Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Brown to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I'm very kind and open-hearted person. I believe in trust and honesty. I like to surprise people who I care about with small pleasant things, because I like making people happy and to see a smile on their faces. I'm very curious person. I like to discover something new every day. The more we study the more we know! Agree? And the best way for you to know me it's to communicate with me, to ask me anything that's important for you. Don't be shy! I'm ready for it!
Letter 2
What am I searching for? My man and I need to share the same outlook on life and think in similar ways. Love and respect is the main components of happiness for me. That’s why I see infidelity as a total betrayal. If my partner had an affair, I would never forgive it. I believe in open relationships and I hope I will find it.
Letter 3
I am honest, jolly, active, aim-oriented, communicative lady! I love children, I have three nieces and frequently spend my spare time playing with them. I cherish moments when I gather with my family – parents and brothers! Can you only imagine? My family include ten members, we have wonderful relations and I get along with everyone perfectly!
I’m looking for: I would like my future partner to be kind-hearted, polite, gentle and caring. Other features I am looking for is his honesty, a loving, faithful, decent nature. He should be ready to build a mature, harmonious relationship.
Letter 4

Hello How are you doing ? Hope you good ? Am not regular on this site ! You can email me on so we take it from there ! Have a blissful day and take care !! Your friend
Letter 5
It been nice hearing from you ***,how are you doing today and how is your day going ? Well my name is Ramah Bills,am 32 years old and am into nursing training. I am new to this online dating thing,I've been single for 2 to 3 years because I've been hurt brutally in my previous relationship! I have never been married and I've got no kids ! I love to go skiing,camping,sailing,fishing,horse riding,swimming,walking on the beach under the moon light etc.... I want to find a man that I can confined in at all times,am a down to earth person ao all am seeking for is to love and beloved. Am not in for no games,I mean no disrespect but am just being frank ! I hope you understand where am coming from ? But hey don't you mind about the distance? Have a blissful evening over there !!
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