rent this apartment my dear and consequently I can not receive a mail for my own name. I so want to be with you together my loved Jesse, but I think that it is impossible because travel to you costs very many money and I think I can not save up such big sum my loved Jesse, but I hope that once we with you can be together my loved.

At us in Samara weather has very much changed. It seems that summer has decided to spoil to all people plans about good weather. In the street now it is a lot of rain though there was a lot of sun in the morning. Now I do not go on my work without a umbrella because there is a danger of that that in the evening again begin a rain my dear. It is interesting to me to find out what now from you weather. At us it became cool, I even would tell that now autumn weather. I by the TV set looked weather forecast and there spoke that such weather at us will proceed about 1 week. It very much to not like me, all over again I thought that very hot weather it poorly, but now I understand that it would be better hot than to be hidden from a rain under a umbrella or simply to spend time at home in lonely because my mum has left to the girlfriend on a visit and come back only in 5 days. I so am lonely now my dear. I spend each my supper in loneliness. I would be happy if we with you these evenings might be together my dear. I so love you my dear Jesse!!! You for me which that person I waited all my life my dear.

I do not know that to you even still to tell in it letter because in my head so long that we now with you so far apart much, I so wanted to be with you together, but we with you may not do it. Though I am ready to fly to you on wings of love. But it is very a pity to me that these wings are capable to lift in air only my soul or my heart to fly on a meeting to you, but these wings not my to lift my body you see I so want to feel yours of caress and your gentle lips. I frequently dream of that as our lips meet in one long and passionate kiss. I ask you to write to me about your dreams for an our first meeting and when you plan to meet me. I shall look forward to hearing from you my dear Jesse!!! Your Venera!!!