Scam letter(s) from Rose George to Peter (Sweden)

Letter 1
My Dear, I am Miss Rose George, the only daughter of my late parents. I need your help to retried the Fund that my late Father Dr Peter George deposited with a Bank before he died. and my late father is THE FORMER DIRECTOR OF COCOA EXPORT IN MY COUNTRY ( COTE D IVOIRE) who is now dead. I want to invest the money in your country and continue my studies.the money is ($10 million Dollars) I will give you 20% of the Total money for your help. I assure you in the name of the almighty Lord and I will tell you more Once you get back to me and also i will send you my pictures but once i receive your next email then i will send you. the documents of the Fund I am awaiting your reply. I will be expecting your reply.
Thanks and God bless you.
Yours Sincerely
Letter 2
My Dear, Thanks for your message, how are you and your family. I was born on 20Th august 1991 to the family of my parents. My fathers name is Dr Peter George and my mothers name Mrs Rita George. I hail from yamoussoukro the capital city of Cote D 'Ivoire . Our resident address number 12 BP Cocody street Abidjan Cote D' Ivoire. when I was 7 years. I was motherless at a very tender age, I can say I had no mother because I never knew who my mother was. My Father took care of me. It was indeed a u turn in my existence and a tragic one when my wicked uncles denied me access to my father's business and inheritance property including farm tractor which my father imported for the enhancement of our agriculture farm. I thanked God that I am the only person that has idea of the deposited money in the bank as I was made the rightful beneficiary. I left our home when I found out that my uncle want to kill me , i left home and ran away to where I am currently staying as a Refugee. I enjoy reading and writing in my spare times. Actually it's not really easy to trust somebody especially a stranger but because we are human begins we can not do without our fellow humans that is why we must have to build trust among ourselves. Please bear in mind that this fund was deposited by my late Father in favor of me and all the documents related to this transaction are here with me and since the death of my late Father, I have finding things very difficult even to eat two times in a day was very difficult for me and as am writing you this mail now, my life is in danger because those evil men that poisoned my late Father are after my life. Please I will like you to speed up very fast to make this project success and I will like to come over to meet you in and start my education where I stop and please kindly accept me with all your heart because right now, I have nobody as trusted relation here in Africa . I have contacted the bank to verify about the fund which they confirmed to me that the money is still with their bank and they printed the last statement of the account to proof that they are still in possession of the fund but they told me that I am not up to that I cannot have access to the fund that I have to get a guardian who will represent me to receive my inherited fund on my behalf. I will like to send an Official Notification Letter to the Bank, to inform them about you as my overseas partner, Guardian and representative, I will also include your information in my Notification Letter so that before you contact them they will have received my letter of notification and you will be known to them as I will introduce you to them, Please Send me this information below so that I can include it in my official notification letter; (1) Your Full Name:.......................
(2) Your Full Home and Office Address:.......................
(3) Your Telephone and Fax Numbers:.........................
(4) Your Bank Information...............................
(6) Your Age.................................
(7) Your Job................................ Also send me an email to tell me the business you found lucrative in your country where we will invest this fund when it comes to your account. And also remember that I am still little and does not have enough idea regarding investment , therefore you will take charge /manage any business we may go into for now while I will be in school then after graduation I will join in the business .please kindly respond immediately you receive this mail with your full personal information. Note, once the fund transfer and confirm in your account, I will come for investment and to continue my education where I stop and please do not disappoint or betray me because this is my last hope in my life. Finally, when I hear from you, I will attach to you the deposit receipt Documents of the deposited money just as it was received by my Father when he made the deposit with the bank for you to contact them immediately for the transfer. Also this number +221775055806, it's the Reverend father's phone number but when you call please tell him that you would like to speak with me Akissi Yapi from Cote D Ivoire and he will send for me to come and answer my call. Thanks and hope to hear from you today.
Miss Rose George
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