Letter(s) from Venera Ahmadgalieva to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Scott!!! Greetings my name is Marina!!! To me of 31 years. I live together with mine mum the daddy. I live in city Orel. It is very beautiful city and few people live in it about 450000 inhabitants not too. Whether you asked I have phone??? I have no phone and the international communication. I do not know what to do??? I also want to hear your voice. You asked what difference in time??? I think that approximately 10 hours a difference between us. You asked about cost of my documents? I should have 120 dollars for my visa, 155 dollars for my passport, 135 dollars for my trip to Moscow to Embassy, 165 dollars for hotel that I could live in Moscow 10 days. I have no such money because I have the small salary approximately 75-80 dollars a month. I would be very glad to meet you!!! I with impatience shall wait for your opinion on our meetings. I very much love new impressions and consequently I travel across Russia but not always desires coincide with my opportunities. I like on travel that is possible to meet many interesting people, to get acquainted with them to communicate. I like to talk, dialogue delivers to me a lot of pleasure. Even dialogue through letters, for me are not interesting, than real dialogue. I would like to learn about you more to find the general interests, and consequently also themes for conversations. I would like to set to you some questions. Well first it is very interesting to me, that you count the most important in dialogue, that you appreciate in people most of all, and on what practically do not pay attention. Still to me interestingly your hobby as you carry spend the free time, well we shall tell the days off or holiday. Still me interests as you concern to dialogue through letters, whether interestingly to you to read my letters and how you concern to me? It is so much in head to turn different questions and I do not know what to ask. Well if at you will appear still that or, that you want to add about yourselves I shall be glad to this. Well to you still to tell about itself, at all I do not know. At us excellent weather, the beginning of summer, time when all around is filled with tender, young greens when air becomes filled with smells of set of colors when looking back around, you are glad this charm that surrounds you. I with impatience shall wait for your new letter, your answers to my questions, I think you will answer them fairly, and already I can shortly read your letter and already answer your questions, I think, that at you them will be too not a little as it will help us to learn as soon as possible each other. Well perhaps and everything, that I wanted to write to you in this letter, but I hope, that it not last my letter to you and you yet time write to me. I wait for your letters.
Your new friend on correspondence Marina.