Scam letter(s) from Elena Iakovlevna Voronaya to Roman (Poland)

Letter 1
Darling I would not have opened a visa by invitation, because I have never been abroad, this is my first Schengen and I'm traveling as a tourist, if the embassy finds out that I am going to the groom, I definitely will not be granted a visa !!! Because so Ukrainians will emigrate to the countries of the euro union!
I'm not guilty of anything, tourist checks are necessary !!!
They will return all to you when I arrive, we immediately go to the bank and cash this amount !!!
Letter 2
Good afternoon my best man Roman))) Oh, dear, I so dream that we meet with you soon !!!!!! Sweet I am so happy that soon the moment will come when I will find what I have always dreamed of ... my man !!! With whom I will be warm, comfortable and secure !!!!!! I think about you always every day, every hour, every second !!!!!! And I'm going crazy, because you're far away ...
I send you my tickets !!!! Dear there was one problem! Of course I was in shock, because I have never been abroad and I do not know how !!! I got a call from the tour agent and said that the documents were all sent, but there are not enough tourist checks! They are needed to know my solvency on the journey, to confirm that I'm going to rest, and not work illegally! They do not know that I'm coming to you! This is the most important confirmation that I am financially stable on travel and with the availability of tourist checks I will get a visa without any problems !!! I'm very upset and do not know what to do! It's my first trip and my first Schengen! Why did not everyone tell me at once?
I was told how to do it - for every day spent in your country I need $ 100. Since I will have you for 14 days I need $ 1400 I translate them into a check, and bring them to the agency, they send it to the embassy to my documents! Sweet, apparently what they told me in the agency, this is the necessary and only pass in my situation, and we need to make tourist checks!
When I come to you, we will go to the bank in the morning and cash the money that will be invested in tourist checks !!!
My beloved, we need to hurry because visa processing takes time! Tickets for me on June 6, and today is June 3! I'm very excited, because I can not already without you !!! And here such a problem! But it is solved, and this is important! There are no desperate situations! The main thing to hurry !!!!!
I need a visa to pick up in Kiev on Monday, we need to attach tourist checks! Waiting for your answer! I love you and I miss my man!
With love your women Lenochka)))
Letter 3
Good morning my sun Roman))) My most beloved man in the world))) Finally, I was able to write to you !!!!! There was a possibility at the weekend to go online !! Thanks for your photos)) Very beautifull)))
I never thought that you can know someone so well and at the same time that you still have so much unraveled. I never knew that the words "I love you" every time sound like the first time ... I had never met a man. I did not find such a close and dear person. Darling, I've never been the same way.
The whole point of my life - It's you! I fall asleep, and think about you! I wake up and think about you! I sleep at night and smile, because I'm thinking of you. I'm ready to scream everywhere. I can not imagine without your smile, without your eyes, without your kisses, without your hands. You are my happiness! I love you!
Darling, tell me how is your weekend? Well, let's finish the process with the visa, we need the tickets from June 6 to 18, I understood this) Let's do it !! I'm taking a taxi from Gorsky to Lisichansk, there is the Lisichansk-Kiev train. I wrote all the details and tickets for the plane and the prices too.
Let's hurry up because today May 29! And the flight on June 6 !! We need to do it today!
Here is my data again:
First name - Elena Iakovlevna
Last name - Voronaya Yes, I agree that we need a fast exchange of messages, here is my watasp +380669747768) Waiting for your answer !!! With love
your mouse Lenochka
Letter 4

Good day my sweet love Roman)))) I'm tired of you something to prove ... I understand you are at the crossroads, but understand me too !!
My sweet enough to doubt me and in our relationship! I beg you!!!!!! I want to be only with you, you are all good to me and you are a handsome strong caring good kind and reliable !! That's the kind of man I've been looking for all the time and I do not need anyone except you. I'll ask you to smile now)))))) I will not see but it will be nice to me that y
Letter 5
Good day my sweet love Roman)))) I'm tired of you something to prove ... I understand you are at the crossroads, but understand me too !!
My sweet enough to doubt me and in our relationship! I beg you!!!!!! I want to be only with you, you are all good to me and you are a handsome strong caring good kind and reliable !! That's the kind of man I've been looking for all the time and I do not need anyone except you. I'll ask you to smile now)))))) I will not see but it will be nice to me that you did it)))
Darling, I told you everything about the visa and travel agency, I was given you all the information, I understand that it's not about the money! But I'm writing everything to you as it is !!
I understand that you want to make sure of my reality? Good! Let me try today for a minute to come from my boss's skype while he's away !!! Write me your skype, how long will you contact? kisssssssssss
your mouse Lenochka
Letter 6
My sun Roman, I was very happy to hear your voice!!!! He is so distant but so native! Understand my camera is broken, because last year I drowned the phone and the camera was covered up!!
On the Skype account at Skype, unfortunately we can not see each other, I understand that I do not have a personal computer and I can only go to the post office at work, but we are not allowed to use for personal purposes... and we do not have a web-camers(((
On account of tickets, documents for a visa, I must file everything together, this is a tourist visa, and your tickets will not work! The embassy should not know that I am going to the groom, because I open a visa as a tourist!!!
Letter 7
Honey I do not have the opportunity to talk on the video, we can only hear each other !!! I do not have whatsapp((
Letter 8
You are the man you decide! I just want to be close to you, I believe we will succeed !!!
But why can not you call me now?((
Letter 9
So it's just a coincidence ... how do I know !!! It's just that your suspicions hurt me !!!! I'm disappointed ... I want to trust you, I have completely revealed to you my dream life, I'm ready to throw weight and fly to you ...
And you're just killing me now ....
Letter 10
Honey, I do not understand why you do not believe me ?! I'm honest with you !!! If you think that it was easy for me to ask you for financial assistance, then you are mistaken! I have crossed my principles, because I really want to see you! That pulls me to you and all! It's just that I'm shocked that I can be so drawn to a person! I keep thinking about you! I do not know what's going on with me! I often talk about you with my sister and she also did not expect that I could become so interested, get carried away and fall in love with a man I had never seen! But it's not important, it's important I fell in love with you in communication, what kind of person are you in your attitude to me !!!! I am very grateful to you for helping me with my passport! I am very pleased that you care about me and about our meeting! I want you to believe me !!! What else can I do! I will not disobey you, you must decide for yourself!
I really do not like that you think about me so much that I can deceive you !!!
I'm even disgusted about this!
So sweet please do not think badly about me !!!!!!! I'm a good and honest girl! And I want you to understand this and believe !!!!
Of course we can talk on the phone, there is no problem! Here's my number +380956881281
Letter 11
Dear first in the visa for you to tell, it means the euro union has passed the law, but in order to go without a visa, there are many nuances, firstly I have on the bank card should be at least $ 2000, secondly at the customs can something that someone I will not like it with my documents and they can send me back! Then my vacation will be lost, and our meeting and tickets ... Do we need this ??? I think we both want to be 100% sure that I'll come to you !!
The law has only been accepted, it will work from June 11 and will not let all ...
A visa is 100% guarantee that I will come to you! Now on the video, I told you that at work I do not have the opportunity to go to Skype, we are not allowed to use computers for personal purposes, we do not have cameras! Next, the Internet cafe, they we had before the war! Just we have a small town, you can not even imagine)) And there was a couple, but when the war began, there were a lot of things that were closed, a shop cafe Internet cafe ...
It's not difficult for me to talk to tobyo on a video, but I really do not have the possibility ...
I has the impression that you do not believe me, you want some kind of evidence! Is it necessary to prove something in a relationship?
Letter 12
My honey Roman I'm writing you a letter and I'm more and more bored. I want to hug, kiss, hear my native voice. The voice of a loved one. The man who made my eyes happy and in love)))) You are the man who conquered my heart. A man with whom you want to be close, when happy and when sad, who wants to hug, kiss ... .. just love. Beloved, I miss you, but love gives me strength to wait and endure all the difficulties of fate ..... but soon it will end and we will be together))))
I can travel with my passport to Europe of course) TOURIST VISA: the cost of $ 100
* Visa application form;
* International passport;
* 2 color photos 3,5x4,5;
* Internal passport;
* Certificate of TIN assignment;
* Certificate from the place of work or educational institution;
* Air tickets;
* Insurance; LOT - Polish Airlines + LufthansaEconomy 13255 UAH (530 $)
Tue 06/06 06:00 Kiev Zhulyany 08:20 Gdansk Rebiechowo03h20
Tue 20/06 16:45 Gdansk Rebiehovo 22:20 Kiev Boryspil04h35 Sweet all together I need $ 630 !!!!
Honey, I believe in you, we will all succeed)))))
kissssssss your angel Lenochka
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